JO COX: the undercurrents beneath a rush to poor judgement.

Was Cox the victim of an intra-fascist split?

As is so often the case, the media obsession with ‘breaking news’ and pushing agendas hides the real complexity (and unexplained elements) of the Jo Cox tragedy.

  • Tommy Mair downloaded the DIY gun manual….in 1999. Jo was a student at the time. In 1999, the word Brexit didn’t exist.
  • Witnesses can’t make their minds up whether they’re shopkeepers, plumbers or local hairdressers.
  • Police have yet to find reliable testimonial evidence of the “Britain First” cry.
  • Perhaps more worrying still, the entire incident may be the result of internecine grudges between different far-right elements.

This latter point is of interest. Britain First was a breakaway from the BNP. The witness most voluble about having heard the BF yell is a member of the BNP. Several witnesses describe  a man watching events from a nearby graveyard who ran off when approached.

The motives remain unclear, and minds should remain open.

But the Left has already decided: Farage and Brexit are to blame. “I’m proud to hate racist scum” said one tweeter yesterday. You solve a problem by curing what caused it, not by hate: hate is just an ecalator. The Left never learns.

Why do the BNP and BF exist? Because the Establishment ignored working class cultural concerns for forty years. Discuss.

In the meantime, keep digging. And fire the editor of the Daily Star.

49 thoughts on “JO COX: the undercurrents beneath a rush to poor judgement.

  1. The far right and far left should not even exist in a fully functioning democracy where the issues are debated with truth and then you vote, 51% being the winning line.

    We don’t have that do we? UK minority rule all from twitter it seems, facebook is for the serfs.


  2. Why do you think ‘the Left’ want to learn, Mr Ward?

    For them, power for them and their acolytes is what matters. Actually solving societal tensions is way down the list of concerns.

    This murder is a god send for the Remain supporters. ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’ is the mantra here.

    ‘She died, that others might live in the EU’, would appear to be the media’s desired epithet.

    I remain to be convinced it is the desired epithet of 51% of the UK electorate…..


  3. The Husband of the murdered MP has now set up a charity which includes the well known fascist “charity” group Hope not Hate !!! The group that tries to shut down debate on various subjects including mass immigration and which gets its funding from dubious sources . The fog is clearing .

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  4. Our minds should remain open but they won’t while a foreign-owned mainstream media is allowed to lie with impunity and tell people how to vote.
    The biggest threat to our democracy is the mainstream media not the EU.

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  5. The way the media instantly purloined this murder for the remain agenda makes it stink of a false flag.

    Changing the subject slightly, I have watched several videos on the Brexit referendum including debates between both sides. Brexit The Movie told it like it is but I couldn’t help thinking that the most important reasons for leaving weren’t even touched upon. Overall, it was overly centered on WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) from a British perspective and missed out completely on the effect leaving would have on humanity as a whole.

    Although now a month old, I believe the best coverage of the latter was given in the interview between Julian Charles and Dr Paul Craig Roberts because all the pieces of the puzzle come together and one is left in no uncertain terms of why remain is out of the question. If you haven’t heard this interview, you really should!

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  6. Not all straightforward it would seem….If this is true we could expect more of the same….
    Brexit: About That Online/Phone Discrepancy (It Vanished); Surprising Poll After Cox Murder..
    Let’s also take a look at a surprising poll after the murder of Jo Cox. Many thought there would be a positive effect for Remain. A new poll says the opposite.

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  7. Excuse me but being an MP is about local constituents wellbeing , not foreign people wanting to live here illegally.
    Working for Red Cross is about foreign aid, not being an MP in Westminster .
    Make up your mind please.

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  8. Is there any evidence, real evidence rather than statements made by the usual rent-a-stooge mob and unverified heresay, that mr.Mair was ever connected to any right wingnuts ?

    How do we know that this was not just some mentally ill person driven over the edge by the current program of arbitrarily cancelling the benefits of disabled people [disposing of zee untermensch.] ?

    Maybe he was trying to get help and received the usual carefully scripted platitudes and memes along with the usual dead smile and the usual ‘request’ to leave [crawl away and die quietly] ?

    Had he spoken to Mrs Joe Cox at a previous surgery and been upset by the result ?

    How is it that there was so little blood at the scene and on Mr. Mair ?

    How is it that the media were so well prepared with a full barage of slick, well scripted, anti-Brexit deception and propaganda ?

    How long does it take all of the ‘ news media’ to put a slick, misleading, propaganda package like that together ?

    How is it that all the alleged ‘news’ media are able to put a slick package together, with all the right hacks reading all the right lies and deceptions with all the right camera angles etc, and still remain in perfect cinque with each other, without missing a beat ?

    So good, in fact it was as though the were all singing from the same hym sheet.

    Does any of this feel ‘right’ ?


  9. Jimmy
    A case of having the cake and eat it. MP is much more glamorous than aid worker, with license to talk any book that takes your personal fancy. Babies at home is icing on the cake. Such a sad outcome. Is it greed?
    You cannot have it all, and might end up with nought in this life.


  10. PS. Sorry about the double post but ……

    Only one thing could have swayed the vote of those mature, grown up folks like the WASPI’s and others.

    Emotional manipulation.

    The vote will now swing massively in favour of the turnip munching halfwits in the remaindeer herd. We are staying in Europe.

    As you said. the Americans will stop at nothing to keep us in their glorious Reich. And it will last a thousnd years this time..


  11. A woman MP and EU supporter has been murdered. The murder was witnessed by a number of people who were able to identify the culprit reliably. The culprit has a known history of mental health problems and, it has been suggested, blamed Jo Cox for a reduction in mental health services directly affecting his access to those services; the culprit appears also to have had some historical sympathy with the extreme politics of the far right. It is possible that the culprit was either acting alone or in association with others unknown. The murder is being exploited for political gain by those who wish to remain in the EU. It has been established that a very large number of people do not wish to remain in the EU who have no known history of mental illness or far right political sympathies. These people wish to leave the EU because they feel that they are being exploited. The key element here is exploitation: draw your own conclusions.

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  12. @ spike

    Sadly you will probably be proven right on June23rd.

    Ironic that June24th 1981 was the date when four shepherdesses in Medjugorge Yugoslavia allegedly saw the first apparition of the Virgin Mary bringing the first of many warnings of apocalyptic world events during the next 35 years. Perhaps June 24th 2016 will see the apparition in UK of the Four Horsemen who will officially bring in a new age of vassallage and serfdom …… something Britons are not used to and will not like…


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  14. “A woman MP and EU supporter has been murdered.”

    Am I the only one seeing a total disconnect in the above association?
    Try substituting the word ‘EU’ for ‘Manchester United”. Now how would you react?
    Or how about “A woman MP with a penchant for Chinese food has been murdered.”?
    Talk about scraping the barrel. This has to be one of the worst media attempts at manipulation I have ever seen!

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  15. Dear John I am sorry I got the time of Death wrong, my only excuse is I’m not a journalist, but as a near WASPI I can say I have not been swayed by this appalling band wagon of Tabloid and Politician garbage, in fact I put a message to Craig Murray’s blog to ask him if it was ethical and legal to have a trial by media and all the different scenarios that are been banded about , and been deemed as a Brexit issue, especially after the Levinson debacle, no reply as yet. My other issue here is if the pictures are correct were he is with these left wing thugs, look at them again , he stands out as a sore thumb, has this man got difficulties ie learning etc. These people are so gullible and easy to set up to do things without realising the consequences, they want to have friends so badly they will do anything they tell them, especially with the so called person in the graveyard taking photo’s. Now you may say she’s talking garbage, but it just does not look right. Also I don’t know whether you have seen Brexit the Movie on youtube but it is a great insight into why we should run for the hills from this great LEVIATHAN called the EU , and there are now 31.000 NATO troops all playing silly mind games on the Russian boarder , I’ve been blogging this out all morning, lots going on we should be watching!.


  16. Well, it looks like I was way off the mark with my ‘intervening in an altercation’ theory …. or not. Given that Britain is plastered with CCTV cameras, there must surely be one which caught what transpired.

    I’d be curious to know what Thomas Mair has been promised ……..

    The immediate cry of ‘give us your munnee’ for good causes in memory of Jo is, quite frankly, obscene.

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  17. In my previous life, my boss taught me the best way to assess something. “Does it pass the sniff test?” he would ask me. This case is rotten from the head down.

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  18. @Sam

    Interesting isn’t it that Scotland Yard got involved immediately and he appeared in Court in Westminster several days after the alleged murder. So where has he been held and who has questioned (coached) him?


  19. Was Cox the victim of an intra-fascist split?

    No. This a typical working man who has been disenfranchised probably due to mental illness and then by the influx of workers from eastern europe who further alienated his quality of life. In addition to poverty, no female companion, and possibly family dispute, unstable home life.
    This man had ‘tendencies’ since 1999 and the ‘authorities that be’ did not identify his needs and his potential as a possible loose cannon. A sad life ending in tragedy.


  20. Tom

    “The biggest threat to our democracy is the mainstream media not the EU.”

    This is manifestly untrue; the mainstream media are owned by corporate interests who, together with their political servants, largely endorse the EU.

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  21. You’re desperately reaching, John. The guy was certainly a nutter xenophobe and his cowardly actions absolutely reflect poorly on the Brexit backers. There’s no escaping the fact so you might as well accept it. The Left will take their reaction too far but that’s human nature and the Right would do the same if the tables were turned.

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  22. I don’t think this will affect the result . I still think leave will win. Trying to connect a psychologically damaged person to the Brexit campaign because some years ago he was affiliated with a right wing group is reaching and frankly wretchingly disgusting. Those suggesting it are trawling new depths . I think the next few days will see some more foot in mouth reactions from politicians in all likelihood boosting Brexit. The worst thing to do is give any credence that this was some kind of conspiracy . It’s no more a conspiracy than that other nutter in Orlando was anything to do with ISIS . These damaged people will hop on any bandwagon in their deluded minds.

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  23. Makes me angry that within minutes of this tragic murder it is possible to acces information that suggests that Mair was a loner with mental problems over years,allegedly had connections to extreme right wing organisations, bought instructions from an American white supremacy organisation about how to make explosives and firearms and allegedly was known to hurl abuse at Asian taxi drivers. So much collated information after the event , a disconnect between before and after. Who was sitting on the copies of those invoices and did it not occur to enquire who and why any one is wanting to know about home made stuff like that, or are there too many to keep tabs on . If I discovered that one of my neighbours was into making high explosives in their kitchen I would be more than a little uneasy. Easy to be wise after the event but.


  24. I don’t know the legal ins and outs of this, perhaps others on here do, but surely to goodness considering all the circumstances Mairs appearance before the magistrates should have had reporting restrictions on it till after the 23’rd. That cretin couldn’t have done more harm to the leave cause if he had been in the pay of the remain camp. One wonders if his soliciter has told him to start preparing the foundations for an assured holiday in Boadmoor.

    In passing, tried to get on here twice using my normal machine and it “siezed up” twice, I’ll put that down to a cranky old computer, maybe.

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  25. @RandomAnonymousCrank and Bill
    You guys have gone off the rails. You have swallowed MSM’s bullshit hook, line, and sinker!

    They do not know that he was a Brexit supporter. They just put that out to taint the leave campaign and as Triple Man said, it is utter bollocks. Look, put your thinking cap on a moment. Purely hypothetically, let’s say I’m out on the road and in a desperate hurry. A guy in front of me is driving at a snail’s pace and I cannot get past him. After a while, I become unhinged and decide to ram him which results in him careering off the road. I think Britain should leave the EU. Tell me where the connection is between my supporting Brexit and my unforgivable outburst of road rage?


  26. @Hiero

    You are of course correct in everything you write, but facts and the truth have ceased to have any purchase in today’s culture. As Clement’s relative Edward Bernays back in the early years of the twentieth century, the manipulation of the masses is easy once the correct triggers have been identified, and facts are powerless against the power of the amygdala. Of course, rationally, the murder of an MP who happens to support the Remain campaign by a mentally unstable assailant is irrelevant to the EU debate and anyone who changes their voting intentions on the basis of this incident is not intelligent enough to walk and chew gum at the same time. Unfortunately, fear of exclusion from the herd will silence many who might point this out and has the potential to deter many from being associated with the Brexit argument now that the killer is associated with it. Truth has become an irrelevance and ‘going along to get along’ has become the mantra. This puts enormous power in the hands of the manipulators who can make any counter-factual narrative stick simply by marginalising anyone who points out the flaws or inconsistencies in the mainstream story.

    Whether or not, the murder of Mrs Cox had any darker manipulation behind it, the fact remains it should be completely irrelevant to the debate over Brexit. I fear however, that the emotional response that is being deliberately triggered in the wake of this crime could well be enough to change the result.

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  27. John, good to see that you are promoted to “International Treasure” ….. we all value your wise comments. And what would we all do without the stalwarts, Hiero, KFC and all the other limber minds.

    Good to see that stuff is being picked up from my last 2 entries in the Comments. The UK Establishment and Deep State have pulled many stunts….. consider a recent “Public slaying by nutters”, the Lee Rigby farce…. the Crisis Actor playing the mythical Rigby was moved twice… and they forgot to add the blood until later news releases.

    Fox stabbed and shot twice?….. they forgot the blood again! Still no credible CCTV or smartphone sequences have emerged, there were plenty of people about. But I suppose the Authorities need time to create/doctor/Photoshop and manipulate the bollox that they feed us. For sure, Sloggers will continue to add doubts to the Establishment version of the Fox hoax.


  28. @Sway T. Borlz, I think there has been some misunderstanding here. I neither know or care what Mairs allegiance was. My complaint is the way the incident is being handled by the msm, and the way a lunatic is being allowed to grandstand in court at this critical period. I thought I had made myself plain, obviously not.


  29. Today, apparently Cameron is “insisting” he will stay on as prime Minister – regardless of the EU referendum result. Sounds like a true believer in democracy …..!

    Also today in the DT, Janet Daley says the Remain leadership “know nothing about the people they govern”. So my question is will these same people stand idly by and allow Cameron to carry on regardless? Will he be able to stuff all that passion back in its box? Will the Brexiters just roll over, or will they find their backbone?

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  30. alexei
    I have posted several times now. Pin your ears back and read my lips.
    Cameron does not ever need to fight for his political life. He buys his favours.
    The London market was very strongly up yesterday. The buying has begun.
    The bookmakers will pay you 40p in the £ to remain. The PM was in gibraltar last week. The treasury is buying brexit to balance the books. Champagne sales have quadrupled over the weekend fr delivery to Westminster.
    Remain will win because it’s ”a done deal” at the top table.

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  31. Speaking from inside the machine, I’ll add just one dimension to this debate, mental health care and especially community based mental health care is barely worth its title. The service here in this rural corner of England is, putting it bluntly, piss poor.

    People with longer term needs sink to the bottom of the priority list, wave a machete around in the high street and you’ll certainly get some input, but the less grief you cause, the less services you’ll receive.

    Community based services are now moving wholesale into the charitable/third sectors, if you need benefits counselling or advice with housing, you’ll be sent to a charity. ‘Signposting’ is what we call it, in effect we are forced to palm off patients to anyone who can be persuaded into providing a service.

    Is it any surprise that someone with long term mental health issues is allowed to fester away, probably not getting a particularly square deal out of life and develops deep seated antipathy towards a society that doesn’t really care about him or his wellbeing.

    I can guarantee you, there are hundreds of people in precisely the same state around the country simmering away on the back gas and poorly supported/monitored by the wafer thin NHS mental health services.

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  32. Did I not just say the same thing a moment ago?
    A sudden addition from the NHS outpost a little while later. (only 5 hours)
    The machine that fires on one cylinder.
    Joanna Templeman

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  33. @ Jo King
    ” Pin your ears back and read my lips.” – hardly a very persuasive approach!
    However, though you may well be right about Cameron’s M.O., you seem to have misinterpreted my concern that in the aftermath of a Remain win, what might be the public’s potential reaction to him implacably clutching onto power with the knowledge that at least half the country sees him as a traitor. How long will the anger last? What form will it take, if any?


  34. Good old propaganda, manipulating the narrative is normally quite subtle, you can see it if you’re interested in that kind of thing, but normally people scan the paper, have the tv on in the background and dont batter an eyelid. This campaign and the rude interuption that was murder most foul and the post murder narrative. It is very blatant indeed. I think it will harden a brexit vote. Whether that will translate into victory at the ballot box? I dont think so, we have been given insight into the relentless depths some will plunge too.


  35. agreed Wulfric it will harden the vote. The pols will overplay their hands. Hope you’re wrong on the result


  36. Canexpat

    Yes indeed, Bernays’ sauce and plenty of it; I commented at some length about him here a few years ago. We may be able to take consolation in the fact that those who want Brexit are more likely to be better at deconstructing disinformation than those who want to Bremain, and they are certainly numerous; as for the faint-hearted and the emotionally suggestible, they could be less likely to vote in in any case – always supposing that the result is unmolested.

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  37. Has John would say ,am going to upset some readers here!
    I had thought a few weeks ago that even John was not being as even handed has he usually is and as got caught up in the fervour of the situation being created,maybe i should have gone with my instincts and said something!
    I do believe that reasoning, even on here as gone out the window and probably proves representational democracy is still better than using technology to allow all to vote on every issue, shows humans are still not grown up enough to allow that to happen,what a shame (although media/politicians education changes might make that possible in the future)
    There seems no doubt that in this man’s mind was broken by this fervour he may well have also been led manipulated by others but that is speculation at this point!
    For some time now Britain’s values of tolerance level headedness and fairness of judgement has been slowly disintegrating mainly seen in parliament itself(it hasn’t been a very good example) which IS a directly contributing factor in this murder!
    If politicians behave like animals then that can only help create this kind of situation,we can argue many of the points and debate the numerous other points only to increase the fervour more!
    Britain is a banana state this just proves that we are and i for one am ashamed of all politicians,politics,media and the fact some good people haven’t turned on the bad apples in all parties and all sections of society!
    We really do need to go back to real British values that once the world respected!
    Conspiracy is seen everywhere,opportunity and rabid logic! IP put over a some very good points,i will make only two observations i Gordie said he NEEDS it to be a lone wolf??? ii The Conservatives have just lost a lot of votes in some local elections, i don’t buy that a bye election is convenient for any party at the moment or any side of this referendum.
    I just hope the children of Jo Cox grow up in a Britain worth living in!


  38. The man is utterly SHAMELESS! Just when everyone else was supposedly honouring a moratorium on campaigning, he sneaks yet another article of fearmongering claptrap in the Telegraph. But what does he know about honour?


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