BREXIT/MARCH 2017 stitch-up: rebutting the charge of ‘nonsense’ about earlier Slogpost.


Mesnip29616As soon as the first Slogpost today started going sub-viral, threaders and tweeters poured onto the social networks (and my site plus email) to insist that the deadline identified by myself and others was ‘nonsense’, ‘unsubstantiated’ and ‘alarmist’. I plead guilty to the last charge alone: I am trying to alarm Brexiteers bouncing about on Cloud Nine who think it’s all over. Please read the following carefully in order to have ammunition when the usual suspects pretend there is No Cause for Alarm.

The first line taken online today was “the deadline is a myth”. It is not: November 2014 to March 2017 has been a planned, open move by the EU members towards what is called ‘full integration’. After that date, all attempts to influence the EC will have more trees, walls and booby traps in the path of those trying to offer a contrary view.

This is a page capture of my search on the EC site re ‘March 31st 2017’:



These are just the top entries. What you can see is that everything the EU/EC axis now wants to do has the same closing date. This isn’t a nasty secret plot, it’s merely part of the road to Colditz  ‘full integration’ announced in the Treaty of Lisbon (and subsequent directives).

On April 1st – how deliciously apt – all 28 members including us become ‘fully integrated’ in the wannabe Federalist Union….possibly just before it disintegrates, who knows?

If the UK doesn’t have a deal by this point – and let’s face it, if the current Cameron/Johnson catchy-monkey rate of play continues, it won’t – then things become more tricky.




My red elipses there point up that there is a new item at 49aTEU, and after March 31st 2017 it’s clear that secession will become a QMV (qualified majority voting) issue.

To repeat: there’s no secret conspiracy involved: this is the official version:




That link is to a post-Brexit entry at the EC site. It was written three days ago.

However, there is more. An addendum to the update makes one wonder what the point of Article 50 is any more, when the EC plants landmines like this one:




Is it me? Am I going mad? Before you all rush to confirm the query, let me ask further (somewhat rhetorical) questions: why go through 3-4 years of negotiating pain only to have the Council dump you in the cold with nothing because it could’t unanimously agree? Can you remember them agreeing unanimously about anything?

We could simply quit now, go for an interim deal before next April 1st, and then do deals on an ad hoc basis. The markets would be clearer and thus less neurotic, UK government could be totally focused on new economic and export strategies, and we’d be at least two years ahead of the game.

Last but not least, I would ask readers of this post to look back over the last five years of an EC based on subordinating bondholders, subjugating Greece, and using EU-illegal methods of fiscal and currency pressure to ride a coach and six over the Rule of Law:



In the light of Greece’s destruction as a functioning State, perhaps those with no sense of history should go to a site about what happened to Hungary in 1956 under the USSR. Or perhaps – thinking as many do nowadays that History is a thing of the past – they should read and then be astonished by this nasty, childish, vindictive but chiefly illegal spurt of venom from the mouth of France’s most hated President in living memory today:


Or they should delve into the memoirs of US Fed Treasurer Tim Geithner, who wrote in his diary after attending the EU finmins meeting in Poland four years ago:

The one thing I left feeling absolutely certain about was that these guys were going to beat Greece to death with a baseball bat. It was visceral vengeance, nothing less’.

There is a bottom line, and it isn’t very pretty. But unlike the British Left and their allies in the neoliberal globalist Tory Right, because it’s ugly I have no intention of ignoring or denying it.

The EU’s Commission (and its self-created ECB/Eurogrope monsters) will do anything to survive.

The British Establishment will do anything in its power to ensure that Britain remains a vassal State of the EUUS global bloc of bullying.

All the ignored poor, neglected entrepreneurs and well-meaning UKip voters are in danger of being sold down the river by The Borisgove….if we give them half a chance.

So then doubters, over to you. Do – please -show me why I’m wrong.

Today’s earlier post at The Slog: Yes, March 31st IS a deadline

49 thoughts on “BREXIT/MARCH 2017 stitch-up: rebutting the charge of ‘nonsense’ about earlier Slogpost.

  1. now we have to ensure that we actually leave and they no longer can say ‘there is nothing we can do about this or that blah blah’

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  2. Is this as accurate as your continued proclamations about the collapse of the Euro? Looks like the Pound will be history before the Euro now. . Still ensconced in your little bubble you won;t be baring the brunt of the xenophobia people now feel free to express because of selfish people like you. It’s all becoming just a tad desperate now for those who voted to leave and it’s really taking the rise for you, ensconced over a 1000 miles away to be still bleating on about the “evil EU”. You know some times, it’s best no matter what you truly think,, to simply just keep it quiet for the greater good. It’s shame you didn’t heed that advice in the same way I flatly refused to play the Northern Ireland issue when discussing the pros and cons of either argument. You continually stress this somehow neutral stance however, you’d have to be a cockwomble of gigantic proportions not to see you are doing nothing more than pander to the lunatic right of both the Tory party and the scum that support Farage. And yes, Farage and his crowd are scum, anyone who seeks the support of racist holocaust deniers simply to line their own pockets is scum.


  3. I have no idea why this is seen as controversial. Brexit will either A. Never happen, or B. Will look so much like what we currently have you’ll wonder why the hell we bothered with a referendum.
    The wrong sort of people voted out and it would hardly do to let the disenfranchised hold sway, not good form at all.

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  4. As my comments were the last ones on the previous thread I will post again here.

    Whatever happened to “no parliament can bind it’s successors”?
    And that means of course no parliament can bind itself.

    It’s nothing to do with this law, that law, article 50 or the colour of Bo Jo’s underwear.

    Does the political will exist, it’s as simple as that.

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  5. John, you defend Ted Heath as a brave warrior, so do I, but he was utterly compromised by Yotty Botty and other stuff, from Scotland Yard to MI5, which means CIA and Mossad. Back then, being threatened as outed as gay was the ultimate penalty that destroyed careers. Perhaps, some more homework? For light relief (!) how did Charles Lynton fair….. yet another Prime Minister!

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  6. “For light relief (!) how did Charles Lynton fair….. yet another Prime Minister!”

    Is that one true?


  7. @Hieronimusb – beat me to it.

    (@StarDoG23) trubble is, see, I tend to lose interest in pieces which include too much personal abuse directed at people who just happen to have a different viewpoint to the writer. So any point – or points – you may have been making, however pertinent, will have been ignored.

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  8. JW,

    The unanimous part, think that is where the repealment comes in allows a fast exit, days not years.
    Hence if you look in the Hanson record at parliament 20th June & 24th June it has completed the first reading.

    Merkel seems to want us to go realising because our parliament obfusicated everything because most of it has illegal overtures we did not grow towards the EU enough neither. It was parliaments fault in so many ways it came to this end.

    BREMAIN did not help the far left running round calling people racist stifled any debate so you can blame them too.

    BREXIT only expressing freedom to choose not informed maybe but not surprised.

    Copied this as a reference for implying a concept parliament might like to consider.
    Generally, the courts cannot overrule its legislation and no Parliament can pass laws that future Parliaments cannot change. Parliamentary sovereignty is the most important part of the UK constitution.

    In short replace treason, no democratic objection of sentence you tore democracy up and the crime is easy to understand.

    Looking at Merkel she really is out of her depth with so many nations all split 60-40, 50-50 that an EU superstate looks dangerously unstable. I would suggest all commissioners resign and allow the MEP’s to move to a fully fledged parliamentary democracy take the strength from democracy to keep it together after that it could all just go up in smoke.

    I think even Merkel realises it is best for us to go with the peoples choice and if we can ever reconcile our position in the future maybe one day we can join the sovereign EU superstate who knows. Most of it can be tracked back and considered illegal and having a new referendum to cede sovereignty to the EU superstate? Think of what that means …
    That new referendum would incriminate the criminals in parliament for sure … would not even need a judge on this one.

    I think Cameron knows this too, it had to be “before the declaration of an EU superstate” sometime in 2017 and that is done now almost like Merkel knowingly shut the door on us for now because she has way bigger problems.

    How do you unite so divided countries into a single superstate?

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  9. Am I being dense on this? The way I read the 31 March Armageddon date is that EU shifts from requiring unanimity to QMV. That represented a danger if it took away out ability to veto measures but that has now become irrelevant. Won’t this now work in our favour by reducing the chances of veto of a UK/EU agreement? What am I missing?

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  10. Anyone who believed in an amicable divorce was naive. Our only option is to destroy the EU before it batters us for leaving. We have to support the calls for referenda on EU membership in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Austria and Italy and hope they follow us out.

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  11. @chrisb

    Villifying a nation just drives it to interact with others and so far the BRICS look kind of promising if pushed.

    Lets just say the AIIB, a new setup we are already involved with becomes more appealing and have already stated BREXIT will have no impact. Romania took out a loan with the AIIB today … the world is turning.

    If anything the amicable divorce is the only sensible one for the EU because like we are seeing the pound and the FTSE100 recovering, there was no Armegeddon although weakenesses in the system like the Italian banking system definitely got revealed. If anything the BREXIT was a godsend to the EU because it revealed the discord in the populations of nations across the board although I would not have stated the EU superstate because now you have people worried.

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  12. @ (@StarDoG23), Oh FFS you can’t play the holocaust card in this game, neither can you call Farage scum without revealing yourself as a joker.

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  13. by Thierry Meyssan has a completely different take on Brexit. He thinks the Tories wanted to get out of the EU Titanic and dump the “special relationship” in the process, in order to be able to develop the Yuan market. They have already signed an agreement with the Chinese. Don’t know how credible this is, but it’s an interesting viewpoint.

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  14. @StarDoG23 Do you know what bigotry is? If not, here is some help.

    Stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own

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  15. Without a doubt JW is right we need out ASAP, yesterday would be good. There is a lot of discussion about EU rules, laws, dictates whatever you want to call them. What however are the consequences if we just stop paying them, cut communication and walk away. We don’t live on a flat earth bounded by the EU borders, there are plenty of countries we can trade with even some who aren’t subjugated by the USA. If the EU wants to get nasty they will hurt themselves as well as us. The bankers and dealers might whine, but things go down as well as up, tough, and they will have probably made provision for it anyway NMP.

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  16. John, never say that I don’t listen to you. Your points are well argued.

    This sent to my pro Leave Tory MP this afternoon………

    ‘You will of course be more than aware of the recent referendum result. Given the unique demographics of this constituency, I think that it is important to emphasise that the withdrawal from the EU has a massive mandate.

    I applaud your pragmatic stance in supporting the Leave campaign and very much hope that you will continue to work towards the objectives set forth in a timely fashion.

    I am especially concerned that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty be invoked before 31st March 2017 as I have great concerns that the issue may be fudged until then and we will subsequently be forced to exit by a qualified majority vote of the member states, an outcome which I need not remind you will be far more difficult to achieve.

    As a constituent, I would request that you seek clarity on these issues in the forthcoming leadership election.’

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  17. We need to change our mentality after such a long subservience to the EU. It’s no longer for them to demand we accede to their terms, it’s for us to state on which terms we are willing to allow them to access our custom.

    We need to state that we will now have complete say over our immigration policy and that for them to be able to sell us their cars and appliances, WE now make the demands.

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  18. After years of a love less marriage the abused house wife declares that she can stand no more, it is over. An uncertain future a new life. Hard to see what lay before her but her alcoholic husband continues to hurl threats upon her and blind to his actions he seeks to prevent her escape. Her resolve is cemented, no more.

    You have to experience life to understand it. My sister marriage was a disaster in the making. Everyone told her so but she could not see it, 10 abusive drunken years later she snapped. For all the years i did not understand, for all the abuse i could not tolerate she stood by him and then it was over, thank god!

    Frank Sinatra said dont be frightened of anyone (he said lots of things :-) The cowards will shout and scream but we should hold firm and remain positive.

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  19. Roy, you speak for many. What they need is a metaphorical (if not physical) slap around the chops to remind them who is calling the shots. And I dare one more by-our-lady politician to say that we are “leaving Europe”, the mentally incontinent ducktards; we are rejecting the EU for what it quite clearly is: a sleazy, self-serving, corrupt and mendacious organisation that would give the Mafia a run for its money. We like Europe, just not the self-appointed disciples of Onan who infest the place at every level. And breathe …

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  20. The presence of Sturgeon in Brussels raises all sorts of questions but the hilarious thing is that the more credence given to her bleating by the MEP’s the greater the chance of the EU self destructing. To give any weight to Sturgeon’s Brussels crusade means that the Basques, Catalonians and any other potential break away groups must also be given equal status. say bring it on

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  21. 1. ALL treaties, agreements and contracts with the EU are null and void and no longer binding since the OUT vote was ratified. None of the high contracting parties has opposed this, therefore, by the agreement of both High Contracting Parties the contract is null and void and no longer binding on either party.

    2. We SHOULD NOT be negotiating future agreements while we are still members of the EU, as these agreements would be null and void after we officially left. This is because our status will have changed.

    3. As I have repeatedly stated, Britain will NEVER be allowed to leave. Witness John Donkeyface Kerry’s lighting visit followed by an abrupt change in propaganda. America’s little bitch will do as its told, via the paid traitors residing at whiteminister.

    4. This will be a catalyst which starts a civil war in this country.

    Wake up people. They are trying everthing in there panic. Rent-a-mob rallies demanding another vote, online petitions, threats of ‘general elections’, threats of refusing to ratify the vote, the Ministry Of Truth has been churning out so much bullshit 15 stooges have drowned, trying to crash the markets with scare stories, Trying to crash the pound, etc, etc.

    The have even tried playing the Scotish Card by throwing a Sturgeon, a Salmon, a mackerel and three haddocks in the ring.

    This article and the previous one MUST be circulated as far and widely as possible.


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  22. Hi John
    haven´t communicated in a while but still follow your blog.
    It is usual in such circumstances, that certain ground rules are laid out beforehand.
    this is called in International parlance, a “scoping agreement”
    this ensures that both sides know where the other is coming from and what both need to achieve.
    It has taken such a long time, but it is now apparent that some – but nowhere near all, in the westminster bubble ( certainly the Civil Service ) are beginning to coalesce around the EFTA / EEA option – sometimes known as the “Norway Option”.
    This leave procedure has been worked on since about 10 years by concerned citizens – by the people, for the people.
    and is called Flexcit. free download available – just google it.
    one of the reasons why it has taken so long for this “off the shelf solution” to gain traction is because of the stupidity and ignorance of Farage and Vote Leave in general, and partly because of bojos wavering ( he is a leaver since what, 5th February 2016 after all ) and because Cameron has used his influence with the tax exiles on Sark to “unperson” the lead authors.
    But lately – prior the referendum, when many more of the commentators at the DT were coming out in favour of leave, the Barclay Bros could not ignore this any more.
    the EU needs trade disruption with it´s largest export market like a hole in the head. Likewise the UK.
    the EU has long ago said that this is really the only deal on the table, and would ensure that the question on the ballot paper is the only one that needs to be answered – everything else remains in place.
    The problem – as you point out is timing.
    It will need some months – perhaps a half year to conclude this ” scoping agreement” so that the nuts and bolts of the EFTA / EEA conclusion can be reached rapidly and smoothly.
    Time will be consumed by the tory leadership election, thereby delaying the whole process.
    I am not sure though, that in march 2017 the goal posts will be shifted, or can be shifted.
    don´t forget: there are many more voices here in europe ( Germany for example ) which question the whole purpose of the EU.
    Sep 2017 there are the general elections in France and Germany and really only after that when the EU knows who it is will be the hegemon will the next treaty – or protocols be changeable ( This fact alone should tell you who calls the shots in the EU and it ain’t the UK )
    Our hope is that the Bundestag post sep 2017 will look very different from the supine, self castrating, anti democratic one we have now – likewise for France.
    Nonetheless, you are perfectly correct in that the leavers need to be vigilant and resolute.
    but please John, do check out the Leavealliance, and fellow bloggers army such as White Wednesday.


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  23. Dame Anna Neagle about to bid for the leadership of the Labour Party. What irony that whereas the Tory Party has been divided for ever over the EU, Labour are now determined to commit suicide because of it.

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  24. Dear RatsGod 4.5

    Thankyou for that input from the Anti Scumbigot Racefascist League, Hon Treasurer Heater Pain, political Tsar Des Stalinfart.
    Does anyone else think this bloke needs a chaperone?
    Anyway well done GratSod, you now have your place in history.


  25. Newslogger
    It doesn’t make you dense at all, that’s what we’ve all been told.
    But until 2014, an exiting member’s decision was final: you left, you sent a letter, and two years later the gates of Wormwood Scrubbs opened up to let you out.
    Now, a deal requires unanimous acceptance by a bunch of known, vindictive rogues, and the decision to leave is subjected to QMV

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  26. i have to say again that we hold the whip hand. we do not need to ask for anything from anybody to leave the eu. Repeal the 1972 Act which was fraudulently passed and we are free of them… the only thing to stop this happening is the MPs who will not implement the expressed wish of the people.. so what are they there for??… maybe we now need a general election so that we can choose MPs who will implement our requirements…


  27. After reading Brandon Smith I reckon Deutsche Bank will be the big one, if the US pulls the plug. There was even an article on that in the Hedge this morning.

    Chaps, get to your allotments.


  28. I don’t think there is a politician alive in this country who, if they had the power, would have the backbone to repeal the 1972 Act. As usual, there is some information that we are not privy to.


  29. @kfc why do they need a backbone? … surely its an easy thing to do.. to repeal a fraudulent Act that was passed without anyone being told that we were giving up our sovereignty.. now it has come to light that that is what has happened then it must be repealed to claim our sovereign, magna carta etc back…. anyone that cannot acknowledge the mistake should not be in parliament.


  30. When May spoke earlier she insisted there would be no GE until 2020 if she gets into no 10. At least Broon went to the country for his own electoral mandate. Gove throwing his hat in the ring should be interesting, now Boris has opted out. With Sarah Vine a columnist for the Daily Wail he will have Dacre behind him and quite possibly Murdoch if the content of her leaked email is accurate.


  31. Desmond, way to go! Growing number of of Sloggers getting into the “Kick the EU in the bollox and make them accept all UK demands without fudges” …… Declare the traitorous Heath signature, then Lisbon and any/all EU directives as an affront to our UK sovereignty which we will reject as from now! Waiting for Clause 50, on their terms, is pure farce.
    Even Maggie was compromised….. Jimmy Saville attended her Xmas parties for 10 years or more, she wrote letters begging for his Knighthood…. therefore the Mossad, the most brilliant and successful spymasters ever, had her nailed. This is end game stuff….. once more we stand alone, without even a Captain Mainwaring to lead us out of this false EU prison.


  32. I think you are wrong in your assessment. The QMV seems to apply to the (remaining 27 members of) the Council, when they are negotiating exit terms with a member state (UK) that is withdrawing. The EU will not be able to stop a member state from leaving, but they must act together in negotiating any conditions for post-withdrawal.
    And the “Unanimity” thing? – that is to say that if negotiations with the exiting member state are to be allowed to continue BEYOND the 2 years set out in the Treaty, THEN the remaining states must agree unanimously to extend those negotiations.
    Calm down, it’s not a conspiracy


  33. The secession (withdrawal) process is laid down in a Treaty that can only be changed unanimously, including agreement by the UK and it would also take years. It cannot be changed by a Directive!

    The Treaty contains an unequivocal right to leave 2 years after invoking Article 50 TEU (Wikipedia is not always an authority – Art 49 is on joining). This period is not set in stone and can be varied by agreement; it is the precise terms of our negotiation with them that will be agreed by QMV.

    EU law is explicitly under International Law. If the EU does not negotiate with us in good faith, we can just leave ( or take any blockage to the UN, whose Charter upholds national self-determination.

    While we are in the EU, we are subject to EU law, and thanks to the treachery of our governments, it can do nasty things to us. Common sense dictates fast-track leaving and a transitional ‘Partnership arrangement’ to resolve the unwind and evolve future co-operation inter-governmentally.


  34. Although the voting system will change in 2017 to “double majority” there is nothing that changes the withdrawal happening two years after notification of the intent to withdraw from the Union if no withdrawal agreement has been reached. The simple fact that you are overlooking is that the voting applies only to an agreement being made between the Union and the withdrawing State. If no agreement is reached between the Union and the withdrawing State then the break happens at the two year point unless there is an agreement to extend the period.


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