mesnipOn several fronts this week, the British citizen and every leave voter are being variously ignored, bullied, vilified, misled, lied to and cheated by a despicable alliance between the two Establishment Parties. Along with Angela Merkel, they are scheming to ensure that the Yes Sheep regain the initiative and block those who want their pensions, their liberty and their sovereignty back. Nobody is going to help those of us opposed to this: we are on our own.

Yesterday at 4pm, The Waspi campaign site was taken down on Facebook. It was an act of staggering egomania, and almost certainly the brainchild of Executive founder Anne Keen.

All told, some 3 million women born after 1950 face pension delays leaving them at various levels of destitution.

They have no Legal Aid to help any recourse to law; no major news medium seems interested in their case; and now they have no social media hub via which to share information.

A Waspi source yesterday revealed to me that the police had been “completely uninterested” in a clearcut incitement to hate in the media, following a classically intemperate article by Dan Hodges in which he urged the Labour party to kill Jeremy Corbyn. Through sheer persistence, my source badgered the paper’s editor, who eventually persuaded Hodges to take out the word ‘kill’ for something slightly less insane.

A senior UKip activist tried to complain about yet another braindead and vicious attack on Nigel Farage in the press (a cartoon of quite staggering nastiness) with the same result. This source had been fobbed off by the Met who in the end grudgingly promised to send officers to her home within 24 hours. That was last Thursday. She’s still waiting.

This morning, Farage resigned as UKip leader. I’ve made no secret of my view that he is limited as a Party leader, but for all his myriad faults he has given brave support to ordinary UK citizens throughout his 30-year career. You have no idea what disgusting pressure, dirty tricks, electoral cheating and appalling vilification he has been subjected to in recent years.

He too had no recourse open to him. So the bullies have won. The British Left and Camerlot shared the same bed and bodily fluids in their concerted plan to do for a contrarian. The only time either of those two tribes will work together is to smear and destroy opponents of their respective power-agendas.

In turn, my Kipper source has had to calm another UKip supporter who was holed up in her flat – based in an overwhelmingly Remain area of London – scared to go our because of the vilification she receieved after admitting that yes, she had dared to vote Leave. Again, there are no Brownie points to be gained by the Met (and the request didn’t come from Newscorp) so they did nothing. Politicised cops: another anti-liberty move the Remainers are completely united about.

I have now complained to three departments in the Black Hole formerly known as Brussels, called and emailed the Foreign Office (as well as tweeting daily) about the totally illegal act of spiteful revenge by Président Hollande of France in cutting the City of London out of the eurozone forex carrying trade. As a full member of the EU Executive Council, Great Britain is being deliberately pressured by Le Plat écran on zero legal grounds.

Understand this clearly: nobody in authority anywhere is interested in forcing Hollande to withdraw his Imperial decree. Not in Downing Street, not at the EUCHR, not in Interpol, or among the Whitehall mafia or Brussels Sprouts. Not a single MP, not a single French Deputy, not a single Commission officer.

One of the the nastiest and most incompetent Home Secretaries in history is way out in front for the leadership of the Conservative Party. Widely loathed by her own colleagues and the Opposition, she too has issued a Diktat saying there will be no election until 2020, and no invocation of Article 50 “this year”. The bitterly opposed fixed-time Parliaments Act is in her favour on the first part, but on the second – in the light of the Referendum result – is a lawlessly political f**k-you sneer to the majority of Brits who voted Leave.

There is no rationale whatsoever for not invoking Article 50: as an obstacle in the way of Brexit it is, in theory, irrelevant. In practice, it can be used to delay and confuse while Britons are coaxed towards a kindlier view of the disgusting neo-fascist superstate being developed by the Junckers and Schäubles of this world.

Noticeably since the UK Referendum, Merkel is haring around to try and tone down the federalist agenda, and is obviously offering up Jean-Claude Drunker as a sacrifice to the British desire to retain its Sovereignty.

Has she gone to the MEPs in search of an elected consensus? She has not. Will anyone invoke Lisbon Treaty articles to insist on it? Hahahahahahahahahah.

On the Leave side, Johnson has been shown yet again to be a bumbling, arrogant and drunken oaf who finally tried Michael Gove’s patience. And Gove himself broke a promise made both to his own colleagues and the electorate that he would not stand for the Tory leadership. But they’re still there….Gove will have a senior post in the next government, and Johnson will live to fight another day. Both are conduits for Rupert Murdoch – a man both personally and corporately above the Law.

Don’t look to the Labour Party for excoriation of this flagrant disregard for the Citizen – it’s too busy having it’s own fight about who wins the right to ignore the People next time around. Those not engaged in that bunfight are busy calling Leave voters racist scum. The media supporting their call for a Referendum rerun are busy printing dissembling bollocks about drawbridges being pulled up and ‘racism running wild in the streets’.

In all these variations on controlling nonsense, the sovereign Citizen voter is the last person being considered….just behind the Constitution and Equality before the Law.

And so to Tony Blair, the man responsible for pissing away the best chance for radical reform in a generation….who decided instead to ally himself with a Republican gonk in order to bring Islamist vengeance down on our heads – while applying a pc approach to immigration that means we now have 15,000 Jihadists in our midst – without so much as a clue about where they are.

Blair and his fellow excrement Chemical Ali Campbell bullied the Attorney General, hounded a civil service whistleblower to his death, declared war on those in the BBC who doubted the WoMD bollocks, and lied blatantly to Parliament about the Saddam threat.

Now the Chilcot Report (only 193 years late) apparently absolves both men of blame for the needless destruction of a nation, and – thanks to his 100% brass neck – Blair is offering himself as a negotiator in the Brexit process. Anyone who can’t see another dimension of Establisment counter-attack against the Referendum result in that should’ve gone to Specsavers.

Bear in mind, even if the average braindead Leftist hate-chanter can’t grasp just how big a fiscal, economic and forex hole the EU is in, Blair, May, Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Osborne, Burnham, Schäuble, Hillary Benn, Crabb and all the other Remaindeer bigwigs know perfectly well how bad things are. But power and the maintenance of it is all they care about.

This is a reality all genuine liberty radicals grasped ten years or more ago. It is one that all Waspi women, Leave voters, long-term unemployed citizens, Ukip supporters and those who abstained need to be clear about. One thing unites all of us: it must drive our every move. It is this:


Only YOU can now get a new 1950’s women website back up and elect a new protest leadership with a harder edge.

Only YOU can take direct action to foil the pension stealers and anti-democratic Remain whingers in their  attempt to overrule the People.

If you find this too idealistic, remember one thing: YOU did more in one vote ten days ago to shake up the EU than months of Cameron’s ‘negotiations’ or Labour’s much vaunted claptrap about reforming the EU from within.

Cameron has gone, Osborne is history, Juncker is on the way out, and the federalists are in retreat.

But to get your pensions and sovereignty back – and one day get the muunneee out of politics – YOU will have to keep the pinched goblins of Darkness pinned in a corner. Because nobody else will.


  1. I said we would never be allowed to leave…

    Who are the shadowy Fat Cats trying to trying to block Brexit? Top City law firm launches legal bid to stop new PM from triggering Brexit without a vote in Parliament – but why won’t they reveal who they’re working for?
    Anonymous group of academics and business figures trying to stop PM invoking Article 50
    Law firm says House of Commons must vote before Brexit formally triggered
    Around three quarters of MPs supported Remain in the EU referendum
    Some have suggested Commons should water down or even block Brexit

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  3. Mr Ward,

    you have lived in France for too long. In France, a citizen is a citizen. In Britain, a ‘citizen’ is a subject of the crown.

    As for Merkel in the news, all I could find was the police being encouraged to deal with the increase in homelessness and the drug dealers around Germany’s main railway stations. That and youngsters having to find money to study at uni (the Yanks love it when a child needs to pay for their own future, it’s called corporatism). Be warned that this isn’t fees for studying, it’s that some children don’t get grants…

    … Germany is a long way from becoming the Ideal European State.

    VW did pay up for the emissions “scandal”, after the American government singled it out from the rest. Hardly fair, but that’s American democracy for you: it can’t squeeze its own corporations, so it’ll steal from a German one instead. (And I’m afraid the link explaining that all cars cheated has been nobbled… )


  4. The latest risible news from Europe is a leading German politician offering ‘German passports to all young Britons in the EU’ as they are so much more intelligent than their elders.

    Perhaps all the German politicians would like to offer passports to all the EU citizens from Spain, Italy, Greece etc who have sought work in the UK as the German-driven EU has pursued scorched-earth policies in the Mediterranean which make Maggie Thatcher seem more socialist than Harold Wilson…….

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  5. Farewell Ange Fairleg
    You did your best, they did their worst
    They called you racist scum
    And there’s more of that to come

    Hieronimus Thribb (64)

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  6. rtj

    “German-driven EU has pursued scorched-earth policies” – you’ve been reading the mainstream newspapers again, haven’t you? The EU is pushed by the controllers of the media, the Americans.

    Sure, the Germans do well out of it, but their government has to pay for the likes of Greece (which is usually forgotten when the media speaks about bailouts).


  7. Leadsom didn’t sound too bad on the news this lunchtime, seemed to want to get the ball rolling. As JW says there are an unknown number of would be terrorists entering the EU with about as much difficulty as a day trip to Blackpool, its worth remembering that thanks to the USA they have a range of modern weaponry available to them. I’ve always found it odd that they generally always go for the ordinary Joe in the street, when it is apparent that Joe has no way of changing govmt. policy and conversely govmt. doesn’t give a rats arse what happens to Joe, makes you wonder doesn’t it.

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  8. It will end in war there is no other way. It is like Cromwell trying to deal with a penchulant king, there will be no discussion because parliament has declared divine right to rule as king and not serve the people once more. Currently across the land more turned out to reject does anybody think this will imrpove going forward? Debt overload = NO!

    In context for 40 years now parliament has tried to sell the sovereignty of the people to a future EU superstate (now declared) run by the Germans that in reality was WW3 with no guns and bullets. I knew this would be the last election in the UK I would ever vote in knowing full well on the 23rd June 2016 in the UK democracy would die, what you need to look at is what comes next though.

    Getting rid of Junkers, make way baby, Erdogan the Kurd Killer is the man in a few years or maybe even a Blair the Iraqi killer.
    All is possible when you appoint and do not use the process of electing MEP’s, that is the truth.

    As for BREMAIN,oh such “dumb f^cks”, you will get yours in a few years. Wait till we have the euro and then not able to make all the budgetary cuts that the EU will demand, their rules see. Then as we slip into the Greek position, do you think the ECB will give you euros or stack your debt like Greece? I am so going to laugh at the suffering and torment at that point because the only thing that could have prevented this path was in fact BREXIT.

    Time to get myself off the electoral register I do believe because I am not voting when it is a fake democracy.

    After watching the last fraudulent referendum, unless it is a 100% compulsary vote of the population shan’t bother neither the likes of MI5, MI6 and all the other mercs will just ballot stuff more votes. Can’t see the point myself, not binding myself by taking part I can react a whole lot more violently and faster with no democratic parley needed or wanted.

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  9. @kfc1404. Do not despair, keep the faith….. all of that stuff is pure legal froth, ” no Parliament can commit future Parliaments” or similar words……. just as in the case of the Poll Tax, people on the streets exercising Democratic rights will eventually appear. UK can instantly invalidate Heath’s treacherous signature….. Lisbon too. All this guff about “negotiating our way out” is pure ordure and obfuscation. Common Law prevails over Statute Law.

    Reminds me of an anecdote from military life……. apologies if not quite accurate….. the Regiment was being overwhelmed …. the Sergeant Major rallied the troops…… “They are to our front, behind us, to the left and right…….. but by God they will not get away this time!”

    Despite the truly appalling Conservative line up against us, including feckless youth, most Media, Law, Police, Common Purpose freaks, et al…… Brexit will prevail. To predict….. (and as Rosstradamus says…. any predictions are unwise….. especially about the future….) bad moon rising, huge discontent, eventual sunshine.

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  10. Democracy in our time:

    The view now established in the West is that the people are not qualified to make political decisions.
    Martin Schulz, President of the EU Parliament, puts it clearly: “It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate.”

    European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is reportedly planning to push through a free trade agreement between Canada and the EU, known as CETA, without giving the bloc’s national parliaments a say in it.

    Theresa May introduced new legislation to introduce secret courts (which applies to civil as well as criminal courts). This means that a defendant can have their fate determined in a courtroom they are not allowed to enter, on charges that they are not allowed to know, based on evidence that they are not allowed to see.
    etc. etc.


  11. Perhaps the key to the release of true UK Democracy is deliberately hidden in the systematic erosion of our most important protection….. Common Law….. simplified as ” Cause no harm, cause no loss,” …. Simples or wot…..
    Common Law allows for such Democratic actions as “Peaceful Rebellion” and crucially in the current Brexit aftermath … the accusation of “Misprision of Treason” …… well our Yotty Botty traitor, Heath, is up for lots of stuff…. Like Charles Lynton.

    As Home Sec, the odious May has excelled in zeal to curtail the Democratic process by tacitly approving the Courts and Police in deliberate ignorance and recognition of our basic human rights (but foreign rapists can claim all Benefits.)

    Our Plod Academy does not teach Common Law. Only after junior indoctrination does Common Law figure in the Plod Education….. usually at Inspector level…… so always ask for an Inspector to be present, whilst the Plods insist that it was you that kneed yourself in the balls!

    That said…. all of our Services do their best, imagine the bravery of being Lifeboat/Fire/Traffic crew!

    But then, looks like our Armed Services are incorrectly muffled…. the men and women have a voice, amongst others. They are indomitably loyal….. but they know when they are mushrooms.

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  12. Here’s a bit of John Pilger on Brexit in an article called, Democracy and Class Struggle (can be Googled) –
    “The most effective propagandists of the “European ideal” have not been the far right, but an insufferably patrician class for whom metropolitan London is the United Kingdom.
    Its leading members see themselves as liberal, enlightened, cultivated tribunes of the 21st century zeitgeist, even “cool”.
    What they really are is a bourgeoisie with insatiable consumerist tastes and ancient instincts of their own superiority.
    In their house paper, the Guardian, they have gloated, day after day, at those who would even consider the EU profoundly undemocratic, a source of social injustice and a virulent extremism known as “neoliberalism”.
    The aim of this extremism is to install a permanent, capitalist theocracy that ensures a two-thirds society, with the majority divided and indebted, managed by a corporate class, and a permanent working poor.”

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  13. Now that dear Nigel is stepping down, if the new leader of the party in government doesn’t step up to the plate and ensure that the EU is given notice in accordance with the terms of Article 50, I can see the 17 million people who voted to leave the EU voting UKIP with a vengeance.
    It must be terrifying for the 2 main parites to know that 17 million votes is way in excess of what the Rt Horrible Tony Blair achieved to win a parliamentary majority……

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  14. The French are best at burning tyres and making tractors wider than wide.
    The most profitable outcome should arise, as insult is heaped upon insult and then all Europeans team up to “reverse” the current situation. It will happen.
    Brexit serves as a reference point for all time.
    They’ve tried to frame the current woes, falling living standards and the final failure, against a warmongering superpower, a dislocated refugee population and religious war.
    Every European will end up facing this, the same questions, sooner or later.
    So they’ll wake up when they’re finally labelled something else other than a xenophobe and come to realise that the labels are applied as the situation demands.
    Plates, spinning, etc.
    I’ve saved the INTIMIDATION graphic for use later on.
    It is very punchy. I think it deserves to be used over and over, same as I’ll be watching those Farage YouTube clips again and again.

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  15. To the NHS I am a customer
    To Social Services I am a customer
    To the DWP I am a customer
    To my local council I am a customer

    the word ‘citizen’ has long since been outlawed by the establishment

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  16. With reference to your remarks re Waspi. ill health and no-one to manage the page forced this regretful decision plans are in hand to republish it. It is only suspend until new admins sorted.
    As for it being Anne Keens fault! Rubbish! Nothing is every black or white , you should know this!


  17. @stephenroi….. may I quote you… I am trying to compose a letter to my local MP/MEP. I will put my whole diatribe against our supine shyster MPs, MEPs, up on Slog if John allows, any comments welcome. As John kinda says….. we are the final frontier… there is nobody behind us and the whole corrupt weight of The Establishment against us. Numbers count…… the street rules in the end. Some would say that we Brits have stalled at Cromwell, abandoned our Birthright protests to protest and preserve Magna Carta…. I wonder why? Guess who funded Cromwell. The Red Shield! No wonder the Irish rebelled. Guess who funded Hitler? Amongst many others….. Grandad Bush! (real name Scherf!!) check it out?

    John makes it ultra clear for all of us….. the Establishment has abandoned us……. but we are not alone, we are not a minority….. on our side we have the unstoppable surge of rightful indignation, fury and Democratic action.

    As previously acknowledged…… GCHQ and Your Local Plod and Special Branch…… they now have 17 Million + new UK Brexiteers to try and compromise!

    No wonder your and my internet speed has been suspiciously slow. GCHQ nominally reports to May….. but May reports to various tentacles of that magnificent and all-powerful Israeli Mossad. If only the Mossad and Sanayim reported to UK?

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  18. It appears from various sources that the man behind the legal challenge is Zoopla’s CEO Alex Chesterman, who claims his concern is that “the issue is handled properly under UK law” – not of course that Brexit (if implemented) would adversely affect his property business…… Oh, no.
    But according to City AM, “Zoopla issued a statement this afternoon distancing their business from the legal action. “Zoopla is not involved in this situation,” the group said. “The action is being supported by a wide range of clients and hundreds of supporters including businessmen like Alex, academics and others who want to make sure that the correct constitutional process is followed and this is done right.”

    Isn’t this doublespeak? How can Zoopla not be involved when its CEO is its only known spokesman? Given that this action affects our democracy, are we not entitled to know the names of all the other signatories? Douglas Carswell suggests “If, as a result of lawyers, the clear majority view was subverted, then God help us, we would go into an extremely dangerous situation.”

    Guido notes that “If the referendum had been decided by FPTP, Leave would have won 440 seats to Remain’s 220.”

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  19. Rosstradamus at 4:24 pm My machine too has had a couple of weird hiccups in the last few weeks, don’t worry about it, if they’re wasting resources on our ranting they’ll be overlooking someone else.


  20. @ Gemma ,correct me if I’m wrong but to say Germany has bailed Greece out is not accurate.I understood 90% of all bailout monies went to German and French banks whose lack of due diligence was breathtaking in issuing the loans with not a thought about affordability .

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  21. Lampitt,

    “90% of all bailout monies went to German and French banks” – and I’m sure the odd American one too. After all, it wasn’t a German or a French bank that got Greece into the Eurozone.

    Just remember that the German and French banks are privately owned: that is to say, taxpayer’s money goes into shareholders’ pockets. That’s what the EU is for.

    As to due diligence… the US knows all about how to get around that. The crash of 2007 couldn’t be put down to a failure of due diligence, but it could be put down to outright fraud. After all, if a banker’s greedy enough, the reality of the situation fades before the visions of how much money they are going to make on the deal… be it American housing stock or investing Greek road bridges ;)

    Who was doing the due diligence to oversee the proper use of those funds… it wasn’t the EU, was it? Playing straight into he hands of the commercial banks. As usual.


  22. Excellent piece, telling it like it is. I am reminded of a song I never could stand, by the Eagles: Hotel California. “You can check out any time you like…but you can NEVER leave” ! Same at the Hotel EU, I guess.

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  23. @Alan. There will be 2 candidates on the ballot paper, as even May does not want a Gordon Brown coronation. She will lose, albeit narrowly.


  24. @ Nobby

    What’s the betting May has offered Davis the Home Secretary job ? That’s about all that would have swung him behind her.

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  25. Excellent piece John. I wish I could see such quality analysis in some UK msm rag.

    Nigel Farage has many faults, chief amongst them in my eyes is that he seemed to keep UKIP a one man band and did not encourage his successors – or if he did I havn’t heard of them. That being said I do think that without him and UKIP we would ever have had our referendum.

    I am sorry he has bowed out at a time when maximum pressure needs to be applied to see that the will of the people is carried through. I hope his successor is up to the task.

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  26. JW,
    Your point about EU securities clearing leaving London for Europe is well made. But, actually, this is not the result of Brexit; it is part of The Lisbon Treaty itself! The UK won a court case against this but it appears that it will be ignored. The point is, why has the media not made this point? On April 1st 2017 a huge amount of powers are transferred to Brussels and this has not been made clear at all in the press.
    Critically, the Tories need to trigger Article 50 to get the ball rolling, although as you have pointed out, leaving could be academic. However, if they do not trigger Art 50, and fudge it until April 1st, then when the population find out that they have been sold out by the politicians, the civil outcry could be massive.


  27. Where a the legal protections for Iraq?

    ICC have said the canit/won’t prosecute Blair. Whatever legal there exists for this it need closing.

    Also did I read last night an ex IsraelI minster was given immunity last night from being interviewed for war crimes in Gazafrom the police ?


  28. Leaderless, rudderless, the ship of state is foundering. Cometh the moment, cometh the pygmies. It is quite clear that the vast majority of politicians have self interest at heart and will do anything to preserve the status quo. Tomorrow we have the chilcot
    whitewash which will provide a media feeding frenzy and enable the PTB additional days to subvert the democratic process.
    It was such a certainty that the referendum would be stitched up for a remain that there is no plan B. We live in interesting times.

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  29. Re. your comment about Anne Keen. I fear that you are correct in your description of her but would very much like Anne to prove you wrong by IMMEDIATELY reinstating the WASPI Facebook page – which is central to the campaign – AND to giving all the WASPI co-founders access to it and ALL related pages. If she does, we will know that she is putting the interests of the 1950s women first.. If she does not, I will interpret that as sign that she is not willing to accept the will of WASPI women and is therefore unfit to continue to play a role in the leadership of this campaign.

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  30. I fear that the case has been abandoned in Whitehall due to the large rubber stamp on the folder. ‘DNR’


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