Why is this libidinous hypocrite deciding the fate of 3.2 million cheated female State pensioners?


Me22616FOUR FRONTRUNNERS & A FONE FORNICATOR. Oh how we laughed. I find it easy to laugh at Stephen Crabb, because he is a ridiculously overpromoted showboater. But the fact that he is in the DWP job and ignoring the shame of a country that leaves its senior citizens destitute is no laughing matter at all. Establishment self-love, ideological constipation and two Parties held aloft by a 15th century voting system put him there. The havenots are stirring from their motheaten sofas. The Slog explains why time is running out for destitute Waspis…and for the system that embezzled their birthright.

When it emerged over the weekend that Secretary of State Stephen Crabb had been playing away via his mobile phone – sex-texting a woman  ‘he used to work with’ and boasting of his imagined Alpha genes – I confess I was one of those who took to Facebook and Twitter to celebrate his discomfiture with other like-minded people who inhabit Britain’s despairing decency sector.

Quite a few of us have been on the case of this obnoxious man for some time – his overt sanctimony, his portable Christian pulpit, his ill-mannered pomposity, his way with expenses, his alleged interests and his disturbing mother fixation – because the Crabbs of this world personify the ego-before-citizen-fulfilment cancer that permeated our econo-political life many decades ago.

Taking over at the DWP following Duncan-Smith’s resignation, he ignored every entreaty of female pensioners left in the mire by the political class. The Westminster wasters promised them a pension at 60, then made risible last-minute attempts to rectify their inability to live up to it. Disgustingly, they and several fellow-travellers in the media then engaged in kack-handed attempts to blame the women involved.

Basking in the inglorious nature of such calumny, Crabb swanned into a Select Committee soon after his appointment to confirm that – in his somewhat bizarre view – these cheated pensioners has been “breezing through life without paying attention”.

Well, now our revenge is sweet: Stephen talks holy, but there are huge holes in his cloak of  morality. Self-styled devout Christians of my experience do not hire their wives (already with demanding fulltime jobs at the Alliance Française) as secretaries for which the taxpayer must cough up; they do not fudge about where they live to avoid tax; they do not run oddly configured companies from their constituency offices; and they do not tell those who are not their wives that they want to “kiss them all over”.

I would imagine lunch was a tad frosty at Chateau Crabb yesterday. But Stephen Crabb is an insignificant man, and there are far bigger issues involved here than his cartoon, engorged ambitions. In typical swaggering fashion – having entered a Tory leadership contest he could not hope to win – Crabb announced that he was throwing the full weight of his piddling support behind Theresa May. They call it sucking up to the perceived winner in some circles: I couldn’t possibly comment.

The fact is that the votes he got went where they pleased, but my point here is not that Mr Crabb is a buffoon: that requires no insight at all. What I’d like to know is how he got into a suit 16 times too big for him in the first place.

There are myriad factors, and they all stink.

  1. In 2010, Ed Balls’s childish, ill-mannered  and generally oafish behaviour at a potential LibDem/Lab coalition meeting after the Election screwed any chance of a deal between Brown and Clegg. The Camerclegg Coalition came to power on high hopes and low cunning. Since then Britain’s disastrous economy has been further ruined.
  2. Labour then chose to elect Ed Miliband, a MetroLabour luvvie, and the same yob Balls as Shadow Chancellor. They landed not a single punch on Camerlot, ran a pathetic and gimmic-riddled election campaign, and gifted – with just 25% of the vote – a majority to the most incompetent and callous British Government since 1830.
  3. Labour’s drift away from its own pauperised core vote acted as a massive catalyst for the rise of Nigel Farage’s UKip, as bewildered and desperate citizens watched a Party whose inflexible obsession with minority issues had left them facing an avenging Conservative administration hellbent on the destruction of all the structures there to help those without homes and jobs. All talk of immigration control was dismissed as bigoted racism. All the EU’s bullying illegality was ignored.
  4. During this five-year farrago, Camerlot and the Ed Miller Band did what all British leaders now do: ensure only pale, mediocre MP clones of themselves are either elected or promoted. With his ‘holy man made good’ image and crass Grant Shapps view of life, Stephen Crabb was one of these. Thanks to both Labour and the Conservatives’ underestimation of Citizen frustration with EU largesse, pc and Osterity, UKip grew in stature.
  5. The result was a referendum mishandled (thankfully) by the Tories – and halfheartedly supported by a newly-elected Jeremy Corbyn who had been bashed into proEU/TTIP line by Fat Labour….every one of whom had been wrong-footed by Corbyn’s brilliant leadership campaign following the 2015 Election shambles.
  6. As ranks first split and then closed for the EU referendum on membership, Iain Duncan-Smith resigned, and Crabb got the job. Throughout the period before then, however, opposition to the SPA reforms for women were woefully mishandled by all concerned. Most guilt here has to fall onto the hunched shoulders of Labour’s pinched goblin activists. As always, their obsessions didn’t stretch to the destitute among those silly enough either to vote Conservative in Britain, or dislike the EU in Greece.

So here we are after sixty-three years of promises, lies, evasion, fudge and then wriggle when it comes to kicking the State pension can down the road. A bellied Welsh laughing stock is ignoring the victims, and both Parties are torn asunder while engaging in yet more lies, promises and spun accusations.

Britain’s élites – perhaps we should drop the ‘e’ and call them lites – do not grasp the dangerous depth of anger and feelings of being disrespected that this has evoked among those victims. To make a group of women whose core age range is around 58-64 more militant than the young jobless takes some doing…..but the current Establishment has managed it with ease.

Of the four people standing for the two most important constitutional offices in the land, three are women. The only one of the four who’s shown any willingness to engage with the soi-disant ‘Waspi’ movement is the one bloke, Corbyn, who is being shafted for the leadership by a woman who hasn’t. The other two approve of the Crabb position.

The two most popular MPs in Parliament after Kate Hoey – Denis Skinner and Mhairi Black – have engaged magnificently. To the best of my knowledge, Hoey hasn’t….although she was snowed under by her bravura Brexit performance.

We come back full circle to the current anarchic mess that is British politics.

The Prime Minister has resigned, and flounced off in a huff but he’s still in Number Ten.

The Two Top Tory totties currently support the impoverishment of their gender that resulted from political irresponsibility and Whitehall greed. (Those bureaucrats not meeting Waspis have unfunded pensions seventeen times those of female State pensioners)

Angela Eagle – a tub-thumping feminist – has no recorded view about it.

Labour’s former Minister for Women has offered not one jot of support.

And the decision is being delegated to a philandering misogynist.

3.2 million decent and ordinary British women, whose views, lives and behaviours largely predate feminism (radical or otherwise) are being ignored by ideologist nitwits and spivvy chancers. They are not a sexy enough cause for Labour, and their lack of clout recommended them as a perfect target for the Tories.

Waspi women are at the sharp end of the current British malaise, but they are only part of it. They are just one of many dishevelled and desperate British tribes forgotten by the political Establishment: the very people who, post Referendum analysis shows, voted most solidly to kick Brussels and Whiteminster up the backside….and received as their reward a blistering attack of malign misrepresentation from Labour’s New Mainstream.

But at last, the decent and disenfranchised backbone from both genders in myriad class and ethnic groups is beginning to stiffen. Normally stoical faces are become angry. The forgotten are fighting back.

Whatever the 48% think, three weeks ago the Brexiteers kicked out Cameron, pushed away bullying Brussels, and doomed the career of the EU President. It is as simple as that: the losers need to get over it, and the politicians need to take notice of it.

The 52% are far from done yet; and within their midst, militant, furious and illegally treated 1950s-60s born women are ready to make the next move.

Today – and for as many tomorrows as it takes – they are asking genuinely existential questions of the pampered whores of Whiteminster.

And joint-top of the list this Monday morning are these from the crack Waspi-sting group: who will get rid of this unpleasant, uncaring and untrustworthy clown in charge of the Department of Work and Pensions? Will the Opposition pile in to support them with more than one debate, and if so when? Will either of the Conservative leadership hopefuls think again about the stupid and abusive SPA formula for foul play?

The Stingers are waiting. Impatiently.



 If you want to help, go to the Waspi-sting Facebook page