WASPI RESET: No more intimidation, no more naice


meglycinessnipWith the rapid replacement of the old Waspi Facebook site by a Waspi-sting page this morning, it’s time to do the rounds of Big Cheese women in public life and see how they’re getting right behind women cheated out of their birthright by featherbedded politicians and civil servants.

HHsillyWe start with former Minister for Wimmin, Hattie Harmperson. Game girl Harriet (22-42-56) – having lost the Referendum vote – is now busy trying to turf out anti-Establishment terrorist Jeremy Corbyn, in favour of….a woman. Ms Harpoonmen has two pensions: a non-contributory one from Unite, and her Parliamentary final salary jobby. Together, they amount to roughly 27 times the State Pension. For much of her married life in Winterbook Road SE24, Harriet had a fixed 2% mortgage with Unite to help her afford a whopping double-fronted Victorian corner house. So obviously, HRH is not remotely interested in the fate of women breezing about the place and not joining trade union élites. Perish the thought.



A slippery fish and a corrupt carpetbagger meet in Brussels. Nicola Sturgeon is still hellbent on leaving devolved power in the UK for federal distatorship in the EU. It takes all sorts, but this is beyond Crankie. Is Nicola Sturgeon in support of 1950s onwards born women who are victims of the great pension sting? I think we should be told, as she is shaking hands above with Herr Schützstaffel….a man who has done more than most to pauperise Greek pensions. So clearly, she isn’t a fish out of water…

Leadsom2 And there’s another new shocker as the word is that Andrea Leadsom is close to overtaking Theresa Mayfly-Whiplash in the race to lead  an ungovernable Conservative Party. If she gets through to the final, I’ll be giving her some Waspi advice later.

Of all the runners in the Tory dash to Pyrrhic Victory, Leadsom is the only one above both tapioca and mediocre. Welsh tapioca pudding misogynist Stephen Crabb will not get past the first round. Waspi women throughout Britain will be wearing black armbands in recognition of his failure.

From here on Waspis, these are the key statements of the obvious:



Yesterday at The Slog: How our taxes pay for people to help themselves, rather than us

26 thoughts on “WASPI RESET: No more intimidation, no more naice

  1. I hope Ms. Leadsom gets up. I found her to be the one politician who consistently focussed on reasoned debate. No diatribe, no slogans. Interestingly, she has stated that she will trigger Article 50 immediately, if elected. The lawyers representing the anonymous ‘Remain’ group must be looking forward to champers and caviar!

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  2. Surely Mr Ward you’re not calling the Paulina a flat-chested-, spare-tyre possessing lardy arse??

    That would be very wrong…….

    Unforgivably indiscreet……

    And wrong…….

    She was just a human rights lawyer seeking to extend the concept of informed concept into middle childhood……


  3. John: I was on the point of sending this last week!
    Just a couple of observations: The Saturday remain march. I got the impression that they were in the most part slightly posh ……but given over to a bit of deceit. I ask you , “how many of them dressing up like 30‘s ditch diggers also if not that , doing their best to look like the “ahh Bisto “scruffs.
    What I found distaste full they came close to doing a copycat of last summers invasion in the Med.IE, using children as human shields.
    How come no interference from the usual street thugs?.
    Well have said it before “non so bitter and dangerous” as those who have mostly been on a nice little earner and see it is coming to an end.
    I only post personal observations….. In WW2 many folk had their collar touched (by knowledgeable foremen) Who were on nice little earners in the arms trade doing “monkey watch monkey do” jobs … this happened when the military were pushed for folk suitable for ordinance delivery near near wars end….easily replaced with alert elderly and the very young.


  4. I hope Andrea Leadsom is just going to continually say

    Let’s not win the battle but lose the war…which will happen under May


  5. @ Harold Rosario

    I was also very impressed by Gisela Stuart, not only for the brave stance she took against the majority of her party (or what’s left of it) but, coming from a German immigrant, she delivered the argument in a cool, calm and logical manner.

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  6. @Iain

    Ty for link just read it … the anger is starting to rise now in alot of people realising they have been conned by parliament and their own representative … daily we get the MSM wanting the BREXIT cancelling but not one decent reason as to why neither.

    The EU is now an EU superstate as per declaration and that means giving up sovereignty and the EU would accepot it from a bunch of nonrepresentative politicians. Now the question is, can the British citizens not represented by their parliament choose to create another parliament effectively bypassing the unrepresentative one. You see I think you can because we are all part sovereign and we create the parliament through our votes.

    As for the whole of this article 50, Lisbon Treaty, we are courteous to abide by it but we do not have too and that goes for border controls etc.

    We have been so conned by parliament for decades we did not have to accept anything the EU demanded.


  7. A letter today in the DT:- ” Mr Farage’s resignation fills me with despair. He was the only politician of national standing with any genuine belief in the fundamental need for Britain to leave the EU. The contenders in the Tory leadership campaign are nothing more than opportunists who will row back on their pledges. Ukip without Farage is nothing – and, without the threat of Ukip in a general election, there is nothing to stop the Tories ditching the whole notion of Brexit.”

    I fear he is correct. A look at the list supporting Theresa May should give anyone the shudders……… the stitch-up is almost transparent.

    Ken Clarke – May
    Michael Heseltine – May
    Jeremy Hunt – May
    Anna Soubry – May
    Edwina Currie – May


  8. Talk about the persistant divide …

    May just won the first round and has absolutely refused to work or have anything to do with UKIP. Now on my books that is a subtantial amount of votes she is telling the UK population she don’t need.


    Sheez don’t we get normal politicians or are politicians just not normal?


  9. @Mudplgger : Gisela Stuart is my heroine. She always argues logicaly without sensationalism and is red hot on matters of sovreignity and contitution.

    @alexei: Signed , let’s get this out there.


  10. Dare I even think it? Leadsom will win Take heart all Sloggers!. What a list of May supporters, evil gits the lot of them. Petition signed


  11. Leadsom does at least give the impression of having arrived at the Brexit conclusion through genuine conviction by way of an independently active mind. Not too much of it about in the foetid halls and galleries of Westminster, the usual caveats apply.


  12. The waspi image has a barb on it’s sting, a proper waspi has none, enabling it to sting and fly off without her bum being ripped off.


  13. I am still wondering if there are any WASPI readers on this blogoffski. Shall we talk about football?


  14. Why was waspi day of protest not reported or shown on TVs
    That is not democratic that is communist politics


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