The FA Cup Final: oh dear oh dear oh dear

Well hurrah, my team won; but these are my inner feelings:

mefacebookA truly dreadful game and a most unsatisfactory way for United to win the Cup. Two poor refereeing decisions saw Palace go in at half time rightly aggrieved that they might have been 2-0 up.

Football is a very, very simple game about attackers hoodwinking defenders. It is not about laboriously square midfield buildups on a level with wallpaper repeats for interest. I cannot find a single reason why Carrick was allowed to take part in this Final…and if Wayne Rooney is a thoughtful midfield general, then I am a dayglo pink aubergine. The one time he broke free of his ‘role’ and bewildered the Palace defence, United equalised.
I despair for the once beautiful game: too much money swilling about, too many coaches removing all the spontaneity, and oceans of undiscerning “fans”.

Listening to the commentary was like the low points of watching Bloomberg TV. But I did laugh out loud at, “The shot had power but needed better direction”………….aka “he missed”.

If I had my way, they would all be forced to watch every move leading to a goal in which Lionel Messi and Johann Cruyff were involved. Now that was football.

And perhaps you spotted this, perhaps not: but what took Marcus Rashford off the field was a deliberate stamp on his knee long after the ball had gone: the ref missed it – as indeed he screwed up three advantage plays during the game.

29 thoughts on “The FA Cup Final: oh dear oh dear oh dear

  1. Has a football nut! it was the first final in my life time where watching the adverts was more entertaining!


  2. Wow John. And you such an ardent MU and long time supporter!
    But I agree every word.
    What a crap match.
    Such little show of talent.
    I do hope Rashfird wasn’t severely injured.
    But I fear he might have been.
    The game has got so crude.
    And refs are so weak.

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  3. Sounds much like life, should be a beautiful game … sadly all lost to the money grabbers too.

    Can’t complain this season LCFC supporter would never have believed it in my life time but hey-ho got to win one day.


  4. The rot set in when mediocrities like Butch “SQUARE BAWL” Wilkins and Phil “Always beaten for pace” Neville were accepted as being any use.


  5. I think Smalling’s mother must have had the zika virus. What a tw*t. Utd are not playing their way. They look like Arsenal zzzz with this build up play and no one capable of actually putting the ball in the net. The defence is also particularly bad at the moment. It’s always been dodgy but these days you expect them to concede.


  6. What about defenders literally hugging attackers on free kicks and corners ? The ref and the supporters just accepts it as part of the beautiful game ? LOL . I met a Crystal P supporter who paid £1400 for a ticket on the black Market . I was like ????????????????????????


  7. &JW I sent the Pink Aubergine could not find a dayglo one.
    Mourinho will probably blow up as he did at Chelsea. There it was Abramovic. Now it will be Ferguson as puppetmaster and Mourinho will not stand the pressure.

    Guardiola or Ancelotti are your only hopes.


  8. Too many coaches JW, au contraire, all we get is a recycling of failed coaches to new clubs at fantastic salaries. I wish I could crack a gig like that.


  9. Clattenburg is the ref for the Champions League Final and will also be one of the English refs at Euro 2016. He’s touted as our best ref. Yet every game I see him officiate he gets at least one major call wrong and many minor ones and quite often loses control of the game. Then the clubs get massive fines for failure to control their players when it is manifestly obvious that the referee has control of the players on the pitch. He is either a) the favourite for unknown reasons of a member of the top brass
    b) he has the Peter Principle to thank. I think it’s the latter.


  10. For more than 25 years now, MU often get the benefit of “poor” refereeing decisions – go figure – follow the munnee


  11. I can’t for the life of me understand why the ref at the start of the game takes both captains aside and says if I see any shirt pulling or arms round interfering I’ll award a penalty. It stops immediately


  12. Hard to argue with that, Hiero. The obsessive love of muunnneeee for its own sake is the tap root of most evil.


  13. Stan Hereford v Morpeth (1-4) was better and Halifax v Grimsby next! for £25,best value you will get! ps tickets between £1 and £25, 5 goals already !


  14. @ JW Radix enim omnium malorum est pecunia.

    if uou re gonna a say put it in the right tongue……son.


  15. @SlamDunc . Agree totally The game IS crude . Refs ARE weak. People in putative authority bullied and frightened to exercise it. Applies throughout every tier of society hamstrung as it is by recently concocted reams of mollycoddling ” citizen” legislation designed to encourage appeal of every decision and muddy the societsl waters totally from education through to the military.

    As a result ” civilised” people are apathetic, spoilt, lazy, slapdash and devil may care knowing the world is for a phalanx of reasons getting very close to hell on that handcart. anyway — thus who cares.

    Most firstworlders could not win a war now if the enemy had previously allowed themselves to be tasered and tied down.


  16. On a more conspiratorial note, a few Arsenal fans at the more vitriolic anti-anyone-but-Arsenal blogs were suggesting yesterday that Arsene Wenger should put in a bid of £40m for Rashford+Fosuh-Mensah as Mourinho will stunt their growth. One commenter fervently suggested £40m for Rashford alone! I’m not sure the Wenger’s track record in developing young Englishmen to their full potential would make it plan A for Mr Rashford’s agent – Mr Levy might be an alternative, having the chance to play next to Mr Kane up to 2018 and all that……

    As for the final, if I were Mr Hodgson, I would present Chris Smalling with a rugby ball in front of the Euro 2016 squad and say: ‘Mr Smalling, what’s this?’ ‘A rugby ball, gaffer’. ‘Right: and if you think for one second between now and the end of May that that is your chosen sport you will spend the month of June in your swimming trunks in Ibiza whilst Mr Jagielka takes your place in France……’


  17. Smalling is sadly better than Cahill and Jaglieka .. thats why we won’t win Euro 2016 . Money hasn’t ruined Spanish footy .
    Whats ruined English sport more than anything is our Big Strong Lad mentality . Done for Rugby too . We now no coaches who know how to recognise a decent player .Waaaay to much talent getting left aside .


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