Read reason #177 for Brexit…and study the entire set in one place


Split the Tories and banish the Sprouts

mesnipLast February 22nd, I predicted in a Slogpost that the Brexit debate would produce a Conservative PP outcome as follows: ‘a pretty unedifying bunfight..a Party split down the middle about EU membership’. So it has proved. I’m delighted about this: not to be proved right, or out of Socialist sympathies (I’ve never had many) but for purely constitutional reasons. If there are two things the United Kingdon needs now, it is to get the unelected Brussels clique off our backs, and the unrepresentative Whiteminster gang squabbling among themselves. These two eventualities will do more to restore real, devolved liberty and democracy in Britain than anything else likely to come along in the next twenty years.

This is not to suggest that my enthusiasm for Brexit is purely tactical. Far from it: living as I do in the eurozone, Brexit would probably involve me in a lot of personal inconvenience. But right from the outset, I have believed that most of those keen to Leave are voting on the bases of self-determination and a dislike of illiberal bullies sympathetic to corporatist global ideals; whereas those in the Remaindeer herd are either the usual naive Left hopefuls, or those who only ever vote in favour of their own convenience.

That Camerlot and Camerlot-friendly media have appealed at a level entirely down on all fours with Essex white van man and Clio woman is clear for any and all to see. Today’s scare headlines alone demonstrate it with devastating clarity:







Hold it up to the light….not a principle in sight. It is the politics of convenience, smear and wallet: passports, border controls, cheap flights, Little Englander nutcases, tax bills and the trade deficit. We must all keep the practical realities of life in mind…but not to the fore, and at the exclusion of higher values.

Ten months ago, The Slog set out to come up with 100 sound, reasoned and verified facts about why, as I put it at the time:


This is not a huge, million-readers blog: I reasoned that I might reach 100, but what the hell – it would be there as a testimony to something or other. In fact, the total reached 100 by last October. Today it stands at 177. Show me one Remain site on the planet that can offer anything close to 100 reasons to stay in the EU….and by ‘reasons’, I mean likely-to-probable outcomes of moral, democratic, ethical, libertarian, economic and fiscal relevance based on history and fact – not barmy scare stories about Europe blockading our island.

As of Wednesday, we will all have a little over three weeks to mull this, the biggest decision in at least a generation, about our future direction. I spent some time this morning updating and de-duping the dedicated page here. The link to it is at the end of this post.

“Escaping the EU disaster is not an option, it’s obligatory,” I said at the time. The obvious nature of that assertion is far more apparent now than it was in the summer of 2015. Vote to Leave the past behind. Vote for a future of entrepreneurial balls, not multinational serfdom.

Freshly Updated: all 177 reasons to vote LeaveEU

36 thoughts on “Read reason #177 for Brexit…and study the entire set in one place

  1. Another very good reason for Brexit, gleaned from elsewhere…….

    The President of the unelected executive arm of the European Union
    (EU) has vowed to block all right wing populists from power across the
    continent, shortly after acquiring the power to exert “far-reaching
    sanctions” on elected governments.

    Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission,
    promised to exclude Norbert Hofer, the leader of Austria’s Freedom Party
    (FPÖ), from all EU decision-making if elected ahead of yesterday’s
    presidential vote.

    “There will be no debate or dialogue with the far-right,” the liberal bureaucrat told AFP.

    The Commission can now trigger a “rule of law mechanism” (Article 7 TEU) against nations it perceives as deviating from “the common constitutional traditions of all Member States.” Ultimately, “far-reaching sanctions” can be exerted, and a country can be stripped of all voting rights in the EU and have funding blocked.

    So soon the parties to vote for will be selected for us by an unelected bureaucrat, oh the democracy.

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  2. This caught my eye today…
    ‘ That is why the French Revolution, Marx, Lenin, and Pol Pot concluded that change was impossible unless the elites were exterminated.’

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  3. Wiggla. “Ultimately” it is to be a totalitarian hellhole and those who dissent will be euthanised – under the guise of ‘caring health care’.

    Shamefully, there will be no Brexit permitted, under any circumstances.

    The brainwashing of ‘the stupid ones’ has achieved its objective, and the die is cast.

    The only remaining question is whether or not there is to be resistance, whatever the cost ….. or, a harsh nuclear winter which hopefully will not discriminate ……..


  4. @wiggia

    By refusing to debate / discuss or acknowledge those who are voting on the other side need to delcare independence from the ruling elite who refuse to acknowledge their existence.

    Now you see where the civil war has to come from, to regain a voice.

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  5. @KFC1404

    Agree they do it to themselves too…

    Think figuring out the NATO / EU / US gameplay st the moment … your stomach may turn at the end, if it does then a high probabiltiy between your mind and your stomach.

    So first a tip for Putin with the opening up of the western front by NATO aka the US. Invites with no preference China, Iran, North Korea to military exercises along that border 365 days of the year until such time as the newly deployed missile defence system is removed. A NEUTRALISATION BUT OBVIOUS YES?

    Does anybody believe Putin was going to launch missiles? If so how did you come to that decision? WRONG!

    This ploy is to neutralise a response from Putin although he is being made out to be an aggressor…

    Gut feeling LETS SAY IMMINENT is the Middle East is going to blow soon , Saudi and Turkey to carve up Syria for the west following the links and puppet states NATO = EU = WEST = US. At that point neutralising Putin becomes necessary.

    Want to have some fun … ask China to send some troops into Syria instead much more effective than on the western front.

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  6. One of my earliest fears about this anti-democratic covert system of government was what would stop a clique of fascists stealthily gaining power, whilst the slumbering masses were focussed on their day-to-day lives.

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  7. @alexei;’ what would stop a clique of fascists stealthily gaining power, whilst the slumbering masses were focussed on their day-to-day lives.’
    I think you have answered your own question because, as we can see, nothing has stopped them.
    Television; Weapon of Mass Distraction. And hasn’t it been highly effective?

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  8. Alexei,

    are you talking about the British government by any chance?

    Of the European Union, an organization thrust on Europe by a government as lacking in democratic credentials as the UK’s own?

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  9. @kfc –
    I thought my views were well enough known to realise my question was rhetorical! I did say my “earliest fears” and though such a situation is obvious (to some of us) today, it wasn’t nearly so blatant some 30 years ago.

    @Gemma – “Of (or?) the European Union, an organization thrust on Europe by a government as lacking in democratic credentials as the UK’s own?”
    I’d suggest a slight difference between the EU “government” and the UK’s is that the British electorate actually get to choose who they THINK make the rules and can sack them every 5 years. That they continue to choose a bunch of dopes and dupes is possibly a reflection of the combination of an unfair system (FPTP), their own unfounded hopes, or mental laziness, and the duplicity of some of the candidates. At least most Brits know the names of some of those ‘governing’ them – ask anyone in a British street the name of their MEP or any of the EU Commissioners and I expect they’ll look at you blankly.

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  10. But of course the EU is not a ‘disaster’ to most people. That’s why the majority will vote Remain and why the Brexit campaign has been so consistently off-beam.
    The EU is only a disaster for right-wing Tories and their foreign backers, as well as their fellow travellers in the foreign-owned media. It’s a disaster for the war-mongering American establishment who don’t want peace in the Middle East – or peace with anyone at all – and want the world fighting among themselves rather than uniting.
    Let’s get them off our backs before we start worrying about the EU.


  11. Dylan Thomas, when asked what he thought of Welsh Nationalism, replied in three words, two of which were ‘Welsh Nationalism’ … I feel similarly inspired about the EU. I hope this makes my position clear to the Tory pond-life who probably keep a wary eye on JW’s site – it also applies to the Tory Party, incidentally.


  12. Alexei
    when you say… “At least most Brits know the names of some of those ‘governing’ them” – do they know the names of the high-ranking bankers who pull the strings attached to Cameron’s hands and mouth?

    … you did put governing in quotes, after all.

    Knowing who Cameron is, is as useless as knowing who kaaskop Jean-Claude Juncker is… neither have any real power because the power lies with those who stand behind them.

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  13. Tom,

    The EU is a disaster for ‘most people’ because numerically most people are those whose potential jobs are being taken by EU immigrants happy to work their nuts off for small wages and poor conditions because, ‘back home’, their wages would be less than a quarter and their conditions non-existant.
    The ‘most people’ are those wanting a decent home, bought or rented, but find that they are competing with millions of others, forcing up prices beyond affordable levels and claiming precedence for social housing.
    The ‘most people’ want their kids to get into a good neighbourhood school, but there’s no places because they have already been filled by the mass-breeding of the immigrants, with even more to come, where valuable learning time is spent introducing them to a language not used at home, leaving the Brit kids to play quietly in the corner.
    The ‘most people’ want the NHS to be there for them when they need it but, from the GPs to the dentists to the hospitals, the whole service is overloaded be demand from those who have never paid a penny towards it and probably never will, but will quickly ship in their sisters and their cousins and their aunts to use it whenever they want to because it’s all free, unlike ‘back home’.
    The ‘most people’ want to be able to get rid of those who govern them if they think others would do a better job, a disposal facility not available to ‘most people’ with regard to the Brussels Mafia.
    The ‘most people’ want their laws to be made by the people they have chosen, not to have laws imposed on them by people they have no right to select or reject.
    Britain is made up of that ‘most people’, not the tiny minority of privileged you seem to identify – we just hope the ‘most people’ resist the blanket propaganda, turn out on June 23rd and vote Leave to recover this country for most of its people.


  14. Political Correctness is the perfect Divide and Rule Tool. When this strategy of the elites has been trampled on, the people will come together in thought and then actions.
    We are experiencing the implementation of a preconceived masterplan similar in scale to Nazi Totalitarianism.


  15. On June 23 we will discover just how much the insidious, pushed by the invidious, appeals to the credulous. Bremain will not save the EU, and it sure as sh*t won’t save the UK.

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  16. @Tom

    “The EU is only a disaster for right-wing Tories and their foreign backers, as well as their fellow travellers in the foreign-owned media. It’s a disaster for the war-mongering American establishment who don’t want peace in the Middle East – or peace with anyone at all – and want the world fighting among themselves rather than uniting.”

    While I might agree that certain EU regulations have impeded some of the more blatant neoliberal aspirations of the Atlantists such as Liam Fox, the U.S. establishment has made it clear that the U.K. must continue to be their trojan horse in Europe. De Gaulle understood very well the consequences of allowing the usurers and financial con-men of the Square Mile into the social democratic polity of mainland Europe and always opposed Britain’s entry. Gladio got busy bringing about his removal. The fact that the EU is itself a U.S. project, (as revealed by the declassified CIA documents mentioned by Ambrose Pritchard 16 years ago ), would suggest that the State Department have every interest in keeping the EU together. Most of Western Europe has been under U.S. occupation since 1945, a fact that the German people became aware of only after the revelations of Udo Ulfkotte and the Snowden exposure of the N.S.A. interception of Merkel’s communications. As P.C.R. frequently points out, control of one central unelected entity is much easier to accomplish than control of multiple sovereign states.

    Quite how the plundered people of Greece have benefitted from an EU that appears to serve only U.S. banks is quite a mystery.


  17. @PP

    Political Correctness is the Newspeak envisioned by the great Eric Arthur Blair. Identity politics has been the preferred tool of our elites for the last 30 years and works hand in glove with P.C. to stifle dissent. Pilger writes very well on this particular chancre on the disenfranchised and betrayed electorates of Western ‘democracies’. The following is an extract from a recent article:

    “This power to create a new “reality” has building for a long time. Forty-five years ago, a book entitled The Greening of America caused a sensation. On the cover were these words: “There is a revolution coming. It will not be like revolutions of the past. It will originate with the individual.”

    I was a correspondent in the United States at the time and recall the overnight elevation to guru status of the author, a young Yale academic, Charles Reich. His message was that truth-telling and political action had failed and only “culture” and introspection could change the world.

    Within a few years, driven by the forces of profit, the cult of “me-ism” had all but overwhelmed our sense of acting together, our sense of social justice and internationalism. Class, gender and race were separated. The personal was the political, and the media was the message.”


  18. Apologies for the length of this, but this is a comment from Zerohedge from a commenter called ‘eforce’. It is worth reading, although I am completely ignorant of the legal niceties he cites. I will however be signing the petition.

    “All Brits need to read this, vote in or out, we will be kept in…

    “The machinery to keep the UK as part of the EU was decided long before the referendum was announced.

    The referendum is just a safety valve to placate those citizens upset by the way they have little say in how their affairs are decided. It’s a bit like last year’s Magna Carta celebrations. Yes there was a party and much pomp and pagentry but the media was not allowed to discuss the substance of Magna Carta. Any mention of habeus corpus; the power given under Magna Carta to order the government to produce a prisoner and then justify in open court why the prisoner was being detained, had been silently discarded by the government and Ministry of Justice. There was very little discussion of this because of the censorship and the celebrations which diverted the public’s mind away from the real importance of Magna Carta.

    They are able to do this by the clerks in the high court referring all such complaints to the administrative side of the courts.

    Here an understanding of how the courts work is necessary.

    At a time which is not certain, because I doubt that it was recorded, but I guess about ten years ago, one could go to the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand and lay a complaint at common law that someone had caused you harm or loss. There would be no charge to lay such a complaint, neither would there be any court costs because as Magna Carta dictates – justice should be free and available to all.

    About that time Lord Levenson introduced his Guide to the Queens Bench.


    In this he describes the three different catagories of Queens Bench but omits the fourth, the common law court of record. Who knows precisely why he did that; but a fair guess is that any one UK resident could make a complaint at common law that his prime minister had caused him harm by giving away his sovereignty. The judge in a common law court goes on his oath of office. If he does not follow precedent he can be sued. In all other courts although the man with a sheeps wool wig (Wolf in sheep’s clothing?) is called a judge in law he is not a judge. He is just a clerk working for the company known as the ministry of justice. This is why they are called administrative courts which conduct the business of the court. These pretend judges cannot be sued because the rules of the business, a statute also called an act with exactly the same meaning as a stage act, created by parliament, has given these clerks a protected status. This means that they do not have to follow the rules of law that the rest of the population have to do. You might now understand why some very strange decisions are made by these pretend judges.

    One persistent man was able to get past the Clerks at Royal Courts of Justice but when he tried to present his case at common law, the judge said he had no jurisdiction because he refused to go on his oath of office.

    You might now be wondering what this has to do with the referendum. It’s because Cameron has already stated that he will use the Lisbon treaty to leave the EU if the vote is to leave. Bear in mind that when in opposition, Cameron rubbished the Lisbon treaty. He knows that it was designed by unelected bureaucrats to make it difficult for any country to leave and anyway is subject to qualified majority voting.

    After June the 23rd and we vote to exit the EU, the population will breathe a sigh of relief that it’s all over and leave it to the politicians to get on with it; after all isn’t that what we pay them for.?.

    This is where Cameron and Osborne are correct. All parties agree that it will take at least two years of negotiations during which time the uncertainty will cause the predicted depression in the economy. This will reverse most of the opinions of the leave group who will change their mind and agree to stay in.

    During which time Parliament will vote through the bill which is waiting in the wings, having already been debated and just waiting to be signed into law.

    link… (remove the word link)

    Act not reported in the media removes from the Queen the duty to veto a bill that is against her subject’s sovereignty.

    You might be puzzling and wonder what this has to do with Parliament’s duty to act in the public’s interest. Wonder no more.

    Before 1972 when Prime Minister Edward Heath signed the Treaty of Rome for us to join the common market, now the EU. he asked the top law officer at the time the legal implications of signing the treaty. This man, the Lord Chancellor Lord Kilmuir described our constitution evolving from Magna Carta and even before, and wrote that giving away our sovereignty to another state would be illegal. Heath still signed it and misled parliament by stating that there was no loss of sovereignty. Before he died he admitted his conduct in his memoirs.

    Here an understanding of the international law of treaties will help you see what the government’s problem is and what is really is motivating them. Any treaty where fraud or deception is used is immediately null and void. So since 1972 when more illegal treaties have been signed the government has kept this fact from you. The letter was hidden under the thirty year rule but was prized from the archives by an activist. Then the government machine was cranked up to block any move to expose the subject to the public. The media know of the letter but dare not discuss it. The eurosceptic politicians know of the letter but will not admit in public to it’s existence. So you have the British public in a state of confusion with all the lying statistics from both sides of the Brexit argument. Don’t you think that their minds would be clarified if they knew that we had joined the EU by power mad controllers who lied to them?

    There is one silver lining to this cloud. The government’s censorship must have been so good that the parliament petitions committee did not realise the significance of a petition presented to them =

    “We require Lord Kilmuir’s letter to Edward Heath be debated in parliament”. The letter can be read from a link on this site.

    If this petition gets to 10,000 before 23rd June, the government has to comment on it. This should release those previously censored as the letter’s existence would be acknowledged on a government’s own site.

    The problem is that the petition has such a boring and obscure title and more importantly even the so called alternative media with the notable exception of Don Hank and Rodney Atkinson whose site “Freenations” promotes it. Rodney Atkinson was the man who together with Norris McWhirter took John Major, Francis Maude and Douglas Hurd to court for Misprison of treason for signing the Maastricht Treaty. The attorney general then took it over and said there was no case to answer; presumably when not being on his oath of office.

    So dear reader, if you live in the UK, please sign the petition and get everyone you know to sign it.

    Think about it; if you are caught doing something wrong you have to stop doing it. Get this letter’s contents into the public domain and you can then demand that the treaties be declared null and void so that the laws that gave away our sovereignty back to 1972 would revert back to the position pertaining in 1972.

    Follow the thought through and you will realise that our exclusive 12 mile fishing boundary would be returned over night. Alright there might be some stock market jitters but the jitters felt by the other EU countries would cause them to consider what best suits them is for our trading arrangements to remain the same. The European army and other evils we could just walk away without too much trouble. So please do not let these politicians confuse you by their convoluted rhetoric. The matter is clear and simple. The EU treaties are against our laws. We the people need to get this fact out to one and all.”

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  19. When I tried to sign the petition, it responded “you must be a British citizen or a resident of the U,K,” but this website will not apparently accept a British citizen who isn’t also a resident of the UK. When I input my current postcode, “it” reminded me of this and has done so on a number of previous occasions on attempting to sign UK petitions. It clearly believes you should have no voice in British affairs if you don’t actually live in the country, which must also apply to all those Brits living in Europe.


  20. My attempt to sign the “Kilmuir letter” petition has been rejected. As I am a British citizen I have requested an explanation, as the qualification is either “a British Citizen OR a UK resident”.


  21. Incidentally, I used the UK postcode that is registered for my referendum postal vote. It must have been my “orange” e-mail address. I


  22. Canexpat

    You present a very interesting view in that comment you quoted. It was a pleasant experience to have such insightful comments to enjoy – and get my teeth into – with my morning cuppa.

    Firstly, and this is directly pertinent to all the activities, both for and against Brexit: you do not have the information to base a reasonable argument upon.


    Because all the pertinent information is screened (read hidden) by the thirty year act. Britain is voting on today’s Brexit with information dating from 1986! If you’re lucky.

    If this is democracy, I am a duck. Democracy is all about having the information to vote on…

    When, in an earlier comment, you say:

    Most of Western Europe has been under U.S. occupation since 1945, a fact that the German people became aware of only after the revelations of Udo Ulfkotte and the Snowden exposure of the N.S.A.

    To the German this would have been obvious, and I will tell you why: things happened in Germany that were never reported in the press. If they were, it was tangentially and in language that an American censor would not be able to comprehend. Reasoning these things in reverse, which is a gift given to many Germans, what with their outstanding education system, they were able to recognize the hand of the US agencies in controlling their media.

    Needless to say, there is not a shred of evidence for this ;)

    But then, if you can read the German newspapers…

    As a final note, there was a petition set up in the Netherlands to force a non-binding referendum on TTIP. Now, this has to be what is called a ‘Burgerinitiative’ – it must come from the people. In Britain, where the people are used to sitting down watching the footie, they’ll happily hand this kind of thing to their government, who will abuse this right in the manner you describe. The website

    was an immediate success. Within several weeks they had achieved the 100,000 signatures needed for this referendum. That was last October…

    You can imagine there were subdued mentions in the news, which I missed… I read German newspapers… I’m guessing here, but I reckon this is news to any Brexiter on account of their news media being strictly controlled by the Americans.

    Canexpat, thanks again for providing my brain with something to chew on.


  23. gemsypops ??

    listan carfuly….it is not abart nowing ‘information to base a reasonable argument upon.’
    It is abart GUT FEELING. Too much KRAUT and symathisa.

    Try get a job to chew on.


  24. Can anybody buy Johnson a gob-stopper? His parents never gave him any as a child, and he is quite obviously in need of one now.


  25. Gemma

    You go out of your way to attract exactly the kind of attention that you complain about… and then you complain about it. It’s really not very bright… or, perhaps, deep down, it’s what you really want?


  26. Hiero
    <blockquote.You go out of your way to attract exactly the kind of attention that you complain about

    You would never say that to a man – and you can now accuse me of casual sexism, but it remains the truth. There are plenty of comments of a similar nature which are taken in your stride because they are made by men.

    Just look at Johnson’s style of writing to see someone who isn’t very bright… because if he was, he’d have understood the points I was making – instead of making a smell in the room because he’d had a gut reaction.


  27. Gemma

    I make no apology for saying that is complete and utter bollocks; it’s not even worth deconstructing, except to say that gender has nothing to do with it whatsoever.


  28. So, when your argument fails you resort to ad hominem insults. No self-respecting woman would rely on such feeble logic.


  29. I could give you an argument – and did. Your response was “bollocks” – my problem is that self-respecting men rely on this kind of logic because they are unwilling to reason things out for themselves.

    I rest my case.


  30. You were the one to complain about people doing the very things you did yourself! Hoist with your own petard, as the saying has it.

    It’s not looking in the mirror that’ll help here, you won’t be able to see the problem. It really is a man thing.


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