ANATOMY OF A MURDER: how the Remain media hijacked a death for their own ends

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mesnipAlistair Campbell and many others of his ilk see themselves as “progressive”. The lead-up to and aftermath of the senseless murder of Jo Cox strongly suggests that they’re getting progressively more depraved as time goes on. Now firmly in bed (and exchanging bodily fluids) with the equally ruthless crackpots of Camerlot, they seem happy to sink to their level. How else to describe those who use a murder to murder the Truth?

Until roughly three years ago, The Slog had a header that talked about ‘rule by distraction, distortion and deception’ – ‘3D manipulation’ as I called it. These days, I stick with ‘Deconstruct bollocks, reconstruct decency’. Both these summations are, I suspect, hugely relevant to an initial analysis of the Jo Cox killing.

This has not been a referendum campaign in which the British Establishment has covered itself in glory; a more exact description might be that it has tried to cover its detractors in mud, and suffuse the electorate with fear.

By the Establishment, I mean of course those who feel confident that staying in the EU will either solidify the shift in power from Labour to Capital, or defend workers’ rights. Clearly, one of them is disastrously wrong…..and I am reasonably certain that it is the Left – if only because those running the EC, ECB and Eurogroupe have done their best to suppress wages at every opportunity, and allow private capital to sell off Greek assets bit by bit.

But that’s just my  view. There are some unpleasant caricatures on the Leave side as well, and Brexit contains risks. In truth, the bottom line of the referendum campaign up until yesterday had been hundreds of pundits pretending to know things they couldn’t possibly know: rather like the climate debate in many ways….and symptomatic of Western culture’s inability any more to seek Truth over Power.

From the outset, both sides have used dubious figures. But the Remain camp has surpassed all expectations in its attempt to delay, disguise, pressure and frighten the British voter, while smearing those who are in favour of Brexit as swivel-eyed bigots only one small step removed from Little Englander skinhead knuckle-draggers. Setting this background is crucial to an analysis of the slaughter of Jo Cox, because the media have, since the event, tried to depict Tommy Mair as, oddly enough, a Little Englander skinhead knuckle-dragger.

The campaign opened with Camerlot unjustly refusing the access of Privy Councillors to government information, an obviously unconstitutional act. But spitting on the Constitution has been the norm in the Blair-Campbell-Mandelson-Brown-Cameron-Osborne-Hunt epoch. It was then followed by the illegal use of taxpayers’ money to distribute an all-Homes mailshot on behalf of Remaindeers – who are not the Government, and therefore embezzled that money from taxpayers.

Illegal election expenditure, however, was soon to emerge as a serial flaw in Camerlot’s make-up, as dozens of enquiries into Conservative overspends in May 2015 began to emerge. The reaction to this by the Tory leader was not that of an innocent man: he pulled out all the stops to get the investigations stopped, which the judiciary rightly rebuffed.

Remain then released their trump (no pun intended) card by flying in a foreign head of State – the most powerful man on the planet, although you’d never guess – in the shape of Barack Obama. The Black Dude proceeded to threaten his Special Ally with a glorified trade embargo if it left the EU, a process watched in glee by Camerlot. Not much sense of ‘protection of the Realm’ in that little display.

More scare stories followed: the EU would enact vengeance, every trade deal would have to be renegotiated, Britain would spiral into a deep depression, trade would collapse, and we would become a third-world country.

None of this worked. Enter electioneer and implicated marketing agency misuser Lynton Crosby (an Australian) to hijack a Telegraph column about one small study purporting to show that the pendulum was swinging in favour of Remain. It was a lie, and The Slog demolished it on the same day. Within a week, one poll after another began to record what was obvious to canvassers on the ground: the Remain vote – especially among older Brits and women – was collapsing.

What happened then was really quite extraordinary. The site issued the results of a survey among over 20,000 of its fixed line users – obviously, an older demographic. This showed a staggering 79% of traditional Britain determined to vote Leave.

The article swiftly became an unarticle. I feel able now to reveal this email sent to me by Ian Arnot at It asks me to attribute it to a spokesman, but I don’t see why I should; however, on the grounds of respect for the bloke’s privacy, his contact details have been left off this page-capture:



As a piece of ridiculous disinformation, this is a classic of its kind. Ian wants me to believe that mistakenly put up the result of a poll with exact numbers in it before those numbers existed – a post saying they did exist, and were disastrous for the Remaindeers. But this page capture of the piece makes a nonsense of his claim:


You can see here quite clearly that the article is sourced, and mentions 20,460 respondents. So, only 19,140 votes out, then. But Ian is the media relations manager, and he let it go out. Physician, heal thyself. Media guy, fire your staff. Or, media guy, must try harder. For the record, this is a page capture of the detailed results of a survey that never happened thanks to an innocent mistake and a handy random time-warp:


Within 24 hours, this direct link from Google was replaced with this:


So sorry BT site members, we can’t find that page because it went up prematurely, and then sadly died. Oh the tragic neo-natal death rate of the neoliberal censorship machine.


Two mainstream, professional polls now showed Remain opening up 10-point and 6-point leads respectively, and it was at this point that the agitprop in favour of staying in the EU took an unpleasant turn. Strong Leftist europhile Tom Pride swallowed his pride to put up this idiotic smear, for which there can be no excuse:


It was far too below the belt to be satire; but above all, it showed the depths of desperation now being felt in the Remain camp. Within three days – during which several research analyses showed the threats-smears-bullying-foreign intervention strategy of the Remaindeers to have backfired hilariously – UK Chancellor George Osborne gave sound bites and issued statements effectively saying, “Do as you’re told or I’ll call an emergency Budget and raise your taxes”. Even hard-bitten hacks told me they were amazed at the idiocy of the tactic. It gained this response from his own Party big beasts:


Four Tories and a Chancellor’s funeral, perhaps.

I apologise to those regular Sloggers who have seen most of these images and arguments before. But I hope from here on, you will appreciate why the tragic events of yesterday must be seen in the context of immediate history, motives and methods.

There is a great deal more than EU membership at stake here, and every informed person on both sides knows it. The simplest way to confirm this is to follow the history of the EU in the ex-USSR satellite States, of NATO in the Mediterranean and Middle East, the NATO-connected career of Federica Mogherini (in charge of the euro-army), the antics of rabid wannabe Caliphate Recep Erdogan, the eurogroupe’s insane ClubMed austerity drive, and the UK’s yawning trade gap with the EU.

The facts – not scares – are these: the western EU economies are crumbling under the weight of cheap east-European labour and imports; both Greece and Turkey are of huge strategic importance to NATO’s objective of regularising access to oil; Mogherini is a key point-man between NATO, Brussels and the illegally-formed eurogroupe; Erdogan’s behaviour is tolerated by NATO and puts intolerable pressure on German Chancellor Merkel; Wolfgang Schäuble is determined to bring the eurozone under a German-dominated Fiskalunion, and bring France’s serial deficits under austerity control; that ambition and Francois Hollande’s captive position as a French President in a poor fiscal position is already creating a huge labour backlash in that country; without the UK’s export market, the German top-end car sector will fall into deep recession; Italy is almost beyond help in terms of its banking corruption and economic stasis; Spain is politically paralysed; and the entire American geopolitical strategy – one that is centred around a federal Europe as the bulwark against perceived Russian aggression – is consequently under serious threat.

Now it’s not as if I’m writing all this with the benefit of 20:20 hindsight. I have posted three times since January about both New York and Brussels sources making heavy allusions about the US and the EC doing anything and everything it takes to ensure that Britain stays in the European Union. I am far, far from being alone in receiving this feedback. Indeed, in the last fortnight, several mainstream media and internet spheres have revealed without collusion that, if a referendum vote to Brexit is close, Commons MPs may well use their constitutional Sovereignty to overrule the result…given there is a 4:1 majority in that chamber, this would not be difficult.

In the last month I have spoken with seven separate sources within VoteLeave, LeaveOfficial, UKip, Old Labour, Leave canvassers and the French Opposition who all fear manipulation of the UK referendum result. We have already witnessed voting cards going to non-UK citizens, and ‘glitches’ at the registration website: they may be unhappy coincidences, they may not. Some of the judgements about that may well depend on the outcome of police enquiries into 2015 General Election malpractice at Thanet (where Farage lost again) – there is alleged to be enough evidence to occasion a null and void declaration, and thus a by-election.

None of this is hysterical fantasy. It would, for instance, be very difficult for those same Labour Remaindeers who scream “Guilty!” at Camerlot in relation to General Election fraud to now turn round and yell “Not Guilty!” in the light of fears about the Black Knights’ behaviour in a referendum….upon which (in NATO’s eyes) the security of the West depends.

This then is the context that precedes yesterday’s horrific murder of Jo Cox. Thus far, the knee-jerk media reaction has been, if anything, even more depressing.

The 41-year old MP  mother of two was pronounced dead at 1.48pm yesterday by a hospital doctor who attended the murder scene with paramedics.

Even the earliest reports focused heavily on alleged witnesses hearing the suspected assailant (named as Tommy Mair) shout “Britain First!” ‘Police were also investigating reports of a person shouting “Britain first”’ said the Guardian. It prompted this Pavlovian response on Twitter:


Wrong again, bile-spitting ideologist. But full marks to Labour Remain supporter Kate Vasey, who saw my response and retweeted the exchange. What can any true democrat say other than using ‘scum’ as a word to describe other human beings (however reprehensible and ignorant) is not a behaviour suffused with tolerance.

The fact as of now is, not one of these aurally involved witnesses has been named. They seem to have disappeared into the ether. Fancy that.

However, three named witnesses – Hithem Ben Abdallah, Clarke Rothwell, and Terry Flynn-Edwards – were all very close to the event, and are clear that they did not hear any such thing.

On this flimsy basis of hearsay (or rather, not-hear say) for some inexplicable reason respected Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell decided the time was ripe to create this truly disgusting  cartoon:


Let there be no mistake: Bell parodies an earlier immigration poster (and no, I didn’t like it either, to be honest) by depicting Nigel Farage wearing a UKip neo-Nazi armband but with the face of what appears to be a Jewish Oswald Mosley.

This in the certain knowledge that Mair has not now or ever had any connection to UKip or indeed any other Brexit group.

To use the tedious pc vernacular, if ever there was a hate-cartoon, this is it. In some bizarre attack of coup de foudre, Steve Bell creates here an image that would be more appropriate from the pen of Tim Bell in his role as Wikipedia manipulator within Pottinger Bell.

It was nothing short of a national disgrace: or put another way, it was the peevish British Left at it again, full of hollow hypocrisy while spitting venom at those who arguments are winning a democratic majority. And this obviously encouraged the pornographer at the Daily Star to wade in with this total distortion:


I am left asking myself yet again: what in God’s name was the point of the Leveson Inquiry when this sort of criminally libellous drivel continues to be churned out by unaccountable hacks and proprietors? The Starshit Enterlies boldly going where no paid-for advertisement would ever be allowed to go.

And so it continues this morning.

As if to confirm its fall from objectivity into the mire of despicable spin, the Independent repeated the “Britain First!” story/myth later, and now leads with this profoundly misleading headline today:


Beneath this, the now digital and once fine paper penned:


I would wager that most people skimming this piece would leave it with the impression that it was referring to far-Right group Britain first. In fact it was about an obscure bunch of South African supremacist boneheads.

The article ran in this form to suggest that the Brexit campaign had “unbottled” evil genies keen to kill anyone who opposed them. It was propaganda, and it was bollocks.

Britain First in fact issued an unequivocal statement yesterday denying any connection to the killer suspect. Similarly, the original innuendo surrounding vile threat calls to Jo Cox has been shown to have nothing whatsover to do with  52-year-old Tommy Mair.

The Mirror earns in full today its self-awarded reputation as ‘Britain’s only intelligent tabloid’, by showing great restraint and making the nuisance-calls myth clear. If only the same could be said for the Daily Unintelligraph owned and run into the ground by tax-expat odd couple the Barclay twins:



The Torygraph fails to do what the dear old Mirror did, and then gives the oxygen of publicity to another Left hypocrite with this one:


It’s kind of what I’d expect from Cooper, who is after all married to serial bombastic bully-boy Ed Balls. What the fragrant Yvette omits to mention is that her own colleague Neil Coyle, the MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, was quick to make political capital out of Jo Cox’s death with the bottle/genie rubbish, saying “the Leave Campaign risks inspiring extremist elements”. Classic Leftist bollocks suggesting that ordinary voters are merely a hateful mob easily swayed by Tory bollocks. How all these laughingly termed ‘legislators’ give themselves away time after time after time.

However, the last paragraph of the capture above leads me to the forensics surrounding the suspension of the referendum campaign. This appeared from EUObserver just two and a half hours after the attack, and before Jo’s death head been confirmed:


My source in Brussels confirmed that the ‘suspension decision’ had come from the EC, NOT Downing Street. It threw Westminster into a degree of confusion and contradictory statements. It has yet to be explained. But for a Remain campaign on the ropes, it was disturbingly convenient.

And so the quest to link Tommy Mair to fascist nutters continues – in both the Sun and our old friends at the Washington Post, the key group turns out to be American:


Look: the evidence suggests strongly that Tommy Mair is a disturbed man. So disturbed, in fact, that he yelled “Britain First!” (or not) despite having no connection to them whatsoever. But this ‘link’ too has rebounds that suggest a clear agenda. The Washpost writes:


Er…I’m sorry? Balderdash. Remember: this is the same Obama-supporting Washington Post that was caught out last week writing about Brexit “dangers” – having failed to spot that the UK has a deficit with the EU, not the other way round.

It seems Tommy Mair bought a manual about how to build a home-made gun from the American National Alliance. It seems Jo Cox was killed with a home-made gun.

I’ll just run this across you again: the American National Alliance – a vociferous supporter of insidious US gun lobbyist the National Rifle Association – perhaps inspired Tommy Mair to build a gun that killed Jo Cox. He was not inspired by Britain First, or Brexit, or UKIP…but by the same country whose empty-suit President flew in to order his Special Ally Britain to the back of the queue if we dared to Brexit.

Ironic update 17:15 – Mair bought the gun manual in 1999….

Oooook Kaaay. So here’s my headline for this afternoon:


I think that nails it, don’t you?

Ignore the bollocks and avoid the vitriol. Vote Brexit.

58 thoughts on “ANATOMY OF A MURDER: how the Remain media hijacked a death for their own ends

  1. I don’t disagree with what you say John, and like you I’m annoyed that a tragedy has been hijacked by the Remain camp and the establishment. And what can Leave do to argue against this stance – makes them look like a bunch of heartless right wing loonies.

    However I still think the result will be tight and won’t settle anything – and we are likely to have a re-run in the near future.

    Mind you we may not have a future if it is a Brexit vote as apparently the UK will sink into the North Atlantic without a trace if that happens – luckily though I live in France….

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  2. Well said, an absolutley excellant post , spotted that Star headline on some one elses paper in the cafe ,spoilt my bacon butty.


  3. A mentally disturbed individual builds a hand weapon and shoots a politician campaigning for the ‘Remain” camp. Mr. Clarke Rothwell, a witness quoted by the Daily Mail, claims with certainty that “Put Britain first”, or “Britain first”, was shouted by Mr. Mair. The Guardian claims that a Mr. Graeme Howard states that he heard Mr. Mair shouting “Britain first” when he was shooting Dr. Cox and while he was being arrested.
    In summary, the facts published identify him as a mentally disturbed man and loner who has a mixed race half brother (Duane Lewis), with whom he has good relations. So not quite a racist but definitely not the full two bob as we say in Australia.
    Any sane individual looking at the situation would say that this was a tragedy where a mentally unbalanced person becoming obsessed with committing an evil action. However there is a fair bit of planning that went into this act. Allegedly, he purchased material which instructed him on how to build a home made weapon and bullets. He built it somewhere, a workshop with wood working and metal working facilities ( did he have a home workshop?) and got up the wherewithal to do the act.
    Something does not quite fit in the picture that is being painted by the media. I feel very uncomfortable with the rush to judgement. It could be that he was a mentally disturbed loner acting on an impulse, or, it could be that he was manipulated into doing this by person or persons unknown.
    It maybe that I am becoming paranoid but the emerging of the real story behind the downing of TWA 800 should be a salutary lesson on trying to uncover the ‘cui bono’ in this tragic case.


  4. The brutal murder of a wife and mother who was also a conscientious, hardworking MP is tragedy enough. That this tragedy would inevitably be exploited to further the aims of politicians both home grown and foreign is far closer to the truly disgusting than most of us would ever wish to see.

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  5. It might be worth mentioning that Tommy Mair bought the gun manual in 1999, so must have hung on to it these past seventeen years just waiting for this opportunity.

    I don’t know how to share images on this blog, but an image has emerged online of a handwritten notice in the window of the launderette where the incident happened, which says ‘Please note I did not tackle the gunman and no one shouted Britain First at any time’.

    The Mirror reports that a 14 year old girl saw a man from her bedroom window, who was lying in the cemetery across the road, observing the scene with binoculars. He ran away when he realised he had been seen.

    Still voting Brexit, and am in no doubt that the truth will not be told about the killing of Jo Cox.

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  6. If it is a neck and neck, a dead heat in the referendum with ALL THAT THE MSM, POLITICAL CLASS AND BREMAIN have thrown at it including millions ay Cameron? of BREXIT taxpayers money! … The country is NOW WELL AND TRULY DIVIDED TO SUCH A LEVEL I can’t ever see it being united again.

    Bosnia and the balkanisation here we come then.

    I have not heard one BREXIT campaign, slogan, ad, nothing you know that? Next to no exposure because Cameron to play safe shut most of it down so you would never hear that half of the debate. That BREXIT has any support is remarkable as far as I am concerned and even then it is only rubbish on immigration, losing money, etc. all QE and a democratic vote could easily fix.

    If anything I have tried to keep away from all the scaremongering on both sides because both sides lie to get what they want although the BREMAIN with most to lose are more scared than BREXIT who have nothing left. Dig into the info out there, above all the scaremongering to decipher the truth you get … No elected people head up the undemocratic EU commission even Cameron had to get elected to be PM. Actually has the UK ever had an unlected PM, nope didn’t think so!

    How am I supposed to change something in europe then if my voice can never be heard at the highest level even as a class action of say 10 million souls across the whole EU? Go on answer the question … you don’t so in your life ALL THESE BREMAINS EXPECT YOU TO SUFFER IN THIS SINGLE LIFE FOR THEM. In a democracy enough people can contest a point of view, get it changed democratically and block things like cutting disability incomes. That mechanism does not work in the EU go and ask the Greek people.

    A question for BREMAIN then “is it too much to ask that I and many others be given that democratic principle”? Or are you going to deny this basic tenet of a civilised society because it sure looks like what is happening. The ending to the story without that principle is such a system if never democratic can only ever be tyranny and the consequences for a population are normally the worst imaginable in the end and all signs suggest the EU is going there.

    After a united BREMAIN wins expecting an all in gung-ho war with Russia next seeing as we are all in this together! Just got a bad feeling this is where we are being taken right now and the BREXIT is in fact a block against the warmongers.

    Go on give me the democracy and I am all in … NOT GOING TO HAPPEN THE EU WAS DESIGNED FOR CONTROL NOT FOR DEMOCRATIC DECISIONS go examine the framework it is every revealing.

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  7. Very strange John, two days ago I made a remark to my wife that the exit vote was gaining momentum, but I feared that a major event would somehow disrupt the referendum, of course I did not envisage such a dreadful event more in the line of a mini war or suchlike, I am stunned
    excellent article John keep up sending the facts

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  8. Excellent analysis – Remain will make enormous capital out of this completely random event. The Independent has joined that once great newspaper, the Grauniad, in going to the dogs. How we sorely need a newspaper that would embrace high journalistic standards but such a hope is doomed, I fear.

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  9. I am extremely angry and cant see anything other than brxit being acceptable now. How can we go on with these utterly evil shits pulling the strings? It is impossible.

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  10. It’s all through tightly gritted teeth, John.
    What’s really happened here, I suspect, is that a victim was carefully chosen who the anti-EU newspapers would have NO CHOICE but to emote over – a 41-year-old mum of two, the very staple of papers like the Sun and the Mail.
    The people pulling the strings saw which way the press had gone over the EU referendum and decided to, sickeningly, play them at their own game. They introduced a tragedy that would have to dominate the headlines for days and provoke a show of national unity amid the fear, while showing the newspaper proprietors who is really in charge. And, ultimately, it will have the desired result of a Remain vote.


  11. For Jo Cox’s children, I feel the greatest of sympathy.

    A political assassination; an assault on democracy; an Archduke Ferdinand moment !!

    This was, in my humble opinion, the consequence of a misjudged intervention in an altercation. Very sad, but with the benefit of hindsight, ………….

    The consequences of this tragedy will be severe in the Remaniacs swing it.


  12. pilot flies plane into mountain .Last words “Britain first”….maybe
    if I wanted to build a gun ,I wouldn’t write to the women’s institute


  13. Great one John. If I was a conspiracy theorist I might put two and two together and see the dirty hand of the deep state. I might also note that denigrating all conspiracy theories is a cheap defence that has become the conventional wisdom to ridicule anyone questioning the lamesteam media’s account of events. I might also note that conspiracy theories often have more grains of truth that the official line.

    I fear this puts paid to any chance of success on Thursday and even if perchance Brexit squeaks through I can’t see Cameron honouring it.

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  14. Good article however I don’t like the adding of “US Gun Values” at the end. Observing the forces arrayed against exit you can expect that at some time in the future the anti democratic noose will be drawn tighter if remain vote wins, If this happens you will be envious of our gun values.


  15. The whole Cox thing is a false flag hoax ….. exquisitely timed and masterminded …. to suit the Remain agenda controlled by the CIA, with MI5 lickspittle connivance perhaps? Check out Cox credentials…… grooming by nebulous “International Recognition” ….. then working for the wife of Gordonfeller, more grooming……? Not funny…. no dozens of verifiable smartphone clips at the time of the supposed incident, no release of any verifiable 999 tapes, conflicting Audio “evidence”, no CCTV, no close-up death vids/shots, no Police Crime Scene pics, no exact details and timings of Police activity, Ambulance activity, Hospital Activity. No full and detailed statements by any of the aforementioned parties!

    Cox was a great MP. Pity she was chosen to be the fall woman…… even with a face-job new life…. she and family will be ok.

    Shit happens…… the question is……. who makes it happen? Why?


  16. Well written Mr Ward. I agree with everything you have said and may this article go as viral as humanly possible.

    To add my own piece of first hand evidence as to the nature of Brexit voters, I went to the Spectator’s 2nd EU Referendum debate at the main hall of the Emmanuel Centre (just down the road from HOC and what looked to be some sort of religious gathering place). It was packed full with about 500 people, presumably mostly from London and the nearer outposts of the SE of England.

    Of course, I did not talk directly with anything but a small minority of the attendees, but what I can say about those I talked to was this: most, the vast majority were going to vote Leave. All, without fail, were temperate, well-educated, knowledgeable, mature men and women and all had a healthy contempt for the knowledge, expertise and objectivity of all those in the ‘Elite’ who they considered to be suffering from ‘Group Think’ i.e. don’t rock the boat if you want your career to continue on an upward trajectory……

    None of them were filled with missionary zeal. None were angry, ranting, sloganising, electioneering bullshitters. None were slow to question the arguments of either the proponents of Remain (Charlie Falconer and Malcolm Rifkind) nor the Brexit spokespeople (Suzanne Evans and Daniel Hannan). To put it bluntly, they were of independent mind, had spent a lifetime confronting conflicting evidence and had fairly short shrift for anything they knew to be bollocks. Just the sorts of people you want as voters in democratic elections, in other words…….

    That crowd of what might disparagingly be referred to as boring middle-class worthies were voting about 75% to leave. Although the age of the audience was older than that of the electorate in general, there were plenty of under 50s there and quite a few under 30s. There were investment fund managers calmly stating that the reputation of economists in the City was that they made astrologists’ predictions look good. There were currency traders stating that they saw the Brexit vote as a Godsend for speculators, allowing the insiders to bid everything down in concert and hence buy on June 22nd ready for everyone to bid everything back up again. When nailed by Andrew Neil, that man stated what price he had put in sterling orders at, amongst other things. He was a man I would trust my own money with. He lived in the real imperfect world and did his job the way he had to.

    So what I saw of Brexit voters was the polar opposite of swivel-eyed loons. They were just people who refused to think David Cameron et al were any great shakes just because they went to Eton, Oxford and the House of Commons. They were people who weren’t that impressed with Christine Lagarde. They were people who thought that Jean-Claude Juncker wasn’t about to deserve the Nobel Prize for Economics…..

    I’m quite surprised that the Spectator didn’t actually run an article of this nature. You know: ‘we met 500 people last night and we know that 70%+ of them voted Leave at the end of the debate. Here’s the sorts of people they were……’

    But that might be doing what journalists are supposed to do: inform and educate, not propagandise and misdirect, after all.

    And that would never do, would it??

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  17. The mood was suddenly a strong buy’ in the market today. Definite confidence with 2 and 3 % gains in equities that might be trembling at the thought of Brexit.
    It’s obviously a Done Deal…………


  18. I see from The Telegraph that some book seller in W. Virginia has produced a receipt from MAY 1999 detailing purchases made by the alleged ‘assassin’, Thomas Mair.

    Extraordinary record keeping …… and produced in record time methinks !!!!!

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  19. Just a point on the scene. How come the police were on the scene holding this guy down so soon. Was there a 999 call or did they just happen to be there?.


  20. Or is Care in the Community for people with mental problems not working. I assume this sort of hatred festers away over a long period in which time someone could adopt and / or be manipulated by any extreme group.


  21. There’s something of the David Kelly’s about all of this ……

    Today “Jo Cox was killed by a “well of hatred”, Jeremy Corbyn has said . A well of hatred created by whom for whom Jeremy? Forgotten about Bliar and Campbell have we?
    Today Cameron has said ” it was time for the UK to think about the need to “treasure and value our democracy. The tory party over the last six years have created so much division, deliberatetly, They have wrecked our ‘constitution’ and destroyed what little democracy remains.
    It’s a wonder there have been so few shootings/murders/incidents with MPs – the people we pay to represent us but they don’t. There is little/no trust between the population and these self-serving, lying, cheating, robbing gang of unrepresentative scum and the people.

    Don’t understand the public outpouring, it is plastic and engineered.What has happened here is yet another ‘distraction’ in a land where the truth is concealed and lies and falsehoods predominate There’s gonna be a few more deaths along the way if this god-forsaken country is to truly belong to its people and not its elites

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  22. The insinuation now coming from the Remain side is that if you vote Brexit you are no better than the nutter who killed Jo Cox.

    Polly Toynbee : “……BUT there are others whose recklessness has been open and shocking. I believe they bear responsibility, not for the attack itself, but for the current mood: for the inflammatory language, for the finger-jabbing, the dogwhistling and the overt racism.”

    Whilst images of pots and kettles come to mind, if Remainders feel it’s fair game to blame the BREXIT movement for Jo Cox’s death, then it’s equally fair game to suggest it is actually the fault of the BRITISH PRIME MINISTER, whose own war cry recently was “Put Britain First”!

    In a roundabout sort of way, Tommy Mair who was dependent on welfare benefits could have targeted Jo Cox because of her leadership in the campaign to promote more Syrian immigration to the UK, which he may have viewed as jeopardising his own future.

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  23. Nobody rising to my comments?…… even though John bravely indicated that the Remains would pull some ghastly stunt! in the last few days….. oh and the order to refrain from hardline Fox comment has come from Brussels, not some mealy mouthed orchestrated Con/Labour twatter! Appalling for the Fox kids….. but ranks will close and the family will survive with the help of some kind of Witness Programme. Too blunt for your tastes? Get real, think for yourselves, why accept BBC, CNN, etc? Anybody want to respond, point by point, to my earlier email? Why not? Looking for the truth, Ross


  24. @Ron Hill

    I don’t buy your conspiracy theory. The guy is being painted as a “Lone Wolf”.

    If it were a conspiracy, then he’d have accomplicies or at least be their dupe. The risk then would be that he would sing like a canary and blow their cover.

    So the only thing that would change my opinion is if he were to have an accident and die in prison before he came to trial, which in any event would be after Thursday vote.

    The alternative is then the BRExiters pull a double-bluff and arrange for an accident to happen to him in enough time before the Vote and then claim it was a conspiracy for the previously stated arguments.


  25. FALSE FLAG………….CIA, EC, EU, BILDERBERG, ECB, GERMANY ETC ETC Got frightened! – Very sad that Jo Cox was used in this way. The timing of this should reveal who really orchestrated this!


  26. This is orchestrated, the timing, the propaganda result, itts frightening. Dont let your brain take the easy way out. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck?

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  27. Here’s a link regarding a note put up by a witness to the incident plus an interesting post by someone who followed the events. I watched and listened to this whole event unfold on both the BBC News (radio and television) and Sky News. On numerous occasions eyewitnesses were interviewed. Not a single one of these (approximately 10 in total), mentioned anything about ‘Britain First’, or “Put Britain first”. In fact later in the day when one gentleman was interviewed on camera and asked about this he categorically denied it. As soon as the “Britain First” story broke I searched everywhere for the source and it came from a Remainer MP Maria Eagle who has since removed said tweet. Only then did the BBC run with it by mentioning the comment in passing and with caution. Later, on the BBC 10pm news, the now infamous Mr. Clarke Rothwell appeared, giving his “only TV interview” to the BBC, declaring that he heard the phrase (I have since found that the Daily Mail online had quoted him earlier in the day). However even he wasn’t sure exactly what he heard. Only one witness with a dubious memory heard anything, and we have now had multiple sources deny that this phrase was ever used. The BBC have to retract all statements to the contrary because they are milking this awful event for their own ideological reasons, and we know that these are obviously connected to the the referendum itself.

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  28. The TV is in every lounge in the land, replacing the warmth of the fireplace with what we see now. An outrageous coup has swept the land make no mistake.


  29. For the sherlocks needing more
    The doped up nutjob was brainwashed to do a job by MI7 Bilderberg
    The treasury is balancing the betting odds by buying leave.
    The city has started the shares buying spree.
    ”because we will be remaining in the eu”

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  30. On June 23, the ballot paper will ask you whether you wish to remain or leave the EU. The murder of Jo Cox , unfortunate as it is, will not be mentioned, nor the hysteria of a tiny section of the population that views an act of a single, deranged man as evidence that the EU protects British citizens from a hidden but significant extreme right wing faction, bent on expelling all foreigners, Muslims in particular, from these shores. Stay calm, and vote as you see fit.

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  31. Maybe, I must be a nutter conspiricist but for the last few days (ever since the polls began to indicate a clear lead for Brexit) I have been awaiting a Black Flag/False Flag event. I think the result is just so important for our masters, the deep state that they will have had a fallback plan in place for a long time. They have no problem shedding innocent blood.I think it may work.

    I would be happy to be proven paranoid but I think we live in very scary times.

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  32. I said on this site recently that a cornered animal can be very dangerous and unpredictable. The stakes regarding the referendum are way beyond comprehension to most of us normal folk. We have seen what the UK establishment is capable of when it gets frightened. Now the World’s Establishment is frightened and ANYTHING is possible.
    I have deep suspicions regarding yesterdays (convenient) tragic event.

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  33. If it was a ‘conspiracy’, then they need to learn a key lesson from sex and comedy – it’s all about timing.
    Postal Ballots were issued around two weeks ago, a channel which is now a substantial part of the electoral process: the majority of those Postal Votes will already have been submitted. If the alleged ‘conspirators’ had really wanted to affect the result, they would have timed this ‘spectacular’ for at least 10 days earlier to have the greatest impact on those malleable voters. One week before is about the worst possible time – they’ve missed the bulk of the ‘Postals’ and the story will be either stale or unravelling before the ‘Fleshware’ voters go to the polling stations next week.
    Or maybe Corbyn was the conspiracy’s project manager…….


  34. That such an event has long been predicted doesn’t make it any easier to bear. The political and media response speaks volumes: on the basis of disputed and highly suspect witness testimony this shocking murder has rapidly been conflated with the EU Referendum, specifically the Vote Leave campaign, by those who clearly stand to benefit from the ensuing negative publicity for their opponents. The timing and context of the act will inevitably invoke suspicion – which, even if it is shown to have any foundation, will be eclipsed by the enormity of the crime and the result of the vote either way. However, those who have thought the EU issue through at any length are unlikely to be deterred from their voting intentions, whatever the truth of the matter or how despicable it turns out to be. Steve Bell, with one cartoon, has destroyed a life’s work and his own credibility into the bargain. These are dark times, it is entirely legitimate to ask: who really gains from the violent death of Jo Cox and the manner in which it is being reported? I think we already know the answer to that.

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  35. @Mudplugger: I don’t agree, I think the timing was spot on, any earlier and there would have been time for doubts to seep in and contradict the narrative. As it is the referendum campaign (in which Brexit was gaining momentum) is halted and on Monday with the house of commons recalled to pay tribute to Jo Cox there will be a wallowing in the “Brexit nutter did this and by extension all Berxiters are nutters”. None of this has to be subtle the big lie has proven very effective in the past.

    Also the posal vote may well be contaminated as we have seen all to often recently. If the murder was the result of a random nutjob or no the result is a tradgedy for Jo Fox who appears to have been a thoroughly decent person and my heart goes out to her poor family.

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  36. I reading on my newspaper this morning and I drinking my coffee. This is my habitatation.
    You British Englanders I reading on throwing the poll votes changing directions.
    You maybe listening to my advisorys. We Germans liking your customers very much.


  37. Has anyone considered this :-

    I notice the media are ignoring the elephant in the room. People suffering from mental health issues invariably have a trigger to set them off? It can’t be the vote because thats next week. l can’t see it being the unfortunate MP’s views as they were already well known. So did anything happen that could have set him off? Well yes actually something did.

    The previous day to the murder there was that Thames Flotilla organised by the Leave campaign and gatecrashed by the Remain campaign. Bob Geldof being his usual moronic self brought it down into the gutter by him and his boat full of luvvies insulting working class fishermen with verbal abuse, sticking 2 fingers up and making w**ker signs. Mair could quite easily have taken these actions as aimed at him … a working class man. Then he sees his own MP is part of this Remain gatecrashing. It wouldn’t matter to Mair that his MP was not on Geldof’s boat … nor throwing insults … she was part of it. Mair knows that he can’t go to London and do anything but he does know his MP has a surgery in his town the next day.

    This scenario could well have been the trigger. Certainly more likely than it being the Brexit campaign. It may of course be nothing like that but certainly the media have not even questioned it.


  38. I know I’m late to this entry, but I have to note that Mr. Mair, if the narrative is to be believed, is quite the amateur machinist. Manufacturing an auto-loading pistol that functioned for – what, three shots? – in a country where he would find it difficult to test the weapon for function prior to use, strongly suggests this man with “mental health issues” is an astonishing hobbyist and should have no trouble obtaining gainful employment with his demonstrated skills.


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