meglycinessnip 1. She was Home Secretary, and thus close to both MI5 & MI6

2. The one article showing how incompetent she’d been as Home Secretary was pulled from the Telegraph within an hour of it appearing

3. Last week, The Slog ran an exclusive suggesting that Tory Grassroots support was 4:1 for Brexit, and thus likely also to be heavily in favour of electing Brexit candidate Andrea Leadsom

4. Two days later, a Tory Grassroots spokesmen said the May camp would be “surprised by the size of support for Leadsom”

5. The next day, Murdoch’s Times newspaper ran a front page lead reporting an interview in which Leadsom made “a jibe” about May not having children

6. She did say it, but the Leadsom camp were certain she was set up

7. Two days later, Leadsom pulled out of the race

8. This is the second time in the last three that a PM has been crowned without any election by those outside Westminster

9. Once again, Murdoch was the King maker

10. May’s name is Theresa, not Ruth. This suggests strongly that she is ruthless.

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