Stop being politically correct, and start being culturally observant

mesnipThis post is going to upset a lot of people, brand me an agent of hate, and suggest to some that I’m a stereotyping bigot. I can only counter that by saying the pc ideology is one that encourages denialism, and discourages the human brain from using the evidence of it own eyes….evidence gained from observing behaviour in the present, and reading about the history of such behaviour in the past. I don’t hate anyone, but I do distrust those cultural élites who display the same neuroses over and over again. Better, it seems to me, to annoy denialists than ignore danger. Stereotypes are indeed the stuff of bigotry: carefully observed achetypes aren’t.

More than three decades in the advertising business taught me that, when clients tell you they want to “think outside the box”, it’s a sure sign they can’t think for themselves, have little idea what the box is, and no idea what might lie outside it.

When one draws comparisons between the EU federalist and Nazi Europeänische goals, EC trolls will swarm about one’s head saying such a parallel “is risible”. This in turn is a sure sign that one is right. Especially the use of ‘risible’: the word rarely varies.

The ends – and increasingly, the means – are of course identical. Kraft durch Freude (the Nazi workers’ package holiday organisation) promoted the idea of getting joy from united strength. In turn, once German package holidays had been replaced by large scale Wehrmacht Panzer attacks, the Nazis had little or no trouble in recruiting other European nationalities to the idea of a bulwark against Jewish conspiracies like banker finance and Bolshevism. At one point on the Russian Front, 37% of all regiments were Condor League foreign volunteers.

I remember well a former adland colleague (who’d been fired by every major agency in town) breezing effortlessly into a Brussels job about thirty five years ago. On his opening day in the post, his Belgian and French section heads took him to lunch, and during this my former chum asked what his job was. Back came this answer:

“Oh, but that’s easy: your mission is to keep the Germans distracted by tons of work, and play on their war guilt. This is the key to peace in Europe”.

EMU lobbying and the launch of the euro buggered this model. For Berlin, it was an effective devaluation, and added to their natural nose for export quality and ingenuity.  Since 2008-9, the Germans – and lickspittles like Diejesslbeom – have been calling the shots.
Everything has become a quest for the uniform, the rigid, the ideological, the undemocratic, the inhuman, the perfect. Deutschland is indeed über alles….because it oversees everything aiming for alles in Ordnung and alles Klar.

As Mark Twain said, “History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme”. What happened in Greece between 1941-44 rhymes rather well with the rape of 2012-16. But neurotic German Kultur never learns: those who don’t buy into their value system are Untermenschen, and so the Germans must impose Fiskalunion. Even today, very few Germans really grasp why they can’t get service in the Tavernas of Greece. The reality of East European fears about Islam is miles off their radar. And the Americans are every bit as bad: the Poles are just dumb Slavs, Putin is an evil barbarian, and Orban a tinpot fascist.
Very late in life I have become a pacifist. 45 million people died in the last bit of unpleasantness, and all we have as a result of it is a nursery rhyme: the unelected owners of deaf ears strutting about, the compulsion for conformity, the demonisation of Russia, the pathetic Bulldog fantasies of Cameron, the commercial imperialism of the US élites, and the accelerating death sentence being passed upon liberty and democracy.

Fine, the units are corporate not sovereign, and the power techno-financial rather than politically military. But the rhyme is as clear and ineluctably lowbrow as Moon and June.

It’s not that we’re useless as a species. It’s that the majority seems incapable of learning the endlessly taught lesson: doing nothing is the only alchemy capable of transmuting freedom into slavery.
Take a minute or two out, and think about the nature and motives of those in the EU helping to drive the world into megablocs destined to confront each other.
Imagine having a UK Prime Minister whose father spied for the Stasi, and was herself an East German Communist Youth Leader; a Chancellor of the Exchequer who used to run MI6 and knows nothing of economics; a Bank of England Governor guilty of several offences of using his position to destabilise democracy elsewhere; a Minister of Defence busy building an army without any citizen mandate; a Trade Minister with carte blanche to sign a trade agreement stifling entrepreneurial capitalism; plus a President determined to ban all Right Wing political parties…and be inebriate by 11 am every day.
That’s not hard, you say: we already have David Cameron, George Osborne, Mark Carney, Michael Fallon, Sajid Javid, and Theresa May.
Fine: and you think it would be progress to keep these hobgoblins….while adding Angela Merkel, Wolfgang Schäuble, Mario Draghi, Federica Mogherini, Jeroan Dijesslebleom and Jean-Claude Juncker to the hubble-bubble of toil and trouble?
I’ve written this before, but it bears repetition: vote to escape from a cack-handed attempt to enforce European cultural iniformity, and you can ensure most if not all of these ruthless idiots will either lose their jobs, or drown in a morass of insane federalism driven by doomed fiat paper.
Why am I even wasting my time encouraging the obvious? Search me squire…I ask myself the same question at least once every day.

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40 thoughts on “Stop being politically correct, and start being culturally observant

  1. I repeat…….
    Partysan Partyplan
    May 30, 2016 at 8:40 pm

    Political Correctness is the perfect Divide and Rule Tool. When this strategy of the elites has been trampled on, the people will come together in thought and then actions.
    We are experiencing the implementation of a preconceived masterplan similar in scale to Nazi Totalitarianism.

    There will be consequences that end in tears….


  2. PC is Cultural Marxism from the Frankfurt School.

    i recently reexamined this 1967 series: Go to 15:00 and see direct reference to the New World Order.

    God I now hate living in Germany. I might as well move to Portmeirion.

    isn’t there that Eagles lyric “We are all just prisoners here of our own device”.


  3. @Jeremy Stocks; They also said, ‘They stab it with their steely knives but they still can’t kill the beast’, although, to be fair, I think they were referring to one of Gideon’s favourite recreational habits…heyho!


  4. Brexit campaign will win, says academic who correctly predicted Scottish Referendum

    ONE of Britain’s leading experts on referendums says that the Brexit campaign is on course for victory based on a detailed analysis of historic polls across Europe.

    Haha, we might win the vote but, we certainly won’t win the day, said Obama and the CIA.


  5. The fact you started this piece with “This post is going to upset a lot of people, brand me an agent of hate, and suggest to some that I’m a stereotyping bigot” It is testament to the power of the propaganda. I’d wager you’ll be upsetting nobody normal. Those who fake offense also have their grubby little hands on the megaphone and use this power to broadcast their own deviant message and portray it in the guise of some form of popularity. They can go to hell.

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  6. Wulfric – well said. At least it will be easy to identify the pudden-heads when they open their mouths wide and display little beyond a waggling uvula and a blast of bad breath.

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  7. “Those who fake offense also have their grubby little hands on the megaphone and use this power to broadcast their own deviant message and portray it in the guise of some form of popularity. They can go to hell.”

    That’s practically the scraggy haired weirdoes at the Graun nowadays. How it has sunk.

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  8. Fabulous. Fabulous. What a writer you are, John, I was hanging on every word. I pray the British People do have the GUTS to vote out and I hope by doing so every other European country’s People do the same. This ghastly version EU – that we NEVER voted for – has turned into something from the deep, it has gotten too big, too unwieldy, too greedy, too dark, too secret. It’s like Jonah and the whale. I’m Brexiting come what may because surely being out couldn’t be any worse than what the future holds in store for us being in.

    Besides, we weren’t called “Great” Britain for nothing and we have been quite successful, thank you, for centuries longer than the piddly 40 odd years we’ve been a cog in the EU’s wheel. I curse David Cameron and George Osborne for making the British People feel they are somehow too stupid to go it alone and pray to God they see through the ruse.


  9. Strange then that neither the Greeks nor any other nation have chosen to leave the EU.
    And it’s always a sign of desperation when the Second World War has to be invoked against Germany, which has behaved in a largely exemplary manner for 70 years.
    I’d much rather have Germany as an ally than the US, which still operates air bases on UK soil, despite the fact none of us ever voted for them, and orders us into war via poodle prime ministers like Blair and Cameron.

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  10. PS: Quite a few moons ago I passed the
    “Oxford University Use of The English Language Examination” and I had to look up “ineluctably”.

    Thank you for the opportunity. ☺x


  11. John I have decided : one can polish a turd a couple of examples , Kamoron and Geo the draper.
    The system they were put through must have tech know-how far better than fritz!


  12. John ……..My wife well pleased with her self for being ahead of the curve ..The guy with the spoons I think it was..the decider.


  13. Tom
    Your provocative conversation exemplifies your ignorance which most will continue to ignore.
    Let’s hope that the development of the eu does not allow division to the extent that you may have to go into exile or hiding, because I wouldn’t rule it out.


  14. I’m being ‘culturally observant’ by asking who is that whistling twat called TOM ?
    Please can he go away and lose someone else’s argument.


  15. Powerful John. A railgun within each finger, hovering over a keyboard.

    I keep checking back to see your take on Trump’s ‘idea’ concerning the US debt: Simply print up $19 billion.

    What does Jizzlevroom say about it?


  16. @Jeremy Stocks, as far as I remember we had two/three alternative endings to process at Denham Labs. One was a redherring to confuse the Press who were offering good money for the story. The other two endings, one of which resulted in Number 6 being brown bread, were eventually merged into an episode with the infamous “Dry Bones” simply because Pat McG as writer and director had lost (literally) the plot. Quite a few editors were called in to give an impression of closure, but nothing worked. I think it went for 16-17 episodes, but the plot line was laid out for two series – 26 episodes. Its’s possible that Lew Grade cut off the finance too soon.

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  17. I’m reminded of the Nazi influence at the beginnings of the EU. How could ex-Nazi lawyer Walter Hallstein become the first President of the European Commission? And how could convicted war criminal Fritz Ter Meer become so influential?
    This is very informative:

    At the same time I wish Britain would reduce its military involvement with the U.S. I mean, look at this:


  18. This reply to a post is going to upset a lot of people. I believe cliches and stereotypes became what they are because they contain a grain of truth.

    I used to be a happy go lucky chap who believed more in c*ck up than conspiracy but in recent years led by observation and I believe common sense I have come to believe that the world wars of the 20th century and the many wars of the 21st Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Ukraine have their origins in the conspiracy of banker finance.

    PC is an assault on western values promoted by Gramsci and the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxists.

    You might ask how these two could co-exist but just look at the leading actors.

    Whatever, we have a common cause, freedom, democracy and above all the rule of English Common law. That is Brexit!

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  19. @Waldgaenger

    Couldn’t agree more. As Smedley-Butler informed us, all wars are banker wars. Identity politics and PC are the weapons of choice of those that divide to conquer, and stifle the ability of the rational to speak up against the exploitation and monopolisation of the public sphere by special interest groups. I don’t give the proverbial monkey’s which particular group is wielding the PC mallet, but whenever I am told ‘You can’t say that’, or I am informed that certain statements of fact are beyond the civilised pale, I become certain that important truths are being concealed. Ad hominems and the demonisation of open discussion are the hallmark of those attempting to prevent the true nature of their actions from scrutiny. This is a touchstone whether the subject is the LGBTQQ…etc. agenda, child abuse and trafficking by Rotherham taxi drivers, elite paedophilia, the real story behind 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, the USS Liberty or even the allegations contained in Benjamin Freedman’s 1961 speech. I remain proud to be an NVE. and I will wear the tee-shirt when someone produces it.


  20. @bagerap Interesting. If you ask me Pat McG and his friend Leo McKern through their establishment contacts, may have had access to freemasonic rituals and perhaps some of the 60s trendy occult stuff. I think the last ep is telling as I see a kind of parody of a masonic ritual in the courtroom drama.


  21. @Canexpat and @Waldgaenger Can you ever remember the passionate atmosphere in parliament in the early 1990s when they were debating Europe and we were all convinced more EU was good? None of us understood it but I think the protagonists were all in on the NWO circuit and blackmailed into following it.


  22. assuming we leave and its a big assumption,what will the politicians do? Will they drag out for years our exit,water down the leaving,to effectively have the same deal? Will we see politicians with guts robustly changing things or just a “cameron deal” Mk 2? What will brexit look like?


  23. The open ones eyes amd observe what is happening economically, politically, the lot. For too long people have beleived politicians … starts off as only a small lie … then it grows so a bigger and bigger lie and still the dumb people believe.

    Economy is doing really good isn’t it? Well that’s what they tell you.
    Immigration is so good for you culturally? Well when your children vanish through the flood of migrants and “that includes all those children of settled migrants”.
    Militarily lets regime change everyone we don’t like to remove terrorists! Ha you mean create the chaotic world where the chances of meeting somebody with an axe to grind increases.

    Now you got the new president of the Philippines stating he is going to assassinate corrupt journalists in a corrupt ridden democracy. Slipping into tyranny more like … all backed by the usual suspects.

    Each day the world gets more hideously deformed from believing the corrupt politicians all back by the elite who look to put an independent in now to stand against Trump totally making a nonsense of the whol concept of Democracy. On the 23rd June if the UK votes BREXIT you will be voting again real soon to correct your mistake as decreed by elites.


  24. If you could persuade people en masse that their gender is more important than their humanity, and that the playground activity of ‘naming and shaming’ is socially constructive, you could just as easily persuade them to sell you their souls. To do this you would need Feminism, Political Correctness, and the ability to produce ‘money’ out of thin air.

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  25. Yet Trump in his campaign to date has exemplified the Electoral system in its service of Democracy for the people, otherwise he wouldn’t be where he now is.


  26. @Hiero

    And to gender may be added sexual preference, genetic make-up, remembered deeds done to one’s ancestors by the ancestors of ‘others’ in society. I remember my dismay at being told by an earnest ex-pat here, (who was married to a West Indian), that the interests of black Canadians could never be represented by a white politician. When I questioned this as being antithetical to the concept of democracy given that this suggests that ‘race’ overrides all other criteria, a fellow guest at the party happily informed me that neither of his immigrant (Italian) parents would ever support a candidate who did not have an Italian name. At that point I realised that the concept of multiculturalism has doomed democracy to a Balkanised ‘Me first cause I’m special’ farce, and that any cohesive opposition to our psychopathic elites is impossible in such a society.

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  27. Canexpat

    Yes, indeed, I was bearing in mind those other forms of entrapment but hoped they would be implicit. Prescribed thinking is a most brutal and dangerous weapon, no matter the objective.


  28. @Hiero

    I apologise, I was aware that you were using gender as an example of the other forms of identity, but having been subjected to several hours of LGBTQQ… indoctrination over the past couple of weeks I have found that the more examples one cites, the more apparent the overall gameplan can become to those who are blind to it. Personally, I don’t give a fig what someone decides to do with their genitals as long as both parties consent, and one may believe oneself to be an alien from the planet Zanussian if it makes one happy, but I do object to the unceasing demand for attention, even to the extent of publically-funded ‘consultants’ who must describe in detail the delicate shades of each important letter in the ever-lengthening acronym. At one particular session last week I felt that I must be in the middle of a Monty Python sketch. Having defined each of the acronym’s letters, we were informed, (and somehow the consultant kept a straight face), that (one of) the ‘Q’s stood for ‘Queer’ and was for those that didn’t want to be pigeon-holed by being placed with any other letter. The bizarre thing was, our collective politeness left the consultant with the impression that we were on board with the ridiculous theatre of the absurd. Divide and conquer is so transparent once it is perceived.


  29. @ Tom .. cmon they closed off money to Greece for 2 days last year threatening proper chaos and anarchy . The Greeks got scared and backed down sadly . They are no longer in by choice . The UK DOES have a choice .


  30. @Canexpat & Heiro. I recently caught some of a BBC radio4 documentary about non binary people (the queers Canexpat mentions). At first I thought it was a spoof – you musn’t use personal pronouns denoting gender when adressing them, you must use they or them. Some of the youg folks parents went along with this and the mangling of grammar made following their remarks difficult if not risable. It gets better though as it appears that there is in-fighting between the transgenders and feminists and the non-binaries. Just when transgender was becoming fashinable along come the non-binaries to steal all the attention.

    When the host of the show asked if women with young daughters who object to grown men (not transgenders) using the womens public lavatories one of the “gender-queers” said they should really be questioning the “patriarchy”.

    I was in stitches by the end you couldn’t make this stuff up. I am eagerly awaiting what new victimhood they invent next.


  31. “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”
    ― Theodore Dalrymple


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