EXCLUSIVE: opinion poll ‘shows large Tory constituency membership majority for Brexit’


The correct focus to her campaign from here on could see Andrea Leadsom sailing into Number 10

mesnipWhile PCP leadership favourite Theresa May is working hard to position herself as a shoo-in for the Tory coronation, like much of what she claims, this is a falsehood. The run-off round is now the province of the broader Party membership. Andrea Leadsom still has everything to play for. The Slog explains why.

There are a couple of things that the pro-May press are being, shall we say, rather coy about. The first is that with 194 of the Tory lobby fodder on her side, Theresa’s leadership victory is a done deal. The second is that – as with most political ‘Parties’ these days – the grassroots has very different views to those of the Westminster bubble-dwellers.

I’m told (via the pollster bush telegraph, of which I am still a member) that discreet polling by rich person or persons not to be identified has revealed that Conservative grassroots activists, while generally approving of Theresa Maniac, also quite like the cut of Andrea Leadshot’s gib.

More to the point, however, the survey also suggests that some 68% of motivated Conservative ex-Parliamentary Party members are in favour of Brexit.

This is an issue upon which Leadshot’s credentials are far more certain and trustworthy than those of Theresa Mayormaynot.

Being generally more articulate and less blinkered than Labour’s grassroots (although not by much) local Conservative members will, I’m sure, have spotted that senior Tory Remaindeer diehards are backpedalling from Brexit action like an Italian regiment retreating from Greek partisans.

Leadsom, by contrast, has made it clear that her first act as Prime Minister will be to trigger Article 50 and stop the foot-dragging. A50 is indeed a Maginot Line, but it has the ability to slow things down if used pedantically: triggering it is a way of sayig to Brussels, ‘Get it straight: we are not going to change our minds’.

Another fascinating fact about the profile of Conservative activists is that the core group consists of women aged 50+….soon to become victims of George Osborne’s outrageous State pension heist. The more militant and destitute 1950’s-born UK women are rapidly catching on to the need to pressurise more to get what they want. This has just gone up at the new Waspi-sting FaceBook page aimed at the more desperate victims of this National Disgrace:



For those on the Left keen to rubbish Ms Leadsom as part of the Rabid Right, a commitment by her to review that DWP/Treasury theft policy would spike their guns. The Left – true as ever to its principles – is already declaring May the winner, because they see her for what she is: a potential Brexit backslider.

Although in no way sympathetic to either the Conservative or Labour narratives being followed at the minute, it seems to me nevertheless important to point out one irrefutable Truth to Round 3 Tory leadership electors: A vote for Leadsom is a vote for genuine liberty and a speedy Brexit process; but a vote for May would be to support draconian anti-free speech legislation, and encourage the Brexit naysayers to overrule the Referendum result.

The choice is yours.

Last night at The Slog: the Hard Left’s zero tolerance of sticky fly paper

23 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: opinion poll ‘shows large Tory constituency membership majority for Brexit’

  1. Every word true JW but, we are dealing with some serious players here, all of whom would rather we didn’t leave. May is going to be setup to take that fall, she is, the ideal candidate after all. There will be, as usual, some serious skullduggery taking place right now to ensure that the remainers, remain.
    Can’t see it being Leadsom over May, I may be wrong, I hope I am.
    I see little Gideon has now done a worm turn and is shouting from the rooftops just how great the City of London is going to perform in the wake of Brexit. You see, it matters not a jot what he said previously, how many lies he told trying to scare folk, that’s all in the past now innit?
    No one bats an eyelid….

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  2. FWIW, the last PM to be married but childless was Disraeli ! Leadsom to win by a short head, as a vote for May is an endorsement of failed PPE ‘economics’ and Notting Hill set social policies.

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  3. Theresa Manioc: manioc is another term for cassava, from which we get.. tapioca, it also contains cyanide. Appearances can be deceiving but Leadsom does at least appear to have some degree of integrity; Manioc is pure poison.

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  4. Roland Bonlett why are they anti democracy,surely in a democracy they have the right to try and overturn this as those who have petition long and hard to achieve it? that’s what democracy is all about,we may now have 40yrs of the young wanting back in? that is their prerogative,i know its not been activated yet,but that shouldn’t stop them from starting surely!


  5. @ the ghost.
    You need to watch it to see what this video is really targeting – not people who think leaving the EU is a bad idea for good reasons… but the ‘mindset’ of some who dispute the referendum results. THAT is the worrying bit. The guardian piece on why we need ‘a democracy of the elites’ is terrifying. Anyone who has at least an ounce of political nous about them knows that ‘a democracy of the elites’ is in fact AN OLIGARCHY. Jesus. Effing. Christ.

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  6. Roland i have listened and its rubbish,far from worth a listen,a waste of 35mins they need to understand their own constitution!and their own democracy for what it is!One of the reason i voted out was to show people the kind of democracy and constitution they actually have,we are and never have been has” free” has some would have us believe,hopefully change will be at the front of the agenda and one the people deserve the right to have a referendum on both democracy ie funding,numbers in the house,how many house,checks to the legislator power of those that hold it,Ppr fpt etc,
    and obviously any new constitution.both sides need to understand change adapting ,the very things they expect from others is the last thing they themselves want


  7. The one question never asked of those demonstrating for Bremain, is; ‘ DID YOU VOTE’.
    Apparently only 36% of 18 -25 year olds exercised their democratic prerogative, despite having been given an extra 48 hours to register, and the modern communications of Twitter and Facebook.
    As Josef Stalin said , ‘ it is only those that show up, that make the decisions.’
    72% voters did show, the highest turn-out ever in an election or referendum in the UK.

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  8. BREMAIN need to respect democracy for it is only that that will keep them alive.

    Put 2 warring sides together without democracy neither side can accept losing because the measure of winning or losing is lost so only continual war remains. It is the only thing that has held this country together right / wrong even though in many cases it was never a real democracy more a 30% minority rule and why we ended up with a parliament that nowhere near represents the population. Did everyobdy else notice?

    I don’t think May will issue article 50 period, she is as big a turncoat as it comes and as far as uniting the country goes she has explicitly stated she will not ever work with UKIP. What f%cking good is that when you intend to ignore a large swathe of the population that is why she should never be PM. Mind you the Tories never gave a toss about the majority just like Labour and the Blairite doctrine that Chilcott condemned but there is no punishment.

    As for Osborne, w$anker who was shouting £3 billion cost for pensions refusing to mention the BREMAIN cost in solvency 2 of £40 billion. Lying, scheming toerag needs to resign … like many of the other politicians used fear not truth to try and justify a position. One positive thing about signing up to the EU superstate could have swung it … never came … there isn’t one.

    Reckon since the referendum noticing Merkel and her dedication of representing the German constitution above any EU one, Junkers the unelected and appointed tyranny, a wholly unrepresentative UK parliament. All have fully confirmed their intent and why I don’t mind now if 5 snipers decide to have a crack at our MP’s. It is what happens when you live in society of no justice and corruption, the only two things that definitely trickle down from the top.

    Seems like the MSM has decided to do away with the democracy concept too … at least we will be justified like in the Philippines of asassinating corrupt journalists. Yay, see no democracy does work for me, this could be fun.

    Never in a million years would I have thought I could write the above yet it is the truth, so low has this society fallen.

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  9. @ Salford Lad

    The last ‘fact’ is not true – almost every UK general election from 1945 up to 1992 had a turnout greater than the 2016 EU referendum. The average over the period was more than 75% – the peak being 83.9% in 1950. Even in 1945, with troops still stationed around the world, did better at 72.8%.
    Facts are wonderful things – please try to use them carefully.


  10. Roland Bonlett 10:37 am Yes it was worth watching. Do the tearful snowflakes think that travel to and work on the continent was not possible prior to the eu ? Any one under 40 has no first hand knowledge of pre eu Britain and the twitter fodder regurgitate what they have been fed in school, college or the ever unbiased msm. Talking of which I’ve noticed several times the Boy Buggering Corporation when discussing May and Leadsom, describe May using positive points whilst when it comes to Leadsom use negative points, that ploy didn’t work on Brexit and I’m hoping it will fail again.
    Just one more thing, off topic I know, but I wish we had a Trey Gowdy grilling blair

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  11. @Ghost
    You have that the wrong way round. Both sides campaigned in a referendum, a referendum in which it was agreed whoever got the most votes would win. The referendum was run, one side lost and the other won. This is democracy.
    Although you could indeed call some of the claptrap posited by various journalists (sic), propagandists, commentators and broadcasters as the voices of bad losers, demonstrating against the result of a democratically run referendum is anti-democracy, but not anti-democratic. They do have the right to protest, if that is how they feel. But they are protesting against democracy.

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  12. @JW
    “…one irrefutable Truth to Round 3 Tory leadership electors: A vote for Leadsom is a vote for genuine liberty and a speedy Brexit process; but a vote for May would be to support draconian anti-free speech legislation, and encourage the Brexit naysayers to overrule the Referendum result.”
    Truth an nothing but the truth: to all WASPIs out there, do your BEST!

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  13. 00ginoo irrefutable it most certainly wasn’t ,voting brexit was a vote for constitutional mayhem!whether it turns out to be a vote exit is another matter,but failure to do so will show our constitution for what it is a elites democracy!


  14. Sorry I get my big bulge in front of pants by killing off bad scribbler when I sipping my refreshingments


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