Cameron the red-faced Remaindeer

Cameron the red-faced Remaindeer

grew a very lengthy nose,

and if you ever saw him

you could watch it as it grows.

All of the Tory Brexits

sought to give his conk a snip –

Cameron the red-faced Remaindeer

he’d be beaten by UKIP.

So on June the twenty-third

Barack rang to say

“Cameron, things ain’t goin’ your way –

let’s call in the CIA”.

Then when the votes were counted

Cameron got a big face-save.

Cameron the red-faced Remaindeer –

you’ll always be Dodgy Dave.

E J Slog

16 thoughts on “Cameron the red-faced Remaindeer

  1. @JW
    So then, Cameldung,
    You are toast.
    Shame that
    But, then again,
    The EU has always been
    A bit of a bastard.

    EJ WAD (age 6)


  2. So then, EU
    You are dead
    But you have not
    Stopped moving
    But, then again,
    You never will

    EJ CANCICKER (age 56 – born 1960 TOR)


  3. There once was a prick called Cameron
    Who sucked on the teats of mammon
    But he knew it was wrong
    As his nose grew so long
    And now he just eats bread with jam on.

    EJ Thripp (aged 79)


  4. Cameron the brown-nosed remaindeer
    Had a very smelly nose
    And if you ever saw it
    You could see how much it grows
    Then one sunny solstice day
    Brexit came to say
    Cam’ron with your nose so shite
    Won’t you accept defeat tonight?

    EJ WAD

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  5. I don’t know about ‘calling in the CIA’ they’ll be running the show from the off I would have thought, this is far too important to the elite for there to be any mistakes.
    I’ve seen straw polls on Facebook, and those to whom I spoken to and, it would appear to me that the leave camp is way way out in front, not that that will effect the outcome…


  6. He called himself the Prime Minister
    But he was something far more sinister
    A man working for the EU
    With a mission to trick you
    He wears swine in his groin for leisure.


  7. But things are going Cameron’s way. The Brexit campaign has been so unbelievably inept, you’d almost suspect they were deliberately trying to lose it.
    And where is Farage? I remember you saying before the last election, John, that he was an untrustworthy charlatan. I didn’t believe you then, and voted UKIP, but now I’m starting to wonder. Why hasn’t he pulled rank on the deceitful buffoon Johnson, rather than letting him become the de facto head of the Leave campaign?
    No, it’s Remain by a bigger margin with every day of the campaign.


  8. You ever tried to grow a palm tree in England? Let me tell you…it’s no easy task. I hear the best thing to do is buy or conquer an island where they (palm trees) grow easily, clear an area infested with non-managed “scrub brush and wild palm trees” then build a house there, and pay the natives to tend the flower gardens you installed so as to keep the landscaping where you can see the palm trees in the distance.

    I assume that’s kinda what went on in places in based on my reading Nevile Shute’s “A Town Like Alice.”

    Just sayin’.


  9. Said Call Me Dave to Jeremy Hunt,
    “S’no use, I’ll have to be blunt,
    No matter the lighting,
    Your eyes are quite frightening,
    In fact – you’re a bit of a charmless bugger, quite frankly”

    I think the last line needs a bit of work …

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  10. It will be BREMAIN because all the BREXIT so called front people could tear into Cameron but don’t.

    I mean if I can do it how come the BREXIT champions can’t? Sham / fake democracy.

    If you have a game of football you need two teams to hold the competition. Now if you bribe one side it can only be to lose never win because the other side might not see it that way.

    What you must do to fix a win is pay off both sides and tell both sides what the result must be. IT DON’T WORK NO OTHER WAY to be sure of a pre-chosen option.

    So has Farage been paid off? I mean we know Cameron has been paid to sell the nation out but it looks more and more like the fix is in as outlined above.


  11. Tom

    Your forget who controls the narrative. The BBC…and, to a lesser extent, Sky. If you’re not invited on to talk….what do you expect Farage to do?

    When you control the narrative, when you control who speaks and who doesn’t, when you control the interview…..


  12. Tom

    You voted UKIP last year and now intend to vote Remain? Really? Your political convictions appear about as substantial as your logic and your subtly demoralising comments, I smell a rat..


  13. @Heiron re:Tom
    Agreed he’s been plugging remain view for weeks and suddenly hits the road to Damascus… With a twisty turny attitude.

    The selection of vote leave was always the ‘establishment’ choice to crowd out those who don’t tow the establishment line.

    I’m with KFC – all the uncontrolled polling is showing leave massively ahead but the establishment polls are calling it as neck and neck… If it’s close it can be fixed (on the postal element as per Austria)… Leave are going to win but remain will carry the day – IMHO.


  14. GJ

    Notice, also, that he never responds to replies to his comments. Uncle Tom the fifth columnist? Hope you’re wrong about the result, there are a great many sensible people out there who are pretty much at the end of their tether.


  15. It has been decided that Farage is too toxic to too many. I suspect that’s the reason he’s been sidelined. He preaches to the converted and is seen as right wing hence the reason we are seeing cuddly Bojo as defacto leader. Unfortunately he’s a twat but seems to for the main part to get away with the faux pas ‘s . However I agree it sometimes looks like a set up to fail line up and certainly the postal voting fiddling could be the tip the balance to civil unrest if pulled.


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