Who remains King of the Erdo appeasers?

Watching events in Turkey over the last six years has been a bit like lying face-up on the guillotine, and watching the blade come down. Having harried the media and targeted the Kurds, Recep Erdogan then ruffled a few feathers in NATO, as a result of which its EU mole Federica Mogherini began gushing praise for him. Pressure on the EU via the mass release of Syrian refugees across the Mediterranean then had Frau Doktor Mirakel rushing to kiss his feet.

None of this did Erdogan any harm at the elections that followed: he strengthened his grip on the country, and immediately afterwards scores of opposition journalists were rounded up and their newspapers closed. Now Erdogan has fired the old Prime Minister and installed a lackey ally, Binali Yildirim, in his place. His first task will be to push through legislation removing legal immunity from 183 anti-Erdogan MPs, many of whom represent the Kurdish PKK. After that, the game will be – once a strong majority has been established – constitutional changes that make Erdogan bombproof as Life President, Saviour of His People & Ruler of the Solar System or some other similarly pretentious title.

Cue Donald Tusk to tell us all that “comparisons with Hitler are risible”. This has become the standard Camerlot, EC, NATO and general Brussels line for some years now, and it’s psychologically very clever – that is, stifling the obvious parallels with the Führer as if one might be some kind of 1960s Maoist student yelling “Fascist!” at every sign of disagreement.

But let’s just cast our minds back to who the first European leader to show support for Erdogan the closet Islamist and wannabe dictator. It was none other than our very own David William Donald Cameron, the Prime Minister. In July 2010 – almost certainly on orders from the White House – Cameron went to Ankara and supported Turkey’s entry into the EU under the “reformist” Erdogan.

Last week I re-ran a piece from that era showing what a Brussels appeaser and US poodle Cameron is. Today, I re-post the 2010 article about his Ankara speech. Everything I warned about then has come to pass.

David Cameron has three Gods: money, Brussels and Washington. He is not the Prime Minister of a Sovereign State, merely a stooge of the Gods.

And as for us, the Citizenry….well, we get a condescending pat on the head every now and then. For to him, we are dogs, not Gods.

Voting Brexit is the only cast-iron way of giving him the elbow, and getting one of his idols out of the way. We should think of it as A Good Start.

CAMERON & TURKEY: Which idiot FCO Sir Humphrey suggested he make that speech?

It is widely recognised that the Prime Minister is a bit of an ignoramus on most subjects, but the speech he delivered in Ankara yesterday makes almost incredible reading. (I note that this morning, he’s gone on to opine that Gaza is ‘like a prison camp’ – another remark tying us to this lunatic foreign policy of Islamic appeasement).

While insiders and historians have known for years that the Foreign Office is fiercely anti-Semitic, I write this piece not as a Zionist but as a student of geopolitics who can tell up from down and in from out.

Mr Cameron declared himself to be ‘angry’ that the Turks have been shut out of the EU, a sentiment I find ridiculously over the top in an emotional sense, and a downright cheek in the face of his own countrymen – who, I would guess, might well feel rather angry if a country like Turkey were ever to be allowed into the European Union….but who as usual have not been asked their view by him or anyone else.

As he has clearly been asleep on the issue of foreign policy over the last five years, I feel obliged to point out to David Cameron that the politics of Turkey have changed somewhat during that time, that a ghastly pro-Hamas Party (AK) has come to power, that it has become rabidly anti-Israeli, and that in just the last few months it has floated Bills into parliament clearly designed to subvert the essentially secular nature of the State. Further, the army remains an important factor in domestic politics – a situation which hardly qualifies the country for EU membership – and in case it had slipped the FCO’s shallow mind, Turkey has been in bitter disagreement with Greece over the status of Cyprus for nearly half a century. A war between two EU members: now there’s a happy prospect.

Cyprus too is not on the British radar, its long-suffering troops having stopped separating street-battles between Christians and Muslims there many years ago. But it should be, because much of the finance and propaganda that accompanied the entirely peace-loving, baby-saving, humanitarians-against-the-monster-Israel (but Hamas-controlled) ‘Gaza flotilla’ emanated from this long-split island.

I would’ve thought William Hague would know better than to let Cameron out on his own after last week’s ‘junior partner’ gaffe in relation to World War 2, but apparently not. Now we find ourselves committed to supporting Turkish entry: Turkey which – as even the touchy-feely BBCNews website managed to point out – has refused to recognise EU member Cyprus, increasingly supports pro-Islamic parties on the mainland, and treats the Kurdish minority in a similar manner to that of Sadam Hussein….minus the nerve gas.

For once, I thank God for France and Herman van Rompuy, both of whom are implacably opposed to Turkish entry. “Opposition to Turkish entry is based on prejudice” said the Prime Minister yeterday, “Hopefully, we move in the coming weeks to direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians, so it’s Turkey that can make the case for peace, and Turkey that can help to press the parties to come together, and point the way to a just and viable solution.”

Absolute drivelling bollocks. Turkey is the next Islamist target after Pakistan, and its presence in an already spineless EU would spread still further the nazified intolerance of any opposition to extreme Islamic law and beliefs. What on earth is it about the British ruling class and FCO Establishment that fails to grasp even the simplest principle of having reliable and trustworthy allies in all the key places? I’m damned if I know: Hitler, the USSR, Suez, the Falklands, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and now Turkey – wrong every last time, and still leading even the Whitehall field for consistent stupidity.

There are days when I give up.


The Washington Hillarybillies are coming


  1. Good morning

    He is not the Prime Minister of a Sovereign State, merely a stooge of the Gods.

    And as for us, the Citizenry….well, we get a condescending pat on the head every now and then. For to him, we are dogs, not Gods.

    Voting Brexit is the only cast-iron way of giving him the elbow, and getting one of his idols out of the way. We should think of it as A Good Start.

    Again I would like to ask how “Voting Brexit is the only cast-iron way of giving him the elbow”, when this kind of activity predates the foundation of the European Union* in the 1950s? (*albeit under a different name) Leave alone our joining it.

    Britain has allowed itself to be under the thumb of the American banks and corporations for a very long time, partly through the debts run up on account of the First World War. Then through their mutal desire to improve their economies through allowing big businesses to get away with blue murder fewer regulations. This in itself implies that the governments of the time were under the kind of pressure Cameron is now.

    The problem for the British electorate is of meeting the Hydra: chop one head off, and another appears. Getting rid of Cameron won’t yield a responsible – if unlikeable – politician like Corbyn. You’ll get Osborne or one of his despicable friends put in place as prime minister, whilst Cameron is sitting on his yacht with his champagne, enjoying a well earned retirement.

    This problem needs a lot more than window dressing.

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  2. [/SARC] We needed to replace the last retired models for the new much improved better version who actually has another name Gaddafi II or Saddam II. Well you just got rid of the others ones!

    Eventually will he also revert to type and all the likes of Cameron do is aid and abett cementing their position of power with incredible torture and torment upon a population for as long as they live. Note the last 4 words … The thing is in this joined up world people thankfully get to see what is going on like Toyota pick ups for ISIS, now where did they come from?

    I can categorically state as a UK citizen Cameron is not my representative because the democracy he preeches is a deceit and will never be my representative anywhere in the world because he has no moral conscience. When you look around there are no good people in power to rally around, no Ghandi for sure they are all on the gravy train of human suffering.

    Got no time for Corbyn neither as another commented in real life, just as bad, choosing to support by choice an EU appointee system of power and not a democratically elected one just like all the Blair babes that sill reside in the Labor party.

    One month to go, BREMAIN, then deregistering my right to vote once more. I ain’t having my name on a list of acceptance when those calling the shots are not elected but appointed and court favour with the likes of Erdogan or Merkel. I actually only bothered to re-register for this one vote because of the importance and what is not being said about it.

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  3. Gemma you really need to stand back and lighten up! No vote in Europe is going to even change the President! No riots in any one country singularly is going to bring change to the EU leadership!,but nation by nation on there own it can and will!
    The first step as to be made and that might seem and is jumping out of the fire and into the frying pan!
    But this situation as come about by the apathy of my and others generations,so since where going to lose all that we smugly took,sacrificing it is a price were going to have to pay,but far better to lose everything and gain some power back,than lose everything and be at the mercy of those that took it away with quack quack ideology.
    Revolution may well be the only answer,but it would show that humanity is as stupid today as it always has been. i would like humanity to wake up!grow up! but power is to intoxicating for some!and it will be the end of humanity if we don’t evolve into intelligent beings!
    So that first tiny step sounds illogical and probably is,but no more so than the dystopia we find ourselves in anyway!

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  4. “While insiders and historians have known for years that the Foreign Office is fiercely anti-Semitic…” Which insiders? Which historians? If you mean anti-Israeli, rather than anti-Semitic, then it is possible that the institutional memory of the Foreign Office retains some understandable resentment for the terrorist atrocities committed against British troops during the British mandate by members of Irgun and the Stern gang. British troops moreover who had been fighting Hitler mere months earlier. Many of those Zionist terrorists involved in the attempted false flag bombing of the King David hotel in 1946 went on to senior positions in post-war Israeli governments. Any Foreign Office officials with a knowledge of history would inevitably be wary of trusting representatives of the Israeli government given such events.

    I would contend that the Foreign Office has in contrast been (especially in recent years) very pro-Zionist and pro-Israel. Even as far back as 1956 during the Suez crisis it was clear that the British and Israeli governments were conspiring against Nasser’s secular Egypt and the appointment of avowed Zionist Jew Matthew Gould to the extremely sensitive position of Ambassador to Tel Aviv suggests that any anti-Israeli sentiments haboured by the Foreign Office have long since been ousted.

    A stopped clock is right twice a day and Cameron was quite right to refer to Gaza as a prison camp. The unvarnished facts would back his assertion. I would even go so far as to compare the predicament of the Gazans to that of the wartime Warsaw Ghetto, although the Gazan civilians have been subject to this stifling seige by an occupying army for much longer. At the time of the Gaza Flotilla, Israel was running an illegal blockade and released documents show that it was official Israeli policy to put the Gazans ‘on a diet’. Periodically, the sociopaths in Tel Aviv decide to ‘cut the grass’ and attack the residents of the city with the most sophisticated weapons on Earth. Meanwhile Israeli citizens sit out in lawn chairs to watch the fireworks as ordinary Gazan civilians are subjected to a brutality that would appall all those with a conscience.

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  5. Ghost [Off Topic]

    “No riots in any one country singularly is going to bring change to the EU leadership!”

    These are measures one needs in the case of an unresponsive dictatorship. Indeed, there has been much talk about revolutions from your good self with respect to Britain itself – for all its being described as a ‘democracy’ in the Mainstream Media.

    What Britain needs is democracy, and that isn’t going to be brought about by revolution… all you will achieve is the corporations sticking their dirty little fingers into the wounds again, and perverting yet another government.

    Britain is so infested with corporate activity that it is they who write your EU laws for you… but then, they are writing the EU laws in the first place. Now, if you recall the discussion I had a few days ago about the way in which various countries implement EU legislation to their own advantage, you will see how democracies retain a modicum of independence through using their brains. Something corporations have little interest in doing, so miss out on this cunning evasiveness!

    There is a problem that is rarely mentioned here – or anywhere else save specialist sites like – and that is Britain’s near 8% government deficit. This needed dealing with a good while ago… when the realization strikes the markets that they can make more money by trashing Sterling, make no mistake: they will!

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  6. Gemma i haven’t advocated revolution at all! although i have pointed out that sweeping changes can only be carried out by revolution,their is a big difference even if you can’t see it!
    The reason Britain hasn’t had a French style revolution is that the British establishment have (if only in small ways) offered the British people something to stop such revolutions ever happening,which bit by bit allowed human enterprise to flourish if only by mistake,if such compromise isn’t forth-coming then like the US war of independence which was a great lesson to us! in India etc,that we can never force our will on people, only influence over them! one which the US should learn from!,
    Already it would seem on the surface that the NHS will be excluded from TTIP,do you really believe this would happen if the pressure now exerting itself upon them wasn’t there!,the mood within the country is changing and they’re aware, that it is! slowly they are realizing that what they say isn’t just not being heeded but is actually counter productive in that nothing they say is believed any more!(Propaganda has a tendency to do that) they themselves realize they have lost the trust of the people and that is both frightening and liberating!
    It won’t stop them! completely ! unless they don’t start offering the people what they want! it’s a very British way of doing things,our masters know were their bread is butted! i just hope their masters understand this has they do!

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  7. So who exactly should the UK be friends with, John? You seem antagonistic to all the nations on our continent and its neighbours, not to mention the USA.
    Turkey isn’t perfect but it is a relatively stable and relatively prosperous society where different races and creeds live as friends. And that is the real issue, isn’t it? Israel could be like that if it had decent leadership. Instead, it prefers to sow hatred and war in the rest of the world, and then cynically accuses anyone who objects of being anti-semitic.


  8. Tom

    It’s not about being antagonistic towards any nation per se, it’s about rejecting an ideology which has taken root at certain levels in several.

    Do you believe that Turkey is a tolerant society, that it’s values and orientation are compatible with European values, and that it should join the EU? Do you believe that the EU is a force for good?

    Israel is not in the EU.

    Whether Britain votes Brexit or not, this much is guaranteed: the EU will one day die by it’s own hand.

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  9. I think its time we started applying the Laws of this land.

    By definition ALL those signing up to TTIP/CAFTA Etc…and dragging us into the”One World USEU Uber Reich” are commiting mutiple acts of Treason against the people of this country and High Treason against the Crown.

    If Government Llc and the State and the Army and the Security Services and the Police and three thousand other ‘enforcers’ cannot or will not uphold the Law then it is the Lawful Duty of the people of this country to do it.

    Time to wake up

    For while we were blissfully sleeping, This happened…….

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism
    because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

    Giovanni Gentile {His name was latter over-written by another deranged nazi, Benito Mussolini.}

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  10. Tom,
    “Turkey …… is a relatively stable and relatively prosperous society where different races and creeds live as friends.

    Unfortunately, your comment doesn’t match the reality of Turkey today. The so-called ‘stability’ you refer to is achieved by repression. Mass protests are violently put down by Erdogan’s police and army. Dissidents are thrown into jail, including most critical journalists, army generals, writers etc. anyone he thinks might present a threat to his power. Do you think that’s a price worth paying for ‘stability’ in a country aiming to join the EU?

    As for races and creeds getting on so well with each other, that USED to be the case a century ago (apart from the poor persecuted Greeks). The rise of radical Islam has resulted in open opposition to Christians and their churches which are increasingly attacked or forced to close. The Head of Turkey’s Catholic Church was murdered in 2010 and various other priests have shared his fate. The Christians who remain are hounded and treated like second-class citizens.. The “harmony’ you refer to existed when Turkey was living under a secular régime and even before then, during the Ottoman Empire but that was over a 100 years ago, when there was also a thriving Jewish community, only a handful of whom are left. Not even the indigenous Muslims, as elsewhere in the M.E. live in harmony with each other, i.e. the frequent terrorist attacks and persecution of the Kurds.

    As for its economy, In the last decade, consumer credit has ballooned 11-fold. Dollar-denominated debt is nearly 30 percent of GDP, with regular collapses in the lira currency drive up borrowing costs. Growth has stalled. Inflation was recently at 7%.

    But apart from all that. who would want to be “friends” with a tyrant, who is so cunning he has managed to blackmail Merkel, first into giving him $3billion and the right for 80m Turks to enter the EU, and then to put pressure on her to prosecute a German who wrote an insulting poem about him, not to mention his view that democracy is just a tool to use to build an islamic state.

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  11. An interesting report from the Seuddeutsche Zeitung (Munich).

    It seems that with the streams of migrants entering Turkey, the Turkish government is screening them carefully and picking out the ones with any kind of qualificaitons, and not letting them travel any further:

    Mind you, Europe is tough on qualifications, a Somali man who lives in my village is a fully qualified pharmacist. Yet he can’t get work here because he has the wrong qualifications, so has to work in Mali and Kenya.

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  12. Gemma

    You say europe is tough on qualifications….sometimes…

    excepting of course the politicians, who are an unqualified, ignorant, good for nothing arrogant TWERPS.
    David Cameron is a PRIME EXAMPLE

    excepting of course the swathes of east european peasants who come to the UK to earn four times their worth

    excepting of course the university graduates in good for nothing subjects, with student loans to ruin their lives

    to name the tip of the iceberg.

    I’ll be VOTING OUT> I want my country back.

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  13. Lucky Jim, Britain in this respect is NOT part of Europe.

    As to the likes of Cameron, they are extremely WELL QUALIFIED. They are trained at their task of doing as the corporations that rule Britain tell them. When you realize that any MP with any irregularity in their expenses can be taken aside and reminded that such fraud can be taken to court, charged with an imprisonable offence…

    … such qualifications will suit the corporations very well. In or out of Europe.

    You’ll have to ask the corporations and the sleazy banks if you want your country back.

    I’ll be voting out too, I don’t want Britain’s corrupt politicians causing any more misery over here! It’s bad enough with the Yanks pulling the strings in Brussels.

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  14. Gemma thank you for answering the very question you have been asking us to answer!(even if we have given you the same answer time and time again)
    “I’ll be voting out too, I don’t want Britain’s corrupt politicians causing any more misery over here! It’s bad enough with the Yanks pulling the strings in Brussels.”

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  15. Gemma, Regarding the corporations that you bang on about all the time. We have a choice.
    I cannot think of one way that this affects my life. If I am not happy – I leave and buy elsewhere. It is called the free market.
    I create a fuss, give them the run around, and often get compensation. So what has this to do with Brussels incompetence.
    I fail to understand. Please clarify………I think you have a bee in your bonnet , has someone put a flea in your ear..?


  16. If your somali friend is a witch doctor, then yes, africa is the place for him to practice his medicine magic.


  17. I will be voting OUT by the way, and so are all my family. We never follow the continental ‘reasoning’. There IS an agenda, and we don’t want any more of it.

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  18. Macaroon “If I am not happy – I leave and buy elsewhere. It is called the free market.” but its not a free market,the chances are 9/10 that your still buying from a corporation but through a affiliate in a free market prices would have to crash to what the demand side can afford! are they NO! their not! You can’t have trickle down/neoliberal economics and a” free market “


  19. ghost
    my dear friend….
    read my lips…. I L E A V E A N D B U Y E L S E W H E R E
    That’s what I said and meant.
    I have saved over £1000 in the last 12 months. Insurance / Banks/ Television subs/ Car breakdown , utilities .
    There is a free market out there. Period.
    If I don’t like, I GO WITHOUT.

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  20. We buy food exclusively from M&S. British – and The best in the world.
    Yes, we could save at Aldi and Lidl, but we don’t want to end up looking like mr and mrs hairy overweight porker from the Heidelberg forest.


  21. ps Macaroon if you really wanted to stop buying corporate you would use your local butcher/farmer go without insurance were you can,grow your own veg,raise your own livestock,set up water buts,have wind/solar power water turbines etc ,but that wouldn’t save you money!


  22. We’ll look back one day at the moment the EU imported wholesale ,the enemy. We’ll look back and think yes, that was the moment. But when we get to that stage, we will have already realised, it was the plan all along.

    This must be the case, because nothing else can possibly make any sense.

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  23. Simon Heffer (not everyone’s cup of tea) writes in the DT:”That Mr Cameron wrote to the chairman of Serco, which has billions of pounds worth of government contracts, outlining his plan to ask for pleas to stay in the EU in annual reports, while telling the House of Commons he did not rule out leaving suggests he is a liar”


  24. @HB – There’s a very entertaining TV series over here entitled “Bosch” and yes, the hero’s (!!) first name in Hieronymus, though referred to as Hiero or Harry. I wonder how many Americans are familiar with the artist and his works ….


  25. @alexei Well spotted, you’ve outed me, it’s time to come clean. I’m a big Connelly fan, have been for 10 years at least. At some point, YouTube demanded that I create an account with a username and H..b sprang to mind. When I first visited this haven of sanity and felt the urge to comment, I used it too. This coyness is partly due to having an almost unique surname (Irish gaelic) which makes anonymity, should one desire it, almost impossible. It is also, after a fashion, an homage to a really very good writer. So, there you are, Hieronimusb has lost what enigma he ever possessed and is shown to be no more than one of the most original plagiarisers out there.. ;)

    PS The TV series is pretty good, I’ve seen it on their site, the books are truly excellent if you like that sort of thing.
    PPS I bought the photo of Emiliano from a genuine Zapatista at a market in San Cristobal de las Casas about 20 years ago…


  26. Ghost

    When you quote me, “I’ll be voting out too, I don’t want Britain’s corrupt politicians causing any more misery over here! It’s bad enough with the Yanks pulling the strings in Brussels.” This isn’t the first time I have mentioned this.


  27. Hiero My reasons are clear enough.

    The wording of this article in the Daily Telegraph is filled with the kind of half-truths the British media is famous for. Because “the memorandum suggests that Britain is losing out on £2.5 billion a year in potential trade as a result of the ongoing delays to a proposed deal between the EU and Latin America.”

    But what is this ‘proposed deal’ the British want? It is nothing less and nothing more than TTIP for South America! The very thing the Brexiters want out to be able to tackle… yet their government (guided by the corporations) is trying to negotiate this kind of deal in the face of EU opposition. To the detriment of the British people…

    I think Britain’s government is far better out of the EU because then it will stop interfering in the EU and its need to protect itself from the very things the British government wants to impose.


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