COX MURDER EXCLUSIVE: Slog uncovers what looks like Tommy Mair in a Britain First role


The photographmairsnips are separated by a decade or more. The man on the left is less ravaged by mental imbalance. On his lips, there is still the hint of a smile. The older man on the right, by contrast, seems more bitter and accusatory. Put that second close-up into its original (but more recent) context, and the shot looks like this:


The ringed figure appears to be pointing at the Islamic religious stallholders behind the five men aggressively positioned in front of them, who are holding a banner proclaiming ‘Britain First, Northern Brigade’. The building behind has the familiar look of Yorkshire stone. The shot could have been taken a stone’s throw from where Jo Cox was murdered. Where Jo Cox murder suspect Tommy Mair lived for over twenty years.

I found the shot by chance on the internet last night, and have been comparing it closely with other photos of Mair since then. If my identification is correct, then the leaders of Britain First – having last week denied any connection to Tommy Mair – have some awkward questions to face.

The words on the Islamic stall say, “One message, one God”. They may well have had entirely benign intentions. But far too often, such recruitment leads to this:


Observe the violence of this language: roaring, fight, behead, massacre, blasphemic. Now take in the words uttered by Tommy Mair when asked to give his name in Court last week:

“Death to traitors, freedom for Britain”

mesnipNow consider this: what was it that pushed Mair from being a loner fantasist into an alleged killer? Was it the appeal of bonehead far Right organisations? Was it the crass fundamentalism of jihadist sympthisers living in Britain? Or was it the Vote Leave leaders in general and UKIP in particular?

Can anyone claiming to be objective really rule out both the extremist groups? Can any serious empiricist suggest that, in the light of those extremists’ antics, it was more likely to be moderates that spurred Tommy Mair into action? Does anyone really think it was one (and neither of the other two) that did it? Isn’t there a chance that Establishment denialism about growing Islamism as a political factor in Britain contributed to his bottled-up anger?

Based on the foregoing, I would offer the following hypotheses:

  • The Britain First Denial of last Thursday comes under the heading of “you would say that”
  • There remains no link at all between the Leave/UKIP view of Brexit and the alleged murderous act of Tommy Mair
  • Both Islamist demonstrations and neo-Nazi extremism probably played a part in winding Mair up….if this is what happened
  • Westminster and Labour Left denialism about the breadth and depth of UK voter enmity towards anti-integrative immigation presents a serious danger to future British social stability
  • To attempt an overruling of a clear Referendum result would be to invite division on a scale not seen in these islands for nearly 400 years.

These revelations will once again evoke comments asking which side I am on.

On the Referendum issue, I am still convinced that quitting the EU is the only sensible and moral option. The Cox murder is tragic, but irrelevant.

But I remain on the side of Doubt as a catalyst to the discovery of Truth. I will not censor to help a cause: for that is always the thin end of the wedge.



38 thoughts on “COX MURDER EXCLUSIVE: Slog uncovers what looks like Tommy Mair in a Britain First role

  1. ‘To attempt an overruling of a clear Referendum result would be to invite division on a scale not seen in these islands for nearly 400 years.’
    That’s the one I find most worrying, and suggests to me that there is so much we just don’t know about the real reasons for continuing with the madness that is the EU, or is it extreme pressure applied by Washington to get this through at all costs?
    I think it was Mish that said the exit of the UK from the EU was a nightmare scenario for NATO et al. and of unimaginable consequencies.

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  2. From The Mail 10 June 2016:
    An academic working as an adviser for the Treasury has been suspended from his Whitehall role after co-authoring a book with Tory Eurosceptic MP Sir Bill Cash, chairman of the European Scrutiny Committee, criticising the EU.
    Dr Radomir Tylecote was ‘granted paid leave’ from his job at Behavioural Insights Team – BIT was set up by David Cameron, then formed into a private firm partially owned by the Government.
    He wrote From Brussels With Love, an analysis of the EU’s origins, with Maastricht rebel and Sir Bill said the Treasury’s decision was an ‘outrageous act of bullying’ and an ‘attack on free speech’.

    From Amazon:
    From Brussels With Love is a devastating and detailed account of how the US has coerced and pushed the UK into the EU, to suit its own interests; and how the UK’s best interests are no longer served by continuing its membership of this faltering EU. The fact that the lead author, Radomir Tylecote, is an advisor to No. 10 is bound to ensure that this book gets massive publicity in the popular Press. Sir William Cash MP has unerringly directed this work into the Brexit Referendum space, with its brilliantly argued case based on previously unknown facts of the matter, which will ensure this book is reviewed in the serious journals and newspapers.

    Well, it didn’t get massive publicity or many reviews. I wonder why?

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  3. All roads lead to Washington, where decisions on the EU are concerned.
    The EU/NATO is Washingtons proxy in its war against the BRICS.
    Hence the build up of provocative NATO forces bordering Russia in the Baltics, the positioning of Nuclear weapons in Romania recently and the soon to be nuclear weapons in Poland.
    European politicians go along with this policy because of either bribery or blackmail, against the wishes of the majority of its citizens who are mostly unaware or dilatory of the ramifications.

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  4. He was taken to London (Westminster) from Leeds, are they no criminal magistrates courts in Leeds?. They then attribute ““Death to traitors, freedom for Britain” as Mair’s response to confirm his name.
    Bearing in mind the incomplete nature of the original incident around Jo Cox, I would rather believe that statement from an independent or alternative media reporter in the courtroom.

    How much time and effort has the Slog put into debunking or analysing the official narrative? How much time will the 9 to 5 working wage slave expend being critical of MSM?
    So even if the official narrative is dubious or inaccurate, it is the easy and lazy path for most!

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  5. Yes to each of the five points you make.
    Blue cap wears it in the same pulled down fashion, other than that I find it impossible to make any comparisons.
    Salford Lad sees the big picture.
    Preferred leader in terms of diplomacy, straightness and loyalty to his country, Putin or Cameron ?
    I’ll choose Putin.

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  6. Oh dear, I read all this yesterday and you miss out the fact that Britain First edited their site to deny links to Farage supporters. This really is a sticky wicket to be playing on. Strange how not one member of the Leave ‘élite’ publicly expressed regret at Cox’s death … at least while I have been listening … maybe at 66 I am deafer than I thought?

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  7. Mike Harland

    Are you suggesting that Britain First is in any way representative of the Brexit mainstream..? Are you also suggesting that the Leave ‘elite’ might somehow not regret the murder of Jo Cox..?

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  8. Thank you John for tolerating my (perhaps) outer-limits Comments on your last 4 blogs …. yet I notice a gradual Slogger acceptance of my explicit/implicit notions….. today, a Slogger mentioned MK Ultra! Cox MP has history….. grooming….. Cox was adopted by a kind of global hoovering operation…. perhaps swept into the “Upcoming Elite” of well-meaning young politicians, double check her history. Anybody who thinks this caper/event/hoax is just a mere Tragedy …. which it is for their family…… has no idea of the ruthlessness of the Establishment.

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  9. Boris Johnson said: “Just heard the absolutely horrific news about the attack on Jo Cox MP. My thoughts are with Jo and her family. Sad & shocked to hear of Jo Cox’s death. Appalling an MP should lose her life simply doing her best.”

    Ukip leader Nigel Farage said: “Deeply saddened to hear that Jo Cox has died. Sincerest condolences to her family.”

    Deary, deary me.

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  10. An analysis of Tom Pride’s recent blogs should leave little doubt as to who is pulling his strings. I expect TPTB have been keeping Mr Mair’s photo in their archives in readiness for the occasion.

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  11. Have just learnt about the equivalent murder Anna Lindh a Swedish politician who was at the time opposing her countries’ entry into the EU. Congratulations to Brendan Cox’s acumen in getting the “Memorial” three charities up and running within 24hrs, what a shame that this good man had been forced to resign from ‘Save the children’ charity on child abuse allegations coincidentally a favorite subject for Tom Pride trolling.

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  12. The allegations that lead to Brendan Cox leaving Save The Children concerned inappropriate behaviour towards female members of staff, not children, and the allegations seem to have been numerous. Both he and chief executive Justin Forsyth left in a hurry, leaving their six figure salaries behind, but almost certainly being paid off handsomely for doing so – which is the way these Common Purpose types like it. We may never know the full truth of this ghastly killing, but one can’t help feeling that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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  13. Tewinboy, you are mistaken, Anna Lindh was not opposing Sweden’s entry into the EU, Sweden was already a part of the EU.

    She was murdered 3 days before the vote on the adoption of the Euro and she was pro Europe, pro single currency. She was stabbed while in NK, Stockholm’s premium department store, by a chap who later said he had no idea why he murdered her.

    The Swedes very wisely voted with their heads, ignored the barrage of emotional blackmail and decided not to adopt the Euro, a decision that has saved their economy. Let’s hope the Brits also ignore the barrage of emotional blackmail.

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  14. First time on this site. Clearly a lot of fairly intelligent people on here. I find it strange why so many are willing to believe that the photos are of the same person – they are clearly and obviously of two different men.

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  15. Hard to tell with the lack of definition when blown up; they don’t appear dissimilar, but the lower left ear could be a cause for concern.

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  16. Really beginning to feel the BREXIT issue is kind of a minnow issue globaly, the tip of a massive iceberg and the tide is going out. What with the potential for WW3 on the Russian border to this Deutche Bank – had to laugh … do not rock the boat else we sink.

    Starting to feel Joe Cox was murdered for nothing because BREMAIN or not one of the far bigger issues is going to get us in the end. Then we will be BREXIT because the rest has gone with alot of infighting over who voted how and why on the day like squabbling children.

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  17. @Glory Days, In the pursuit of accuracy Tewinboy thanks you for your corrections to the technical details of the treaty surrounding the Anna Lindh murder:but they are not relevant to the possibility of murder and political ambition being partners. Your statement about her killer’s lack of apparent motive only comes from his own mouth, (Think Mandy Rice Davies’ famous retort). He was smart enough to say that he heard voices to avoid the death penalty ( though not smart enough to boast about it later) His account of spending the rest of the day wandering about in a daze suggests some form of mental event, hypnotism perhaps?


  18. The picture was taken outside Dewsbury Town Hall. See Google Earth street view.
    Keep up the good work!


  19. @Rob
    I live near Huddersfield and therefore keep up to date with the local news.
    I was stunned when I saw that Daily Examiner report as to my knowledge it was the first that anyone had heard about it.
    Very sinister that such important goings on are kept secret.


  20. It will be interesting to see how much mental illness plays in this case and the lack of decent treatment of. It’s also laughable that old Dominic Lawson in the Daily Snail is going on about the poor treatment available for the mentally ill
    When his father was chancellor back in the early 90’s a time when most of the Victorian mental hospitals were being closed by the Tories ,their land assets sold to private developers and the patients decanted to try and find “care in the community”. I’m afraid that Mrs Cox has not been the first and will not be the last person murdered by someone who should be in a mental hospital were there enough places available. As a retired Pharmacist when I first qualified in 1974 few if any prisons had in-house Pharmacist’s now they all have and often a substantial pharmaceutical presence , it’s not just the Methadone but all the drugs used in mental illness for all the “prisoners” who should be patients.
    Sorry John I could fill pages on this but this is not the place, Mrs Cox has suffered as a result of a flawed policy put in place for no discernible reason except to enrich a few property developers.


  21. You will note that there was no mention regarding the ethnic origins of the miscreants in the original Huddersfield Examiner article. As far as I can ascertain, the first mealy-mouthed admission on this point is the following follow-up article after more convictions had been obtained on Friday “During the trials the court heard the schoolgirl was preyed on by as many as 100 men, the majority of them of Asian origin, during a two-year period.” source: This is still very misleading as I’m pretty sure that there were no Chinese, Koreans, Hindus or Thais involved!


  22. No one seems to have mentioned the video, presumably taken from a bedroom window and claimed to be of MAIR’s arrest that is now on face book. Can’t imagine that it’s anyone else’s arrest as it involves 7 Police cars, in convoy, arriving in a suburban street with armed Police very much in evidence. There is so much that is unreal in the video that it would take ages to detail it all. For anyone with experience of detaining dangerous criminals, much less a suspect in an MPs murder, the action of the Police here borders on the laughable. Would you, seriously, bandage the head of such a suspect in the middle of the road? Presumably they ignored the possibility of other armed suspects in the area. In real life he’d be tasered almost to extinction or at least sat on until help arrived. The road by which the ‘convoy’ arrives is not cordoned off. There is not a single other person in the street: no one looking at the scene from behind their car in the driveway nor their bedroom or ground floor window. When the convoy arrives, not one of the heavily armed coppers – or anyone else – goes to speak to the arresting officers. From lengthy experience I can confirm that even if only OUT OF CURIOSITY, you need/ want to know what is going on. How do they know that there aren’t other gunmen/assailants about or wanted ? The arresting officers do not speak into their phones. The suspect bears no resemblance to the official suspect’s BF photo. No tattoos, no beer gut. Either this is a complete fake or something very mysterious is going on. CAUTION: this is a Yorkshire Police Force.


  23. Regardless of whether Tommy Mair is affiliated with Britain First or not; Britain First have been inciting hatred aimed at UK politicians for years. Is it a coincidence that the Dewsbery area is one of their target areas, literally just a few miles from Tommy Mair’s home?

    Once you’ve heard enough of their rhetoric about politicians it becomes less surprising that a politician like Jo Cox was attacked an murdered. In fact given the fanatical nature of some of their supporters I’m not surprised at all!

    You can see snippets and good examples of their “anti-politician” rhetoric in this video. . I used to think that they only spoke about Islam & Muslims until I saw the examples in that video. Now I know that they target politicians in their rants…. often!

    Can anyone really claim that they are not guilty of incitement (specifically against our politicians)? As far as I’m concerned they now have blood on their hands.


  24. They do Tom. But I, Vote Leave and 99% of UKIP voters DON’T. It is despicable that Labour & Tories are joining hands to sing The Bluish sort of vaguely pink flag on this one.


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