Stephen Crabb update: Zoominfo company search entry vapourises

Many of you will have seen this entry from my previous blog on Stephen Crabb’s alleged business interests:


It comes from Zoominfo, and this is turning into one of those situations where one is very glad to have kept the page capture.

The entry has been up at Zoominfo for at least 20 days to my certain knowledge – that is, when I first began researching Mr Crabb’s background.

You can see I took the capture while in the ‘profile’ tab. In the ‘companies’ tab it dated the entry at four years ago and ‘active’, but I can’t prove that: here’s why.

After a genuinely worried Slog threader wrote to say she was concerned about the lack of entry at Companies House, I went back to Zinfo to re-establish the facts. The entry was there at 10.30ish CET. At 10.40ish, it wasn’t.

Just fancy that. A company search entry sits there for four years (allegedly) and then disappears within 100 minutes of a blog appearing. What on earth can it all mean?

Obviously, one can generate all kinds of hypotheses. But until I can establish with a degree of certainty what’s happened/happening here, I must regrettably suggest you all think before retweeting the previous Slogpost.

By the way, others still have written to say that there is no record of Stephen Crabb as a director at Companies House. That  is not true: Mr Crabbe has a director listing dating back to 2002, but it is not listed as active.

29 thoughts on “Stephen Crabb update: Zoominfo company search entry vapourises

  1. If it IS a bona fide corporation it still does not answer :

    Why not known to Cos House nor annual accounts filed?

    Who are the other 9 employees and what do they do to generate the stated turnover? ( presumably the 10th/11th are CrabbApple and Mrs C).

    Does the company generate an annual profit or loss– if the latter is this used as an offset against either individual or corporate income to establish a tax loss( spoiler alert ; probably!)


  2. Stephen Crabb Mp is registered as two non-limited companies. One at 20 Upper Market Street, Haverfordwest and one at the House of Commons. Non-limited companies are like sole traders and do not have to be registered at Companies House or file accounts or other returns at Companies House.

    The financial affairs of non-limited companies are not public information.


  3. Are there no decent Tory MPs left?
    Surely, to answer my own question, there MUST be some!
    If there are, then why are they not making any attempt to cleanse the party of this shit? Why are they standing behind, or at least quietly allowing the likes of Cameron, Osborne et al to behave like this unchallenged?
    Can’t they see the damage that is being done daily?
    If all remain silent then we must conclude they ARE all in it together and to a last man/woman need to be held accountable.
    John, and all sloggers, please excuse my language but I am really starting to lose my temper with this filth, and it is so frustrating that it appears we are unable to do anything about it!

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  4. Dear All

    It seems some browsers can still see the Zoominfo entry. If this is the case, can they please capture ALL the entry pages and mail them to me at Many thanks in hope…


  5. I ran my business as a limited company for 20 or so years. To take advantage of the tax and. NI issues i.e. paying yourself a dividend instead of salary to avoid NI and reduce tax you have to be incorporated , a limited company . To comply legally you have to send an annual return to Companies House , you have to produce audited accounts and list directors and company secretary . Sorry to be anal but you can’t duck it and as far as I know , for a small fee you can obtain a copy of the accounts of any limited company and even if the company is not operating but still exists you have to send in annual returns.
    So it has to be there but may be not listed as Stephen Crabb Ltd.


  6. Thanks for all this JW

    Just been on crabby’s website and found this pearler:

    Conservatives have increased the state pension by £800 and are cutting tax on pensions so older people have more security in retirement. ”

    I had to laugh! Is the word ‘hypocrite’ appropriate here? Or simply “pratt”


  7. JW, this is from Crete last September..all anyone needs to know is that it’s about the ordinary man and the politician but it has a power that is more than the sum of its parts


  8. If you want a copy JW or vanishes it now on my NAS complete pages and screenshots.

    Rather amusing the number of people and the value so here is a scam for you and I like how he raves about keeping the unemployment down. Have seen this first hand by a conservative neocon what you do when a company closes down you offer 7-8 people a job.

    Now nobody does nothing for free, especially the neocon so what is the scam?

    Guessing now reckon it last 3 months at most (stand in labor and you get paid their wages for it no catches) and believe but noone will confirm it the company gets bungs from government for taking people on. There is a time limit for it and even my nephew got caught up in it too as it is a nice little number of being paid to keep somebody off the dole. Also have directly seen this operate but really when the nephews case kicked off it highlighted what I was seeing elsewhere.

    Add another scam too, the personal advisor (are these his employees ?) = maybe 9 of them claim for getting people work even if they find the job themselves again nephew did this. Advisor tried to claim it even offered a bribe to let them claim they found the nephew a job!

    Once you have the notional value in a company though, doesn’t matter you do nothing then let the accountant work their magic on making it vanish add in .gov may be paying minimum wages but we do better than that. Zero contract hours people before being blown out and skim the difference.

    The whole system is a scam and TBH the economy like the company may have a value attached it does not mean it does any real work. Hit a decent value and do a Hunt, try and sell it for the value that it shows on the books for doing nothing.

    Nothing new here,the scamming just so blatant now because 90% of the population are sheep too afraid to stand up for anything decent or to busy watching reality TV. Tells them to vote BREMAIN is like being led by the Pied Piper of 10 Downing Street into the sea … the rats drowned do sheep?


  9. @Gemma

    Ty off topic one way but not in another.

    The perfect harmony in the EU just like this conservative neocon Stephen Crabb espouses we BREMAIN.

    If anything it is all connected now there are no divisions between issues they are all merging into one thing. Directly or indirectly economic.

    If you can’t pay pensions it is economic.
    If you have fraudulent politicians and businesses it is economic.
    No work is economic.

    List keeps stacking.


  10. @JLB

    Boosting pensions is about right..

    Slang To steal or rob, especially by shoplifting or pickpocketing.
    Slang To engage in stealing, especially shoplifting or pickpocketing.

    Yo bro, that mofo boosted my pension etc.


  11. Crabb needs hanging out to dry.
    JW – Will you be finishing what you started or will this one be going cold like a wet fish on pembroke dock?
    Are you John MAXIMUS Ward – I’ve started so I’ll finish…..


  12. Gill R said:
    ”I’d love to hang Crabb out to dry as much as anyone but I am genuinely concerned that this blog’s premise is based on unreliable and inaccurate information and has the potential to misfire.”

    JW has made a serious allegation here with this story.


  13. I have no business being here…yet here I am. It is the business of the people to be in the business of other people…when like, that business is none of our business until it is our business, at which point…it’s time to get down to business.

    I cannot tell you how badly I feel about this situation. Nor can I tell you how goodly I feel about this situation. It’s almost like…I’m indifferent. Unable to decide. Unable to make an educated decision on a topic I know nothing about. The feeling of not knowing how to feel is making me depressed and relieved at the same time. There s no decision to make, yet I must make one…and soon! For if I do not, I may forever lose my chance to decide on that which I was undecided.

    Thank God I’m an American. Praise Jesus that I’m an Okie. Kiss my ass Satan…for I live in Texas.


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