Was Cox the victim of an intra-fascist split?

As is so often the case, the media obsession with ‘breaking news’ and pushing agendas hides the real complexity (and unexplained elements) of the Jo Cox tragedy.

  • Tommy Mair downloaded the DIY gun manual….in 1999. Jo was a student at the time. In 1999, the word Brexit didn’t exist.
  • Witnesses can’t make their minds up whether they’re shopkeepers, plumbers or local hairdressers.
  • Police have yet to find reliable testimonial evidence of the “Britain First” cry.
  • Perhaps more worrying still, the entire incident may be the result of internecine grudges between different far-right elements.

This latter point is of interest. Britain First was a breakaway from the BNP. The witness most voluble about having heard the BF yell is a member of the BNP. Several witnesses describe  a man watching events from a nearby graveyard who ran off when approached.

The motives remain unclear, and minds should remain open.

But the Left has already decided: Farage and Brexit are to blame. “I’m proud to hate racist scum” said one tweeter yesterday. You solve a problem by curing what caused it, not by hate: hate is just an ecalator. The Left never learns.

Why do the BNP and BF exist? Because the Establishment ignored working class cultural concerns for forty years. Discuss.

In the meantime, keep digging. And fire the editor of the Daily Star.