AT LAST! Osborne achieves consensus as former Tory Chancellors vote him idiot of the century.


New Ipsos Mori poll sees Leavers open up 6-point lead

mesnipIn a bid to unite his Party yesterday, Chancer of the ExChequer George Unborn threatened to call an emergency budget after June 23rd if all the Brexiteers on the naughty step refuse to do as they’re told. All Out voters would also be sent to bed without any supper. This brought an immediate unanimity of response from both ex-Chancellors and Party leaders among the Conservative big beasts.

“Yes, it’s more proof that the Government’s long-term strategy of terrifying the bejeesuz out of everyone is working,” said Prime Minister David Scareathon, as the Leave Camp was shown to have doubled its lead since a fortnight ago.

And in what is thought to be a related move, unelected EU sac-a-vin Jean-Claude Drunker promised to come to London and slap Kate Hoey, Boris Johnson and John Whippingdale around “if zey dern’t stop interferrink in ziss oor grand planification d’Europe-sur-Etats Unis”.

BBC unbiased Remain activist Trevor Chew announced late this morning that “By teatime on June 24th, Slavic hordes led by Vladimir Rasputin will be in Dunkirk, and élite troops of the Vth Schäubleschutzstaffel Airborne Division will be parachuted into England hellbent on the mass rape of every Waspi campaigner threatening to vote Leave unless DWP Christlichführer Craven Stabb is immersed upside down in a large VAT of undeclared company income, which is absolutely typical of these disgraceful women who should all be chained to railings in order to teach them a lesson”.

But plucky freedom-fighter and Waspi radical Lizzie Cornish had her pitchfork at the ready as she told Torquay local radio that “any fascists dropping from the sky can expect a troika up the jacksie from me”.

That’s the ticket, girls:


37 thoughts on “AT LAST! Osborne achieves consensus as former Tory Chancellors vote him idiot of the century.

  1. Angela rät mir eine Panzerdivision bei Charing Cross Pier von Bord gehen wird und in der nächsten Woche entlang Westminster wimmeln

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    Off topic a little but of great interest and a major reason to vote Brexit.
    I have admired Ambrose Evans-Pritchard for his writing at the Daily Telegraph on Politics and Economics. There have been occasions I have been puzzled by his seemingly support of the failed neo-liberal and austerity frauds. This made me think he had been possibly suborned by the dark forces of the elites.
    However he has come out solidly for Brexit and the reasons can be ascertained from the above link ,where he has an honorable mention going back over 10 years.

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  3. June Firth’s not doing a bad job on video about Waspi pensions., so I have left a message on her blog to look at the slog, to give her more information to put out to the public.

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  4. Well, at least Herr Oettinger, Digital Commissioner for the EU got his digits out and exclaimed “Good riddance to bad rubbish”. Apparently British exit will accelerate European integration. Looks like the Digital Commissioner hasn’t been keeping up with the latest info as to the popularity of the EU on the continent.

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  5. I note Fred Karno is adding his ‘unbiased, neutral’ weight behind the Remain Campaign by saying “The value of the Pound ‘could’ go down if we Brexit”.
    It could snow, it could rain, it could get warm…..FFS….Whatever you feel about in/out, one thing is for sure, we have been, and continue to be Royally lied by all and sundry.
    And when it’s all over? A few months down the line and all will be forgotten, folk will revert to believeing all the lying toads once more.

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  6. @Susan Marshall; We are coming to a head, a point where all life as we know it will cease to exist, the rise of the machine and Artificial Intelligence and the wealth of the 1% and serfdom of the 99% will ensure that outcome, the next big assault will be the on the middle class, they have to go, just 2 classes will exist, the 1% and 99%. We aren’t there yet but, it is coming. And all the useful idiots are aiding and abetting those who desire and are engineering the final outcome.
    That’s course if the US doesn’t attempt to nuke Russia…if it does well, the outcomes anybody’s guess save for the fact that most of us will perish.

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  7. Yes, but either it’s taken them 10 years to realise it or they knew all along but it suited their purposes not to inform the public. So what makes you trust them on the EU?

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  8. The BREXIT vote has not rapidly increased it was always there, way back to when McBroon (Brown) mouthed off about the woman complaining about mass immigration. The reality is coming out, no more neck and neck race, I know whole families who because there has been no sensible debate except fear have debated amongst themselves and come out with a clean sweep BREXIT.

    For those young and old, even those young voters today will one day be old and treated exactly the same as their still living parents.

    What concerns me more at the moment though I reckon BREXIT is being used as a distraction as NATO the head of the US military is pushing harder and harder at Russia. The EU and NATO both US led are appearing more and more psychotic on a daily basis. But why?

    I am guessing starvation, $80 billion MOM was very revealing that you need that much and was never going to be replaced economcially in a ZIRP world and you went cold turkey too.

    Finally, for all those other nations around the world or tax havens like Gibraltar with such a wonderful life as a new twist on the BREXIT debate. Yet again we are expected to vote BREMAIN for somebody living in the tax haven of Gibraltar likely living a quality of life far in excess of ourselves. We do not owe you a living yet you based your economic decisions as if we did.

    That concept I find speechless …

    It is like the UK and all 70+ million people owes the rest of the whole world wether it be superpower USA printing dollars, appointed EU and legislation, tax avoidance havens like Gibraltar, etc. etc. A simple question what quality of life am I entitled too? Worse than yours or better decides who is paying don’t it?

    Then the next minute everybody in the world says the UK is not important … good then we can BREXIT.

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  9. Und Diese Panzerdivision bei Charing Cross Pier, konnen sie auch Unterseeboote werden? Typisch Deutschen – immer alles klar. ;-))

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  10. I have to inform all that MP Jo Cox died at 17.15 today after this grievous assault on an unarmed Woman. What saddens me about this is that this was a new MP who had spoke out about the damning cuts to Disability and Benefits, refugees especially women and children. And tonight a Husband is putting his two children to bed in full knowledge that she will not be around to do this anymore. The best are always lost when they may be able to bring about change in this World. And kfc I am quite aware of the GEOPOLITICS and CURRUPTION and DECEPTION that is going on in the World, but I would rather inform them and let them come to a decision themselves, it is called DISCUSSION and hopefully a DEMOCRATIC DECISION.

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  11. Cameron writes in The Times on the matter of EU rules in the single market: “Britain is in the driving seat” and continues: “ ……cracking down on tax avoidance; cutting red tape; making sure small businesses get paid on time; Every move to smooth trade within the EU has British fingerprints all over it”.
    Really? Britain’s success in persuading Brussels to see things from her point of view has been notoriously lacking since the start. Cutting red tape? Isn’t time-consuming red tape one of small businesses’ major complaints about the EU? Is it wise for Cameron to raise the issue of tax avoidance? Wasn’t he accused of an absence of openness and transparency during the recent Panama papers revelations? Perhaps he’s banking on readers’ ignorance and poor memories ……..

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  12. Oh dear. Thank you Susan for your oh so brave (sarcasm off) action in informing us of the demise of an unarmed ‘Woman'(sic). Alas, there were many other news outlets which got there ahead of you. it is without doubt that we must express our condolences to her children, husband and family at a time of unimaginable grief, but you chose to do so here, on this thread, and in such a manner! Really?


  13. FTSE 100 up and so is the £ – but marginally.

    Mind you shows the sensitivity of the financial markets to “good news”.

    And unfortunately it appears at first sight that a mentally deranged killer of an MP (not a “law maker”) seems to have got hold of a firearm and murdered a mother of two whilst shouting for “Britain First” or something like that.

    My heart goes out to the family.

    Let us hope that justice is done.

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  14. Jo Cox RIP
    Leaves a precious young family at home all day while high profile campaigning for everyone else on the planet.
    How could that be?

    The murderer picked just the right moment to completely destroy the very cause he professed to believe in. I’m sure this is a complete coincidence, though.

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  15. This reeks of a false flag, from the words the alleged killer supposedly shouted to the ‘convenient’ timing. The tragedy further highlights the wickedness of the people we have allowed to pull the strings in this country. But we won’t get any answers from our lying, pathetic media or their craven political masters – all determined to look the other way and mouth platitudes rather than confront the evil in their midst.

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  16. it really is said to see on here and else where! that peoples moral compass has fallen so far that the murder of a MP! is used has a political football,rather than condemn the long process of Britain becoming intolerant,divided and uncivilised

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  17. John
    From memory: The so called Right Wing haters (any one who wants to stop Big Bro and his mass Immigration).
    Boots and box cutters used in the past The so called antifa Favourite targets being old folk.
    To the best of my knowledge . No right wing thug has ever attacked a woman let alone killed one.

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  18. @ the Ghost

    I think you’re being niave. As for the good old moral compass, please. The ability to separate the Mother of two, the wife, the family woman, from who she was in the public eye and from those taking advantage of her death with wild abandon and within hours, it is crucial. If you cant think like that, then you’re already lobotomised.

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  19. Wulfric Once upon a time but in my lifetime! all politics would be put aside,not built into to the crap Dofornow,Tripleman and others are writing,the fact Britain as sunk so low is a shame on us all! if anyone been lobotomised it them & you!
    i haven’t responded to these idiots out because am not a hypocrite!


  20. This will sound heartless but needs to be said.

    I am still voting BREXIT because the EU commission is appointed and not democratically elected unless the referendum is cancelled but then again I and the population are not bound. Nothing has changed on that point of principle and have stated many times “make the upper chamber elected and I will vote BREMAIN if it is the price I have to pay”. At that point the flexibility of democracy can change many things but not while it is set in stone as it is.

    What will happen now is for 7 days the BREMAIN will use the sympathy argument to decide the future think that is obvious and immediately came out using it. Kind of an insult really, a proper debate like losing $30 billion as Osborne quotes to complying with solvency 2 in the future to the tune of $400 billion (a loss).

    Now I don’t know what is sadder … the murder of a single MP or a population set to set itself up to be slave of an unelected elite. Rationally now I see hundreds of thousands who have died in all the current failed nations are not important compared to this one woman? In my lifetime many have died struggling to survive to actually preserve the one principle I mention and I am not throwing away that principle. YOU CAN IF YOU WISH.

    BREMAIN will win now, was always going to happen anyway, kind of written into the books easier now but how did you decide what you decided? What little nugget of reason you going to tell your children on how you voted and why. Half those who voted for the common market do not have a clue why or what they voted for. What I thought was monetary I have slowly swayed away from because “central banks just print all they need” so there is no need for an economic problem more just who you are going to say owes it. That is so easy a fix in this virtual world don’t you think?

    I hope I am wrong but my tingling senses tell this denier of BREMAIN and others I speak too are feeling the same the battle not yet observed is much bigger, way bigger and needs a BREMAIN to be all together on this. War to the east, you got tin hats? You might need them. To BREXIT would seriously weaken the warmongering of NATO and other appointed institutions.

    RIP Jo Cox, to debate in a democracy is to make a better decision and if you cannot do that you have tyranny.


  21. Dear j24601 I am sorry that I offended your sensibilities in my comment, about this MP who I knew was trying to raise the issue of Disability and Benefit cuts, as I live in Leeds I was greatly sadden by this, as it is a very serious subject for me as I lost my youngest sister in August 2012 at 49. We have a very insensitive system in all services in this country, because she still may have been alive today. My sister went for an Atos assessment 6 months before her death as she suffered Depression and other health issues and was suffering also from short term memory loss as the frontal lobe had been damaged from a severe vitamin deficiency . She was given no points and they stopped her money, and as a family we helped her financially , but this did not stop her been in great anguish. When we read the report we were astounded that my sister had suddenly turned into a male, such as ,he plays his computer and games etc, point been she did not have a computer, we eventually got her money reinstated which took months. Her health deteriorated, we had tried to contact her by phone for days, but due to her depression she did not answer sometimes. My father who is 78 went up to her flat and had to phone the police as he could get no answer, when they broke in she had been dead for 4 days so we were unable to see her . When we were allowed to clear her flat out, my father who is 78 and I at 55 at the time were given from 9am to 4pm to get every thing out and she lived on the second floor, we could clearly see the outline of her body on the carpet due to bodily fluids and we had to get rid of discarded body bags and true to form when the council came back at 3.20pm they were not willing to give us any extra time. she died of a heart attack. But I am glad I can still feel empathy for any victim in this country.

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  22. The PM was in Gibraltar yester very sad day by chance.
    The bookmakers were reassured that they would not be out of pocket ahemm you know like on the qt (nose tap)


  23. So sorry any you are offended by the crap I write. Does it strike home?
    But millions have got dead one way or another and not a word in the msm……………..I see and hear crap all the time in the msm. A massive amount of concern is expressed when it is one of their own …say a media lovey who pops his clogs who was also a safe pare of hands with on the fly news or there is political or financial gain to be made.
    Check out the dosh some of these folk with bags of sympathy to spare get paid!


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