REFERENDUM DAY: The cast-iron, copper-bottomed final promise from Brussels to every Undecided Brit:



Me22616Whatever the result today (and the one clear signal from the polls is that not one of the companies involved has a clue which way it will go) it will not have been democracy in any  recognisable form.


Proper democracy and genuinely free voting can only be said to have taken place when:

  1. The electorate is genuinely informed about the issues and their relative significance
  2. The voters have not been threatened or bullied in any way
  3. The vote has been called willingly by the Government of the day
  4. All the previously agreed rules and regulations have been observed by those on either side of the argument(s).

If anyone still believes the electorate knew which way was up on this, the second Referendum to be held about Britain’s EU membership, then they simple aren’t informed about just how uninformed the average voter was.

I have sighed, slapped my  forehead, sworn at the television, and at times laughed out loud at the opinions expressed – and cynically encouraged – about, for example, how the UK will be frozen out of trade, how the EU can be reformed from the inside, why we must be safer attached to the biggest basket case outside Brazil, and how we should not be voting in the same way as people we dislike. Some of the ludicrous hopes and laughable aspirations have suggested that a great many Brits simple cannot extrapolate or discern conclusions from general events and governance behaviours any more.

And of course, the cancer of our age – ideology that was past its sell-by date long before best-before was invented – evokes denial on a delusional scale.

But the real culprit dissuading any exercise of rational assessment or emotional identification has, as always, been the disinformation dished out by mass market media. I have always found it amusing that while hacks call my profession ‘hidden persuaders’, the facts we used to persuade consumers had to be stood up using field tests and research data. No such onerous insistence on the Truth exists to worry the Fourth Easte: “never let the truth get in the way of a good story” as one apocryphal journo is alleged to have long ago asserted.

Nobody on either side of the debate has so much as managed to attach any glory to itself on this dimension….let alone be covered in it. I could, right now, pull out seventeen completely misleading articles and ‘news’ items quite deliberately glossing over contrary evidence in order to suggest bogus outcomes and malign motives. Twas ever thus, people say – but today no more than half a dozen reprobates with varied business agendas control how some 80% of all Western editorial is filtered. The abolition of Net Neutrality will make that situation even more distorted; but nobody gives a monkey’s about it, so I long ago gave up posting on the subject.

The spread and digestion of information in 2016 is nothing more than the reassurance of the somnambulant by the sociopathic. It causes direct democracy to change, imperceptibly over time, into passive bondage.

Bullying threats have been, above any other feature, a one-way street during this referendum. Whereas the Leave camp had nobody to threaten – it was (and is) a motley crew of people out for more independence, engaged in a mass revolt against Big Process – the Remain Empire of Dissuasion stretches far beyond these shores: it has been Rome to the Spartacans, and is motivated by the same fear of freedom contagion.

The forces aligned against an independent and entrepreneurial Britain have included Wall Street, Washington, the US State Department, Brussels, NATO, Frankfurt, the Whiteminster Establishment, multinational business, the CIA, and all three sets of security services involved.

Over the last six weeks alone, those in favour of Brexit have been subjected first of all to the sort of cajoling usually reserved for kids who insist that playing with matches can be fun; then a fear campaign of such patronising idiocy it may yet do for several senior political careers. This was in turn followed by thinly veiled threats from Barack Obama, Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk and (latterly) Wolfgang Schäuble….and topped off with a naked threat from Chancellor Osborne to immediately put up taxes if we didn’t behave ourselves.

Once this had all backfired, MP Jo Cox was slaughtered in broad daylight….so the Remain campaign plus its media chose to blame ‘Brexit estremists’, ‘racist’ UKip….and then harrass canvassing Vote Leave staff with feral screams of “Murderers”. It was about as clear a case of mob bullying as one could hope not to see.

Time will tell where the real blame lies for the murder, and hopefully produce a more balanced examination of some of the players involved – minus the Princess Diana deification fest that followed the heinous act. The only certainty at this stage is the profoundly disgusting way in which Remaindeers chose to exploit and mislead in its immediate response to Cox’s death.

Demands for democracy that come from lobbyist pressure always evoke a suspicious response from me, because at least some of the agendas remain hidden. The reason they stay unnoticed in the penumbra is their selfish nature, designed to advantage one group at the expense of society as a whole. I have always said – and, in the absence of contrary evidence – stick to my conviction that, for example, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove foresee a British future largely opposed to the one I’d like to see.

The chief element of unhealthy campaign content, however, derives from the fact that the Government – or to be more exact, the Establishment – has given way to demands for a Voice under extreme duress. This was obviously true of both Camerlot as an élite, and the Labour Party’s deluded belief in the willingness of Big Nanny Bertha Psychopath to stop murdering her charges, and change instead to a policy of nurturing them. From Day One, their attitude has been “Oh alright then, if we must“.

Like political correctness, radical feminism and uncontrolled immigration, secession from the EU has never been either approved or embraced by (at the very least) a sizeable proportion of the British electorate. Thus a referendum that should be solely about escape or not from the ignorant zealotry of Imperialist megalomaniacs has become an outpouring of resentment towards those with a life-mission to make the unnatural seem normal – and thus maintain their wholely undeserved power and privilege.

I firmly believe that had the referendum campaign never happened, Jo Cox would still be alive today. But the real guilt for her death, history may well show, probably lies with the insufferable superiority complex and “we know best” attitude of those who promote minority causes. Examine the assailant and his victim: a more disturbed quintessence of frustration – and a more perfect target for it – would have been hard to find.

This does not in any way excuse such a foul act: but ultimately, it does demonstrate yet again that the final outcome of feather-bed intellectual élitism will always be the violence of the trampled.

Having been forced into a sham demonstration of ‘democracy’, it never occurred to the Establishment to have it take place on a level playing field. Cameron’s opening act was to declare even Cabinet Ministers off-limits for economic, fiscal, security and foreign policy information – a move which (if we had made any progress towards the long-promised written Constitution) would have been declared illegal.

The same applies to the decision to use government funds – ie, taxpayers’ money – to fund an All Homes mailshot at a cost of some £9million. Were the CoI still in existence, this misuse of public money to underwrite a political aim would have been dismissed out of hand – especially as the leaflet was so blatantly anti-Brexit. But then Camerlot was quick to abolish the CoI – along with Legal Aid – as means of protecting the citizen.

Symptoms of other murky behaviour have been glimpsed, but remain as yet unproven. The sending of voting cards to non-British voters is one, the use of foreign marketing professionals masquerading as canvassers another. The latter practice has provided a neat way for the Remaindeers to get EC and Wall Street help without money changing hands – and don’t dismiss this as far-fetched. The case of Thanet electoral fraud in particular involves the selfsame practice used by Camerlot during the 2015 election.

The incursion of the central Bank governor Mark Carney into the fray was not just unwise and desperate – it represented yet another attempt to position the Remain case as having official backing, and perhaps even the seal of Royal Approval.

Throughout the referendum, in fact, I have been again and again reminded of the behaviour of White House staff during the 1972 Nixon campaign. That was positioned, not as an ordinary Presidential election, but as The Campaign to re-elect the President. A vote for the Democratic candidate, it seemed, was an unseemly and unpatriotic act.

Practically all David Cameron’s speeches have adopted a similar tone of “the greater British interest” lying in its role as a tug being dragged down by the multiply torpedoed EUsitania. As an example of 180° anti-Truth, it has no equal in British history.

When the referendum was declared, I half-jokingly suggested we use a heavy level of UN observation to oversee the niceties and formalities of electoral democracy.

It is with more than a little sadness I now suggest that, had that surveillance role been given to the United Nations, this entire plebiscite might well have been judged well below the standards expected of First World democracy.

The four conditions I gave at the outset of this post represent the obvious reasons why UN surveillants would have been less than impressed.

Yet even with all those pro-Establishment conditions in place, I would suggest strongly that the result declared at some stage over the weekend will be either a victory for Brexit, or a narrow scrape through by the Black Knights of Camerlot and their willing collaborators.

Both sides, I am sure, will regard the result as far from final. As with Scottish independence, the issue of a federal Europe will remain a hugely divisive issue in UK politics. The Referendum will solve nothing: but it will demonstrate without any doubt at all that in the 45 years since we joined the Common Market, no Establishment has managed to unite the British people behind European federalism.

For that reason alone – along with  the 192 others to be found here – I would ask every Undecided in the land to take the safe option, and Vote Leave.


“The key consideration in elections is who does the counting” J. Djugashvili


59 thoughts on “REFERENDUM DAY: The cast-iron, copper-bottomed final promise from Brussels to every Undecided Brit:

  1. Off to the Polling Station to do my bit for…….

    ….This precious stone set in the silver sea,
    Which serves it in the office of a wall,
    Or as a moat defensive to a house,
    Against the envy of less happier lands,
    This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England,

    Many thanks JW for all the very intelligent, informed (and often entertaining) writing about the EU over the past few years.

    Fingers X’d !

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  2. I too thank you for your work JW . All we can do now is vote and hope, and perhaps consider the price of freedom in the words of J. M. Edmonds , Went The Day Well.

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  3. It’s simple really.
    If EU integration is such a good idea, why would this vote be taking place (AGAIN!?) in the first place?
    I take comfort, knowing that, in ten years time, even if Remain win, or Leave is postponed, we’ll know full well why leaving would have been the sensible option.
    IMO, even this process, remain or leave, will allow the “doors to be left open” and doubt to circulate throughout europe..
    Chances are that mainland europeans won’t hang around when given the chance and any result now will lead to Brexit eventually.
    Like the Swiss PTB said, “Only a few lunatics” would choose to remain in the EU now.
    I wonder which few lunatics those would be?

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    Came down to one thing for me, that little bright spark “hope” … with no proper democracy within the EU commission at the highest level made up of MEP’s. How MEP’s want to bitch, moan, complain who gets the top jobs I don’t care the fact is the EU was never designed for the peoples of europe, a control mechanism for the cheapest price going over a billion people.

    BREXIT for me then and not on any other issue for if I keep real democracy then every issue in the world can be moderated to what is best for people not for the EU though, it does not hold the flag of democracy.

    This is not the US bullshit democracy and freedom neither that leads to dictatorship, corruption and failed states and it takes even braver elites to allow my kind of democracy because it shackles them on one side but will defend them on the other even if you don’t like them. With no democracy … no defence, when democracy finally falls revenge will be unleashed over what has transpired as so often in the past. We are only at 30% best democracy in the UK, well 0% here we come.

    A prediction:- You will be paying the estimated exit cost even if in the remain camp.

    BOE / pound to be extinct within 2 years courtesy of the BREMAIN because that officially helps backstop the deutschebank £55 trillion in derivatives where Germany / EZ is just not big enough to justify it in a contracting EZ. You thought £375 billion in pounds was bad, you ain’t seen where the ECB is going on this one and YOU ARE IN!

    Have a nice day all, sun is shining … feels like a weird day today, the last of a kind.

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  5. Appreciate your efforts to put the case for Brexit so clearly and concisely. Pity the MSM has not been so truthful. and have mainly confused and distorted the issues to the detriment of the Brexit vote.
    unfortunately people vote for the immediate concern of their bellies and pockets and Project Fear has had some success with the feeble minded.
    Our children and grandchildren are the ones who will have to suffer under an anti-democratic,corrupt and Corporate controlled EU, should the vote go the way of remain.
    As an aside, I have read there will be no Exit polls by the major TV or newspapers. If this be true we have shades of the Scottish referendum and vote manipulation to look forward to.
    Whatever happens, Cameron is a dead duck, so he will be dumped by his Masters and his incompetent Chancellor Osborne too.
    The larger picture of the EU and its NATO attack dog loom menacingly in the Baltics, and trolling US Navy destroyers in the Black Sea.
    This issue was never raised and is an adJunct to the failure of the EU to maintain peace in Europe. There is a dark cloud hanging over the sunny uplands of this Sceptred Isle.

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  6. Once again, great piece JW.
    Ironically I believe the demise will occur sooner rather than later if we remain, for there will be a massive rush to impose the will of Brussels on the British people, Wall St will push harder and harder for the UK to adopt the Euro and get shot of the Bank of England, once the full impact that that will have on the City of London becomes apparent, I believe they full force of their fury will be enacted on those they feel betrayed them. It’s going to get very very nasty before too long methinks.
    Either way, there’s no turning back after today, the flood gates have opened, others who also seek a referendum might not be so split as we have been. I believe the tide may have finally turned, and for Schäuble to say that reform is neccessary is a significant change in attitude and policy but, of course ideology will shackle them.

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  7. Brexit is the only way forward to hold this dishonourable Parliament to account, and that includes all parties, who lie to their electorate on a daily basis, Their is a few that may be in their positions to serve the people that elected them, but the majority are self serving narcissist’s looking after their own interests. Hopefully people are starting to wake up to the pervasive propaganda that has marred this debate, I do not believe we will get this opportunity again in our life time, and ”IF ONLY” is the two saddest words in the English.

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  8. Thank you John for all your, often inspiring and well argued, posts over the years. I’m off to the Polling station now to do my bit to prevent a Soviet-style result because here in Gibraltar, it is being predicted that there will be +90% in favour of Remain. This sad state of affairs reflects the overwhelming local project fear issue, namely the poor deluded souls here have been led to believe that the EU will protect them better from Spain’s constant bullying than a sovereign UK!.


  9. John, I’ve held my tongue up to now out of respect for your better posts. Is it due to to your accrued marketeer largesse and your self-imposed exile in France that you’ve made such efforts to make an internal Tory party revolt such a big news item? You seem to have embraced the dissimilitude you set out to deconstruct.

    Go sit in the garden of your gite and let us, the UK voters who will be affected by the result, make our judgement free of your increasingly irrational opinions.

    Idi Amin… FFS. There should be a meme about it. Sadly UKIP have already invoked Godwin.

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  10. One of your best, thanks JW.

    On Jo Cox, her grief stricken husband had an appeal up & running in record time.
    One of the three “charities” he’ll support are George Soros’ “White Helmets”, an NGO in Syria also funded by UK & US govts to unseat democratically elected Assad.
    Follow the links.

    Our govt’s concern for democracy? A figment.

    John Doran.

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  11. Nic
    That gets this year’s prize for sanctimonious condescension.
    The Amin is a jeu de mot, mate. You know….a joke. Not as good as joke, however, as this one:
    ‘let us, the UK voters who will be affected by the result, make our judgement free of your increasingly irrational opinions.’
    I have a vote, I voted Leave (against all my personal interests). In the USSR, when people questioned Stalinist drivel, they were declared insane and put in rather unpleasant prisons ‘for the deranged’. Few things change: once dictatorial ideologies overcome reason, opponents are deemed mad.
    Enjoy your time in Room 101, and remember to get the finger count wrong.

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  12. I’m predicting Remain tho I want Leave. Too much at stake. Hilary for Pres also.

    Thank you John. your blog opened my eyes. And thank you all the BTLers.


  13. Why has the Leave campaign been so dreadfully ineffective at getting a coherent message across? It isn’t just media bias. Gove’s crack about experts and Boris’s wilfull blindness of open goals in tv debates smack of deliberate sabotage. Are their families being held to ransom or something?

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  14. A taste of the ‘neutral’ BBC…

    When the actual consequences of Remain dawn on the somnolent masses in a decade or so, (or perhaps sooner), perhaps they’ll remember those that lied and manipulated them into the EU straitjacket. I doubt it somehow Memory Hole use and the Ministry of Truth will be even further advanced than they are at present. I weep for the semblance of democracy won by our forebears through their sacrifice. I fear bloody revolution as the servitude of the majority becomes more obvious.

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  15. The audience at the big TV debate were a lot more passionate about Leave than the Leave debating team. Po-faced Dimbleborough chairing the thing had to ask the audience not to shout. Seemed like part of a big conspiracy not to allow any momentum to the Leave campaign. Along with the deification/vilification surrounding the murder. Or am I being paranoid?


  16. The markets are reacting as if remain has won . ” the greatest basket case outsisde Brazil” , excellent . Sad day for democracy if this is so ;
    Well done JW on your coverage … i swear at the TV alot too , both French and British .


  17. I also thank you John,Balance is a difficult feat to achieve in such circumstances and whilst i don’t think you have managed it,i do think you have been the best out there! others have had the tour de force on certain points,you have been consistent and kept the larger picture always in your judgement,i may disagree in part with you and others but in the main most have made good points in good ways that have added to the thought process!
    But life being life some have not,and just used it to co-hearse others into there way of thinking! but even that helps to establish rubbish over substance(even thou some substance although distorted is still in there).
    None of us know what is to befall us! but one point both side have said the decision is irreversible nothing is further from the truth,if the majority of people want something ,(within reason)it will always be within their grasp to achieve it! certainly economically and politically


  18. I should have put this up earlier

    in the early days of the Scottish parliament the SNP forever trailed in a badly beaten 2nd to Labour.
    However in 2007 Labour decided to stand on a basis of cutting NHS A&Es, specifically Monklands General Hospital in Coatbridge( just utside Glasgow)
    The then Health Secretary, Andy Kerr, went onto Newsnight Scotland and when questioned by Gordon Brewer admitted that the reason for shutting the A&E was because the management had told him they wanted them shut ( I kid you not)
    So SNP immediately campaigned on keeping these A&Es threatened with closure open.

    On the Friday after the election the results started to come in and it was obvious that it was going to be a close race.

    We have so many first past the post constituencies and each of the 8 regions has 7 additional list members based on a prortional system.
    If the SNP had 160,000 votes and 7 individual elected MSPs and Labour had 100,000 votes and no individual elected MSPs then they go to the list and divide the SNP list vote(160,000 divided by (7+1) meaning SNP now has 20,000 votes on the list and Labour on 100,000 meaning labour get one list MSP and go on until all 7 list MSPs are allocated.

    The last place to declare was the Highlands and Islands.with the result due about lunchtime on the Friday.
    So we have the count and the Returning Officer showed the result of the count to the Election Agents and tells them that the last place to be allocated will go to the Greens. Election Agents all agree with this.
    All he has to do is walk over the hall, ascend a couple of steps onto the stage, wlak over and read out the result and that would be declared the OFFICIAL result.
    So he walks over the hall only to be met by Dave Thomson blocking his way up the steps at the side of the stage. The Returning Officer tries to get onto the stage only to continually be obstructed by Dave Thomson. This kerfufle soon attracts othes who ask what is going on. Dave Thomson wants a recount and eventually otthers including the Election Agents of the politcal Parties say that if someone is disputing the result tthen they want a recount.

    So we now have a full recount and after about another 4 hours at about tea time, the Reurning Officer walks across the hall, climbs the steps and declares the reasult. The final MSP to be allocated is not the Green candidate but will go to Dave Thomson of the SNP.

    The SNP now has ONE more MSP than Labour will now form a minority government.
    Labour is OUT and the SNP is IN

    As they say the rest is history…

    Was the Returning Officer knobbled or was he not very good at counting?

    I only hope the Leave side has some vigilant SOBs at every count who takes a note of the vote from postal ballots, both the number and the prortions on each side.

    The above is true ( as told by an ex Scottish government minister to a SNP branch meeting with 40 people present)


  19. As a general principle, one which is all too familiar to practitioners of the science of persuasion, people do not respect what they haven’t personally fought for or struggled to achieve through their own efforts; even democracy is not exempt from this. If we squander our inheritance today, we will have to fight all the harder to reacquire it when we are forced to confront what we have lost. Tyranny thrives on weakness, let us try to be strong enough to resist it.

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  20. Brexit is sexy.

    Quitting the EU would make the UK the most admired country on the planet in the eyes of the 99.9% of the planet’s population.

    And it would fill the hearths of all peoples with hope.

    No wonder the elite – the 0.001% and the immediate beneficiaries of their preferred system of oppression loathe it.

    I keep my fingers crossed for the UK and all the rest of us.

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  21. Just received this email

    Dear friends across the UK,

    Yesterday I heard Jo Cox’s husband Brendan tell a huge crowd that she’d have spent the day tearing around her hometown to encourage everyone to keep us in the EU.

    Today, there’s one thing we can all do to express the love, tolerance and unity she fought and died for.


    Have you voted yet?

    Yes, I’ve voted!

    No, I’ll vote soon

    Don’t leave it to the last minute, there are already reports of queues at some polling stations. Below are some tips we sent round earlier — forward them to anyone you think might have a question about voting.

    Let’s all play our parts today to help love win out over fear and hatred and keep Britain in Europe, for Jo’s children and all our children.

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  22. zetenyagli – the markets use ‘uncertainty’ as an excuse to short everything. When certainty emerges one way or the other, they look to bid things back up again. It’s just insider-coordinated speculation…..


  23. “Let’s all play our parts today to help love win out over fear and hatred and keep Britain in Europe, for Jo’s children and all our children.”
    Scuse me while I vomit.
    Also no exit poll, thats a bit sus.

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  24. Whatever the outcome, this is not over by a very long shot. The British political landscape is a total effing mess, and the Tories doomed, and dismissed by the British electorate if, as I suspect, there is a General Election within the year. The coalition that follows thereafter will thrash this EU nonsense out again and again; it will become more on point as France, Italy and the Netherlands consider referenda as per link below. The strength of sterling is very odd indeed. Whatever the outcome, certainty will not have been delivered tomorrow. Someone is going to lose their shirt. Shorts will do rather well.


  25. Well, whatever the outcome of the referendum we wont have long to wait for the end of the EU. When the shit storm brewing in Italy breaks and the Greeks ask for more money, and we are providing loans to bail out the euro….


  26. Our Parliamentary Democracy has taken centuries of struggle and blood sacrifices to attain. It has been bequeathed to us by giants and will be frittered away by midgets like Cameron
    This EU referendum is about democracy versus creeping Corporate control, all other issues pale into insignificance
    Vote LEAVE for your childrens and grandchildrens future in a free and sovereign UK.

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  27. You can see where this is coming from, and going too…
    The EU is studying a proposal that would count robots as people for tax purposes.
    “Europe’s growing army of robot workers could be classed as “electronic persons” and their owners liable to paying social security for them if the European Union adopts a draft plan to address the realities of a new industrial revolution.


  28. I wonder if Brexit wins, but the Government ignores the will of the people, will people suddendly find that Martin Luther had the art of democracy nailed.


  29. A great debate these last months, JW.
    It’s some years since you were inclined to throw in the towl. Thanks for not.
    Your discourse on a daily basis is both welcome and stimulating.

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  30. If the vote goes Remain, its the wilds permanently for me. I think my faith in humanity will have been extinguished almost totally. Of course the forces behind remain could just fix the vote and seeing what we have seen this last couple of weeks especially, it wouldnt be beyond them at all.

    Either way, I will retire interest in politics, stick to fishing, drinking and lounging in the still glorious British countryside. If my interest is rekindled in future, it’ll be because I have no choice. Perhaps that’s how it should be?


  31. Well, I have done my bit: all the Family (all 22 of them) voted GTF out of the EU, I spent 3 hours outside my local Sainsburys wearing my “Leave.EU” T shirt and everyone to whom I spoke said either that they had already voted “Leave” or were going to do so later today…says it all really.
    I the went to the Plumb Centre to buy a grommet and the avid labour supporter manager told me that:
    1. Corbyn had “let the Voters down”; and
    2. He (the manager) had done his own research and concluded that a Bremain vote was “democratic suicide”.
    Top chap – I of course agreed with him.
    I hope to any and all of the gods (in respect of whom I have to say I have neither any belief or faith, being a physicist myself) that TPTB don’t crock the vote and we end up Bremaining, because, if we do, we are all doomed.
    PS Tom – please FRO and don’t post anything today.

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  32. The pundits are saying that “Remain” will prevail and if it does then a sizable portion of the UK will continue to smolder under the undemocratic bureaucrats from Brussels. The internal stresses of this union will at some point cause this union to dissolve. The leave vote will then have shown that is was on the right side of history all along.
    I hope the powers at be have got this wrong and Brexit wins!


  33. It will be interesting, post remain, watching old footage on pootube of this campaign. Turkey enter negotiations to join the EU, lets unleash the Cameron and countless others saying no chance back in June 2016 etc. The possibilities are endless right?

    I bet my best b**lock, there is a team poised and ready fir the clean up operations. Harvest your goodies now ladies and gentlemen.


  34. Many of us thought the Grecians would choose democracy over foreign control. Britain has a chance to choose, and to find out if their government follows the will of the people.
    It isn’t that important


  35. It remains to be seen if the snowflake generation manage to vote for cheaper roaming charges and free love and safe spaces and stuff. And whether postal voting and other fraud is contained to minimal quantities. The thing though seems to depend on turnout. I’m glad the campaign is over. I’m never going to vote again for any party where Cameron or Osborne have an influence. The fall out promises to be entertaining whatever the result!


  36. Life just now is like sitting in the dentists waiting room. As an expat in Greece who now spends part of the year in the UK I am not eligiblle to vote but I have seen firsthand what the EU can do so my sentiments are entirely with John.
    A remain vote I feel will only be a lost battle…the war will go on. But the sad fact is that those who vote remain will never accept or even understand the consequences of their actions…..whatever lies ahead.

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  37. Some things are impossible. Getting you to use anything electronic, quite impossible seeing as you’re a twelve o’clock flasher born and bred. Ditto EU reform; nice pipe dream, ain’t going to happen.

    Only way to cure the EU is destroy it and rebuild something else.


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