mesnipDavid Cameron had the gall to go on the Marr show this morning, and warn that leaving the EU would make it impossible to guarantee British citizens their pensions. 3.2 million 1950s women have already had their pensions delayed by 1-6 years…and at the moment we are IN the EU.

The argument the Prime Minister made was both hypocritical and opportunistic. Later, both Sky News and the BBC had studio anchor discussions about whether the scare tactic had any validity.

There was not a single mention of the Waspi pension welch. No Waspi ‘leader’ was called upon to make a comment, or challenge the bare face of Cameron. 95+% of viewers will have left the interview sequence without a clue as to who the Waspis are, or what their grievance is.

Nobody stepped forward to boast of Waspi anthems, or Waspi days on June 29th, or how many Waspi members have been recruited.

Who among the Waspi leadership has become rentaquote? Are any of them well-known to the media set or the British public? Where is the anger outside of your own single-issue cause?

The answers are, respectively, none of them, nobody, and nowhere.

That’s because the DWP/Treasury axis long ago wrote you off as lots of silly women led by a  committee of media illiterate, forelock-touching do-gooders who would rather appease power than challenge it.

Waspis, this is amateur night.

This is not my fight: as a bloke who is already through the tape – and busy on myriad other projects – I lack both the time and the credibility to be a forceful leader whose aim is to right a staggeringly obvious wrong.

But when I write about the need to upset this cart of rotten apples, it pains me to read of lackey Waspi leaders desperate to tell Osborne, Crabb and Altmann that they ‘distance themselves from such suggestions’, and seem to be just gagging for one little crumb from the High Table.

You have a track record of impeccable attempts to be reasonable with these people: they have not even rewarded your patience with good manners. You are dealing with foxes who see you as chickens.

Show them you are cheetahs. Bare your teeth. Don’t threaten to sting: chase them to exhaustion, and devour their egos.