EXCLUSIVE: BT.com BREXIT poll shows 80% for Leave….then abruptly disappears



Brexit’s secret weapon revealed: David Cameron

mesnipYesterday – roughly 24 hours ago now – BT.com published research conducted among over 20,000 of its site users during May and June to date. It showed a whopping 80% of BT.com users (probably biased young and techie) definitely proposing to vote Leave in the 23rd June UK Referendum on EU membership. At some point earlier today, the internet removed all evidence of the research study: it is now an Unevent. The Slog investigates.

Google ‘BT.com new Brexit poll shows 80% Leave lead’ now and – depending on where you’re based around the world – it will show either nothing (UK servers) or this link (Eurozone):


If you can still see this link, follow it and this will appear if you’re in an EU State beyond the UK:


This is State censorship in obvious collusion with ISPs – and the fact that the two muzzles are of slightly different sizes suggests that two different censorship venues have been involved in a coordinated effort to hide the truth from voters in the UK, and wannabe Leavers elsewhere in the EU.

From the start of the Brexit referendum, The Slog has insisted that fear of freedom contagion  motivates both the Brussels Sprouts and NATO (aka Washington) above any other consideration. Further evidence presented below suggests that the Remain vote may be close to an historic collapse. For those needing Dark Arts to have their will prevail, the BT.com study – whatever qualms one might have about self-administered online research – effectively made ballot manipulation to secure a Remain victory politically impossible. And so, it has been made to disappear – to Unexist – in classic 1984/Stalinist Soviet repression style.

Two days ago, I posted to show how desperate the Prime Minister’s position is…and why we should not be surprised at anything he tries from now on. How quickly he has fulfilled that prediction: but he can’t control everything 24/7. And this morning, BT.com has pushed another fire ship in the direction of his flotilla:


This piece might well suggest that the BT.com site has had its arm unpleasantly twisted…and is exacting some revenge by using a 3rd party source to make life a nightmare for David Censoron.

These are the two key findings of the new Electoral Reform Society (ERS) study published today:

  • While 15% of people said they were more likely to support Remain on the back of what they had heard from the Prime Minister, almost twice as many (29%) had been swung towards Brexit – including 33% of Conservative supporters.
  • 50% more people swung towards Leave than swung to Remain as a result of President Obama’s intervention last month. His ‘support’ for Remain was conceived, pushed and promoted as ‘vital’ by David Cameron himself.

In short, the Conservative leader is now an electoral liability; and he has been shown very clearly to be a flawed strategist. He may covet the power of being Big Brotheron, but he is rapidly turning into Vote Leave’s secret weapon.

This will not go unnoticed among the Tory Big Beasts.


On a broader canvas, the lessons to be learned from the way the Remaindeers under Mr Cameron have behaved holds salutory lessons for all those still convinced that normal citizen-based interaction with the Black Knights of Camerlot will bear fruit.

When it comes to corporate, multinational, banking and big Party donor interests, the PM has demonstrated that his legs door is ever-open to unseemly propositions involving munnneeee.

But ‘negotiation’ about more help for those with no money – thanks to the State (as represented by Camerlot) cheating its more worthy citizens – is blatantly obviously a waste of our time.

It isn’t a waste of Camerlot’s time, because they have no time for any justice-based appeal from We the People: Cameron, Osborne and Crabb have shown themselves to be far too busy on other matters more important than destitute citizens.

But – to take a specific example – it is a total and utter waste of time for 1950s Waspi women to expect civilised responses to the ever-so-naice, genteel and brainless collaboration practised by their Executive.

It seems to me now that part of the snowballing Leave vote is rank and file Waspi women voting to leave the EU as, if nothing else, a tactical way of dumping Dave and his Dodgerons.

I appeal once again to all those 1950s-born women cheated out of their promised latter age relief to vote Leave, and bombard Nos 10, 11 and Cabinet Office websites with their intention so to do.

As for any other Undecideds, my advice remains the same: forget the fiscal, economic and trade ‘reasons’ to stay or go….they’re all pure speculation. Ask yourselves these questions:

  • would you like to be treated like the Greeks were after refusing to threaten the Leave option?
  • would you like your vote to be ignored in the same way as Irish voters were ignored?
  • would you like your TTIP doubts to be ignored in the same way that France tried to reject Lisbon?
  • do you want to be aligned with bureaucratic Superstate & globalist corporatism and its long-established record of illegal and unnconstitutional actions?
  • are you happy to be on the same side as an illegally formed and unelected eurogroupe run by Wolfgang Schäuble and his Dutch beanpole lackey Dijesslebleom…neither of whom have so much as a weekend course in fiscal economics to their infamous names – but both of whom have driven the ClubMed region into disaster thanks to bigoted austerity politics?
  • perhaps above all, are you happy to be on the same side as an EU trading democratic citizen rights and taxpayers’ money in a cynical courting of Islamic fascist Recep Erdogan….that is to say, do you want to be recorded by history as being no better than those backing Neville Chamberlain in his spineless appeasement of Hitler?

It is still highly likely that geopolitical dirty-tricks will work in concert to ignore your voice; but if nothing else, we should all – as I posted three days ago – strive to ensure that massive rejection of Superstate slavery makes the work of such slimeballs that bit more difficult.

Yesterday at The Slog: censoring the reality of EU meltdown


83 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: BT.com BREXIT poll shows 80% for Leave….then abruptly disappears

  1. I did say something daft would bring about a big rethink.
    Turd no 1…………..nothing so daft ……….as dried out turd


  2. May there be no Zinoviev moment looming, JW. You well know just how unpleasant some of those who have a lot to lose can be.


  3. I’m in Portugal and the Google link gives me an OOOPS!. Someone somewhere is suffering from half a crown sixpence syndrome


  4. I see that that an article in the Telegraph claims that the extension of the registration deadlne will mainly draw in “Remain” voters. Hmmmmm…..


  5. jewels altmann telling us to remain today! lmao . yesterday blair and major, its just getting better and better. these scumbags are going to be a joy to behold on the 24th.

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  6. Whatever happens, there are going to be plenty of bodily fluids on the carpet come the 24th. I do so very much hope that there is a considerable groundswell of long suffering offended decency and righteous indignation which is largely invisible to the dysfunctional and blinkered media, which will give us the result we so badly need: Brexit. I suspect that this sentiment is reflected throughout Europe, we shall see. This is the most important vote in a lifetime, it is absolutely essential that we give it everything we’ve got – remember, it’s not over until the fat corporate bureaucrat swings.

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  7. So we leave.

    Allegedly British business would suffer

    Are we really to believe Germany would not trade with us, even outside the EU. It has more to loose in trade.

    He uk government in only interested in one thing. Protecting our criminal banking system.

    Fear mongers at it again.

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  8. -so, are they placing calls to Michael Gove as we sit, offering him a blank cheque to replace Done-Deal Dave?


  9. Breitbart reports that “Wolfgang Schauble has declared that if Germany closes its borders Germans will degenerate through inbreeding – “mass migration is a great opportunity for Germans to become more diverse as a people, especially the mass migration of Muslims: For us, Muslims in Germany are an enrichment of our openness and our diversity,” Tagesspiegel reports.


  10. Nearly 120,000 votes on this one and since I started looking at it (30,000 votes) it’s been around 81-83% Leave.
    And this one – 73% Leave.
    I’ve seen similar ones in The Mirror, The Daily Wail etc.
    Not one online poll I’ve seen has Remain in a majority. I guess we’ll find out in a couple of weeks but by the way the Remain campaign is bleating they seem to be the ones that are running scared.


  11. The friendly face of Big Brother –
    In a recent interview with Le Monde, Juncker said that if Britons voted to leave the EU, they would be treated as “deserters”:
    “I am sure the deserters will not be welcomed with open arms. If the British should say ‘No’ — then life in the EU will not go on as before. The United Kingdom will be regarded as a third country and will have its fur stroked the wrong way (caresser dans le sens du poil). If the British leave Europe, people will have to face the consequences. ”

    We have been warned…….


  12. @ the guvnor.
    Thank you for that link.
    One of the best argued and reasoned case for Brexit i have read. i cannot understand Labour or Jeremy Corbyns reasons for Bremain.
    Labour is making its own rope to hang itself in supporting Bremain.


  13. kfc follow this twitter feed https://twitter.com/yorukisik?lang=en-gb to see deployments in and out of the black porter has been in and out two or three times in the past 12 months. more fear mongering by the msm as with the royal navy’s working frigate ‘interception’ of a russian submarine travelling on the surface with a russian tug as company this porter tale is fear porn.

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  14. @Anononymous

    Suggested link is not this one I grabbed far earlier – the link itself actually states what the information is but you get page 404.


    Soon all articles on this by the politburo in 10 downing street will have to be approved before being published.

    The take down was crude the page 404 not found is actually in my IE browser cache but not the BT site they modded it to redirect now to a default home page not the page 404. Irrelevant in the grand scheme of things because I once called out the secretary to the CEO of BT when they tried to apply a charge for a broadband disconnection (you try) on building the spy network for the government.

    So close this BREMAIN / BREXIT any side could win, it is neck and neck … oh dear BREMAIN wins by a gnats whisker just to make it all look close. If you try and overturn a large difference will be ructions.

    A decade ago 70% of the population was angered by all the EU directives etc. and frankly nothing has changed has it? If anything it implies there will be no change in the EU because nothing changed in 10 years.


  15. To the ‘anonymous’ contributor saying the poll result is still up:

    Not on my French server it isn’t. And not on the six I tested with UK residents by phone this morning. And not for anyone else on this thread.
    The point is this: to the casual viewer on all servers, the route to the article has been cut, and you’d have to sign in in BT.Home to get the ‘result’ you suggest is there.

    I would make the following points to other Sloggers about this person:

    There is no email at the comment point. That isn’t supposed to be possible on my account, so this is obviously an aggressive hack.

    It is classic pro-troll behaviour: rubbish the main point to discredit the author.

    The person is female and thinks I don’t know who she is. She is wrong.

    I’m going to leave it up for a few more hours so threaders can see what we’re up against. Then I’m going to ban her IP address. She probably has around 20-30 – they usually do, but I’m also going to make it harder to get in.

    From tomorrow, all use of the word Anonymous or anything close to it by theaders will be stopped. It does actually make it harder for me trace multiple ID/IP ownership, and I’m buggered if I should give help to those in our midst working hard to destroy 2,500 years of civilisation.

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  16. It would appear that contrary to the wishes of the British government, the good burghers of Britain have other ideas.

    Which poses a problem: the success of the referendums in Denmark, the Netherlands et al was due to the small amount they lost by. Thus a re-enactments saw the right answer given. If the vote in the British referendum is as strongly against as has been suggested – and this is backed up by this evening’s reports of Cameron being sworn at – this means that it will be no easy matter to run the referendum again in order to get the correct result.

    Perhaps it’s time for a little fraud? After all, the Conservatives are known to dabble in it. Only here, even Zimbabwean levels of fraud might not be sufficient…

    I wouldn’t put it past the British government to simply say “the referendum was 51% for the EU on the basis of a 38% turnout”. I mean, it’s not as if Britain is a functioning democracy, is it?


  17. Watch out for an exiting new BBC series entitled The Manacled Brexiteer; it’s a tale of unrequited bureaucracy and brassicas with a continental flavour. “Not to be missed” Time (to get) Out


  18. Mattthis is interesting

    From: The Slog. To: johnbigland@yahoo.com Sent: Friday, 10 June 2016, 13:43 Subject: [New post] EXCLUSIVE: BT.com BREXIT poll shows 80% for Leave….then abruptly disappears #yiv9281898671 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv9281898671 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv9281898671 a.yiv9281898671primaryactionlink:link, #yiv9281898671 a.yiv9281898671primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv9281898671 a.yiv9281898671primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv9281898671 a.yiv9281898671primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv9281898671 WordPress.com | John Ward posted: “BRUSSELS/WHITEMINSTER STATE CENSORSHIP ROARS INTO ACTIONBrexit’s secret weapon revealed: David CameronYesterday – roughly 24 hours ago now – BT.com published research conducted among over 20,000 of its site users during May and June to date. It showed” | |


  19. Poll at the DT today – Would you back Brexit even if it left you worse off? 77% voted “Yes”.
    James Dyson has come out loudly in favour of Brexit, saying “we have absolutely no control of what goes on in the EU”.


  20. One poll that seems to have disappeared is the poll tracker on the front page of the BBC website. It was prominent while remain was in the lead. Leave edged ahead recently and the poll tracker has mysteriously lost its importance. I can’t find it at all now unless I Google it. As of today it looks as if they stopped updating it on June 6. Blatant propaganda.


  21. JW

    Not just shop soiled then.. never mind, we’ll wait until 23rd and take them to the cleaners. Perhaps.


  22. There was a poll on the Facebook page of childcare.co.uk which gave a similar result to the BT one – 83% for Brexit. I was surprised – supposedly it is us oldies who want to leave (could be all the grandpas and nans I suppose).

    There does seem to be a definite movement towards Leave, encouraged maybe by the increasing perception that Brexit is not just a right wing thing (evidenced by people like Dennis Skinner coming out of the closet).

    However, the weak spot – the really weak spot – is is the postal vote. There are many security checks on the ballots cast on the day but I can tell you from experience that all that happens with the postal vote is that they get chucked in a cupboard at the town hall. The votes are opened in the presence of scrutineers but usually/often there is no way of telling which way the postal vote is going because the ballots are opened face down. This means that if you had a 90% postal vote for one side you wouldn’t know if somebody had later gone into the cupboard and changed the ballots to give you a result completely the other way. in theory there can be investigations and checks of ballot papers after the results but this is rare.



  23. tubamirumspargens

    Nah…..should have gone to specsavers….
    scroll down the page a bit….
    UK EU flags
    There are just two weeks to go to the EU referendum. Will you be voting for the UK to leave or remain in the EU?

    3%Don’t know


  24. I can second that – the link has been active since it was posted.
    No wonder the British economy is in such a mess. It takes an army of spotters to disagree whether or not the internet is the same page in my office as yours. God help us – we need German management now more than ever.


  25. Taken from a posting in the Philippines

    Our call centre in the Philippines has a contract with two polling companies based on the UK, one a newspaper that we do polling for and the current results over the period from January 4th 2016 aggregate to a total of 359,875 calls with the leave totalling184,482 against remain at 175,393, of those who made definite answer yes or no. with 86,455 undecided.

    The interesting thing is the changes, with the Leaves growing at a rate of 1.216% per month compound and the Remain declining at a rate of 2.014% per month with undecided collapsing at a compound rate of 8.312% per month.

    Clearly the undecided are going for Brexit


  26. This is maybe so and so but Herr Schauble has declaring ‘out is out’.
    Do well to be remembering the exports before throwing the vote was my advisory.


  27. For myself it’s all about national sovereignty, the ability to remove those who make our laws if we disagree with them, full stop.
    There are however some delicious bonuses to chew over if we attain Brexit. All the Kinnock type parasites sucking on the eu tit will be awarded their DCM, and considering all the threats of “punishment” being brandished about I wonder if their eu pensions will disappear in a puff of smoke, I can but hope.

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  28. regarding postal votes – that is the way they rigged the scottish referendum with a 96% turnout on a year old electoral register……so MI5 will be working overtime next week


  29. Well, all this doesn’t surprise me. I don’t know whether you can pick up ITV in deepest rural France, but Remain made a mighty faux pas in putting up three obnoxious wimmin in the debate on Thursday night. They spent their whole time interrupting, sneering, chiding and deriding their opponents and hardly a second on good honest debating. Both Gisela Stewart and Andrea Leadsom focussed on what they supposed to be doing, like clarifying what this Referendum is about. Boris was Boris. I was so angry about the way the Remainders were interrupting out of turn that I switched over for fear of putting a foot through the widescreen TV. It really was appalling nonsense. Amber Rudd’s career has almost certainly passed its zenith…….

    Andrew Neil did however have a go at Farage last night over immigration figures. Broadly, he said that we have upwards of 150000 a year coming from non-EU sources, net, so even leaving the EU is hardly going to stop the flood on current rates. Nigel Farage did say that whatever the figure actually was, if the UK were out of the EU, the figure would be the result of UK politicians deciding, not EU bureaucrats deciding. It was true, but he didn’t deal with Neil simply by saying: ‘look, of course we won’t get down to 50,000 a year straight away. In fact, it may turn out that we’ll never get back to that. But the point will be that the immigration rate will be determined by politicians who can be kicked out by the UK voting public if they disapprove of their decisions.’ No point in trying to say we’ll miraculously go from 400,000+ a year to nothing overnight, because we won’t.

    Cameron has been absolutely marmelised by the general public the past week over immigration. They can’t refute the reality, so they are scrabbling for some other kind of ‘it won’t be better after Brexit’ excuse. It is now clearly engrained in the populace and the popular press that the immigration rate since 2000 is a direct result of policy from Downing Street, Labour or Conservative.

    It seems to me that there have been a lot of people holding fire on what their position was, waiting to see which way the wind was blowing. Skinner, Dyson and the head of JCB have all come off the fence the past two days. One wonders how many more there are to announce.

    Just waiting for the football industry to try and claim they will be thrown out of European competition if we vote Brexit: quite how Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus et al are allowed to compete currently is beyond me.


  30. As alexei points out in The friendly face of Big Brother June 10, 2016 at 4:38 pm
    “In a recent interview with Le Monde, Juncker said that if Britons voted to leave the EU, they would be treated as “deserters”:
    “I am sure the deserters will not be welcomed with open arms. If the British should say ‘No’ — then life in the EU will not go on as before. The United Kingdom will be regarded as a third country and will have its fur stroked the wrong way (caresser dans le sens du poil). If the British leave Europe, people will have to face the consequences. ”
    Yeh, remember that the next time you get your arse kicked, cheese eating surrender monkeys !


  31. rjt

    agree with what you say Rudd’s a arselicking cow ..the other two (including my own glorious leader) were duds

    However it’s still TTIP and TiSA on privatising the NHS which will change everything

    Corbyn has said he will veto TTIP…not if he’s not in office he won’t. Galloway and Dr Bob Gill need to work on him to jump ship.

    If Benn, Eagle and Johnstone then refuse to serve in his cabinet on the basis of Corbyn’s opposition to privatising the NHS they would be toast

    He needs to face them down to survive


  32. Oh and I thought it was Cheggers and Beefy who had swayed all the Brexiteers to the the Right Way of Thinking!


  33. France has actually said it won’t agree to TTIP. It only takes one country to veto the entire treaty. Oh and the German High Court has declared the SDS settlement system illegal, too. But you forgot to mention that?


  34. Anonymous, strangely it is now. It wasn’t for hours…and strangely the %ages haven’t changed at all…I just voted, not a pip in either direction as I am sure many peeps are finding – if they can find it! Heaven forbid it got worse for the Remainers!!

    Splendid piece John, as always, and thanks to the commentors, even more enlightening….


  35. If the euro countries want us to stay then it means they will get more from us than they give. We are not lked in Europe so why do they want us? Do not let them win the war that killed so many of our brave men .


  36. You cannot sell your birthright. They know it is unworkable and the Globalists are about to reap the whirlwind as the populace rises up against the Immigration policy and the endless austerity. The EU and the NWO is unworkable.


  37. I thought I would read up about how the votes are counted, and what happens after that (say in the event of a complaint).
    It didn’t look like the Scottish Referendum or last General Election counts were impeccably handled everywhere.
    As far as I could make out, they don’t have to store the ballot PAPERS for12 months. They have to record and store all sorts of other things. Lots of little counts of how many there were, how many were expected, how many were damaged, spoiled, unopened postal votes (received too late), but they managed to avoid ballot papers; and that’s pretty much most of what really counts
    I’ll try and read it again when I have some time, but for anyone who wants to do it thoroughly, the website is electoralcommission dot org dot uk


  38. Cameron insults pensioners by expecting them to sell out to the EU for the price of a bus pass ,what kind of people does he think we are ?


  39. The BBC now has its referendum tracker back up. But it has excluded the ‘turnout weighted’ polls from its graphic, so Remain still has the lead. And so it is the dutiful Beeb remains on-message.


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