Who remains King of the Erdo appeasers?

Watching events in Turkey over the last six years has been a bit like lying face-up on the guillotine, and watching the blade come down. Having harried the media and targeted the Kurds, Recep Erdogan then ruffled a few feathers in NATO, as a result of which its EU mole Federica Mogherini began gushing praise for him. Pressure on the EU via the mass release of Syrian refugees across the Mediterranean then had Frau Doktor Mirakel rushing to kiss his feet.

None of this did Erdogan any harm at the elections that followed: he strengthened his grip on the country, and immediately afterwards scores of opposition journalists were rounded up and their newspapers closed. Now Erdogan has fired the old Prime Minister and installed a lackey ally, Binali Yildirim, in his place. His first task will be to push through legislation removing legal immunity from 183 anti-Erdogan MPs, many of whom represent the Kurdish PKK. After that, the game will be – once a strong majority has been established – constitutional changes that make Erdogan bombproof as Life President, Saviour of His People & Ruler of the Solar System or some other similarly pretentious title.

Cue Donald Tusk to tell us all that “comparisons with Hitler are risible”. This has become the standard Camerlot, EC, NATO and general Brussels line for some years now, and it’s psychologically very clever – that is, stifling the obvious parallels with the Führer as if one might be some kind of 1960s Maoist student yelling “Fascist!” at every sign of disagreement.

But let’s just cast our minds back to who the first European leader to show support for Erdogan the closet Islamist and wannabe dictator. It was none other than our very own David William Donald Cameron, the Prime Minister. In July 2010 – almost certainly on orders from the White House – Cameron went to Ankara and supported Turkey’s entry into the EU under the “reformist” Erdogan.

Last week I re-ran a piece from that era showing what a Brussels appeaser and US poodle Cameron is. Today, I re-post the 2010 article about his Ankara speech. Everything I warned about then has come to pass.

David Cameron has three Gods: money, Brussels and Washington. He is not the Prime Minister of a Sovereign State, merely a stooge of the Gods.

And as for us, the Citizenry….well, we get a condescending pat on the head every now and then. For to him, we are dogs, not Gods.

Voting Brexit is the only cast-iron way of giving him the elbow, and getting one of his idols out of the way. We should think of it as A Good Start.

CAMERON & TURKEY: Which idiot FCO Sir Humphrey suggested he make that speech?

It is widely recognised that the Prime Minister is a bit of an ignoramus on most subjects, but the speech he delivered in Ankara yesterday makes almost incredible reading. (I note that this morning, he’s gone on to opine that Gaza is ‘like a prison camp’ – another remark tying us to this lunatic foreign policy of Islamic appeasement).

While insiders and historians have known for years that the Foreign Office is fiercely anti-Semitic, I write this piece not as a Zionist but as a student of geopolitics who can tell up from down and in from out.

Mr Cameron declared himself to be ‘angry’ that the Turks have been shut out of the EU, a sentiment I find ridiculously over the top in an emotional sense, and a downright cheek in the face of his own countrymen – who, I would guess, might well feel rather angry if a country like Turkey were ever to be allowed into the European Union….but who as usual have not been asked their view by him or anyone else.

As he has clearly been asleep on the issue of foreign policy over the last five years, I feel obliged to point out to David Cameron that the politics of Turkey have changed somewhat during that time, that a ghastly pro-Hamas Party (AK) has come to power, that it has become rabidly anti-Israeli, and that in just the last few months it has floated Bills into parliament clearly designed to subvert the essentially secular nature of the State. Further, the army remains an important factor in domestic politics – a situation which hardly qualifies the country for EU membership – and in case it had slipped the FCO’s shallow mind, Turkey has been in bitter disagreement with Greece over the status of Cyprus for nearly half a century. A war between two EU members: now there’s a happy prospect.

Cyprus too is not on the British radar, its long-suffering troops having stopped separating street-battles between Christians and Muslims there many years ago. But it should be, because much of the finance and propaganda that accompanied the entirely peace-loving, baby-saving, humanitarians-against-the-monster-Israel (but Hamas-controlled) ‘Gaza flotilla’ emanated from this long-split island.

I would’ve thought William Hague would know better than to let Cameron out on his own after last week’s ‘junior partner’ gaffe in relation to World War 2, but apparently not. Now we find ourselves committed to supporting Turkish entry: Turkey which – as even the touchy-feely BBCNews website managed to point out – has refused to recognise EU member Cyprus, increasingly supports pro-Islamic parties on the mainland, and treats the Kurdish minority in a similar manner to that of Sadam Hussein….minus the nerve gas.

For once, I thank God for France and Herman van Rompuy, both of whom are implacably opposed to Turkish entry. “Opposition to Turkish entry is based on prejudice” said the Prime Minister yeterday, “Hopefully, we move in the coming weeks to direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians, so it’s Turkey that can make the case for peace, and Turkey that can help to press the parties to come together, and point the way to a just and viable solution.”

Absolute drivelling bollocks. Turkey is the next Islamist target after Pakistan, and its presence in an already spineless EU would spread still further the nazified intolerance of any opposition to extreme Islamic law and beliefs. What on earth is it about the British ruling class and FCO Establishment that fails to grasp even the simplest principle of having reliable and trustworthy allies in all the key places? I’m damned if I know: Hitler, the USSR, Suez, the Falklands, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and now Turkey – wrong every last time, and still leading even the Whitehall field for consistent stupidity.

There are days when I give up.


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