Lies, damned lies and Remain lies as three more solid reasons to escape emerge

mesnipThere are a few inept clodhoppers in the Brexit camp who simply can’t grasp that immigration fears are real enough and do not need any more emphasis. But The Slog begs all truly thoughtful Brits to set aside the odd sign of Leave ineptitude, and stick instead to the real focus: the Remaindeer lies are unsupported and invented tosh designed to scare us into cowardice. On the other hand, with every day that passes, the Reasons to Leave just keep on growing – ALL supported by facts.


A couple of guidelines to help those mining for truth in the above Telegraph piece. First, manufacturing as a percentage of UK gdp has fallen disastrously, and continues to fall: its growth still lags behind services. And second, a major B2B business study (see Slogs passim, various) last month showed almost no ‘factory bosses’ anywhere with a Brexit syndrome to shake off in the first place. This is just more of the Remaindeer’s bollocks on show.


Another cracker. First, the assumption that the sell-off was Brexit-related. What about the China futures wobble then? Second, last week the Torygraph’s hero Sir Liealot Crosby told us all the Brexit campaign was failing and falling away. He was wrong…as the Slog predicted. And third, who givesAF what the stock market thinks about Brexit? Name me one major event the FTSE has called right since 2008. The stock markets applauded QE, Zirp, Abenomics, the derivatives sector, the euro and Draghi’s pointless eurozone stimulation. They’re a braindead cross between a betting shop and a cockfight.


Get into the above piece of ‘journalism’, and you will read four sweeping predictions by the Obsessive Economic Compulsive Disorder – not one of which has any statistical support whatsoever. It didn’t even explain what the chain reaction would be. On this basis, it was up there with Fru Fru Lagarde’s on last night’s BBC1 Brexit documentary. This unqualified, unproven and incompetent woman (due to face corruption charges in France) simply sat there and said “this is our considered view”. Unabashed by the interviewer’s reminder of how many times she’d been wrong, Lagarde answered, “Well you know, we all make mistakes”.

To counter this, here is the final result of The Slog’s Twitter poll about Brexit effect hype:


So well done Lynton, you’re obviously playing a blinder.

By contrast, more factual reasons to Brexit:

#178: Jean-Claude Juncker, unelected and inebriate President of the EC, wants more money to be stumped up for stimulation of the euroeconomy. Britain is not in the euro, yet somehow it has managed to become the biggest contributor, with €8.5 billion euros shovelled out of our budgets. Nobody seems to know what J-C Drunker did with the money; but now he wants more…to include use outside the EU.

He knows not what he is at, and Britain is powerless to say no.

#179: Italy has had its deficit control crime ‘waived’. I’m sure that’s going to help a great deal: clearly, we are saved.

#180: Confirming The Slog’s observations on the ground here, the French ministry of Tourism has confirmed that all visitor targets for the industry will be missed. The rain has been bucketing down here for over a week now, and several roads to the north are impassable. An open-ended rail strike is under way in France, with many services cancelled – part of the ongoing series of strikes to protest Troika-hatched labour ‘reforms’. Anyone noticed Jeremy Corbyn expressing solidarity? Thought not. The country is also in the grip of Air and oil delivery strikes.

Juncker is not accountable, Italy is unsalvageable, and the austerity programme is suicidal. The EU is not going to protect labour rights, it is going to crush them.

Read the other equally factual 177 reasons to escape the Brussels Colditz here

21 thoughts on “Lies, damned lies and Remain lies as three more solid reasons to escape emerge

  1. Washington has just depleted AIIB by some 20% by engineering a coup in Brazil and removing President Dilma Rousseff allowing those who can be bought to return to power and then ‘encourage’ them to withdraw from AIIB.
    Why would Washington allow us to Brexit? It’s not in their game plan and if they can manipulate countries that easily to achieve their own ends why would a referendum give them any cause for concern?
    It matters not a jot who votes for what, at the count, Remain will have it.
    As Killary said, “We can’t have freedom contagion”.


  2. we have not been subjects of the queen since Edward heath signed away our sovereignty to join the ‘common market’ and told everyone lies about what he had signed. It was treason plain and simple. They are all fraudulent treaties that came from the original. We have to scrap them all for our independence..

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  3. “The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has downgraded its UK growth forecast this year by more than any other major advanced economy as it said a Brexit vote would send shockwaves across the globe.” (Daily Telegraph)

    ….. and here was I thinking that ‘The Referendum’ was not for a couple of weeks still !


  4. “Sex, murder, conspiracy… Welcome to Versailles, the BBC’s steamy new 10-part, £24m period drama set in the court of Louis XIV”

    If the threat of shockwaves across the globe doesn’t scare them, then the BBC will ensure that another of their steamy dramas will serve as a suitable distraction …….


  5. …… and in other ‘news’ …….”Police in Germany are investigating reports of dozens of sexual assaults against women at a music festival using tactics that appear to be a smaller scale repeat of the New Year attacks in Cologne.

    So far 26 women have come forward to say they were assaulted at the Schlossgrabenfest festival in the city of Darmstadt, south of Frankfurt, on Saturday, and 14 have made formal criminal complaints.

    Three Pakistani men, two of whom are asylum-seekers, are currently under investigation.”

    Rotherham ….. Pakistani …… Sexual assault. Shurely not !!!!!


  6. Quote from yesterday’s DT article examining why Europe’s population is generally fed up:-
    “For Professor Bickerton, Europe might have gone over the edge already without us realizing it. “The EU at the moment is like one of those cartoon characters that went hairing off a cliff and is now running wildly in thin air,” he says. “At some point everyone will realise there is nothing but thin air, and then whole thing will plummet down to earth.”

    If only ……….!

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  7. We are approaching an historic day in history, akin to 7 October, 1989,when Gorbachev arrived in Berlin, and told Eric Honecker,’Those who delay are punished by life’. The Communist system collapsed, and Honecker fled to Chile,where he died. The likelihood is that on 23 June over 45 percent of those voting are going to reject the EU, open borders, manifest corruption,a total absence of democratic control, 5 Presidents report on our future, and so on.CMD is too young to appreciate what happens when you let the cat out of the bag.


  8. I don’t believe the change in the polls. Voting intentions on an issue like this will be much less fluid than for a general election, so a rapid change is unlikely.
    Once again, the voters are being taken for fools by our rotten media, while their rich buddies make money from the ensuing fluctuations in the financial markets.
    This referendum campaign is a farce, being conducted by rival politicians for their own ends. That said, I still believe Remain is a the best option, when compared with Brexit or not voting.


  9. Unless Cameron can get “all EU higher positions” to only be elected from the pool of MEP’s and a proper set of audited accounts once a year “it is only the publishing of information anyway” then you can have your BREMAIN.

    Without it not interested,

    As a sidenote some really kewl BREXIT signs like 4’x3′ near Whitchurch on the A41. Ty whoever did that because it means there are people out there besides just the internet who think “BREXIT to save out country”. Awesomeeee … be down there again soon will stop and take pictures for the history of it all.

    To all those foolish factor managers who think they need BREMAIN to keep going that would only be possible in a deflating economic mechanism if you only deal in euros and that goes down. Currently the pound is strengthening making it even harder for you to compete the inverse of what Osborne was suggesting.

    So factory manager, you want BREMAIN, pount needs to go sharpish and into the ez to give you half a chance of being able to produce at the same cost as say Spain or Ireland.


  10. The change in the Polls has reversed the odds which now stand at 2/7 for remain (1.28 from 1.16). This is probably the last chance saloon to have a punt at this price. I’d happily lose £10 to get the result leave the eu – so here goes – If we remain, I won £2.80.
    ps the numbers here are scaled down – do not try this at home. Markets can go up and down.. Your home may be at risk if we leave the eu.


  11. Whatever the outcome of the referendum there is only one winner, and he’s based in Moscow. I bet he’s got a couple of roubles each way on Marine, Norbert, Frauke and Donald.


  12. Thanks as usual John for the useful information. As an ex-advertising man what do you think of the leaflets here telling people how to vote (by post), the ones with the pencil and hand clearly poised above the remain box. Is this an example of nudge or subliminal manipulation?

    Off topic I know but would appreciate your ad-mans insight into the stories in the press (esp Murdoch) press saying that Chillcot will savage Blair,Straw et al. I fear it is news managment.


  13. Tom – the voters certainly are being taken for fools … and, given previous experience, the politicos can scarcely be blamed for following that particular path. The bloody electorate just keep getting in the way, you see, so a far better system of government has been stealthily introduced where the people are simply not consulted and laws are produced and enacted from on high without troublesome things like Parliament and public scrutiny getting in the way. And the sneaky b*ggars have nearly done it too … just one more heave and Britain will be subsumed – with the help of people like your good self who really, really believe that a vote to surrender what little democracy may be left to us to the great god EU is the way to go. Altogether now, “Freude, schöner Götterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium ..”

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  14. Well said Caratacus.

    @Kfc I share your analysis that every single vested interest want the UK to remain, the one ray of sunshine is that the unfolding shenanigans in Thanet South tell us one thing, that although utterly corrupt, the mechanism that the Tories used was to influence people via massive overspending on battlebuses and paid door knockers.

    Given that this is a binary decision they can’t dilute the vote by adding BBC sponsored cretins like Al Murray into the mix. Also significant is that the Brexiteers are statistically more likely to be bothered to vote so a perfect 50/50 split on the opinion polls would secure a Brexit due to this vote being more likely to show up on the day.

    If we get a remain result I think it is likely to have been engineered by more dark means – box stuffing or other malfeasance, this of course is banana republic tactics, but then the UK in the EU is basically a banana republic so totally congruent.

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  15. I’m sure we all know that “Whatever it takes” includes lying. A drowning man will drink seawater, knowing that it will surely kill him, yet he does so in the hope that the rescue ship is just over the horizon. The Eurozone, and The World in general, is guzzling down economic and social seawater because there is nothing else that can or will be done….and just as certainly, there is no rescue ship coming…

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  16. @ IP – it appears that the elected Thanet South representative Craig MacKinley “owned a website to help foreign nationals claim welfare benefits – despite his party (UKIP) pressing for stiffer controls”. Having failed as a UKIP candidate on several occasions, he then switched parties – a defector in other words, or perhaps ‘opportunist’ is a better description. Looking at his photo (below) strangely brings to mind J. Archer.


  17. “France in flames” is not a good look for the Remaindeers, hence the helpful and complaint media blackout in the UK.
    You have to follow French dissident websites to have a clue how massive it is, as well as how massive dislike of the EU has become, if you just listened to the UK media you would think France is a Europhile Disneyland.


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