Political whores, agitprop media, ideological fascists and bent Judges:


We have a mountain to climb

mesnipI was dining with a Dutch friend last night (somewhat gingerly, as I have a tooth abcess at the moment) and while we enjoyed each other’s company as always, the conclusions we reached by dinner’s end were depressing to say the least.

The main of these was the consistency in the developed West with which the Rule of Law (and equality before it) is ignored, perverted or dismissed as a mere detail by those with the power and money so to do.

Yesterday was a particularly disappointing one: Hillary Clinton is not be charged by the FBI (imagine that) and Tony Blair has been let off exonerated by the Chilcot Committee of any complicity in the illegal declaration of War on Iraq. As he was the Prime Minister at the time, this is a toughie to justify.

When Chilcot kicked off in 2009, SNP rising star Mhairi Black was in the 3rd year of a Scottish Secondary, and emerging England striker Marcus Rashford was still at Primary school. Seven years is a long time during which to reach a verdict of Not Guilty on a man who was at the centre of events, during which the Attorney General and the BBC were bullied, a senior civil servant wound up dead, and the PM himself lied to Parliament.

String together the villains acquitted by police and Courts over the last five years, and to the above two psychos can be added James Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch, Bob Diamond, Rebekah Brooks, Baron Green, Andy Coulson, Philip Green – and Leon Brittan, who cleverly evaded further questioning by croaking. The other commonality among these people is their friendship with David Cameron and/or George Osborne.

In turn, we should remember that Jeremy Hunt, Michael Fallon, Theresa May, Stephen Crabb, David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Tim Yeo and over a hundred embezzling MPs got away with a light knuckle-rap when job loss, profound censure or jail/expulsion should really have been their fate.

Equally busy urinating on the concept of socio-corporate justice since their appointments have been Mario Draghi, Jeroan Dijesselbleom, Wolfgang Schäuble, Guy Verhofstadt, and above all Jean-Claude Juncker. Significantly, only the last of these looks likely now to be ejected from office….but this is more to do with a panicky Angela Merkel feeding baby crocodiles to the wolves as a means of placating the UK after its Brexit vote.

The impunity with which those who rise to the top of the bubbling jampot ignore the rules is, if anything, becoming more blatant as time goes on.

Ten days after the event, I am still trying to contact anyone among the self-styled Great and Good prepared to begin proceedings against Francois Hollande for illegally bringing Madame la Guillotine down on the City’s forex carrying trade in the eurozone. I can only assume that this is what it must have been like during 1934 in Germany, as the Nazis gaily conducted purges, burned down the Reichstag, smashed Jewish shop windows, arrested social democrat MPs and shot Communists without a single member of the Weimar Establishment forcing the judiciary to enforce the Law.

I no longer care about the Magoos who insist that such parallels are “risible”, because they (especially on the Left) will comfortably deny the destruction of Greece, the subordination of eurozone bondholders, the formation of the eurogroupe, the ECB/Spain pass the parcel fraud to make banks look something other than insolvent, and the application of eye patches to any telescope aimed at the nonstop French eurozone rule-breaking deficit. The plain fact is that our contemporary vandalising maniacs either think of 1984 as a template rather than a warning; or they’ve never read the bloody thing. It is ironic that the woeful neglect of individualist education seems likely, in the end, to be the catalyst allowing brutist power to triumph.

The losers in the medium term  will be communities, entrepreneurs, the old, the poor, free speech and direct democracy. But in the longer run, the collapse of a truly independent judiciary means the end (hopefully only temporary, but I have my doubts) of something my generation took for granted in Western Europe, Australia, Canada and the US: civilisation.

The slide into anarchic division and econo-fiscal disaster could work in any number of ways – good or bad – on the slow, almost imperceptible process of boiling our Rights away. It might stop it, or it could well accelerate it.

The big problem right now remains, however, that while the drama of events has always distracted from the bigger changes taking place, the Western media are choosing to distort what’s going on at the same time.




Those reports came from the Guardian at one end of the ideology spectrum, and the second from the Daily Telegraph at the other. To read those headlines, you’d think Andrea Leadsom didn’t exist. The real development here – that she came from nowhere to take second place in one week flat – is omitted. For Leadsom enjoys popular support for her anti-Establishment position, and so she must be unpersoned.

Exactly the same thing happened in the US when Bernie Sanders began to win big in the primaries, and against all the odds Donald Trump’s populist appeal to the disenfranchised of America swept formulaic GOP robots aside. The twisted syntax of headlines to disappear both candidates – and make the Party favourites look good – was at times comical.

For Jeremy Corbyn, the excoriation in the British MSM began the the day he won the Labour leadership. His position has been made to look untenable – even undemocratic – by taking the views of a few hundred legislative failures and making them sound overwhelming. Seeing this, Corbyn has insisted he’s not going of his own volition, but if forced out he will stand again. This puts Fat Labour back into it quandary: what do they do if he wins again?


This is the bottom line: the Judiciary, the  anti-democratic activist idiots and the mainstream media have become a Troika doing the bidding of neutered politicians….themselves reduced to whoring for the globalist fanatics on the one hand, or EU and trade union interests on the other.

It is a rare old farce worthy of Brian Rix shuffling across the stage with his trousers round his ankles: the looney Left in bed with the Rabid Right, the better to be able to indulge in stabbing themselves and each other once the fun really starts. And to complete the metaphor, the bed belongs to Us. But we were turfed out and ordered to sleep on the spare room sofa decades ago.

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31 thoughts on “Political whores, agitprop media, ideological fascists and bent Judges:

  1. And I’ve no doubt the fun will begin, it’s just the timing I’m unsure of.
    As an old friend of mine used to say. “Things have gotten so political around here, people are stabbing each other in the chest.”


  2. Irregardless of who wins leadership of the tories, the main question is’ will they proceed with the exit process from the EU’?
    There was a clear referendum vote for exit with a high voter turnout and a bigger majority than some recent governments. Should the tories not follow through with the exit this raises interesting questions as to their continued legitimacy.
    Never have I seen such a vehement denial of the results. Playing every card from ageism to stupidity to argue for a rerun.
    This speaks volumes for the integrity of our troughing MP’s(with some notable exceptions) I wonder how many fat envelopes are being pushed into back pockets, and by whom?

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  3. In the furore regarding Tony Blair and the expected Chilcot whitewash report. the wars in Syria and Libya have been neglected. Cameron should also be in the dock for taking us to war against sovereign Govts on the flimsiest of pretexes and reducing those to failed states.. Britain has also been culpable in the Ukrainian coup, Afghanistan,Iraq, Yugoslavia,Somalia and Yemen.
    The ‘special relationship’ has landed us in disastrous wars which have caused death and destruction and the deaths of many innocents.

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  4. Are you an Angela backer? It does seem at odds even for a right wing old codger like yourself, who at least has some human decency. Her latest policy offers are the elimination of all maternity rights and abolishing the minimum wage. Even old Ken Clarke, though a bit of a leftie, aparantlly, says she is promising some very stupid things.


  5. Actually, Mr Ward, I’ve just watched Sir John Chilcott deliver a 30 minute speech to the media on his report and he explicitly stated that he was not tasked with adjudicating on the illegality or otherwise of the decision taken to go to war.

    His report, in the typical, understated British manner was, however, one of the most devastatingly coruscating defenestrations of a Government administration I have ever heard. His criticisms extended to Downing Street, the Cabinet System, the role of the intelligence services, MOD itself.

    ‘Youse were all f**kin idiots’ would have just about summed it up, me thinks. Except on this occasion, it was delivered not as a defensive outburst, but as the decisive fusillade of offensive destruction.s

    What is clear is that, if there are those who may wish to put Tony Blair in a criminal court somewhere or other (like The Hague) he will have provided them with powerful ammunition to come to a decision as to whether to do so………

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  6. Way past that JW …

    Ponder this as we are in such a state of a corrupt and lying parliament how do we ever make it decent again? It was inevitable Clinton willl be president because chances are she is way more corrupt than Trump could ever be. It is the same for the whole UK establishment and in many ways the EU was the start of the shambles as they sold more sovreignty they were never allowed to sell and then told us there was nothing we can do because the EU says so.

    So I just reitterate it now, Parlimanent is sovereign and takes precedence over everything and no previous or current parliament can bind a future one.

    Such traitors, unless we revolt we are stuck with the corruption in an ever declining circle of human rights.

    In all though, it is amazing what is happening, I guess with the elites illusion of pretending so many economies worked in fact none of them do.

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  7. @ canexpat01 12:51 pm, that puts the blame squarely where it should be but how many main stream politicians would broach that particular elephant in the room or are not in thrall to that regime.


  8. Listening to Ken Clarke and Malcolm Rifkin’s conversation yesterday, my initial thought was this was not by chance… Mr Clarke knew exactly what he was doing, claiming Andrea ‘doesn’t really want to leave the EU’, whereas Theresa is ‘difficult to work with’… a virtue she shares with a certain Mrs T. How better to get his message across to those at the grass roots.

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  9. Cock-up not conspiracy is the official line once again. As with the investigation into the September 11 attacks, we conclude that everyone made horrendous mistakes and you are a dribbling imbecile if you so much as hint at any conspiracy of the powerful. Don’t fret though, lessons have been learned and don’t think to question why everyone involved subsequently received a promotion. Interesting that Richard Ingrams had his suspicions about the Chilcott panel back in 2010.


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  10. Crime of aggression acknowledged by ICC in 1998.
    ICC did not have jurisdiction at the time of Iraq war.
    Definition of Crime of aggression under the ICC did not get ratified until well after Iraq invasion.


  11. Chilcot, I know the remit was controlled but

    No mention of USA, PNAC or the view of USA’sself entitled dominance.
    No mention of the contracts divided up to the war profiteers prior to war
    No mention of the prestitute media (the 4th estate) and Government propoganda.
    No mention of contracts and ministerial interaction with Iraq preceeding war either of us or that of our allies.
    No mention David kelly and his information.
    No mention of whether army was placed on a war footing suggesting connivance with Bush.
    No mentions of the belief that Iraq was responsible for 9/11 by the USA in particular the military


  12. Firstly, with regards to ‘the rule of law’, people need to stop being so naive. There is no such thing anymore.

    With regards to ‘Brexit’, Stop being so naive. We are NEVER leaving the USEU. Fact.

    Here is how the average british moron will be ‘convinced’:-

    1. ‘Negotiations’ with the USEU will be strubg out indefinately.

    2. Article 50 will NEVER be implemented before the end of March 2017 or before a cozy little inny/outy deal has been cobbled together.

    3. The villification, infiltration, intimidation, media blackouts, propaganda, rent-a-mob protestesters whinnig about brexit, ‘in depth analysists’ from ‘experts’ condemning ‘leavers’, economics ‘experts’, political ‘experts’, military ‘experts’, legal ‘experts’ and other assorted whores to numerous or mediocre to mention ,strong>will continue , un-abated, untill the ‘leavers’ are broken down.

    4. The economy will be crashed by the USA and EU, ably assisted by traitors within our own establishment. This will serve as a compelling arguament against the ‘leavers.’ It is, of course, a fake, delberately orchestrated, manipulated crash. {coming SOON.}

    5. Whichever stooge is put into place as ‘Prime Minister’ [Property of the CIA], will simply have to step in and save us.[ie. Bring us back into the EU.]

    6. This astonishingly bold and blatant act of treason will have the full support of every MP except a few unpalatable stooges put in place to convince the average moron there really is such thing as democraaaceeee.

    Since the purpose of the, now ignored and forgotten, ‘referendum’ was to re-affirm our commitment to the Glorious Reich and to Drag us in deeper, towards fiscal union, monetary union and a totalitarian, corporate, fascism in its purest form, overseen and administered by a ‘commitee’ of stooges in Brussels THAT IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN. Your vote is irrelevant. Your opinion is irrelevant.You will be told what to think and you will be told what to do. AND YOU WILL DO IT.

    That is why nobody gives a sh’t about thousands of pensioners dying of hunger and exposure, or thousands of homeless beggers dying in the street, thousands of people starving because their benefits are arbitrarily cancelled, massive increases in the suicide rate, massive increases in the child poverty rate, destruction of the NHS, destruction of ALL social services, etc, etc ad infinitum.

    Indeed, most of the average morons now spit on beggars, pensioners, homeless people and all those mentioned above and more. BECAUSE THATS WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN TOLD TO DO/THINK.

    Truth is though, WE are to blame. WE chose to believe the lies, half truths and news blackouts. It was our supine, cowardly, selfish, gullible indifference to the suffering of those around us and to the steady, creeping, slow-motion goose step towards totalitarian slavery.

    Luckily, our children are as big a bunch of whinney, gutless, uneducated, oblivious morons as their parents turned out to be. Never having seen or experienced the fundamental rule of just Laws they will never ask us why we did not prevent their destruction.

    We all need to grow up and grow a pair. THERE IS AND AGENDA AT WORK HERE. OBVIOUSLY. DUUUUUUH. We need to reinstate the rule of Law [see Watt Tyler etc.] and clean out the whores and traitors in whiteminister WITHOUT USING VIOLENCE.

    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

    -Edmund Burke

    There is no cruder tyranny than that which
    is perpetrated under the shield of Law
    and in the name of Justice.

    – Montesquieu (1689 – 1755)

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism
    because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

    – (It was actually Italian philosopher Giovanni Gentile who wrote the
    entry in the Encyclopedia Italiana. Mussolini, however, affixed his name
    to the entry, and claimed credit for it.)

    Yeah, I know. Nobody reads the comments.

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  13. Doncha love the passion in these responses. More passion in the football tonight pleeze.
    I’ve got a few quid on Wales.


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