OPINION: When Cameron can go on television – and talk balls about pension threats without any opposition – then Waspyism is an abject failure


mesnipDavid Cameron had the gall to go on the Marr show this morning, and warn that leaving the EU would make it impossible to guarantee British citizens their pensions. 3.2 million 1950s women have already had their pensions delayed by 1-6 years…and at the moment we are IN the EU.

The argument the Prime Minister made was both hypocritical and opportunistic. Later, both Sky News and the BBC had studio anchor discussions about whether the scare tactic had any validity.

There was not a single mention of the Waspi pension welch. No Waspi ‘leader’ was called upon to make a comment, or challenge the bare face of Cameron. 95+% of viewers will have left the interview sequence without a clue as to who the Waspis are, or what their grievance is.

Nobody stepped forward to boast of Waspi anthems, or Waspi days on June 29th, or how many Waspi members have been recruited.

Who among the Waspi leadership has become rentaquote? Are any of them well-known to the media set or the British public? Where is the anger outside of your own single-issue cause?

The answers are, respectively, none of them, nobody, and nowhere.

That’s because the DWP/Treasury axis long ago wrote you off as lots of silly women led by a  committee of media illiterate, forelock-touching do-gooders who would rather appease power than challenge it.

Waspis, this is amateur night.

This is not my fight: as a bloke who is already through the tape – and busy on myriad other projects – I lack both the time and the credibility to be a forceful leader whose aim is to right a staggeringly obvious wrong.

But when I write about the need to upset this cart of rotten apples, it pains me to read of lackey Waspi leaders desperate to tell Osborne, Crabb and Altmann that they ‘distance themselves from such suggestions’, and seem to be just gagging for one little crumb from the High Table.

You have a track record of impeccable attempts to be reasonable with these people: they have not even rewarded your patience with good manners. You are dealing with foxes who see you as chickens.

Show them you are cheetahs. Bare your teeth. Don’t threaten to sting: chase them to exhaustion, and devour their egos.

37 thoughts on “OPINION: When Cameron can go on television – and talk balls about pension threats without any opposition – then Waspyism is an abject failure

  1. DId he elucidate as to why the pensions can’t be guaranteed? I bet he didn’t because he couldn’t justify that statement.
    Still, each and every appearance just bolsters the leave campaign. I’m surprised that the big Tory beasts haven’t sought to remove him and limit the damage he’s doing.


  2. If the pensions are not guaranteed, why does the government dip into each and every pay packet, each and every month?
    Failure to reimburse these deductions could result in heads on spikes, or worse.

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  3. been saying it for months…..stop being so bloody nice to the toads that have punished us for doing what they asked, I for one am sick to death of hearing waspi say be polite…..its my dam money and I want it

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  4. What we need is to be come Bloody Nuisances! We need to take over towns and cities…We need to get shops and businesses onboard too, for our ‘buying power’ is now ZILCH, so THEY are losing out too. I’ve already spoken to M&S, told them I don’t shop there any longer, absolutely no spare money now I’m on ESA…asked them if they’d do a WASPI range, raise the awareness massively, get behind the campaign, for if…no…for WHEN we get our pensions returned, THEY will also benefit, as will many other stores and businesses…MASSIVE Buying Power gone out the window…That should be harnessed.

    The WASPI campaign need to change their ‘ask’. This should be about ALL the women who WERE Contracted IN to get their pension AT 60 (Contracted OUT, – govt expression – means you are also Contracted IN)

    Many of the 1960s women have had 6/7/8 years added to their working lives…and this too is HORRENDOUS.

    So, let WASPI bring them ALL on board, demand that we ALL get our pension AT 60, and this time, there will be MILLIONS MORE OF US…

    We also need to bring EVERYONE into this, of ALL generations yet to get their pensions, to make them understand that no WAY should the pension age EVER have been raised above 65…and even 65 is too damned old.

    We need to bring a whole new way of thinking to this country, where THE PEOPLE are put first, above Endless Invasions (ALL of which MUST STOP!) endless, INSANE ideas, such as HS2, Trident, Hinkley Point, Thatcher Museum….

    We need to ensure that WE, THE PEOPLE are in charge of how our taxes are spent..and that it must be spent on We, The People, to give us all a decent quality of life and health..and to protect our planet too.

    MASS Beg-Ins will most certainly raise public awareness…ALL we have to do is turn up at Shopping Centres, or gather outside Main Stores and sit down, get out our begging bowls, our sashes, our placards explaining what’s been done to us and the Absolute Destitution so many of us are now in, forced into penury, savings GONE, debt looming or already surrounding us, possessions being sold, houses too, illness caused through deep stress and anxiety, lives being lost…

    We will get NOWHERE with Poxy Meetings with Poxy Ministers who truly do NOT care if we live or DIE! We are NOTHING to them, NOTHING, other than ‘necessary collateral damage’. They do NOT see us as People, do NOT want to hear our stories, do NOT want to THINK about us. We are NOT on their radar…and they have NO INTENTION of EVER returning our stolen pensions to us, EVER, nor our savings either.

    They are, to use, yet again, the title of Show of Hands brilliant song ‘Cutthroats, Crooks and Conmen’ and they have ALL lined and feathered their own nests, their own pensions, superbly, whilst they are content to leave us in HELL.

    WAKE UP, WASPI, stop Bowing and KowTowing and holding these bastards and bitches in high esteem. They are crap human beings, cruel and utterly self-centred, some are mentally sick, but ALL of them don’t give a damn.

    Time for US to take The Higher Ground….and FAST, I hope.

    Bring in The 60s Gals., the 70s ones too…ALL told their pension age would be 60..and Let Battle REALLY Commence!

    Oh..and let’s demonstrate outside The BBC too, until they interview WASPI, get Andrew Marr to wake up and Peston too, both of whom are WAY too busy licking Establishment Arses, it seems to me….

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  5. Superb comment L.C.

    Time for the WASPI sting-in. I would love to see the apparatus of the UK police state attempting to kettle or otherwise suppress the protests of their mothers and grandmothers without irony. I suspect even the Met would be hard pressed to recruit suitable agent provocateurs to ignite the sacrificial police van in front of the cameras in this case.

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  6. Well said Lizzie, but it should be EVERYONE who has had their retirement age increased and those that will be faced with rising retirement ages!!!

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  7. @ KFC, great idea, that can certainly apply to a massive swathe of voters both young who are facing increased retirement ages and those of us older who have had revised dates….

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  8. There has never been a better moment in time and Politics for the Waspi Ladies to make their statement known
    Cameron has given Waspis an open goal. by his lieing statement on Pensions and the EU Brexit campaign.
    Go and give him hell ladies. Time to take the gloves off and show the claws. This Govt does not recognise genteel behaviour. Ruthless civic disobedience/disturbance.is required to gain recognition of your lawful claims to your pensions.

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  9. Come on girls, it’s a Govt sting, you need to show them yours. Never mind Waspi, it should be Hornet – Honest outraged retribution not equable timidity.

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  10. Excellent post. Hope they get all the recompense they are entitled to but currently looking somewhat of a forlorn hope as they do not have a media savvy personality to act as trailblazer and carry the beacon into battle.

    Re Brexit–Seen the latest about millions of Kosovars coming in under the slipstream of the Turkish visa programme?

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  11. Every single WASPI member or non member just everyone who has lost out, and is now being threatened again, by this silver spooned idiot who thinks if he ignores us we’ll go away, must vote OUT, what have we to lose? We’ve already lost money and dignity by begging him to listen…and he ignores, it’s going to take at least 10-15 years to sort the in out business anyway….we’ll all be in our dotage then and hopefully settled….middle finger ladies…raise it high, and face Mr Cameron full face…and vote out….show him we’re not scared….there’s an awful lot of us….it WILL make one hell of a difference to his campaign….

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  12. There is a threat to all pensions and that threat is ZIRP. The media have focused on particular cases that have arisen due to companies going bankrupt. I would like to know just how widespread pension fund deficits are and to see the media question the assumption that these deficits don’t matter because interest rates will soon return to ‘normal’ levels.

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  13. Well said Lizzie! You really should be leading the pension revolt – we’d have had it settled by now!

    It is deplorable that this sniveling idiot now feels the need for scaremongering. Trying to frighten those who are old (not us obviously…) into thinking their pension is at risk. He knows that he is struggling to get the votes of the older people who are more likely to vote than the youngsters so has resorted to this.

    Can you imagine how a 80+ person who lives alone will feel thinking they may have their pension taken away.

    The man is a SNAKE! Oh heck, I could FEEL the venom as I typed that – I hate him with a vengeance.

    Vote OUT!

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  14. Just cut, paste and add this below to every email or social media you use…. Any improvements welcome :)))

    EU Referendum – Brussels/UK Government steal from YOU by increasing your State Pension Age from 60/65….
    Check YOUR Pension Date now and VOTE LEAVE!!

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  15. Oh Lizzie Cornish I love your way of thinking and a deep respect for you I would loooove to stand outside a shopping centre with a placard and beg for money and letting the people know that this is what it has come to as our pensions have been robbed by the Government… Thank you John for this article your amazing

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  16. The Government know full well they have nothing fear by angry waspis. Unlike the people affected by proposed cuts in tax credits, the waspis are getting on a bit and wouldnt be able to cause large scale inconvenience, unlike the masses of tax credit collecting young and middle aged folks. A cynical and distasteful view for sure, but its true I think and the Government knows that the young and the middle aged will not be acting on their elders behalf either. Such concept of family/political unity and action long since extinguished in a blaze of lobotomisation.

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  17. I forgot to mention in my comment. I am very much looking forward to the next revelation by the Remain group. The pattern is one of ever escalating terribleness, so by the 22nd June I want to see and hear tales of unbridled anarchy, you hear me Dave? We’re all looking forward to it. You’re like Eastenders on crack.

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  18. I’m still waiting to see just one WASPI on the street making the news.
    Like trying to organise a bunch of arthritic snails . STOP TALKING AND JUST DO IT

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  19. I too watched the little shit Cameron on Marr this morning, frankly I just can’t believe how low this little turd is prepared to drag the conservative party down.
    He never considers anything further than punishing the weakest members of society to meet his ends. Rather than threatening to cut the miserly incomes of the poorest pensioners what about considering cutting the salaries and pensions of the highest paid in the public sector. For example head teachers on £150,000 pa+ (plus associated pensions), heads of local authorities on £300,000 + (plus associated pensions), managers in the health service on six figure salaries plus associated pensions, MP’s and ministers on six figure salaries plus expense accounts plus associated pensions, top police and fire officers on six figure salaries plus associated pensions, and so it goes on and on….there are thousands of these bastards sucking the very lifeblood out of our economy every day, and saving their ill gotten gains in offshore accounts where it does US no good at all.
    It’s not just the Waspi women, although I do appreciate they have been particularly hard done by, it is every pensioner who has been threatened by this slimeball that should be shouting at the top of their voices that they are not going to be treated like this and that he can whistle for their vote in a couple of weeks time…….then watch the little shitbag do another U-turn when he realises he’s lost the grey vote, along with the rest!

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  20. @mary

    Believe it Mary. The changes in pension dont affect me, I’m in for a far worse shafting. That is half your problem, the other half of the problem is that the people who are affected, they have an anitquated view of Government and authority. We are here because we know things have changed.

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  21. John, I would love to add my ‘Like’ to certain comments but WordPress.com want to know the inside and outside of a cats’ backside!

    WordPress, I do not have a Website of any description – Get it? Got it? Good!

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  22. @Mazz

    I went through the same hoops with WordPress and for weeks was unable to ‘like’ comments. As long as you have an email address and are prepared to put in anything as a website title, it seems the process works, even if WordPress does not tell you that it does. I was told that I needed to enable cookies to have an account. I didn’t, but it gave me an account anyway. I only found out when I attempted to make a comment and was informed that an account already existed with my email. An email and a password is all that is required.

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  23. The Pig Molester knows that mature voters are more likely to be on the leave side that’s why the threat and the punishment when we win is aimed at us, so what, cross that bridge when we come to it, still voting OUT.

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  24. RAC – you are too kind to the Camerloon. It should be Necrophiliac Pig Molester. NPM as opposed by NVEs. I know which side I’ll be supporting and the porker of porkers is not on my Christmas list.

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  25. You would have to have no notion of world history not to know that wolves do not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. When did asking nicely ever work in Britain? If asking nicely did the trick then how come it took decades for justice to be done for some of the most shocking of injustices such as Thalidomide (50 yrs), Hillsborough families (27 Yrs) The young boys shot for cowardice in WW1 (90 yrs) the list is endless ……….these were all cases pushed aside and swept under the carpet initially. It took years and years for the press to get on board. Surely everyone knows that women in their 60’s don’t have the luxury of time on their side and there is no such thing as a posthumous pension !! Women’s suffrage took 56 years to get the vote 1872-1928. They eventually stopped asking nicely or the film Suffragette would not have been made . In 56 years and less WASPI women will be long gone and who benefits from that ? The wolves. 650 MP’s and the banks . If you have a sash do what I intend: write your date of birth on the back and sentenced to ” 6” more years, and the sum of your stolen pension. Remember Freedom is being yourself without asking permission. If you don’t like the image of being a sheeple then don’t follow the one in front as the van with wolf teeth marks on it that comes to take away the rest of the flock is not destined for Costa Del Pension Justice. So exercise your individual right to freedom of speech, It is your pension that was deleted, and if you want to be a Lion roaring, and not a pussy then why wouldn’t that be good?

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  26. As a Waspi next year, nearly all the cuts I am witnessing are against the FEMALE fraternity via Pensions, Working Tax Credits, Child Benefit, Child Care Costs, the list is endless. There are a lot of Suffragettes out there, with a very wide age range that are been oppressed by this system. They see us as WEAK , but through history this is a Mistake, we may have fought on different battlefronts but we have prevailed . HEADS TOGETHER make this Government pay in kind for all the CUTS . NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER SHOULD BE THE MOTTO.

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  27. @Lizzie Cornish

    The “Contracted” part of “Contracted Out” referred to the obligation on the alternative scheme to provide a level of benefit equivalent to the additional state pension given up. “Contracted In” is essentially a colloquialism used to distinguish those accruing additional state pension from those contracted out, and does not in any way indicate a legally binding element to state pension benefits.


  28. Lizzie Cornish,

    when you say We will get NOWHERE with Poxy Meetings with Poxy Ministers who truly do NOT care if we live or DIE! We are NOTHING to them, NOTHING, other than ‘necessary collateral damage’. They do NOT see us as People, do NOT want to hear our stories, do NOT want to THINK about us. We are NOT on their radar…and they have NO INTENTION of EVER returning our stolen pensions to us, EVER, nor our savings either.

    That is why the autocrats of Westminster chose the weakest in society to pummel: even if they did become a nuisance, there aren’t enough of them to worry them. Cutting the chains of women who tied themselves to the gates is all in a day’s work for the Gestapo.

    The very worst of this affair is that none of the unions have stood to your cause. When it comes to worker’s rights, the French are nothing if not vocal. When it comes to Waspi pensions, there is an eerie silence with union leaders looking for the door marked ‘exit’.

    Ex Greenham Common,

    “In 56 years and less WASPI women will be long gone and who benefits from that ? The wolves. 650 MP’s and the banks . If you have a sash do what I intend: write your date of birth on the back and sentenced to ” 6” more years, and the sum of your stolen pension.

    What is clear to me here is that the British government is able to save money by attacking the weakest in society. This is how autocratic governments do things…

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