BREXIT: As the scare campaign goes full Hammer Horror, a new word enters the language…


mefacebookIt’s Official: there are now more media, political leaders, globalists, lenders, hasbeens and trolls bombing the LeaveEU campaign than countries bombing Syria. In fact, taken as a whole, they’re the same people. The Slog takes a wry look at today’s media crop.

Brexshit4And what better place to start than with Frou Frou Lagarde, the girl who takes moving averages for a quarter and then multiplies them by four to arrive at a growth prediction. The crystal ball gazer who said French banks were ‘entirely safe’…and three months later, reporting restrictions on, um, French banks arrived. The genius who has thus far overseen 17 IMF Greek economy predictions, 17 of which were wrong.

Above we see Chrissie Tanfastic demonstrating that her right thumb has no idea what her left index finger is doing. But it never holds her back.

Brexshit1Moving on discreetly, whereas we used to Blame it on the Boogie, we now blame it on the Brexit. Real employment – judged by contract length and hours worked – has been falling since 2011.

Thus far in 2016, we have seen disastrous trade figures, awful growth figures, a muddled, misleading and inaccurate Budget, and terrible UK factory output declines. The real problem is George Osterity: but what was once laid at the door of “global headwinds” is now down to mounting Brexit fears. Scare the shit out of voters and then blame voter fears….it’s inflammatory strategy.

Brexshit2But pray tell, why is employment falling? Wull, stands ter reason dunnit: all this disloyal Brexit piffle is stopping house building, because the housebuilders are frightened that Brexit will bring austerity. And if you thought you didn’t like Osterity, well listen, Lordy Lordy, austerity borne of Brexit lunacy is going to scorch your earth, Chummy.

Best change your voting intention right now…..and get back to the important task of covering what’s left of our green and pleasant land in houses. Just in time for the collapse of our major trading partner….

Brexshit3…..because once we collapse after Brexit – especially given Brussels doesn’t give a monkey’s chuff if we stay or leave hahaha – then our trade deficit won’t be their automatic profit any more. So, assessing all this good news for the UK, our Canadian-born and Goldman Sachs indoctrinated Bank of England governor Mark Carney decided to wade in with his unelected view on a political decision.

I’d love to get Fred Carno’s take on what a ‘technical’ recession is, given that technically, if you take QE out of the equation, we’re in a recession anyway. To Camerlot, of course, it’s a strong and growing recovery….that is, a contract-free, riseless, low retail consumption, asset-bubble, manufacturing slump, proper-jobless kind of recovery.

Brexshit5There would of course be a housing-boom throughout the country sort of recovery, if it wasn’t for all these pesky pollsters saying – using their diabolic “grim forecasts” – that the Brexiteers are likely to win because they’re more likely to vote.

But then, you can’t export houses – and asset bubbles are bad: this is one of the few things even Stiglitz and Yellen could agree about. So more calm in the housing market should be good for Britain’s currency and exports, except that rising house prices as a result of being under the safety-duvet of the EU win referendums, and so Brexit is A Bad Thing. Do try to keep up, per-leez: the logic is more twisted than fractured. Naughty Brexit, down boy – down I say…..heel! Heel! Heil! Heil!

Brexshit6I mean, FFS: what’s more important – the cost of your holiday on the Costa Plenty, or a cheap Pound to help our exports….and thus combat the debt that has risen 52% under Camerlot’s long-term-fully-working Osterity? Search me squire, but if you vote Brexit your spell en vivant Espagne is going to be royally rogered. It says here in the script. Allegedly. Exclusively.

Brexshit7But here’s the nuclear response: if you vote Brexit, ABBA will cry. It’s a gamechanger, a dealbreaker, a playmaker, and almost certainly a Leavechoker.

On the other hand, it might single-handedly hand victory to the Brexiteers: with electorates and referendums these days, you never can tell. It could be a Waterloo for somebody. But best not to mention Waterloo: it makes Boris nervous.

Brexshit8When BoJo joined the Brexiteers, the general feeling was that he’d electrify the proceedings. On the whole, that doesn’t seem to have happened…and of course, if Camerlot is forced to fall on its sword after a Leave win, Benito Borisconi will be one of the front-runners in a bid to replace Dave ‘Dambuster’ Cameron as the Leader of the Fukushima formerly known as the Conservative Party.

So we should not be surprised that Dodgy Dave’s private misgivings about Borisconi the Bankshagging Barbarian have miraculously become public as a result of the PM’s incontinent leakage condition. In the trade, we call this the Dick Nixon card: “Listen, if I fall, the next guy in line will be even worse”.

Brexshit9And so to the barrel-scrapings. That usually means The Sun, and today is no exception. It appears that not only do Brexiteers need regular whippings, they’re also prepared to use blackmail in order to get sex.

Well, the LibDems are choc-a-bloc with rum coves….however, all but this bloke are Remaindeers. I somehow can’t see why Paul Keetch being in a cats-for-sex-and-porn scandal has the remotest relevance to the issues, but then I do think most of those who bother to vote will follow their instincts. The average MP’s instincts being beneath contempt, we should all (temporarily) accept that as a fact of life as we plough onwards towards salvation or ruination.

Brexshitmail9Finally, one unwavering fact of life in Britain is that the Daily Mail goads. Its impeccably goadworthy condition means it can do thousands of miles on just one litre of petrol tossed onto the flames. So – if only to give a sense of balance – I include today’s attempt in the Wail to take the eyes of both referendum sides completely off the ball.

I too have fears about overcrowding and multicultural denialism in 21st century Britain. I have particular fears about electoral regularities in Newham. But this depiction of immigrants as nasty Grey Squirrels feeding upon nice fluffy Cockney Red Squirrels is too hard for any decent Brit to digest. Fine, I know it’s masquerading as a review of a BBC documentary. But the Mail and its myriad bigotries have contributed massively to the idea that Vote Leavers are nothing more than ageing Powellites.

We are nothing of the kind: rather, we are rejectors of the globalist security blanket, the Big State socialists, and the appeasers of Camerlot. We want a free, independent and inventively entrepreneurial Britain freed from the controlling monopolism of Big Business & Banking. For myself, I want that Britain to be a healthy jigsaw of local communities to which power has been devolved…but that’s a personal opinion for another day.

I present these infantile attempts to terrify us into joining a fascist Superstate purely as a spur* to those who will not be cowed into submission.

Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday.

*Spur is another word you shouldn’t mention to Boris, especially in the context of Spur road close to Waterloo Station. For it too makes him nervous.

26 thoughts on “BREXIT: As the scare campaign goes full Hammer Horror, a new word enters the language…

  1. Carney is just attempting to defend the indefensible, much like his ice-hockey goal during his time with the Oxford University team. Working for Goldman Sacks and the brain trauma accumulated after numerous frozen pucks to the head probably affect one’s ability to reason in similar ways.

    The Sun headline is a peach. Is every politician in the U.K. now labelled depending on their postion with respect to Brexit?

    Despite everything, if Bjorn is opposed to U.K. independence from the EU I might have to change my position. Perhaps this might have some relevance…

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  2. “….. infantile …..”

    I believe that word alone succinctly encapsulates all that is wrong with those who presume to rule over us.


  3. In true british tradition Madame Leghurts deserves nothing less than a two finger salute from all in blighty!


  4. In true british tradition Madame Leghurts deserves nothing less than a two finger slalute from all in blighty!


  5. Hmm – “a jigsaw of local communities”. What might that jigsaw actually look like? There’s a vast difference prescribing such a way of life from a rural retreat safely removed from its knock-on effects, to having to live slap bang in the middle of it.

    Corbyn :- “migration actually is a plus to our economy as a whole (no reference to numbers)…… You have to ensure that communities are brought together, that people do understand the changes that are happening and actually see some plus and some benefit within it.”

    How DO you “ensure” communities are brought together if they’re unwilling? What if people well “understand the changes that are happening” and find the disadvantages outweigh the benefits? Whilst this one-sided “debate” drags on for years (and it has), those changes are continuously being reinforced and become impossible to reverse, and perhaps one day will be recognised as a mistake. Migration policies are dictated by Brussels, and largely German-led, which as Boris has said, runs Europe “without firing a shot, forcing weaker partners to stay in a currency zone that is crippling them”.

    Corbyn is betraying the Left’s traditional supporters, whose jobs/livelihoods are most at risk from this degree of immigration he so lauds – but perhaps he’s following in Blair’s footsteps, viewing them as millions of potential new voters….. Why is nobody asking what suddenly turned him into an EU enthusiast after a political lifetime of being Eurosceptic? Did he have a Damascene conversion or was he got at?

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  6. @Karagan – excellent video, comprehensive coverage of all the salient points and dismaying confirmation of “the people’s” ignorance of who and what controls their lives.


  7. Well what can I say! You’ve surpassed yourself Squire and gave this Old Girl the best belly-laugh in an age! I’m enjoying what’s left of Sunday by toasting a big fruity raspberry and bollocks to the the lot of ’em! And I’m dam well voting Brexit, so are the Vicar and his wife.


  8. @alexei

    I agree re. Corbyn. I have no idea what pressure he has been subjected to in the past few months, but to reverse his position on EU membership at such a crucial time is indeed worth investigation. I suspect the Blairite power brokers in the Labour Parliamentary party have been undermining him ever since he wrested the leadership from them, and the recent engineered outrage over ‘Labour anti-semitism’ is the tip of a very large and vicious iceberg.

    Labour party funding has apparently dropped precipitously since the beginning of his leadership and by paying lip-service to the ‘benefits’ of migration, perhaps he is pandering to those middle-class ‘Lefties’ who have fallen for the ‘vibrant multiculti communities’ bollocks. Such people may celebrate the diversity in restaurant choice and love their access to Polish plumbers, but don’t have to compete for their job against the incomers or see their child ignored in an infant school where the poor teachers are struggling to cope an intake the majority of whom barely speak English. I think you are right about Corbyn betraying his natural constituency, but his core constituency do not pay the bills and I suspect (to borrow JW’s tagline) it’s all about the munnee. He can afford to betray Labour roots because the underclass have nowhere (other than UKIP) to go. They are demonised as racists and bigots if they dare to point out that it is their livelihoods that are threatened by the migrant influx.

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” to quote John F. Kennedy


  9. The whole concept for many politicians is if we stay in the EU, advance into the EZ has to be that they will be safe as houses in such a sound secure economic EU environment.

    The reality will be in a corrupt and dysfunctional europe a whole load of economic pain and think that is stating the obvious.

    Then as we are mortally wounded by EU economic doctrine there is going to be some really nervous politcians who encouraged us to stay who we can quite hapopily name.

    What a waste of a country, totally divided now on so many lies.

    Hence why I may be British i disown all that is British nowadays.

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  10. While wandering up the garden path this afternoon, I pondered the myriad reasons for wanting to leave this pustular plutocracy that we have come to know and dislike so intensely, namely the EU. Having admired the hollyhocks, and the lush green grass of the lawn, and having felt the reassuring touch of several hard earned pounds in my pocket, I tarried awhile and closed my eyes in the warm sunshine, attempting to think of any reason on earth why it would be sane to Remain. I confess that I failed in that endeavour. Imagine my consternation when, on turning around and reopening my eyes, this suburban idyll had shrivelled to the extent that it resembled nothing so much as a blasted Heath; and, on investigating the contents of my pockets once again, those hard earned pounds had somehow been transformed into worthless scraps of tinfoil. Could it be – I asked myself – that my simple yearning to be free from the Effing Usurpation had been responsible for this turn of events? On returning to the house, which was oddly bereft of my possessions, I noticed a visual display unit had mysteriously appeared on the living room wall and was inexplicably announcing to me that the date was 15 May 2017. There then followed an austere Newspeak broadcast which revealed that, having voted to Remain, the UK was subject to a European Naughty Step Directive of unspecified duration. I awoke with a start, having evidently fallen into some post-prandial reverie, and am now miraculously free from even the vaguest sensation of doubt. The Remaindeers are all too eager to tell us what will happen if we grow a pair and leave; they are entirely silent, however, about exactly how remaining will prevent these things from happening anyway, given what we know about our current situation. The historical record shows that not one of these Remaindered talking heads – of whatever nationality, political creed, or station – has made an accurate prediction about anything in living memory. Having taken a proper gander at their propaganda, so to speak, we can only trust that the majority will see the writing on the wall and vote accordingly. Let us by all means embrace Europe, but let us not do so at the cost of our independence, for there lies folly. Those who would see a European Empire, directed by the USA, would do well to reflect on what has ultimately befallen all such preposterous attempts to dominate that this world has ever seen. Flogging a dead horse is unlikely to breathe new life into this old nag, we just need the good grace to admit it.

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  11. @Hiero

    Great comment.

    “Having taken a proper gander at their propaganda, so to speak, we can only trust that the majority will see the writing on the wall and vote accordingly.”

    What I see in the States gives some hope. Not that I have any hope that Trump or Sanders will threaten the interests of the Deep State, but the popularity of both seems to be due to their apparent status as ‘outsiders’. I came across this article some time ago through a link on Zerohedge, and it was re-linked by a commenter today. It puts an interesting case for the popularity of Trump and Bernie

    JW’s article yesterday detailing the obvious establishment bias and fearmongering on behalf of the Remain camp may well backfire. If there are exit polls at the Brexit vote, perhaps there is a slim chance for British sovereignty. Without such polls, I suspect the result is a foregone conclusion regardless of popular sentiment.


  12. Perhaps if the Leave leaders were any better I might agree with you. But instead they are even worse. You have to laugh at Boris Johnson bemoaning city fat cats in his Telegraph column today. No, I suspect the huge body of opinion for Remain is because they are, on balance, right despite the political manoeuvring happening on both sides..


  13. “I too have fears about overcrowding and multicultural denialism in 21st century Britain.”

    But living in rural France and having a strong personal “Me too” following takes the edge off them.

    Living in a Speed-Jigsaw may well appeal to those with the nous and travel-papers to navigate around the scattered pieces, homing in on the most promising areas.


  14. Well Reimer

    You obviously think I’m full of shit, so I’m assuming you won’t be coming back. To do otherwise would, after all, be masochistic.


  15. John
    As a fellow ‘me too’ languishing in the wilds of rural France, I’m slightly bemused as to why Cameron didn’t push to get all UK expats living across the EU the right to vote in the referendum.

    Assuming he’s sincere in his wish to remain within the EU, and hopes to garner as many votes as possible, I would have thought that he and his advisors would have considered a large UK expat vote for his campaign a near certainty. The expat hope/motive being that they’d avoid being ejected from their homes (or possibly victimised) in the future, should the leavers win. Or would I be wrong in assuming that?

    None of my family have a vote in the referendum, we don’t count…we’ve lived outside the UK for too long.


  16. @Tom

    There are undeniably vile individuals supporting both Remain and Brexit, and I feel extremely uncomfortable being on the same side of the argument as Bojo. I acknowledge that I may be wrong, but I contend that anything that gets in the way of increased U.S. control of Europe is, on balance, a good thing.It is clear that the U.S. wants the U.K. as part of the EU and not for the benefit of the British people. De-Gaulle’s fear that the U.K. would become a trojan horse for the Anglo-American banking interests was prescient and it will clearly further the Imperial plans of the State Department for Britain to remain at the heart of Europe. Germany has already been forced to shoot itself in the foot over its trade relations with Russia and the treatment of the Greek people at the hands of EU bureaucrats and their Goldman Sachs puppeteers should be enough to advocate for leaving.

    The more power is concentrated in an undemocratic, remote centre like Brussels, the less responsive those that weild that power become towards those they control. Westminster is remote enough in my mind, although the vote that prevented the bombing of Syria following the Al-Nusra/Turkey inspired false flag at Ghouta was an all-too rare example of the power of the British people to influence those that are supposed to represent them. How different would the outcome have been if the decision had been made by the European Commission? Paul Craig Roberts has contended that all Europe’s influential policy makers are bought by the U.S. It is more difficult to buy all MPs in all European countries individually.

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  17. Brexit the Movie – a must watch film for all doubting Thomases….Kelvin McKenzie sums it up niecely, shortly after 11minutes!


  18. Re Newham and the last whites of the old East End: a friend of mine lived in Bethnal Green for two years – he described it as an experience which was at best alienating and very often intimidating. He was under no illusions that he was not wanted there. His girlfriend, the daughter of Sierra Leonian parents, was of the same opinion.

    Oh and another friend comes to mind who used to live in Bow: A woman, everyday she was hissed at like a stray cat by Bangladeshi boys who also used to put ‘no queers allowed’ stickers on the lamp-posts.

    I think a little reality needs to be shone on multi-cultural Britain from time to time.

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