The photographmairsnips are separated by a decade or more. The man on the left is less ravaged by mental imbalance. On his lips, there is still the hint of a smile. The older man on the right, by contrast, seems more bitter and accusatory. Put that second close-up into its original (but more recent) context, and the shot looks like this:


The ringed figure appears to be pointing at the Islamic religious stallholders behind the five men aggressively positioned in front of them, who are holding a banner proclaiming ‘Britain First, Northern Brigade’. The building behind has the familiar look of Yorkshire stone. The shot could have been taken a stone’s throw from where Jo Cox was murdered. Where Jo Cox murder suspect Tommy Mair lived for over twenty years.

I found the shot by chance on the internet last night, and have been comparing it closely with other photos of Mair since then. If my identification is correct, then the leaders of Britain First – having last week denied any connection to Tommy Mair – have some awkward questions to face.

The words on the Islamic stall say, “One message, one God”. They may well have had entirely benign intentions. But far too often, such recruitment leads to this:


Observe the violence of this language: roaring, fight, behead, massacre, blasphemic. Now take in the words uttered by Tommy Mair when asked to give his name in Court last week:

“Death to traitors, freedom for Britain”

mesnipNow consider this: what was it that pushed Mair from being a loner fantasist into an alleged killer? Was it the appeal of bonehead far Right organisations? Was it the crass fundamentalism of jihadist sympthisers living in Britain? Or was it the Vote Leave leaders in general and UKIP in particular?

Can anyone claiming to be objective really rule out both the extremist groups? Can any serious empiricist suggest that, in the light of those extremists’ antics, it was more likely to be moderates that spurred Tommy Mair into action? Does anyone really think it was one (and neither of the other two) that did it? Isn’t there a chance that Establishment denialism about growing Islamism as a political factor in Britain contributed to his bottled-up anger?

Based on the foregoing, I would offer the following hypotheses:

  • The Britain First Denial of last Thursday comes under the heading of “you would say that”
  • There remains no link at all between the Leave/UKIP view of Brexit and the alleged murderous act of Tommy Mair
  • Both Islamist demonstrations and neo-Nazi extremism probably played a part in winding Mair up….if this is what happened
  • Westminster and Labour Left denialism about the breadth and depth of UK voter enmity towards anti-integrative immigation presents a serious danger to future British social stability
  • To attempt an overruling of a clear Referendum result would be to invite division on a scale not seen in these islands for nearly 400 years.

These revelations will once again evoke comments asking which side I am on.

On the Referendum issue, I am still convinced that quitting the EU is the only sensible and moral option. The Cox murder is tragic, but irrelevant.

But I remain on the side of Doubt as a catalyst to the discovery of Truth. I will not censor to help a cause: for that is always the thin end of the wedge.