mesnipA solid UK market research source confided to The Slog last night that the biggest single black hole for Remaindeers is women aged 55-75. It is possible that this trend is being driven by Waspi women….although not, I hasten to add, by their Executive. Meanwhile, as the Brexit lead first revealed and then censored last week is confirmed by every study since, the Left is turning increasingly feral on social media.

It must have been tricky even for a bare-faced liar like David Cameron to go on Marr yesterday and say that Brexit might endanger UK State pension promises. But a phone call from England last night (a result of seeing yesterday’s Slogpost) quickly provided an answer.

I spent over 30 years working as a communications research specialist. The call from a former colleague (then young, now very senior) asserted that older voters – especially women – have a very high voting intention and some 5/6ths of them will vote Leave:

“Our view for some time has been that we must measure how solid the voting intention is, and what things chiefly concern those on either side. The two latest studies show a trend among older females to firm up their intention, and vote Brexit, and the two things of most interest to them are immigration and pensions. Qualitative pullout from the latest study also shows very high levels of distrust towards David Cameron”

We mustn’t get carried away here: some of the sub-samples are small, and the jargon at the end is essentially saying they did a couple of focus groups. But this leak confirms every other reliable study done in the last month.

Now the logical thing for the Waspi Campaign to do would be to press this point home to the Odd Neighbours at Numbers 10 & 11. The Executive won’t, of course – they’d see that as “rather bad form” and altogether offside.

But my advice to Waspi Brexiteers is to bombard your MPs with the intention to vote Brexit – Labour or Tory, as usual it makes no difference: nothing terrifies Westminster élites more than whining backbenchers worried about reelection.

I would repeat my observation of last week that some stunt or outburst of dirty tricks remains very much on the cards. But equally apparent this morning is the British Left reverting to its default position of spitting bile at all those who might have a problem with  staying with the European Bunion. Yesterday I got two corking tweets from Tom Pride, one of which told me I was ‘disgusting’, and the other that I was ‘not as intelligent as he thought’. Tom now blames ‘the relentless campaign of media demonisation of migrant workers’ for Remain having stalled. This reversion to ideological knee-jerk would be bad enough, but becomes hilarious when you go to his Twitter space and see this:


As a quite disgraceful (and somewhat desperate) smear against Brexiteers, this strikes me as both unintelligent and disgusting too. It also turned out to be wrong (England supporters were targeted by Russian ultras, not the other way round). Anyway, my crime was to point this out to Tom. Hence the spitting.

In the mainstream press, meanwhile, Ian Birrell begins his Inndie piece today as follows:


That’s a lorra lorra Birrell drivel: isolation, drawbridges, fear of foreigners, distaste for modernity….oh dear me, what awful tosh.

Such are the ways of liberal ideologists: they run out of arguments, and then start throwing mud. I’m not keen on yobs, racists, opportunists and other assorted loons who have latched on to Leave. But in a democracy, you can’t stop the unpleasant voting the same way as you.

Would I trust any major UK Party with citizens rights and liberty? No, of course I wouldn’t – probably because my eyes are still functioning alongside my brain – even at my tender age of 68 years.

I return once more to the single most wise thing said about the Referendum: “This isn’t about in or out, it’s about the People versus the Establishment”. And you know what Mister Mann’rin’? They don’t like it up ’em, do they?

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