THE SATURDAY ESSAY: only Middle England can save our independence & liberties.

Why the time has come for apolitical England to rein in Camerlot, and reject EU federalism


MABLOKE Middle England tends to turn off when the syntaxical Left starts seeing fascists under the bed. But when the fascists are gleefully streaming out of the closet, it’s time to take their existence seriously. The Slog argues that only a big Brexit vote from Middle England will rid us of the syndrome in both Westminster and Brussels.

This is an appeal to Middle England. Not because I don’t like Scotland and Wales, but because ME is the core of my own country…and those who inhabit it tend to be the most difficult to alarm.

I’m not in the business of alarming people for the sake of it. But there’s something about the unhealthy level of citizen trust in the Whiteminster Government in Middle England that I find, er….alarming. So I was wondering whether it is any longer possible to alarm them.

I single this group out for various reasons. First up, an encouraging proportion of them were educated before 1980 – and so, if they chose to use it, the critical faculty is probably still intact. Second, the money they have and the circles within which they move tend to shelter them from the obvious reality of life in the less select suburbs of Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London: so it seems only fair to spell that out clearly, but with the minimum of didactic political syntax.

And finally, these are the voters who are going to make a key difference to the ethico-economic questions that face us on every issue from the NHS through to Brexit via State pensions. While small in number compared to the bottom 30% of the electorate, that 30% does not on the whole elect, because they don’t vote….demotived as they are by a dangerous combination of desperation, disinterest, distraction and – lets call a spade a spade – dumbness.


Let’s start by looking at all the citizen protections that were gaily tossed away by the last two governments.

To one degree or another, they include Legal Aid, the right to boycott corporations, trial by jury, the right to non-violent, hate-free speech (however extreme some may find it), the right to campaign on all issues at all times, the right to vote forever after becoming an expat, the 24 hour habeas corpus Rule, no restriction of Rights when under suspicion, open courts in peacetime, the right to demonstrate without notice, freedom from phone tapping and internet surveillance, freedom from being photographed without knowledge, and the right to citizenship in perpetuity once granted.

This shot sort of sums up how most of Middle England feels about this:


The other line pushed on this one is “If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve nothing to worry about”. Tony Blair at his unconsciously ironic best. More succinctly, former Mayor of London Boris Johnson tends to brand anything he thinks shouldn’t be in the public domain as “Just a load of leftwing poppycock”. For example, phone hacking on an industrial scale at the offices of News International. He was wrong; indeed, there is a strong case for alleging that he knew he was wrong. In other words, that he lied.

This is the core problem with all erosions of liberty and democracy: in unscrupulous hands, they are used to extend defence of the Realm to mean Defence of the Establishment. But if you think it’s just Leftie agitprop, then read what Britain’s top spook had to say when control freak Gordon Brown was in power. In 2009, Dame Stella Rimington, the former head of MI5, accused New Labour of “exploiting public fear of terrorism to restrict civil liberties”. On the same day as her accusation, a report published by international jurists suggested that Britain and America led other countries in “actively undermining” the rule of law and “threatening civil liberties” in the guise of fighting terrorism.

Nor can one argue that such condemnation “comes from Leftist media”, because the facts are that thinking Leftwing media barely exist in the United Kingdom any more: the Independent’s print version has closed, and last January The Guardian sought to slash £54m in costs; this followed a review of its finances that found its rate of losses would wipe out the Trust capital that supports it by 2025. In 1965, the Daily Mirror sold 5.2m copies: today it sells under 20% of that figure. Just over a week ago, the Mirror’s great white hope New Day folded after just ten weeks.

The greatest single control in any pluralist political system is effective opposition. The evidence that both New Labour and the Camerlot Conservatives have sought to not just undermine but, effectively, destroy this principle, should say to all those with an understanding of stable democracy that British liberty is in danger. Fine, the current Labour Party’s inadequacy in this role is self-inflicted, but an independent BBC – that is, a State broadcaster free to broadcast what is sees as “the facts” – is seen right across the political spectrum as absolutely vital.

So why is the Conservative Party – exactly like Alistair Campbell in the previous government – so keen to bully the BBC, appoint HSBC Tory supporters to key roles involving a massive conflict of interest, and now demand political representation on the Board of BBC Governors?

For six years now – first through Jeremy Hunt, briefly via Sajid Javid and now John Whittingdale – this Conservative government has consistently tried to undermine the traditional ‘Trust’ position of the BBC.  All of these three gentlemen (it should surely be obvious to every objective observer) have dark clouds in their past – Hunt in relation to Hotcourses, Javid via Deutsche Bank and Whittingdale with his Mistress Whiplash tendencies. If anything, the one thing they all lack is the Right Stuff when it comes to a national culture.

It’s here where we need to examine the reality of “a mandate”. The BBC had a clear mandate – among the population until twenty years ago – as by far the best producer of drama, documentary and news within the broadcast media in Britain. Bullied over Iraq, starved of funds, and running scared of blatant attempts to install Murdoch in its stead, it now finds itself become both bland and censorious at the same time….having been slammed by such pleasant public figures as Peter Mandelson, George Osborne and Michael Fallon.

Yet now it emerges that Mr Whittingdale plans to have the government directly appoint most members of a new body to run the corporation….in which only two or three members of a 13-strong unitary board, to replace the BBC Trust model, would be BBC executives – while the rest would be government appointees.

Whittingdale told the all-pervading Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times last week, “I don’t think the government appointing the BBC non-execs would compromise their independence.” Well of course not dear boy, of course not. Whip?

Staying with the media, the ‘recruitment’ of the media to conspiratorially further political aims is a step on from even the model of allowing those with mouths bigger than their wallets to run the show. This includes Whitehall-owned media (the pro-Brexit mailshot to every domicile in Britain), Brussels owned media (every website they run) and media controlled by massive Conservative donors such as the Bloomberg Group. All of these drone on endlessly about the dangers of Brexit and business support for staying in. Worse still, they blame long-term global recession and Osborne’s fiscal incompetence on ‘Brexit worries’ when last Month’s b2b poll shhowed no such concerns.

When the media start running propaganda as the norm, they might as well change their name to Izevestia or the Völkischer Beobachter. As George Orwell remarked, “It’s no longer news, it’s just PR” – and indeed, the Daily Telegraph has been caught red-handed selling its editorial space on precisely that basis….notably to HSBC.

In a more general sense, recruitment of the media is merely one significant example of creating Benito Mussolini’s definition of the corporate State – that is, one where the business, political, legal and military interests are joined at the hip. Nobody has done more than the Prime Minister to get up to his armpits in this excremental process, hiring the likes of Andy Coulson, hobnobbing with Rebekah Brooks, taking on Baron Green as Trade Minister, and using Philip Green to organise the 2015 Conservative Vote….some of which have ended up as police investigations and prosecutions.

Along the same ‘fascist’ lines, while cutting armed forces numbers and budgets Mr Cameron has renewed the Trident nuclear ‘defence’ system – hopelessly outdated and roughly akin to the Polish cavalry in 1940 – at enormous cost, become heavily involved in Libya, and bombed Syia….all in the cause of NATO aims, acting increasingly in the 21st century as a cover for the US oil and armaments industries. Here again we see business, politics, armed conflict and the media joined at the hip – most notably in Ukraine, where even the more liberal UK media still stick to the long-untenable position that Russia shot down the MH17.

Finally, I think it behoves Middle England to pause calmly for a moment, ignore the sloganising of the Socialist Worker, and ask whether the Ministers loyal to Camerlot in the current Cabinet really have the industrial, social and legal infrastructure of the ‘United’ Kingdom at heart….and equally, whether their actions display much respect for the average citizen.

Well over a million British women born between 1950 and 1956 have already had six years of their promised pension removed. Stephen Crabb claims the women “were told” in 1995 (not true: the DWP didn’t write to anyone until 2009, and many only in 2011) and have “breezed through life” without paying attention. By 2020, an estimated total of 3.2 million women will be affected, and 1 in 3 of them have neither partners nor private policies to help them escape destitution. Ultimately, having “time to prepare” is a weasel distraction behind which Crabb is happy to hide: a promise was made by the State 66 years ago, and the State broke it after 45 years: it was eight Governments breezing along here, not the women involved. The State knows it is wrong, but the citizen must pay for its dilatory behaviour. That, Middle England, is fascism.

Most of Middle England uses the NHS. A clear majority approve of it. The man currently running it as Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt, is on the record in extended pamphlet form as saying he wants to demolish it. His second cousin Baroness Nettlestone is the leading lobbyist for the private sector in the House of Lords. To pummel junior doctors into line, Mr Hunt claimed their weekends off had created a “death crisis” in the NHS at such times. This has now proved – proved, mind you – to be a complete falsification….something in which Hunt has specialised throughout his business and political career. The Minister has tried to override all criticism by imposing a new contract on junior doctors. He now at last says he will meet them to negotiate….but not to take account of the “death crisis” invention. So the talks go nowhere, the strikes continue, and the bitterness builds.

Ultimately, these junior staff also have no legal appeal rights upon which to rely. If a combination of engineered insolvency and staff departures grind the NHS to a halt, Hunt’s second cousin (who ‘bequeathed’ him the Surrey SW constituency) will be in like Flynn. Once again, business, political ideology and neutered legal protection are marching together. That, Middle England, is fascism.

Over the last five Governments, we have seen Britain’s police forces steadily politicised and increasingly underfunded for the task of their real job: controlling and evidencing apolitical crime. The police action against Scargill and flying pickets was designed to control what many saw at the time as an attack on the State. It perhaps was, but every edge has a thin end: since then, the Met police have conspired with Newscorp to break laws relating to pre-release of arrests, evidence and named search warrants; knocked on doors to “follow up accusations of homophobia” (which isn’t a crime); falsely accused and furthered the prosecution of celebrities, few of which could be substantiated but all of which had a political/media element in there; dragged their feet and then sat upon key enquiries such as the Elm House child-trafficking scandal; invested hugely in water cannon and penning grids….both designed to control political demonstrations; and massively increased the number of surveillance cameras watching us. The MI6/Special Branch operations alongside GCHQ now openly admit that they work closely with ISPs to monitor written and verbal emails, tweets, Facebook editorials, photographs and Skye-style conversations.

The police are no longer controlling crime: they are controlling the populace. That, Middle England, is fascism

Middle England rarely collides with the criminal Courts. For over thirty years, families were broken up by the secret Family Courts…which are only now (and painfully slowly) being dismantled. In 2012, the Conservatives at last abolished so-called IPP imprisonments – where no crime is specified beyong the protection of the public. For years later, already jam-packed prisons are full of thousands of such prisoners who should be freed.

The right to a fully professional and equipped defence counsel in criminal trials has become a laughing stock. Junior, overworked and uncaring briefs regularly pitch up at trials and often fail to keep the CPS on a short legal leash. I have countless examples in my files here of cases where for instance Joint Enterprise bystanders have been sentenced to long prison terms on the basis of hearsay and exceptionally poor cross-examination of the prosecution witnesses. Janet Cunliffe’s son was banged up at age 16 on such a charge and he is technically blind. The Supreme Court has now ruled against the JE law: but Jan’s boy is still rotting in a prison cell.

A balanced, adversarial prosecution/defence Court system is one of the core foundations of British liberty. It is being undermined along with other already listed rocks that underpin citizen rights. And as for equality before the law….surely this has obviously become a farcical disgrace. Think openly for a second, Middle England:

  1. Do you think the Rebekah Brooks verdict reflected her real knowledge of phone hacking?
  2. Do you believe Piers Morgan never – not once – indulged in it?
  3. Do you think James Murdoch conspired to pay off those victims with proof of having been hacked by News International?
  4. Do you think Mayor Johnson helped or hindered the Elm House Met investigations?
  5. Do you think Philip Green and his wife conspired to minimise their exposure to BHS debt and didn’t know the pension fund was only half funded?
  6. Do you think Boris Johnson’s wife was assaulted in Spur Road, or got pissed over lunch and had an ill-advised knee-trembler with Graeme Stening?
  7. Do you think Tony Blair did or didn’t conspire to pervert the course of Justice over the BaE Saudi corruption investigation?
  8. Do you think Tony Blair told the truth to Parliament about WOMD in Iraq?
  9. Do you think the Chilcot enquiry is so ‘late’ appearing purely because of its complexity?
  10. Do you think Rupert Murdoch gave unperjured evidence to the Culture Media & Sport enquiry?

What we have today is a legal prosecution system biased in favour of the powerful and the State…and an élite of many colours perverting the course of prosecutions in order to protect itself – and hide the truth from those they’re supposed to represent. It has been going on since the late 1970s…and in some cases, since God was a sperm.

But it is getting worse, Middle England. And unless you want to go down in history as the British 2015 version of those Mittelklassedeutschen who let Hitler in the back door during 1933, it behoves you to take all the Party tribalism off the table and think about every British person’s liberty.

Think on this: the Conservative Government is passing illiberal laws now with a smaller electorate support level than the Nazis had then.

Think on this: the Germans had a written Constitution in 1933, and Hitler obliterated it – without changing a single clause – is three years flat. We’re still waiting for the Constitution Cameron proposed seven years ago.

Think on this: you may be like me tired of the Leninspart Left seeing fascists where there are only people who disagree with them. But here, I am taking the accepted technical term for ‘fascism’ and applying it to forty years of State actions….all evidenced in the British context.

I have many friends on the soft Left in the UK who think that Brexit will make the slide into  fascism worse, because the Government will be uncontrolled by the EUCHR. I admit that, in theory, that is a downside risk…but I reject it for two reasons.

First, if Britain votes Leave on 23rd June, Camerlot as we know it today will implode. Most of those in the vanguard of fertilising fascism will lose their jobs – and the Conservative Party as a whole will split right down the middle. This can only give the disgruntled SNP and English-only Labour Parties the impetus they need to vote down a rejigged Tory Government. (If Middle England think that’s reason enough to vote Remain and abolish liberal democracy there, then it’s time we all packed up and went home).

Second, I see no sign at all in either the structure, federal intentions, or past actions of the EU and its all-powerful unelected European Commission-Eurogroupe-European Central Bank nexus to suggest that the European Union is anything other than a bigger UK Cabinet: one which the Black Knights of Camerlot feel at home with, and which is gagging just as hard to sign the TTIP trade agreement….the final piece in the Fascist World jigsaw.

Globalism is not the future. Financialised capitalism is not the future. The EU has no future at all beyond anarchic chaos. But if we vote to Stay – and the EU remains temporarily intact – then that chaos will breed fascism of both Left and Right: in France, in Greece, in Spain and in Italy. And the Camerlot brand of fascism will have yet further excuses to abandon any real semblance of liberal democracy.

So it’s down to you, Middle England. No pressure though….

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30 thoughts on “THE SATURDAY ESSAY: only Middle England can save our independence & liberties.

  1. I would like to take a look at Hitler’s rise to power, as there are – how can one say? – footprints of a certain kind at a certain point in the proceedings.

    In 1928, Hitler’s party achieved 2,6% of the vote, which gave him 12 seats in the Reichstag. It is a extremely important to note that he got seats with such a small proportion of the vote, for it could not have happened in Britain! Nigel Farage, gained 12,7% of the vote… and only one seat where he should have had around 75. The Liberals with 7,9% of the vote got 8 seats (they should by rights have had 51). These incongruities reflect a voting system that is not fit for purpose. But that is what democracy in Britain is all about.

    German democracy is not British, and never was. Which brings me to an important issue: Hitler only used democracy to further his own ends (and please do not think this of German politicians today, expenses-defrauding MPs they most certainly are not!)

    In the run-up to the elections in 1930, there was no small amount of violence, caused by the Nazis themselves and others who might (or might not) have been linked to them. Just as is the case in the USA today, such things can be employed by those who lack any scruples.

    In the succeeding elections, 1928, 1932 and November 1932, the Nazis increased their hold on power. In 1928 they got 18% of the vote, making them the second largest party in Germany. That will give you an idea of how confused the situation was, and given the amounts of money piled in from the USA (albeit that you cannot trace this kind of political funding) it’s not so surprising that Hitler was able to sway the voting public. In the 1932 election, the Nazis got 196 seats and 37% of the vote. So this wasn’t just the German middle classes who brought him to power by any means! Hitler would have gotten nowhere without the massive financing from his friends – and remember that Hitler went as far as to give Henry Ford a medal for his services to the Nazi party!

    Even so, 37% is not a landslide victory by any means, and certainly not the triumph where Thatcher, who had a little over 40% of the vote and a majority of 160 seats… compare this to Merkel at her prime, where she had 42% of the vote (CDU + CSU) and had to form a coalition government. Thatcher had no need to thwart parliament because the election system itself was broken.

    The upshot of all this meant the only way for Hitler to achieve power without a coalition government was to seize it.

    Which is what he did.

    Hitler was shackled by democracy, which he smashed in order to achieve his aims. Had he been in Britain, there would have been no need to; the election system would have given him power without any need for fraud. With 37% of the vote, there is every chance that he would have had a majority of the seats in parliament… what is certain is that he would have had enough seats to form a minority government. The British election system is in this respect, undemocratic at its very heart. Hitler would have loved it!

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  2. if words could get us out of the EU you would have already won the cause JW. Fear seems to be the main card of the federalists and if you vote ‘remain’ because you are frightened you are a coward… so now are we a nation of cowards..?
    If we are then things have changed since 1939 when we were brave in the face of all fear…. although at that time many were singing the same song as the fear-mongers are today but we resisted and fought instead. Now we are about to throw in the towel and accept that we are a province of another country or empire?? What did we fight for before? so we must fight again… Leave leave leave and do not be afraid…

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  3. @ Gemma. ‘ The British election system is undemocratic’. Sadly, too true. No other country has an entirely unelected second chamber. No other country has, for that matter, copied the NHS model, nor is there a democracy in the world with an equivalent of the BBC, funded by a levy, whether you use it or not.


  4. Anonymous, when you say “No other country has an entirely unelected second chamber.” – would it be any different if it was elected??? Look at the chamber that is elected!!

    After all, it is this which has led to the chaos of the NHS, or all the other happenings that make the European Union look meek and democratic in comparison.

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  5. As a supporter of the theory that Britain would do far better out of that corrupt, undemocratic and wasteful entity known as the EU, I have come reluctantly and sadly to a Conclusion: there is absolutely no way on this earth that TPTB will permit Britain to exit the organisation. Every effort will be employed to scare the living bejasus out of an admittedly credulous electorate into voting in the ‘correct’ manner on the day. However, if this shows signs of not achieving the desired outcome, then quite shameless vote-rigging will be used. I imagine, in my less reasonable moments, that the ballot boxes have already been stuffed with the requisite votes and stored in geographically strategic locations pending the day when we are permitted to engage with this illusionary exercise in democracy. I hope I am wrong; I hope to see those supercilious smirks wiped off the chops of Cameron and Osborne as they observe the British electorate’s collective two-fingered salute to their blatant scaremongering … but I have my doubts. Cheer me up somebody …

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  6. ‘Ever Closer Union’ That is what it is all about. Economic arguments are self-serving and often ludicrously wrong. Who saw the credit crunch coming? Gird up thy loins, or the modern equivalent and get us out, legally.

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  7. @JW. Thanks indeed for Point 6. Was the Court Stipulation lifted or is it just that you live outside UK jurisdiction that permits you to publish.?

    A knee trembler with her — quite frankly would it have been worth it ?!


  8. John, a much appreciated essay. You have earned your Saturday afternoon off in the garden.

    @Hiero, yes, kfc’s comment was far more thought provoking than the more common “.” comment.

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  9. On the UK slipping into worse fascism if we BREXIT is a red herring the true argument is …

    We can hold those elected to represent us accountble by force of arms if we BREXIT not if the EU rules us.

    Our lying and thieving politicians though will blame everything on the EU whilst being paid to sit on their asses doing nothing but the whipping now.

    You want to represent me?

    Then BREXIT else I am better of demanding parliament, house of lords etc. all resign and pass full control over to Brussels who will be making all the big decisions. Then if they mess up in my area of europe we can launch the nuclear tipped tridents to get accountability.

    Go on Cameron, will you be the first to resign no longer needed after we have a chosen andrecognised EU?

    Also does it mean I can ignore all leigilation out of parliament if it is not EU legislation? I mean my one and only true masters being a serf must be my only consideration…


  10. Thinking through a little more … those representing us with always a way out can never be held accountable again if we join the EU. Never another expenses scandal because the EU legislated corruption.

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  11. Truly excellent, JW, muchos gracias.

    Fascism creeps up on the world, not just the UK.

    The corporations tried an outright coup in the 30s, in the US. General Smedley Butler punctured their balloon.
    Book: war is a racket.
    They’ve learned to proceed through stealth politics: EU, Environmentalism, TTIP TPP TISA.
    All have the same endgame: a world totalitarian govt.

    You hit the nail on the head with Gordon Brown, as with all the control freak cowards who want to rule the world:
    they are small brains with huge egos, afraid of the future, thus with the desire to seize control of the present, & drag it back to a non-existent happier past.

    Posts like this are why I am following The Slog.

    Slog on, John.

    John Doran.

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  12. Due to vote rigging at the scottish Referendum we now have a bar code on the back of our voting papers.
    Is it the same in England?
    When you fold your vote you should have a bar code staring you in the face.


  13. seven double one, knife, fork and spoon, mug lost in action, Sir. Middle England here, and voting LEAVE as are every one of Family and Friends that I have. Recession, Doom,etc etc, BRING IT ON!!!! Common Purpose just a bunch of Traitors. Keep up the good work please John.

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  14. Trouble with 9.3% of voters – reaching a peak of 11.7% after 7pm – is that they’ve been at the bar, where no code beyond “Same again please” is necessary.


  15. A wonderful essay John. Your point about media control is so important as it’s so influential in perpetuating fear and ignorance. Newspapers and the Ministry of Truth BBC are largely devoid of any factual content or investigative journalism, preferring to focus obsessively on talentless, vacuous ‘celebrities which is massively painful to read or watch and to be avoided at all cost.

    You commenters appreciate the points you raise and are largely ‘on board’. I do try to spread the message but my experience of Middle England is that the media has been successful in its mission. The fear agenda has worked and the sheep are running in the intended direction thanks to media scaremongering about constant threats at all levels. Have we learned nothing since the dodgy dossier?
    The morality of issues such as wars, drones, massive corruption, privatisation of the NHS, pensions for women born in the 1950s, don’t appear to cause discomfort as they perceive it doesn’t affect them personally.
    I haven’t experienced any appetite among the uncurious to question the propotionality this government’s direction and no surprise or concern about Dodgy Dave’s corruption and criminality. Any questioning of this government’s fascist nature is dismissed as left wing dogma.
    I’m not feeling too optimistic that Middle England will wake up and smell the coffee.

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  16. Maybe your best ever essay John , as a Scottish June 23rd No voter , I fully share your view that it’s up to middle England. I am deeply confused that an SNP party whom I generally vote for can be for independence from Westminster but desperate to be dependent upon the EU and TTIP.
    I have a feeling that middle England might just deliver the NO vote we all want , my only evidence for this is a strange gut feeling and my five English friends from Leicester who visit us via a cheap Shearing’s holiday to Rothesay twice a year who implored us not to leave the UK in 2014 and are voting NO to save what’s left of the England they remember and care about. I have a feeling there are a lot more down there and I think there are a lot more up here in Scotland that gets acknowledged or the SNP realise.


  17. No, middle England won’t rise up and vote out.
    Most have already been brainwashed into the “Standard permissible belief set” .
    To vote “Out” makes you a Little Englander . Which is Bad.
    To worry about immigration via the EU makes you a Racist. Which is Bad.
    To vote Tory makes you an Oppressor of the Poor. Which is Bad.

    So, the Middle Englanders that do dare to vote will vote In.



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