At the End of the Day

What Jeremy did next


Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt voted early this morning, and the bookies were offering 125-1 that he voted Remain. As you can see, the staff look thoroughly at ease with Huntstruck, and he looks ill at ease in his skin. Sadly, there is no dermatological cure for his ailment. If we stay in the EU, TTIP will declare the NHS to be a terminal case of leprosy, and replace it with Washington’s utterly sh*t-ridden health insurance system. That’s not a ‘scare story’: read the leaked TTIP clauses and EC/Eurogrope reactions to it.

So as usual, Jezzer voted with his wedge. Look, in the absence of a soul the guy did the best he could. We mustn’t be judgemental. We should just make sure that, as and when Camerlot decides to legalise obligatory euthenasia, a clerical error puts Mr Punt at the top of the waiting list.

Le confusion Français

A few years back, a close French friend here – with an excellent working knowledge of  English and its odd idioms – said there was one piece of our sexual slang he didn’t really understand. In the spirit of all those gagging to leap where angels fear to tread, I asked him which one.

“Well,” he began, “why when you are off in search of sly sex do you English always ask after the health of my Dad?”

“But your father,”I enquired sensitively, “has passed on, has he not?”

“Yes,” he agreed, “many years ago now”.

I felt I had leapt into very deep waters indeed.

“So what’s that got to do with the English sloping off for illicit sex?”

“Well, you always say ‘I’m going for a bit'” he explained, “‘Of ‘ow’s your father'”.

It was impossible to argue with him. For once lost for words, I simply nodded in mutual ignorance.

Does anyone tuning in tonight know the derivation of this phrase?

Cheatiamo Italiano

There is, on occasion, such a thing as natural justice. What follows will be dismissed by the Pinched Goblins of the Correct Left as my racist Xenophobia, and all I can do in response is hope that one day some especially vengeful form of natural justice is about its work while they’re standing in the way.

Last night – having nearly wept at the defeat of Ireland 3-0 by the Sprouts last Saturday – I switched on my 4G “smart” wall telly to hope, pray and otherwise fantasise about les verts beating Italy.

With all the attacking ambition that has come to typify the Italian game (in La Ligua these days, 1-0 is a crushing victory) the Italian national side chose to defend their honour against de Boyz by various pulling shirts, backheeling genitals, falling down every time an Irish player got past them, or rolling around on the pitch a lot for no apparent reason. Like most foreign officials these days, the referee missed every tug, but believed every last bit of hammy amdram.

But in the last five minutes, the hero Brady did this:


This means that Ireland now go through….with Wales, Northern Ireland, and England…sorry, Eng-er-land.

So 25% of the teams left in a pan-European footie tournament come from two small islands off the West European coast….and 75% of these want to Brexit.

I sincerely hope you took this crucial statistic into account when voting today.

In the meantime, these were my fellow sufferers watching the Belgium game last weekend:


Sure, me mudduh was de orange and me fadduh was de green. But it made no difference to us, and a fine time was had by all.

But finally, I must just add that, if you’ve ever wondered what a Belgian wears under his kilt, the answer is nothing.

And we have the photographic evidence to prove it.

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  1. Hi John
    I am sitting on the verander, watching the sun go down,having a beer and a glass of wine just out side the of a small town called Sao bras de alportel in Portugal were I live,40k from the Spanish boarder getting inebriated. I was going to stay up late to watch the results of the referendum
    But I have decided to unplug myself from the matrix. And plug back in tomorrow.
    As an aside the police were called to a polling station to day, the remain side said there is someone outside was handing out pens to voters, because she was afraid the vote was going to be rigged if they yoused the pencil provided.
    “Happy Day”

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  2. Well, the Memsahib and I did our civic duty this evening. The various officials paled and shrunk back into the shadows as she hove into view, brand new chisel-tipped permanent black marker pen crooked in her arms like a Heckler & Koch G36 with the safety off, and a generally implacable look about her. She quelled with a glance a group of the feeble minded ones who were trying to convert the still-undecided to Remain and we celebrated afterwards with a tincture at the Feathers.

    The really interesting thing is just how many are the ones who insist vehemently that they intend to vote Leave, compared to those who say that they intend to vote Remain. Tomorrow promises to be very interesting indeed … I hope the Ugandan and Mongolian invigilators and observers are on their mettle tonight.

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  3. Surprise, surprise – half an hour after the polls close and the Tory Leave brigade are already thinking of their own careers rather than the country. What a bunch of lying losers.

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  4. Great footie blog.
    I watch the game myself, What A cracker – and you’re right about the ref, he should’ve given Republic of Ireland at least one penalty… But Belgium were outstanding and outclassed Ireland
    In the group of 16, three most interesting local ties.
    Wales- N Ireland , anything could happen but Wales more likely to prevail
    France- Rep of Ireland – uphill struggle for Ireland, hard to do it twice in a week
    England – Iceland, should be England but could this be the biggest banana skin of all?
    Surprisingly good tournament so far.
    Our local Hungarian store manager in Dublin was very pleases!


  5. Looks like the fix is in, small polls saying BREMAIN shading it by 52%, Farage surrendered, all commentators saying the same and no exit polls to even have any idea what the vote should be “curious that”.

    The fix is in BREMAIN to shade it and I did vote BREXIT like “everybody else I know and friends know too”! What a fraud, one rule now don’t get found out and you might want to contemplate assassinating any of those who aided and abettted on the ground they can’t tell tales in memoirs.

    But now that we know BREMAIN has won the timeline of many things has to speed up.

    BOE / pound gone by Xmas because if you do not and Turkey and Erdogan the Kurd Killer joins the EU it is still possible to junk the referendum because “it is only advisory and not therefore binding” isn’t that right Cameron. The protective play just in case gets inverted with a massive influx of Turkish nationals on top of the 300K a year.

    The next 12 months for the UK parliament looks to be very grim if the timeline is to be upheld … how you going to swing that and remember it is only and advisory referendum.

    Rooting for Wales and the Republic of Ireland in the euros but admiring Croatia an awesome display of good team football.


  6. Tom, I think you’re referring to the bunch of 84 Tory traitor MPs today, before the ink’s dry on the result, who couldn’t wait to assure their dear Leader of their “loyalty”, (and at the same time presumably their future) including many who were allegedly strongly in favour of Brexit, such as Priti Patel, Liam Fox, Michael Gove, Gerald Howarth, John Whittingdale, Theresa Villiers, Penny Mordaunt, Jaacob Rees Mogg, Andrea Leadsom, etc. ……puke! vomit!

    This should be final proof that barely any of our politicians can be trusted and I hope their constituents remember this at the next election – in the meantime, one can only hope the electorate let rip with their views on these fakers.

    Scroll down to 22.45 — 84 Leave-Supporting Tory MPs Pledge Loyalty To Cameron:


  7. Tom, I think you’re referring to the bunch of 84 Tory traitor MPs today, before the ink’s dry on the result, who couldn’t wait to assure their dear Leader of their “loyalty”, (and at the same time presumably their future) including many who were allegedly leading the Brexit campaign, such as Priti Patel, Liam Fox, Michael Gove, Gerald Howarth, John Whittingdale, Theresa Villiers, Penny Mordaunt, Jaacob Rees Mogg, Andrea Leadsom, etc. ……puke!

    This is part of their statement:- “We believe whatever the British people decide, you have both a mandate and a duty to continue leading the nation implementing our 2015 manifesto”.

    This should be final proof that barely any of our politicians can be trusted and I hope their constituents remember this at the next election – in the meantime, one can only hope the electorate let rip with their views on these fakers.

    John, when I first attempted posting the link to the above, WordPress stated “Your post is awaiting moderation”, then it zapped the link …. strange.


  8. Breaking news: neither David Dimbleby, Laura Kuenssberg, nor Professor John Curtis can divide 45 by 5 (20%) in their heads. FFS. Also, Sunderland say nein.


  9. Jeremy Vine, looking every bit as etiolated as when I personally subpoenaed him outside the porters lodge in Wood Lane 1989, expresses the naked fear that the chattering classes might have got it all wrong (Newcastle & Sunderland). Could there be a God – or a lot of very pissed off people – after all..?


  10. @Hieronimusb

    I can’t watch it, all the impartials are pro remain, every one of them or they take the piss out of any brexit perspective. It is a joke, where is the impartiality. I voted BREXIT, but I don’t mind discussing with any BREMAIN their point of view but TBH they don’t have one they only have fear as a guiding light. One issue for me, not enough democracy in the EU leaves it vunerable to exactly what we are seeing … not good enough we need more democracy not more EU.

    Ty Sunderland that woke them up a bit … 2 those couple of lads I used to see in the pub in Blackpool … have a good one :-)


  11. Mark

    Fear and an obtusely delusional ideology. I’m going early with this: their could be a miracle. Sterling is squirming and the great mathematicians referred to have openly discussed the ‘possibility’ that London could secede from the UK..


  12. Alastair Campbell really is the most unutterable c*nt. There’s already blood all over the carpet and half way up the walls.. it could be a long night, I don’t think I can switch this off!


  13. @Hieronimusb

    I have to go bed, got to be up in a few hours but I sleep soundly knowing “DEMOCRACY IS ALIVE AND KICKING IN THE UK”. Now if I wake up tomorrow and get a kicking because 51% say so, I can live with that because you must have had a vote to make that decision.

    All is well in my small mind while democracy is still kicking.

    Goodnight tomorrow may be that brave new world people mention, but hey bring it on “lets find out”.


  14. With the remain camp bolstered by the Scottish vote, which is almost 50% in already the odds surely favour Brexit now, considering the overall split is 50 50 despite Scotland.


  15. Can someone please tell me if in the end votes were allowed to Europeans living in the UK? And just what exactly was the criteria for eligibility to vote apart from being a British citizen?


  16. It’s already hit me in the pocket big time, with the large drop of the pound against the dollar…but I don’t care, the UK needs out of that slimy den of vipers! My main worry has been that Scotland might secede from the union, and seek the teet of the EU. But I think other EU countries will now fall like dominoes, and the pound will eventually recover. We need to trade more with commonwealth countries, and the likes of Norway, Sweden etc. More like EFTA, and less like the United States of Europe. Up yours unelected , unaccountable slimeballs ! We just now need Bernie Sanders to migrate to the UK and run for Prime Minister

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  17. Just a case of knuckling under and getting on with doing things our very UK best.
    It’s not a done deal, but I have learned a great deal about political reality, financial reality and reality.
    Waving to Obama from my place at the end of the economic queue. (That’s what we do best by the way)
    Wondering how Soros laid out his plays on this one.
    Hope the political elite can steer the electorate into a productive direction.

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  18. Just left wondering, how it is possible for 26,000 ballots to be spoilt, when your only job is to hold a lead pencil in your hand and place a firm cross inside one of two, 3/4 inch square boxes marked either remain or leave?
    Shame on the 13 million useless eaters that didn’t show.

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  19. And lo, there was a mighty wailing and gnashing of teeth – and a lot of people talking complete and utter bollocks. Congratulations to all concerned and especially to John Ward and this historic blog.

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  20. @Hieronimusb – on the matter of bollocks, it gave me great joy to see that LibDem fellow on the news this a.m. with a face like a slapped arse and with a bit of a tremor in the voice. But be of good cheer, he intends to continue the fight for the sort of Britain he wants and never mind what the majority of Brits want. Good luck with that Farron mi …

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  21. Along with Hiero, congrats to john Ward and this superb blog for laying out the the case so clearly. You probably have swung quite a lot of undeciders to the EXIT side and made no small contribution to the result.Every vote made a difference in this knife edge contest.
    I am going to have several drinks,I feel a great relief, and my faith in the good sense of British people on this small island has been restored.
    They have resisted the snake oil saleman pitch from the likes of Cameron,Obama and Mark Carney of the Bank of England.
    It is a rare day when the small man of the people gets a result against the combined power of the elites..
    This result will reverbate not only in Europe ,but worldwide and give hope to many other small nations who are under the cosh of neo-liberalism.

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  22. With sadness, wish we could have left before all the industries listed on John’s comment session 2 days ago moved off shore WITH EU grants.

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  23. John, I must’ve been following your blog 3-4 years alongside the Needleblog. you are kind of the “political” side of the debate, while Gojam presents an extremely dark aspect of globalism which has been defeated.

    I really didn’t have a clue why the EU was so vital as an issue, but now I do. Your blog helped that,. You ought to be very proud.

    Britain took the Red Pill. The hard work begins. that includes finding out the truth behind what the whole EU was about. They will be shocked.

    To all of us who kept faith, wear your tin hats with pride today.

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  24. No, concessions will be made, we’ll need time to think about, there’ll be some reform and in no time there’ll be another vote and we’ll be back in the fold.
    The Elite are not going to let a major western economy walk away.
    Maybe this is just an illusion of democracy?
    Junker prepared a one line statement: “We respect your decision, and we regret it”. Really? FFS. This far from over, I believe we are being sold down the river once again.
    All is not right with this somehow.


  25. To all those whose lives were blighted by London parasites making their provincial life a misery, this will be a sweet moment…..


  26. RESULT !!! UK freedom/independence day, 23 June 2016.

    Dad was from Wicklow, Mum from Galway, bless them, UP THE PADDIES !!!

    No contradictions there at all at all at all.

    John Doran.


  27. The EU and NATO trace their roots back to Washington. Europe has been herded into one bloc, the easier to control.
    Conrolling 28 diverse parliamentary democracies is too complex a project, much easier to control a single entity as the EU.
    The EU has been used to further the political and corporate,hegemonic ambitions of Washington and will be the sacrificial lamb in any European war.
    Brexit has prised loose a thread of this policy, it is still a long road for the people of Europe to escape the overbearing influence of the US military, and corporate control using TTIP..
    A small but decisive step has been taken by the common sense of the majority of British people in voting Brexit.
    I had little hope of a Brexit result, fearing manipulation and the consequences of Project Fear. I am agreeably surprised by the outcome. Chalk one up for the little people.

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  28. YAY we did it and the Pig Molester has spewed it as well, it doesn’t get any better than this !!!
    Breaking news…Big job just broke out…….Brickies and Hoddies wanted for refurbishment work on Hadrians Wall

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  29. @ Salford Lad 08:27, agree entirely with you, hope the crazies in Washington don’t accelerate their antagonism against Russia in an attempt to realise their ambitions before the EU disintegrates.


  30. Firstly, God Bless the Irish.

    Secondly HAH ! Goodbye and good riddance to Dr Strangelove and all the rest of the totalitarian, quazi nazi, neo-fascist Eurobollox.

    But beware ! I believe that in the coming elation, confusion, condemnation, prevaricating and navel peering an even more dangerous and completely secret totalitarion corporate fascist system will be written into Law.

    We will be jumping straight out of the frying pan and into the fire. Going from bad to much worse.

    In the next few months we we see TTIP, CAFTA, TSIP and other monstrosities being secretly ratified. Now that Cameron and the gang have nothing left to loose, this will be their swan song.

    Beware TTIP, CAFTA, TSIP. We MUST kill these treasonous abominations. The are WORSE than the nightmare we are only now waking from. The battle is NOT YET over. Lets not waste this opportunity to build a better future for ourselves, just when we are in sight of the winning line.


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  31. First Westminster/Syria then the electorate/EU.
    The UK can be proud.
    This is so democratic I’ve decided to retire to my bomb shelter.


  32. There is no doubt a all that the spiky one is correct.
    Washington will not submit to the little people easily – the power is theirs by right and they will do all that they can to put our country and people back in the cage where they belong. (In Mr London’s immortal words as “just prawns in the game”.)
    JW has done sterling(!) work to date but his services are now needed more than ever: the real battle has yet to be joined and it will be fought rather less honourably and with less of the good grace and good humour that was singularly absent from the recent campaign.

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  33. Has anyone asked why a true Londoner called Boris Johnson represents the downtrodden shires of England and Wales who delivered the Brexit vote? He was the Mayor of the Great EU lovers of London. Jeez, he only joined Leave a few months ago.

    But suddenly he is being anointed as the UK’s Viceroy in waiting.

    Me senses that the establishment PTB hedged their bets long ago and said ‘Heads it’s Cameron, tails it’s Johnson, whichever way the coin flip goes, Downing Street is still ours’.

    This vote won’t mean anything if an FPTP rigged election gives UKIP 1 MP again……

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  34. @rtj1211,
    Whether the Tories are re-elected under a Boris Johnson Govt will be decided in 3 years time. I feel the Brexit vote was largely influenced by the antipathy of many to David Cameron and the destructive policies of the Tories against the NHS & welfare recipients. Immigration no doubt was a major issue.
    The Labour Party and its alignment with the Remain camp, has alienated many of its lifelong supporters. They have missed their moment in history,when they could glide effortlessly into #10, with the Tories in disarray.
    Who now represents and protects the working class of this nation. Confusion reigns in all political parties. UKIP have accomplished their target of Brexit , Lib Dems are irrelevant. Tory and Labour appear joined at the hip and against the majority of the traditional working class.
    The center is in dissaray and can no longer hold

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  35. Congratulations all!

    Our constituency here in Scottish farm country had only a 6% difference between the two camps. Our daughters were part of the 25% of Edinburgh Leavers: as young folk in their mid 20s, they thought the reasons given by older Remainer colleagues were laughable (I trust Obama, he’s a nice man. This from a woman in her 40s) .

    I hope that enough up here will realise that we can fight to rebuild our fishing industry now, and as regards our oil, well the EU is waiting to get its grubby mitts on it, since the Norwegian effort failed. The SNP won’t be able to spin their next indyref around EU membership so easily next time.


  36. Sweet Jesus here we go………………
    Went on the gov petitions website to check it out and sure enough it’s there but funnily enough when trying to copy the link I accidentally clicked off it and couldn’t get back on then eventually it came up saying it was down for maintenance……. looks like a whole bunch of bad losers want a second bite and are overloading it.


  37. Congratulations!

    A tough fight is ahead, to reject TTIP & TISA, along with further participation in the military build-up against Russia or in other wars. If the citizens of the UK can pull this off, Mankind as a whole will have the people of the UK to thank for its survival.

    The UK has taken a historical step – and I am grateful for it!

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  38. It’s back up now and from the finish date looks like they started it straight away after they lost, supposing they get their wish, and lose a second time, they’ll want third referendum with a 100% needed to pass the post, crikey that is really reminiscent of the way the EU works.


  39. RAC

    Any Uk govt would be quite insane to go there: in such waters swims civil war. Leave, always the underdogs, allegedly, won fair and square by well over 1m souls.

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  40. On balance overjoyed. British people’s pluck, courage and determination will never vanish.

    But there is more than something to be said for kfc1404’s cautions.

    I’m reminded of: ‘… having your cake and eating it too ‘. And can more properly appreciate Marie Antoinette’s ‘… let them eat cake … ‘; never thought that day would come.

    Good on ya JW.


  41. You know it’s an odd thought but, no one would have expected the voting fraud to be committed in a way for Leave to win the day would they?


  42. kfc

    Underdogs, allegedly, because our political representatives are so far up their own misguided ideology, plural unnecessary, that they comprehensively failed to see the writing on the wall. Had they been less hubristic, nemesis may have waited a while longer – although not, I think, indefinitely. Won fair and square is now substantive and beyond allegation; however, it would be mighty foolish not to recognise the enormity of the task ahead or the fragility of the situation – I know and respect that you don’t fall into that category!

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  43. In purely an abstract sense – it takes a special sort of person/organisation to get our EU membership overturned in a referendum where they held so many cards including the those of ‘inertia’ & many peoples natural level of apprehension as regards change – but ‘Remain’ certainly managed it despite a fairly useless ‘Leave’ campaign working mostly on guesswork as to what a non-Eu future would hold.

    Looked at JUST from the ‘remain’ perspective, not only did Cameron aided by Osborne manage to find just about every way possible of antagonising potential supporters but Cameron only offered a referendum to quieten his own party critics anyway. His political weakness at keeping his own house in order has lost him the EU. Has there ever been such a waste of space?

    I concur that the issues mentioned by Salford Lad –

    “……I feel the Brexit vote was largely influenced by the antipathy of many to David Cameron and the destructive policies of the Tories against the NHS & welfare recipients.….”

    must have put several nails in the ‘remain’ coffin. Delightful to see a few pigeons come home to roost but irrespective of the result it’s sad that such a huge decision should have been affected by non-EU considerations – no matter what the result.

    Unfortunately as much as I detest the dictatorial & incompetently run EU & in principle welcome the result, I’ve got no faith at all that our politicians can make a success of the freedom we will gain in a year or so.

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  44. Congratulation! I was astonished and pleased that the pundits got is so wrong. Hiero and SL might be surprised this fall if Trump is elected because if he is those NATO tanks stationed in eastern Europe will not have an American contingent. Just as you folks wanted to untangle yourselves from Brussels many of us in the US are ready to turn the defense of Europe back the the Europeans and get out of NATO


  45. Hat tip to Bill Mitchell-Economist for the following;
    The Brexit result restores the potential of the people to resist the corporate elites and their servants in Brussels who have imposed the most brutal neo-liberal austerity – the most horrific treatment of European people for decades.

    The people have rejected the corporate elites who have wined, dined and corrupted the political elites of Europe to ensure the distribution of income is pushed further to the 1%.

    The EU have destroyed a nation (Greece) and left it as a beggar State in the EU..

    All the talk in the late 1940s about creating political structures to ensure Germany never went to war again are now irrelevant. NATO has contributed to the dangers of a WW111, by the provocation of Military execises with 30k troops on the Russian border in the Baltics and the recent positioning of Nuclear weapons in Romania and soon Poland.

    The European Union – the ‘European Project’ – is a decaying, necrotic arrangement that is incapable of dealing with the challenges of the present, much less the future.

    Its economic design has failed. It is incapable of dealing with the migration issue. It has long gone past its use by date.Good riddance.

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  46. The opportunity for parliament to ignore the referendum result has been mention before by JW & others including belatedly some of the mainstream press. Bearing in mind the majority was only 1.9% what are the chances of the following happening:

    1. Despite current statements the EU offers some more concessions related to what Cameron asked for when he got fobbed off last time.

    2. The EU council make soothing noises along the lines of “we now appreciate that many in the EU don’t like or want our vision or opaque way of working – so we’ll take on board the lessons… etc”.

    3. The UK parliament then votes in favour of staying in claiming the ‘tiny’ 1.9% majority wouldn’t have existed if the above terms/noises had have been made at the right time & now the UK has a fair deal & so on.


  47. Thanks JW for your sterling work, keeping us all informed. For sure, you kept us all in tiptop voting condition….. and it has paid off. We all need extreme vigilance from now on, bad moon rising ….. more dirty tricks, Establishment booby-traps, EU cabal revenge, TTIP, you name it. Who was it that wrote that glorious poem….to paraphrase, “All slimy were the BoriGoves and the mome raths outgrabe.” And God Forbid that May is PM too ….. just another apparat-chick??

    Stock Market turmoil, Currency capers, all baloney. All Markets are rigged. Perhaps one forgets that all Markets are Corporations, with shareholders. By the way, most UK Political Parties, Courts, Police Services, etc, are listed Corporations.

    Just a thought…… we are not all on the square here. But we won Brexit.

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  48. I am very happy, voted BREXIT, thought it was over and the fix in but something tells me I am one of very few that voted solely on the concept of not a democracy at the highest level. This would have fixed the problems before they evolved to the level they did and immigrations is just one of them.

    They wanted more *undemocratic europe* they actually need more *democratic europe*.

    Tired of hearing all the rubbish as people try to point fingers of accusations at everybody but themselves on both sides when both sides ran negative campaigns and not one addressed the single real cause of all the issues. A fully functioning democracy and it can be bought just it is dammed expensive yet it does not have issues it only has moderation through choice and majority rule. Looking back the last 30 years in the UK, we have had issues all over the place because … democracy was not allowed to work. The irony is the EU commission cannot see the supreme sacrifical act it now must make to give democracy to a european population and it will be tough, but all that moderation I am sure it could work out. well will you? …

    As I was berated many times during this referendum on my choice my question was never answered.

    CAN YOU EVER MAKE THE EU COMMISSION A DEMOCRATIC BODY? for on that point the fate and path of the EU now resides. The EU creates constitutional crisis in a nation and the PM resigns, where are their resignations you tyrants?

    Welcome brave new world, lets see what shennanigans we can find next and I never knew the EU commission alll resigned through corruption in the 90’s… says something don’t it.

    Could have been fixed way back then, elected MEP’s only to the highest office after that and you would have to spend alot of money to buy enough MEP’s to rule the roost wouldn’t you uncle Sam. Oh PS your TTIP trade treaty, we are not in it now unless we get to read it in full first to debate like the Republic of Ireland MEP revealed.

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  49. “Hieronimusb

    June 24, 2016 at 2:57 pm


    Ermm.. 3.8%”

    Sorry, you are correct of course – the point / question remains though as it’s still not a lot & could allow ‘wriggle room’ in ignoring it.


  50. After the “resignation” word was said, him and his cabinet should have been escorted to the door with their personal things.
    Mandarins would be able to muddle through with no one to sign off.It has been done many times in the past.
    Imagine the things this crew can get up to between now and October with no comebacks.except conscience and as we know that wouldn’t be a problem

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  51. @Salford Lad

    That’s rather interesting, especially if all those comments originated from a blog @ The Economist. To look at their 1st page internet edition one wouldn’t think so. Are all those comments Mitchell’s ? Or did you jump in after the 1st paragraph or so?

    Thanks for the insight.


  52. Russell

    Cameron et al have announced their unconditional acceptance of the vote; moreover, the margin in England and Wales was 5.9%. Scotland, the largest Remain vote, although a part of the Union, has it’s own parliament, and NI it’s own assembly. If Westminster were to risk trying to ignore the vote, the consequence would almost certainly be civil unrest; although stupid, they probably aren’t that stupid.

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  53. Today I have an image of John outside in his garden, ploughing through some bottles of vintage red he’s been keeping for a special occasion.


  54. I hit mine last night but I expected it was to drown my sorrows. How pleasant was the surprise at 5am.
    However Brexit made me wonder on the short term effects on immigration. There must be a lot of Europeans who were thinking of coming here ,might decide to bring forward their plans ,before any points system is brought in? I think some emergency legislation may be required to stop an inrush,perhaps denying anybody entry unless they have a job lined up,refusing welfare after 6 months is they lose their job ,while at the same time giving them 6 months to find a job or leave the country….as they do in Switzerland.

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  55. @ Mark D
    No, to answer your possibly rhetorical question, the EU can NEVER be a democratic organisation firstly because, whether there are just 8 or 28 member states, how can the interests of any one state generally reflect those of any other, unless all national governments are abolished and we all morph into one huge state, which is of course the EU’s ultimate aim? Not to mention that the law-makers (the Commission/Council of Ministers) are specifically required to forego the interests of their own citizens and act in the interests of the whole. Indeed, if you think about it, if nation states WERE abolished, how would the Commission/Council of Ministers be appointed, from which pool of representatives? The EU’s problems are size, scope and insatiable over-reach. Small IS beautiful.

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  56. Thank you for all your efforts JW, much appreciated.
    One is so happy to be a SUBJECT again and not a CITIZEN……Ye Haa


  57. Hieronimusb,

    I don’t really think any civil unrest would happen especially after a bit of financial softening up of voters determination via hikes in the cost of imported goods & fuel not to mention more expensive foreign holidays etc. Justified or not there will already be ‘Brexit’ voters who are having second thoughts today.


  58. OED has:

    ‘how’s your father, int. and n. humorous slang (orig. and chiefly Brit.).
    A. int. Used in the form of a question as a nonsensical catchphrase. Now rare. Frequently followed by the response All right. In early use associated with the music-hall artist and comedian ‘Harry Tate’ . .

    B. n. 1. Nonsense, rubbish; tedious or meaningless talk or ritual . .

    2. A nonsensical word used in place of a proper name or other noun which the speaker is unable, or does not wish, to specify . .

    3. euphem. Sexual activity; sexual intercourse. Chiefly in a bit of how’s your father.
    1968 A. Coren in Punch 6 Nov. 650/1 ‘If you’re after a bit of how’s-your-father,’ he said evilly, ‘you can’t go wrong with Torremolinos.’
    . . 2007 J. Hearn Hazel (2009) ix. 116 ‘A bit of how’s your father,’ he said knowingly. ‘Rumpy-pumpy’.


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