WASPIS: the Reality Cheque’s in the Post



mesnipI really resent being perpetually cast in the role of Job’s-comfort-cum-henpecking-critic, but I’d like if I may to point out just one of the many facsimile “replies” I’ve received – originally sent to Waspi State Pensions victims, and then forwarded to me by the recipients. I have circled and underlined what is a word-for-word recurring phrase:


The phrase is ‘no plans to introduce transitional arrangements’.

I am therefore left wondering which bit of this recurrent mantra the Waspi Executive doesn’t get; and to once again offer the appropriate translation, ‘as far as we’re concerned, you can f**k off and die’.

Please also note that – for all her kissy-kissy drivel on Twitter – the Imelda Marcos of faces ‘Jewels Altmann’ is part of that goggle-eyed refusal to even consider the human element.

Please also note that the Secretary of State Craven Stab considers himself even above letters of reply, leaving such trivial matters to his underlings.

Please also note that junior Tories and Labour/SNP legislators will not be in power for at least four years: and so while I do not doubt that they are sincere campaigners (and none smarter and more hard-headed than Mhairie Black) there is diddly-squat they can do to help the worst cases of destitution who may have starved to death by that time.

Finally, please FFS note that Waspi anthems will simply make these monsters giggle behind their hands, and Twitter-storms merely alienate otherwise supportive tweeters who will tire very soon of having to plough through 300 posts from the same single-issue campaign.

I find it hard to understand why the Waspi Executive continues to engage with Altmann, brag about the growing number of members, and arrange yet more “liaison” sessions in Whiteminster, when the same robotic ‘line’ keeps comong back:

‘no plans to introduce transitional arrangements’

I think the Waspi Big Five have Messrs Cameron, Osborne and Crabb severely confused with three good and true people who give a s**t, frankly. This mistake is, ironically, not dissimilar to the delusional nature of Dodgy Dave and George Nobsore themselves…who imagined from 2012 onwards that they could achieve “genuine reform” in the European Bunion.

They too ignored the signs: an unelected Commission, and unelected Eurogroupe, and an unelected President whose two sole talents appear to be getting pissed and running a blatant tax haven called Luxembourg.

Now they are trying to persuade us that failed DDR Soviet enthusiast Angela Merkel and assassination survivor Wolfgang Schäuble are flexible.

They are not. And the Camerlot crew are equally rigid about living up to promises made to 1950s born British women.

There are only two things the EU and the Treasury/DWP axis understand: brute force and blackmail.

Recep Erdogan grasps this, and uses it in his Hitlerian attempt to become the Great Caliphate running the EU ragged on migration.

The Treasury back-pedalled rapidly from its more psychopathic Budget attacks on welfare for the disabled because both Tory MPs and media made clear their unwillingness to support it. That pressure almost cost the Chancellor has career: and with the Brexit Referendum looming, Osborne had no alternative but to U-turn.

The fate of 3.2 million wannabe female retirees did not even register on the Camerlot radar. It still doesn’t.

Why am I discussing the Waspi campaign in an EU/Brexit Referendum context? Because according to sources, Christopher Grayling (the former Justice Minister) has let it be known over the last 36 hours he is certain that, if Britain remains in the EU, Brussels will be “utterly inflexible” on the issue of EU member migrants having the right to claim ‘commensurate pensions’. That is to say, from the minute they earn a bona fide salary in the UK, they must be given the same rights as UK citizens in relation to the State Pension.

Grayling’s obsession with this issue goes back quite some way. He called a meeting of European ministers to form a coalition against the EU’s demands in July 2012…..but his appeal fell flat on deaf ears owned by fat heads.

Don’t get me wrong: if there is to be a level playing field whereby all EU citizens are entitled to an EU pension – almost like a minimum wage – and the actuarial calculations make sense, then I’d be all for it. I am not trying to start some braindead ‘Hate Foreigners’ snowball rolling here.

But surely those women (overwhelmingly mothers) who contributed massively to the support of male workers in a bygone age by raising their children must come before those who have just arrived….especially as there is no sign whatsoever of a uniform European pension emerging from the slow-moving administrative nightmare that is Brussels?

On that basis, I would’ve thought that Waspis should be, as a matter of principle, in the Brexit camp.

And I see no reason at all why a Wasp-Drive in favour of Brexit should not immediately put the British Establishment under pressure.

It seems to me the message to those bullies who decided to rob “an easy option” called 1950s born women should be this:

‘no plans to introduce transitional arrangements’ = 3.2 million older women voting en bloc for Brexit

This would not represent a cynical power play: if Grayling is to be believed, it would be a way (a) to get some positive short-term action and (b) hopefully help a referendum result following which more sympathetic legislators might be in power.

Let’s face it Waspi Women, you have nothing to lose.

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30 thoughts on “WASPIS: the Reality Cheque’s in the Post

  1. ” …. from the minute they earn a bona fide salary in the UK, they must be given the same rights as UK citizens in relation to the State Pension”
    I believe this has been the case for decades and is reciprocated in France. Having personally worked in France long before Britain joined the EU, I am now in receipt of a French pension but it’s only commensurate with the years worked. The same arrangement has existed in the UK for decades, whereby a French national working in Britain, paying tax and NI, retires back home and draws a British pension for the period worked. The difference between the two countries is that the French person can also claim a spousal allowance from the British even if the French spouse has never worked or contributed to the UK system, whereas in France, pensions are based solely on an individual’s record.

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  2. Was led to believe being a member of the EU we would all end up paying the same for a loaf of bread not going to happen is it? Go ask wheeler dealer dodgy dave, he will charge you double because you are a captive audience of serfs.


  3. Sorry John,I’ve every sympathy, but piss up in a brewery springs to mind …these ladies just cannot get anything together in or out of the workplace.

    WASPI LONDON DEMO – 29th June ( umm, just a week earlier would have been far better)

    The response to Demo date has been absolutely overwhelming – WASPI thank you all for your support and look forward to seeing you on the 29th June!

    Everything is well in hand and discussions with Westminster Palace and Met Police all going extremely well and we are in touch with MPs who are giving 100% support!

    The working party are doing a tremendous job. Organisations and celebs etc. are being researched and approached and progress is being made.

    Schedule for the day:_
    * Gather at Houses of Parliament from 12.00.
    * If you can sing, join the WASPI Choir (up to 200 strong!)
    on the College Green (whether or not you can sing, join in
    the singing from 12.30 onwards)
    * MPs to join us at 12.45
    * Press call at 1.00 (sing your hearts out!)
    * Mass lobby of MPs from 2.00

    We are asking for everybody to dress in black on the day with the purple WASPI sash or t-shirt. This will create a real presence!

    Info re sashes, t-shirts and banners in the WASPI MERCHANDISE FOR LONDON thread further down the page and on our website.

    Just a reminder that WASPI are working closely with local group co-ordinators re organising local events for those of you who cannot attend the Demo. Rest assured that there will be plenty of time to organise things. For those of you who do not have a local group in your area we will be posting suggestions and guidelines here and on our website.

    We are on our way! Please just keep spreading the word and encourage as many people as possible attend.

    Onwards and Upwards!!


  4. Let’s see them all forty thousand in London with their tits out BEFORE the referendum. It’s the only thing that anyone will ACTUALLY NOTICE AND TALK ABOUT. They’ve left it far too little and too late to achieve a win UNLESS THEY GO PARTISAN.

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  5. Marvellous piece JW, thank you.

    It is the growing anger everywhere that concerns me most. People behaving with so little concern, particularly those entrusted with the responsibility to run things for the good of all rather than just themselves and their grasping chums, will eventually come face to face with a rude fist being waved in their chubby little chops. My prayer is that when they turn to their uniformed attack dogs for protection, said enforcers will hold their telescopes to their blind eyes and let matters develop in such a way as to cause the maximum discomfort and greatest dismay to the self-satisfied a***wipes. Said enforcers have families too …

    I think George Carlin spoke for many of us in this link, not just the American people. Why he was described as a comedian escapes me, he was more a biblical prophet, a Twain or a Swift.

    “Forget the politicians. They are irrelevant. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have OWNERS. They OWN you.”

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  6. You may find the spousal contribution record has indeed been wiped away. That’s why so many women here are destitute even if they live to the SPA. They have nothing, litter ally after a lifetime of relying on the rules and laws in place at the time these decisions were made. .

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  7. While I am entirely in agreement, being a WASPI, can I make a couple of observations? Like many my age, I am crippled with arthritis, and other diseases, that make leaving the house near impossible never mind travel nearly 300 miles to London, so the “national demo” is a non-starter for the many like me. Secondly, I really wish more were as motivated as you are in defence of our rights and safeguards. There is a constant sh*t-streak of misogyny running through the cabinet, and they will not listen to our plight, but instead are carefully watching to see how the rest of society reacts. If, as is looking likely, they can keep batting it away, they know that there is now another group to predate on – pensioners. They won’t stop until, as the old saying goes they come for “you”. By then it will be too late.

    So lastly I must say I have no idea why us WASPIs should vote Brexit, or even threaten to. You are strongly in favour of Brexit, but it is not a universal panacea. I therefore am throwing myself into the MPs electoral expense investigations, and hoping that we will soon have a change of government. (Oh and in case you’re wondering why complaining to my Conservative MP to make the same noise as the Tax Credits to force a U-turn, then may I have all the sympathy available please, my MP is none other than Craven Stabb himself. As Sec. of State he is chasing one of his own constituents through the Appeal Courts for yet another Bedroom Tax atrocity. Another first for this government of ar&ewipes. )

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  8. Caratacus raises a very valid point, it’s not just the WASPI campaign and the Brexiteers it is a basic discontent on a much wider basis. The Terry and June model of middle class bliss is dead. People are running like desperate hamsters in their wheels just to provide the basics for themselves and whatever family they’ve managed to spawn if they’re not too worn out to procreate.

    Meanwhile the EU has reached an Ardennes campaign moment, they are assembling every last piece of state of the art policy armour and will roll it over whoever challenges their hegemonic approach to governance. A cornered and desperate opponent is a dangerous one and I for one am beginning to see the 23rd of June as a do or die moment as a remain victory will no doubt attract cynical and spiteful reprisals from Strasbourg.

    One cannot hope but feel sorry for the WASPI women, they have as far as I can see from the discourse been sold down the river by an insouciant and callous government. JW’s strategy is as ever pragmatic and workable. If I could give the WASPI women some basic techniques of resistance I would certainly start with a vote to leave the EU, if the WASPI women voted thus as a contiguous block they would no doubt worry the remain camp.

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  9. Impoverished Psychologist – my parents were fans of Terry and June and when I was back home on leave I would take the unremitting p out of the lifestyle portrayed. Secretly though, I thought that one day it would be me (once I had finished beggaring about soldiering in various parts of the world I now realise I had absolutely no right to be in in the first place) living a genteel life of middle class humdrum. I accepted that the rock of civilisation was a large middle class that supported the rest in one way or another and that I would have to take my place eventually. What I didn’t foresee was a rapacious, money-grubbing, vampirish and insatiable 1% who would never be satisfied until they had everything and the rest could live in crappy poverty as far as they were concerned. This is why the WASPI women, whose cause is beyond dispute, will have absolutely no effect on the governing class … that class will never change what passes for its mind until it perceives some kind of threat to its comfort. So if enough of them state loudly and insistently in the appropriate earoles that unless they ‘hold still and hark sense’ (as they say in these parts) their vote will be for Brexit it may – just – be enough to give them pause.

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  10. imho the WASPI cause has not been professionally managed – a cause that many say had it coming to them after decades of ramping up womens rights to absurd levels – nevertheless, this group of women ( and their ”husbands” if gender correct or applicable) have wasted a tremendously valuable opportunity ( which of course they do not recognise until too late) to stand up to this government’s ( Ian Duncan Smith – the man who claims to have slept walk masterminded the crimes in DWP – with regret, if you believe that) hard nosed and out of touch programme of ” balancing the books” ( aka imbecile housekeeping) which will NEVER happen without inflation that only you and I will be forced to suffer eventually.

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  11. If I might turn John’s arguments around for a moment…

    … isn’t this a case of a government that cannot raise enough money to fund its dealings, mainly because it cannot raise corporation taxes? Or close the various loopholes that allow the rich and powerful to get away with ‘legalized’ tax evasion? The people who have power, that power means money.

    The government, as the weaker party has a problem: if it can’t generate sufficient funds by taxing those who ought pay their fair share, who will have to pay in their stead? The answer is: hit people who cannot hit back. Even if they do demonstrate, the likes of Cameron will be on holiday and the Mainstream Media will tell people that the hundred thousand that did turn up* was only ten… so compounding the depressing, anti-democratic effect…

    With a government as caring as this, with a democracy as feeble, would TTIP make any difference?

    (*Everybody’s allowed to dream, aren’t they?)

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  12. Gemma

    Your comment is, as ever, pragmatic to a fault; a counsel of despair is, without doubt, an easy enough thing to offer in these jaded times, but it butters no parsnips. It strikes me that you and our friend Tom might get along very well together – in fact, with a few additional members, you could form an entire council of despair and never have to look forward!

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  13. I would like to remind some that the slow fall into the mud pit was long and for many they only sore the danger of the mud once it was over their head.we may only now see the mud we are in!but do not despair glimmers of light are still present and humanity can find a way out! it must!

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  14. gemspops

    oi work for the govingment and you must have no idee how many pounds are wastad by this and the before govingment.
    Billions and billions per year. Good horsekeeping starts with expences. Cut cloth to suit, not other way. Govingment does not crate welth it spends it.


  15. What the fakis Varoufakis trying to do by seeking to persuade the UK not to Brexit? He claims that if we Brexit, Eurooe will implode and it will be all our fault!
    He he varouly a varoutable vouanker who can change his coat faster than a Dulux dog…or is that a CIA dog?

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  16. Hiero,

    “you could form an entire council of despair and never have to look forward!” – there are answers and I know most of them.

    It takes courage to look forward, and I know of few men possessed of it. Most of ’em say – and I hear it time and time again – “I’ve been in business for [number] decades and I am waiting for better times. Then the decrease I see year on year in my profits will eventually come to a stop without me having to lift a finger”.

    As I explained to one gentleman this afternoon, it’s as if they’re wooden spoons.

    Johnson It’s well within the capacity of a government to produce wealth through the appropriate investments. The German government did it through their Stadtsanierung program that they rolled out across the states of the former DDR. It is known as trickle up by those in the know, and the Germans showed us how to do it. Britain still believe in the fallacy of “trickle down” which is nothing more and nothing less than making the rich bankers richer.


    You will need to get your brain working to get your head around what the Germans actually did. Because they actually got their banks to pay the government…

    … imagine getting a British bank doing that…. !!!!


  17. I have a feeling that by the time any justice comes our way it will be too late for some and the rest will still be campaigning when they reach their SPA. If I were the government I would play for time until the women dropped dead if poor, and the rich women were not suffering enough to notice the absence of the state pensions. I had an ex copper as a friend and he told me that the only language that the government understands is ”bodies on streets” . My partner said Waspi need to do something to get noticed such as ”Fathers for Justice” so the ”tits out comment” struck a chord. Most of the ideas to get women active have been shot down or just faded away . I started as a lone campaigner back in 2011 and cant understand why the women took so long to start a campaign. It’s far too tame and lacks anything of the robust nature of the suffragette movement. You run the risk of being shot down if you exercise freedom of speech by being critical of the pussy cat approach, ( or keeping the Tories in the ranks happy), or demonstrate freedom of creativity and expression even if you make your own banner that has not been ”approved” by the organisation . It’s really confusing for women like me who have marched and stood on picket lines and stood up to corrupt brutal police and part of Women against pit closures – we know from experience that being ”nice” does not work and there is no evidence through history that being ”nice” worked whether slavery or shoving kids up chimneys or votes for women

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  18. P.S. Thank you for the George Carlin quote – It can be very frustrating trying to convey that politicians are bought and paid for and sponsored by an unelected shadow government who don’t give a sh*t . Hard when you are aware and awake to the evil agendaists being madder and more deranged that they are. That is the nature of psychopathy . I won’t mention Orwell but it would have been very beneficial to anyone heading a campaign to have done a lot of research on how global economics are based on a ‘Rich man’s trick’ and the psychopaths running the show. As George said ”It’s a private club and you ain’t in it” RIP that wonderful man

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  19. This Conservative Government have perpetrated a major social injustice upon particularly 50s born women and also women born in the 60s with the hectic introduction of Pension reform. 2.6 Million women are adversely affected. It has not been a fairly staggered introduction as many never received any notification to enable them to make any financial provision. The latest April reforms will now further penalise the same women and their daughters who have cared for children, debilitated parents and spouses- in other words saved the NHS and the State Billions of pounds in Care Costs. The disadvantaged are primarily women and the lack of publicity surrounding the further reforms and their far reaching financial implications for Millions of women need to be challenged legally as it is discriminatory and breaking a social contract any government enters into. It does not even conform with the European directive which advised a staggered introduction as adopted by other EU nations, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania etc all chose to complete Pension Reform by 2040 to allow a more gentle transition and allow women to prepare and build up the requisite Pension Contributions and make sustainable financial arrangements whilst employable- which the 50s women are not given that employers will not employ staff in their 60s. The 50s women have been victimised by a greedy Chancellor who deliberately chose a vulnerable section of the population to save the Exchequor whilst giving Millions away in Foreign Aid. Does George Osborne not realise that Charity begins at Home? He has effectively consigned thousands of women to penury in their declining years. This social injustice must be fought.


  20. I agree with you Karen. I also campaigned alone in 2011. Ros Altman asked if I’d do a TV slot with her on 2011 Act. ( She has blocked me now on Twitter.) I don’t know why it’s taken so long to get a campaign together. The way things are going the campaign seems doomed to become as effective in changing social policy as Oswaldtwistle Over 60s Caravan Club with yearly tea parties on Parliament Green. They should take a leaf out of the Suffragettes book and do a topless wasps demo. Now that would cause a storm!


  21. I made my own expressive and unique placard for waspi demo dipicting Stephen Crabb as Dick Turpin with highway man attire. ” Crabby’s the name, just call me Dick”. I have been notified by waspi national that it is disrespectful and the use of the placard could result in waspi being shut down. I’ve been marching against injustices for over 4decades. What happened to freedom of speech and expression ? Shall I burn my bra or my little placard that waspi have condemned as offensive showing Crabb as Dick Turpin for fear of bringing death to waspi campaign ? Karen , July 1954, freedom of speech and expression activist


  22. When rank and file in waspi are being gagged what happened to Article 10 of Human Rights Act ” Freedom of Expression” ? “Freedom of Speech ” ?


  23. Women from an ethnic background are seemingly unrepresented in WASPI. Yet they have been victims and lost their pensions if 1950’s born. Is anything being done by the top to redress this imbalance by taking the message out to women of ethnic background eg contacting black press etc and getting an article published ?


  24. As a WASPI woman…who do we contact in the EU as a test case to move things forward so that we are at the top of the list for pensions at 60?


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