Remaindeers offer you a fog of fear. Leavers offer an avalanche of facts


Apart from the fact that it’s much nicer on every dimension to live in agrarian France, those still convinced they want to stay in the EU should be aware of the fact that an informal (but nevertheless very real) self-censorship by the pro-EU media right across Europe is attempting to paint a ludicrously rosey picture of the eurozone in other places where things are, shall we say, somewhat more tense.

I’ve been looking at footage online from Calais over the last few days. The only conclusion one can reach is that the authorities have lost control of the situation: marauding gangs of men are lighting fires, threatening vehicles, and wandering about completely unhindered.

Having noticed the huge supermarket chain Casino suffering losses in several overseas regions, I’ve been pottering about looking at smaller communities here. In six out of seven I visited, their Petit Casino stores have been abruptly closed en permanence. The group is obviously engaged in a massive cost-cutting exercise. Another megagroup LeClerc has introduced a petrol fillup system whereby only those spending over €60 instore can use the service….but that relates to another issue.

Thousands of petrol stations across France began running out of petrol this weekend as protests over a labour market reform led to blockades that hampered fuel supply. The country has been hit by a wave of strikes during the past week after President Francois Hollande opted to force the unpopular labour market reforms through the lower house of parliament without a vote. Maybe he should change his name to Erdogan.

Have you read anything about this in the UK media? I found reports from Reuters, Euronews, Fortune, The Australian, and Connexion (an expat English paper here) and French telly, but  the now virtual-only Indie alone reported anything about it that I saw…and narrowly, in relation to a strike by police.

The fact is that – as The Slog first revealed last year – Hollande has been ordered by the EC-ECB-Eurogrope Troika to pass the reforms come what may. Three pricks in Brussels and Frankfurt are now telling the elected Monsieur le Président de France when to jump.

A large retail banking group has made all personal afternoon visits to the bank strictly by appointment only. This too is cost-cutting: till service is to be quietly phased out over the next two years.

Greece is….well, Greece: a failed State now, and the barmy Berliners seem to have won again: Tsipras has recommended another ‘deal’ to Parliament, in which there are more taxes, lower wages and more money to borrow: the unacceptable in concert with the unachievable. The worst possible outcome, and yet again the work of economic illiterates living in the 1920s.

What the IMF will do now is anyone’s guess. No debt relief has appeared either on or under the table as yet.

There were widespread demonstrations throughout Athens last night, culminating in another session in Syntagma Square  to protest about the new measures. There was also a 48 hour strike bringing all transport acrosss the City to a standstill over the weekend.

Did you see any of that on your TV news?

Austria and Italy, meanwhile, remain at loggerheads on migrants. Last year, Vienna accepted 90,000 migrants. Now it is threatening to construct a 375-metre long fence unless Italy stops the refugee flow.

Italy has severe problems of its own in the banking sector, and the government can provide only limited financial backing because of EU state aid rules. The country already has a public debt load at 132.5%  of GDP.

The reality is that Italy must in the end choose between the euro and its own economic survival as a State. Do the maths: there’s no other way of assessing it.

Austria’s own angst is being displayed in the ongoing Prsidential elections there, where both the Greens and the Far Right have done well. The Heta Bank disaster remains what Blomberg has called ‘a half-buried Zombie’, and as of five days ago the issue of who honours what and why a bailin must happen before long is in the constitutional courts.

I was unable to find any eurozone source over the last week who saw anything but tears as the outcome: and the risks of contagion to other ezone banks are probably higher in Austria than from any other euro member.

Perhaps Wolfie will solve the problem by ordering Anschluss Zwei.

Spain has had no real government to speak of now for nearly six months. It’s a spiralling crisis, and that it appears to be circling around….just above the plughole. Last month, Mariano Rajoy, the former prime minister, turned down an offer from the king to form a government.

This is where it gets really silly: his government ministers refuse to recognise the Parliament that resulted from the election or even deal with its lawmakers. The new Parliament has taken the government to court for not recognising its legitimacy, but on the other hand, it doesn’t recognise the legitimacy of Mr. Rajoy. This could be a polite way for both sides to keep calling each other bastards.

Looking down from a higher helicopter, more central to the standoff is the Podemos view of TTIP: ongoing negotiations for a free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States have triggered numerous citizen protests across Spain, where Livestock breeders, farmers, environmentalists, anti-globalisation activists have joined with Podemos to be the most vocal opponents of the TTIP deal, thee exact terms of which are being kept secret, and will not be put to either MEPs or national EU State legislatures for approval.


In the UK, we have an historically and constitutionally illiterate spiv where the Prime Minister should be. He and those corporatist zealots with whom he surrounds himself are delighted to Remain in the EU because they agree with its values and vision completely – that is, the avoidance of any collision with morals, ethics, democracy, liberty, equality or dangerous ideas like the sovereignty of the Citizen.

The more intolerant and Internationalist elements in the Labour Party have a delusional EU vision, but the same worthless value system.

All I and thousands of others can do is point out – using facts like those presented in this post, rather than hairy-scary fear invention – that it isn’t just a case of leaving the European Union: it is as much a case of escaping from the gravitational pull of its rapidly submerging economy, currency and structures.


48 thoughts on “Remaindeers offer you a fog of fear. Leavers offer an avalanche of facts

  1. The death throws of the EU remind me of the long drawn out demise of ITT ( European HQ, Avenue Louise, Brussels), run by a megalomaniac, Harold Gineen. Whether or not the UK subsidiary company votes to be spun off remains to be seen.

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  2. Bravo Mr Ward! Such a magnificent newsworthy contrast to the snidey commentary on Brexit from the BBC which is completely failing to report the on-going troubles in Europe…..

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  3. William, if you think your ‘vote’ counts for anything these days I’m afraid you’ve missed the whole point of the EU and where it takes the world. As Stalin said: – ‘I don’t care who you vote for only who counts the vote’. And. if that doesn’t work, we’ll ask you to vote again or, more likely, completely ignore it.

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  4. Was it not the late Denis Healy who said “that the lie has gone round the world before truth has got his boots on” well the press are front paging Osborne’s comments on year long recession , no evidence produced but the propaganda value priceless and no one asks the question where is the evidence , publish it old son, but he does say it with his serious public school face on, so it must be true right.

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  5. Just love your informative articles John. One thing that I find strange in all of this EU Referendum claims is that nobody has as yet got personal about the Common Purpose brigade, who I consider to be little short of being traitors. Please keep up the good work.

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  6. Router
    It was actually Harry Truman. Today – if the non-neutral internet fascists get their way – it’ll be round the world twice while the truth is still asleep.

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  7. I can understand the lack of news in the UK; but in Germany, the strikes in France have been spoken of continually.

    This from March!

    There are links to ten other reports from the Sueddeutsche Zeitung on the problems France faces.

    I think the British need tellies tuned to SWR or Bayeriche Rundfunk.

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  8. That doesn’t mean that life outside the EU would be any better. Perhaps EU membership is keeping a lid on the problems?
    You could list similar facts about countries on the periphery of the EU, such as Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, and Ukraine, which all, I think, would like to be in Greece’s position.


  9. It is interesting to read that that MSM is warming to the view that democracy is too important to leave to hoi polloi. Even Juncker’s good mate Asselborn and Luxembourg heavy weight concurs with this view in his public comments.
    Our beloved leaders are not in the least interested in our thoughts and needs. They know that all they have to do is give us a good fright every now and then in order to get more power handed over to them by the masses.
    David Cameron is conducting the standard campaign of fright and lies supported by the coalition of the willing. Will they win, I really thought so, but now I am not sure and fear the reaction, which will be nasty.

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  10. Dear friend what makes you believe that it is not already too late for the British economy to separate from European economy?. Aren’t they part of the same chain so that each of them will go down if the other goes down?


  11. Thanks John, have to remember that one. As for truth, the lies and half truths get ever bigger as project fear really gears up to try and scare a yes vote from the regrettably ill-informed public.

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  12. The EU’s flag is deepest blue,
    Its already seen off a martyred few,
    And ere their GDP’s grow stiff and cold,
    Their life blood dried in ev’ry fold.

    Then raise the bluest standard high.
    Within its shade we live or die,
    The cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
    They’ll keep the blue flag flying here.

    Look ’round, the Frenchman loves its blaze,
    The sturdy German chants its praise,
    The POTUS swells the surging throng,
    (In Moscow Putin says the EU’s wrong).

    Then raise the bluest standard high.
    Within its shade we live or die,
    The cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
    They’ll keep the blue flag flying here.

    It waves above our fading might,
    When all ahead is dark as night;
    And witnessed dodgy deeds, they vow,
    “We must not change its colour now”.

    Then raise the bluest standard high.
    Within its shade we live or die,
    The cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
    They’ll keep the blue flag flying here.

    It well recalls the triumphs past,
    It gives the lie to peace at last;
    The stars bright, the symbol plain,
    Reducing rights and human pain.

    Then raise the bluest standard high.
    Within its shade we live or die,
    The cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
    They’ll keep the blue flag flying here.

    The Suits abuse the weak, they’re base,
    Their minds are fixed on Self and place,
    Davos – before the rich men’s frowns,
    N’er haul the sacred emblem down.

    Then raise the bluest standard high.
    Within its shade we live or die,
    The cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
    They’ll keep the blue flag flying here.

    With heads uncovered swear we all
    To bear it onward till we fall;
    Come warnings stark and TTIP grim,
    This song shall be our parting hymn.

    Then raise the bluest standard high.
    Within its shade we live or die,
    The cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
    They’ll keep the blue flag flying here.

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  13. At least Bernard Jenkin in the DT today clarified what we should all now know as a truism –
    “…… today’s political leaders will say anything they think will help them get what they want, whether it is true or not”

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  14. I have two takeaways form this. The first is that I have had to build contacts on twitter to find out what is going on in France, Italy and Greece. Why the hell aren’t these events being reported? Why do I have to grub arounf the internet when I have the BBC?
    The second point is one I’ll have to break gently, escaping the EU will not lead to greater freedom or better government. There is no choice for governments, look at that neutered poodle Hollande, utterly unable to live up to his election and this problem is internation. You do as the financial elite tells you or else.
    We are not winning.

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  15. Bill 40

    It beats me why people bother. There are regular news reports in Germany and in Holland about the things the French press are not allowed to breathe a whisper about.

    There’s even reports in the Spanish media… from a friend in Mexico:

    Something is up if Britain is supporting a French ban on reporting… but then, Britain does have problems when it comes to free speech.

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  16. I am finding the media coverage in all of its guises, regards this unique moment quite frightening, I can hardly bring myself to look at it anymore. It is a cast iron display of just how organised and orchestrated things are or indeed have been. Any semblance of reporting, journalism in the main stream, it surely doesnt exist? With only free reign given regards the trivial.

    We’re in serious sh*t chaps, there is no doubt about it.

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  17. One of the major factors of the great euro scam must be that a centralised eu treasury creates dependent members who have to follow instructions to the letter or forfeit their pocket money.
    All the more reason to vote BREXIT and cut off the finance that supports the arrogant ignorant Brussels elite.

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  18. Civil War cannot be ruled out in the near future throughout the euro superstate. Look at Austria. The DIVISION AND THE PASSION IS SMOULDERING.

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  19. It occurs to me that, in the event of a miracle vote for exiting the EU, we will look – however reluctantly – to Westminster for our next government. They will have to write laws themselves rather than just gold-plate and rubber stamp the crap from Brussels; they will have to put Britain first for the first time in years – that’ll be a novel feeling for the over-fed, over-paid muckwits. Then I look at the calibre of what we have on offer and, like the Roman, I am filled with foreboding. I fervently wish to see (a) Britain out of the EU and (b) the EU disappear up its own fundament, but I am keeping a keen eye on what will come after the 23rd June. Cameron, Osborne, Mandelbum, McRuin, Fatty Soames, Hunt, Heseltine et al all in the stocks on Parliament Square being pelted with tomatoes (in tins … can’t afford fresh ‘uns), that would be a good start.

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  20. Catatacus.

    When you say “they will have to put Britain first for the first time in years”

    surely you meant “they will have to put Britain’s corporations first for the first time in years”??

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    Oh looks so wonderful in the rest of europe let’s all hurry up and join. Will be tea and biscuits for everyone Cameron shouts so lets all join an have some fun plenty of money to go round and everybody else in there already is soooooooooo happy.

    If you decide to join the EU at this time then looking at the economic state of the EU you do not pay top dollar for anything. We should be able to drag 2 things out of them first, the likes of Merkel must be elected from the pool of democratically chosen MEP’s and a set of accounts in electronic format mailed to all EU governments once a year.

    But the UK PM on a jolly with Merkel who really cares about you although she does not feel democracy and how we spend your money is important because you can trust her! So he is just penning your name to 800K homes for migrants in the UK although there are a load of UK citizens who might like a home first. But hey these migrants are more deserving right?

    Any agreement on population increases must incorporate population density and the UK is about 800 people per square mile what is the population density of alot of countries in the EU … WAY WAY LESS.

    I could do this SARC scripting all day, /SARC ON the government lie, /SARC OFF the truth. It is very therapeutic because /SARC ON is the goverment bullsh*t. Next time Cameron / Osborne speaks the crowd needs to shout out /SARC ON!
    Be Awesome.

    In the end the UK government if it has not figured it out there is no global economic knight in shining armour to save its sorry ass and if we are adrift in the boat so to speak well we can all f*cking paddle being in it together. If we join the EU the population f*cking paddles while we keep sinking … no thanks unless I can feed parliament to the sharks for fun as we drown.

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  22. And today, that shining example of democracy in action, the valiant defenders of the persecuted (and Corbyn’s old chums), HAMAS announce they’re to relaunch public executions – perhaps more of a deterrent than their less publicized method of dealing with certain offenders by throwing them off roofs of buildings. However, unlikely to improve the general situation of the Palestinians, some of whom are more frightened of Hamas than of Israel.

    As for Cameron’s comment about Gaza being like ‘a prison camp’, as so many seem to believe, this suggests something quite different –


  23. Last weekend I reached the age of sixty years, In that time I have heard all the crap I ever want to hear about the EU, democratic government and all the rest of the mendacious shite we are fed on a daily basis; banks are trying to combat money laundering, etc etc. Yeah, right. and my name is Forrest Gump. (for the record, it isn’t, that was a sarcastic comment.). This evening in the Telegraph online edition there is a report that it is the votes of pensioners which will sink the ‘LEAVE’ vote. I work in the voluntary care sector and I am heartily sick and tired of the sense of entitlement endemic among pensioners of the baby boom generation, the majority of whom are more concerned with their comfort and continued incomes than the future of our country. These are the people Cameron and his EU masters will manipulate into delivering the right result for the European Project. The ‘LEAVE’ Campaign never stood a chance once increased taxes on foreign properties and the pensions of expats became an issue. As always, the only way to win is to threaten to hit em where it hurts, in their pockets. If ever there was a reason for removing the franchise upon retirement, this is it. I weep for our children and the generations which will follow them, because the narrow self-interest of the grey minority has killed their only chance at freedom.

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  24. lancas56

    These are the people Cameron and his EU masters will manipulate into delivering the right result for the European Project. The ‘LEAVE’ Campaign never stood a chance once increased taxes on foreign properties and the pensions of expats became an issue.

    Maybe the case in London, ( made of putty) , but overall they are well and truly solidly BREXIT


  25. To be quite honest, anyone who is deceived by this government’s recommendations – and votes for more of the same – then let them and their children have it in full. They deserve what they voted for.

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  26. Boris has shown himself to be a complete OAF, which is what many suspected. Looks like Cameron wins the day AGAIN.
    I’d call it LUCK not SKILL. The man’s a traitor, like Blair.
    So good luck Brits. Your country is now DEAD.


  27. The average UK ‘citizen’, not including the vast hoard of homeless beggars starving to death on the streets, finds themselves in somewhat of a dilema.

    Which crazy train to ride off to oblivion on.

    Do they board the crazy train of the EU, populated by characature arch villians, psycho-killer clowns, both wings of the wing-nut, bandit bankers, fedaralists, globalists, champagne socialists, corporate cartels and nutters of every variety ….


    Do they climb abourd the US Treasonous Totalitarian Infiltration Pogrom {TTIP} Populated by nazi’s, One World Uber Reich globalists, totalitarian corporate fasists, armed wild drunken cowboy wannabee’s, satanic cults, lawlessness, phony law, corporate prison slave labour camps, gheto’s, racism, cruelty, mercilessness, miltarism, disparate social structure, division, crime, violence, sooks abusing their power, political stooges owned by ‘special interest’ groups etc, etc.

    Of course, the third option, telling all of them to f**ck right off is never mentioned and will never be considered.


    Enjoy the ride.


  28. @spike dontyer ruling out the third option. Some older fellas got plans for swinging and shooting from the hip in careful operations partisanale. Taking some shysters out in style.sshhh ;-) Its coming.


  29. @Heidrich

    It makes a certain amount of sense that, in order to sow the seeds of destruction, you’ve got to buy them first..


  30. Now we see the German ambition extending to appetite for the great american dream that they profess to hate. One sees the politics already – most distateful.
    This german ambition is already making enemies and it will undoubtebly lead to another war in due course.


  31. I don’t think it’s just Spain that is against TTIP: I’ve been on mailing lists from both German and Austrian-based organisations which are also virulently against it. Not to mention UKIP’s position on the matter.

    It’s fair to say that all parties bought by global financiers are in favour of TTIP and all parties seeking to represent ordinary people have grave reservations about it.

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