The Ballad of the Washington Hillarybillies


mefacebookThis here’s the story of a man name Bill/ poor country boy didn’t have no boots to fill/ and then one day he was shootin’ like he oughta/ when up through the ground came a-bubblin’ water….

…..Whitewater that is….real estate, big money, Governor honey…..

Well the first thing yer know young Bill’s a millionaire/Hillary said “Bill move away from there…that Washington is the place we gotta go”/ So they loaded up the truck in search of lots of dough…

….nations, that is….Wall Street financiers, Liquidity pools & Muunnneeee…

Inside the Oval Office Billy’s havin’ fun/ ceegars for interns, bribes for everyone/ under the table, fellatio is free/ but hush don’t tell young Billy’s First Ladeee…

….Hillareee, that is…branchin’ out on her own…State Department gold…

Black Dude wins Washington and Hillary’s at State/She’s gettin’ off on power an’ she can hardly wait/She says “Hey the White House, that’s where they make the sales/f**ked if I know why it’s only for the males….

…..emails, that is…wikileakin’ up like a-bubblin’ crude….private servers…transparencee issue..


In  affectionate remembrance of the original


22 thoughts on “The Ballad of the Washington Hillarybillies

  1. Superb ….. and they reportedly earned $6.7 million from ‘speeches’ alone last year !

    Incarceration is just too good for the likes of them.


  2. Just heard a political “expert” analyst on NPR suggest voting for H important as providing a role model for women to aspire to! Sounds like a repeat of the rationale for the last election. The problem here, and over there, is a dearth of suitable choices.


  3. (In the voice of W.C. Fields) Yessiree bob, they don’t come much cruder ‘n’ slipperier than them two varmints and their well oiled routine. Why, they’re slicker than snot on a doorknob.

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  4. Hiero

    Great WCF quote. He also told Hedda Hopper at a Hollywood Party, “I never drink water, fish f**k in it”.


  5. and..

    You can’t trust water, even a straight stick turns crooked in it.

    Probably the driest heavy drinker that ever lived..;)


  6. Oh she will win the presidency for sure … see the voters count is worth nothing when elected representative pick whoever they want. Good old fashioned USA democracy … I was kind of surprised and bluntly is no point in turning out to vote they are going to pick who they are going to pick and it is not Trump.

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  7. They used to really enjoy outdoor activities like whitewater grafting.. Alexei is right, the lack of credible alternatives to the status quo shows just how maladjusted the system has become.


  8. Driving down the Fosse Way about 20 years ago, I passed a lorry coming in the opposite direction carrying a stack of portaloos – the company name on the side was W.C. In Fields… brirriant.


  9. Slick Willy was singled out early on….

    “The Rhodes fortune, through the Rhodes Scholarship Fund, has been used to promote the concept of globalism and one-world government. Up to 1953, out of 1,372 American Rhodes Scholars, 431 had positions in teaching and educational administration, 31 were college presidents, 113 had government positions, 70 held positions in the media, and 14 were executives in foundations.

    Rhodes began developing his philosophy after hearing a speech by John Ruskin (1819-1900) at Christ Church at Oxford University, which espoused an opinion, which by extension, furthered the teaching found in Plato’s Republic. Plato called for “…a ruling class with a powerful army to keep it in power and a society completely subordinate to the monolithic authority of the rulers.”

    Rhodes was also greatly influenced by Windom Reade’s book The Martyrdom of Man, published in 1872, which advocated Darwinism and the tremendous suffering that man must undergo, which was epitomized in the phrase “the survival of the fittest.” The book said that the “inevitable progress of man (was) to perfection.” Rhodes incorporated this rationalization into his thinking”

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  10. The interesting thing is how the whole Jeffrey Epstein/Bill Clinton story has begun to make headway in the U.S. MSM. One would think that having been ferried to Epstein’s private island multiple times on the private jet dubbed ‘the Lolita Express’ by his neighbours in the U.S. Virgin Islands (I kid thee not) would have been enough to at least cause the man to keep his head down during his wife’s attempt to win the ‘leadership’ of the ‘Exceptional nation’.

    It would appear that Epstein’s set up was designed as a perfect honey trap for the rich and powerful of the U.S. There is even a Trump connection. Any serious scrutiny of this story leaves one feeling that a certain foreign intelligence agency is up to its neck in this one. Good ol’ Cap’t Bob Maxwell’s youngest daughter Ghislaine is accused of procuring underage girls for Epstein’s activities.

    Gawker broke the main story re. Bill Clinton back in January 2015, but in the last month, following a court case brought by one of Epstein’s victims, Fox and other major news networks are making mention of it.

    This is the original Gawker story.

    When combined with the Hildebeast’s email trouble and Tom Cruise’s film Mena, this story has the potential to put the Clintons out of the running. (I’m not holding my breath, however.)

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  11. @kfc404

    If indeed Russia does have 20,000 of HC’s emails and the people of the USA decide to elect her as President, think of the potential bargaining hold they might have over her by not realeasing them…..

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  12. @stephenroi

    That may well be a blessing. If Russia does have a bargaining hold over Hillary, perhaps they might be able to prevent WWIII, especially if the emails contain damaging revelations. Perhaps the Russians could bring pressure to bear that might restrain Hillary from following the lunatic provocations advocated by the Neocon psychos in the State Department and their Tel Aviv controllers. Edward Snowden revealed that Israel receives all NSA intercepts unredacted, so their is no doubt at least one foreign state definitely has full access to the emails. Russia’s possession of them might act as a counter balance.

    BTW, I’m not sure that the people of the USA will have anything to do with her election as President. The oligarchs and Deep State have decided on their favoured puppet, and the people of the USA will watch the theatre that is ‘American democracy’, but will have no voice in the outcome.

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  13. Thanks, ikidu0.

    Rhodes was a Rothschild frontman in his quest for a one-world Brit govt, a quest which continues through the Western Central Bankster Empire, headed by the mad US of A. which has the largest army in the world, with NATO as a henchman.

    Rothschild has several henchmen:

    John Doran.

    Darwinism made respectable the genocides of the murderous Empire: the famines deliberately contrived in Ireland & India, perhaps 25 – 30 million dead? The genocides of the original peoples of USA, Canada, Australia etc. The “banning” of DDT by the depopulationist US EPA, between 50 – 150 million dead? EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, motto: save the planet, kill people. How many people in the Third World are being killed now by the monstrous Western System of debt slavery from loans magicked out of thin air then policed through austerity policies imposed by IMF & World Bank?
    Book: Merchants of Despair, Robert Zubrin. PhD Nuclear engineer.
    Book: Confessions of an Economic Hitman, John Perkins. (Also youtube)

    Not to mention two World Wars, engineered by the Banksters.
    Youtube: all wars are bankers wars.

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  14. Canexpat

    We might also be forced to ask ourselves why serial under-age girlies pimp Epstein got away with 20 months in the slammer, when the normal sentence is Life Imprisonment with no parole before 15 years have been served.
    Or why ALL of Lord Fondlebum of Boy’s phone numbers were in Eppy’s little black book.
    Or why ALL of Prince Andrew’s most intimate contact details were also therein.
    Could there be shome connection between hish influensh and very light shentensh? Shurey Shome Coinshidenshe?

    PS Hildebeast – I love it!


  15. methinks that the powers that be have decided that putting the Hillabeast in the White House is not worth the trouble it will cause. The problem is I also think that the Hilla beast is not going to go away meekly, not at least without a pardon from Obama for the Email leakage ( for pre arranged pardons see Nixon and Ford) so. . .. we dangle her and bill for a while while we turn up the pressure on both of them to retire. The trouble is is that Bernie is not one of the democratic Parties good ol boys and all his top people are outsiders


  16. One of these decades it will occur to the masses of the American people that they won’t improve their lots by killing nameless foreigners, they will improve their lot by killing far smaller numbers of very rich, very powerful, very influential Americans.

    Until then American ‘democracy’ will remain the media-controlled farce that has been ever since I was old enough to understand what elections were supposed to be about……..

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