UK CHAOS: New ‘minority maths’ norm to be adopted –




By our Electoral College reform correspondent, Nicky Moron

Despite the like totally out of order decision of this public school fascist régime of scumbigots to turn down the momentous democratic achievement of persuading 4.3 billion citizens of the Vatican City and Venezuela to sign a petition dwarfing the pathetic 52% of Nazi media-inflamed racists who voted to leave the EU and make me ashamed to be British, The Populist Progressive Front for the genital mutilation of all UKip Murderers has persuaded the Electoral Reform Sub Committee of the Labour Irrational Executive to adopt the Minority Maths motion put forward by the Red Rag Mutant Tendency at the Haringey Fringe LGBT Rally next year.

We should all be well proud and shit as we can now go into the next election which should be next week really but whatever with a full-on spit in the face of Tory Xenophobes and Little Englander swine who used to vote for us but now don’t so good riddance innit?

Under the minority maths of the new Feminist Commissariat, the following principles will be restored to the rainbow of dialectical outcomes as outlined by Brother Deggsy in 1981:

  • The oppressed minority of women held captive by the lickspittle submissive Barbie Dolls of sexist capital greed will henceforth become the majority, and take over the remaining newspaper columns not written by Sisters doing it for themselves while sitting on the washing machine during the spin cycle
  • 48% of hate-free spontaneously motivated enemies of the press boss class will become the winners against any trumped-up vote reached by the servile sheep drones of race supremacist mucksheets run by scumbigot etc etc see earlier
  • All future football games played by AntiNazi United in the SmashTories League wherein bourgeois opponents score more goals than us will be declared glorious victories of the proletarian peace-loving class and the referee shot as a revisionist spy
  • BBC anchors declaring election results of an unprogressive nature will be sent on reducation courses provided by the University of Wrong Division to study the Room 101 reality of majority minorities
  • Crime statistics of racist abuse will be cross-correlated into records of all abuse, murders, gangland killings and domestics, then percentaged back to prove a figure of 47 was really 3,012
  • Affirmative Action will be introduced across the piece of human resource applications to ensure that every level playing field tilts in favour of those disallowed from benefiting from the spurious equality of opportunity myth as expounded by the vicious racists of the public school warmongering class eg Hilary Benn
  • From now on, four eyes will be good, two legs bad, three legs given a leg up, one-armed bandits given a light sentence, and legless wankers declared President of Europe
  • Further, in solidarity with the noble but downtrodden masses who outnumber the bloodsucking vampire leeches of decadent royalty, anything big will be preferred to everything small, and every progressive vote allowed to float on the Shanghai Index at a value not less than 4.5 times every knuckle-dragging stupid regressive vote cast by neo-lithic reactionaries in favour of installing a British Gulag to exterminate Polish workers and their families
  • Finally, to simplify the unnecessarily complex nature of the sort of proportional representation being proposed by the so-called Gang of LibDem Revisionists, all future EU referendum ballot papers will offer this simple choice:


Yesterday at The Slog: UK progressives – thinkers, or just 1% of a Mob?

17 thoughts on “UK CHAOS: New ‘minority maths’ norm to be adopted –

  1. @WAD

    The problem with these young idiots so busy fighting BREXIT is you should be asking how and why we came to this positon. Reckon 50% of the BREXIT vote or more would have voted the other way if the UK parlimanent had represented them “it don’t its why it failed”! The UK parliament could have sorted the mass immigration issue No. 1 for many under Tories and Labour they did not and neither will the LibDems, I say could “parliament as sovereign could int fact ignore all the Shenngan agreement, put in border controls, everything”.

    BREMAIN should be targeting all the MP’s now just like BREXIT and making them answer serious questions.

    Might be over soon anyway and all these BREMAIN can become cannon fodder if NATO manages as it looks to start WW3 against Russia.


  2. Unhappily, JW, yuor proposed voting form quite accurately indicates where we are currently headed, I fear.


  3. Mark Deacon 8:41 am, That thought made me smile, let those who espouse such earnest love for the EU go and wave their banners and painted faces at the Russian tanks, I will stay here* and become part of Mr. Putin’s fifth column.
    * Not comfortable using the word remain any more, it’s sort of tainted now.

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  4. Mark Deacon as someone who once believed in the concept of a united Europe and can still see the benefits if it is based on goodwill and good commerce,everyone is surprised that i voted out!the young do get rather tetchy about it!
    Then i say the reasons 1 Treatment of Greece 2 A conscripted army of which they would be by the back door have to European service (and probably on the Russian border) 3 the opening of their eyes that politic/economical reform is needed.
    Most reject no1 but No2&3 normally calms them down and realise that far from meaning them harm,i voted to protect them from a two year stint in the forces,since conscription is the only way they can form a army remote from patriotism with the possibility of them servicing in Turkey and Turks serving here! very few understood this and when you add in the escalation with Russia that is real they’re certainly go away thinking!


  5. I think you failed to include reference to the White House, NYC Democratic Headquarters, the US State Department, the Bank of England and ‘Get my teeth into that randy young girl’ Island in the Caribbean. Rushcliffe, Haymarket, the Tory Party gay mafia in France, Tony Blair’s Jewish penmen, Tony Blair’s accountant, Tony Blair himself, the SNP, the BBC, the Editor of The Times, the randy sod in the Elysee Palace, the bastard offspring of George Schulz, the French whinger in N. London more interested in £10m a year in his trousers than in signing some good players for pre-season, the soon-to-be-in-his-underpants MOTD presenter, not to mention the landed gentry masquerading as pen-women at the Guardian….

    Plenty of the rich and powerful of the neoliberal extreme who believe in this too……


  6. I note since the Brexit vote Erdogan’s been sending Vlad love letters apologising for the death of the Russia pilot who entered Turkish airspace for a gnat’s wingbeat. Erdogan may be a nasty piece of work but he’s realised Europe’s going the way of Deutsche Bank’s share price.
    The rise in the yen post Brexit must be doing wonders for all the traders and bankers who milked the yen dollar carry trade with Kurdo’s magic money printing machine. Those yen dominated debts must be painful if taken out on margin!


  7. A pro EU Con/lab centralist party that may include Lib-dems could be formed with the out then split between left labour and right Con-Ukip,now can anyone see where that is heading!


  8. Chaos. Both major parties divided. Both having been shown that greater than half the electorate doesn’t share their views. Both wishing to perform some sleight of hand to get their way. Possible election in the offing. Both happy to ingratiate themselves with their electorate, especially so if they can use a cheap token they don’t think will effect their end game.
    Now is the time to push for decriminalisation of cannabis.

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  9. it was the irish wot dun it. geldof flicking the v`s at the out of work fishermen, multi-millionaire sawn off dublin twat bonio [sunglasses indoors], last but not least edna bogger kenny went to johns home turf manchester to secure the paddy vote. seems he overlooked the fact most of irish emigration is because of him??? irish twats for brexit yeah!! cant stop f@cking laughing cc

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