BREXIT: bad news for the remaindeers as the data overrules the dogma


Robnose the longnosed Remaindeer

SQUARE.JW.01A piddling 0.1% rise in the UK’s factory output (a third of what was expected) confirms what I and zillions of others continue to feel: Camerlot hasn’t a clue about the requirements for rebuilding Britain’s manufacturing sector….and this pathetic performance took place in the period when the £ was more competitive than at any time for over a year.

deer3Meanwhile, Baroness Thatcher’s one-time economics advisor Patrick Minford, said Camerlot were “treating the public like fools” as he called the Treasury’s analysis on Brexit “riddled with bias”. This confirms some b2b research conducted last month showing that British businesses are bored to tears with the “childish” scare tactics being used by the Government, Bloomberg, and all the other global monopolists hoping to get fatter still if the UK stays in to sign up to TTIP, or Total Transatlantic Incarceration in Prison as I’ve taken to calling it.

deer5The Remaindeer tactics are looking sicker still in the light of 58% of Italians and 56% of the French telling a MORI poll they believe their countries should also have an exit referendum.

And just to cap off three days during which absolutely nothing has gone right for the Stayers, AEP had this to say in yesterday’s Telegraph:


So in a nutshell then, a bunch of incompetent liars are trying to push us into a disastrous trading bloc whose own inhabitants want to leave anyway. What a ripper wheeze.


Dermot Bullingdon-Stagge looks forward to newly spiking bond yields in Portugal and Italy

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20 thoughts on “BREXIT: bad news for the remaindeers as the data overrules the dogma

  1. I’d have gone for ‘Total Transatlantic Incarceration in Perpetuity’. But, hey what’s the difference?
    It must have as quite as surprise to them that nothing has been fixed eh? Shock, horror, probe.. All the bullsh*t washed away to reveal it’s is as bad as it always was.
    Couldn’t make it up could you?

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  2. Allegedly Gen. Carlton W. Fulford of the US Army is the Leader of the United States’ current Double Secret Martial Law Plan under which the Federal Reserve has been closed down….

    Obama continues to serve as ‘puppet’…..

    Will Cameroon capitulate?

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  3. The EU only exists because America is angry with us.

    We need to placate the Americans in some way. Perhaps some sacrificial kind of reparation payment. I wonder what though.

    We could erect a great statue of the US in Brussels and every day take a new EU commissar or other Euro-politiker, bind them hand and foot and lay them around the bottom of the statue. If heavenly fire descends on the pile and the commissars all disappear with a bang we would know that our sacrifice has been accepted and the EU curse lifted. It would be a sort of RESET. Do you think it would work?

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  4. The truth rears its inconvenient head in many places.
    Prof. James Tracy was fired by Florida Atlantic Uni. for daring to expose Sandy Hook as a hoax.
    A 1st amendment freedom of speech court case approaches.
    His website: wwwdotmemoryholeblogdotcom/2016/05/07/american-academic-freedom-in-jeopardy/#more-28002

    I got this story from Dr. Jon Rappoport’s excellent site:

    Both sites will reward some study.

    John Doran.


  5. The Autograph wide-leg leather culottes, £199 from M&S could possibly boost sales by a few percent , or more likely not.
    What appalling taste imho.


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  7. @KFC joking aside that is exactly what they did with lashings of liquidity.


    Now we just need the truth to be revealed in the US economy to know why the TTIP is so important … need consumers and loads of them because the US economy is in many ways struggling to justify the true level of debt. Hence to expand they will need a deal and fast, hence reckon the BREXIT vote is being made a demand so we do not scupper this.

    So in that vein … a UK BREXIT would scupper TTIP, preserve europe from the global parasites needing to feed to justify their level of debt or in true debt stuffing style the overvaluation of stocks.



  8. TTIP
    China is methodically pushing forward. Gaining new ground in many areas and developing their financial system offering an alternative to USA-organised and megabanks-driven world. No one expects the US to just sit and wait.
    Counterattack is called TTIP and TIP. Both aim at cementing position of western corporations and USD in Europe and Asia. Diplomatic and trade war is only beginning. The conflict of world proportions is showing on the horizon. From four mysterious explosions in just a month to buffer conflicts with use of mercenaries.
    For now war is being avoided. Let’s just remember that falling empires never end their era in peaceful way. This dethroning is coupled with chaos, armed conflicts and changing of proprietorship structure. Starting from individuals and ending on nations. Preparing for such transformation should be the key point of years to come.

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  9. Notes from the Scottish Referendum,in which I voted No
    The issue that moved opiniion the most was Privatisation of the NHS
    This moved opinion from pro SNP standing at 30% in the Euro elections in May 2014 to 45% (maybe more) at the Scottish Referendum by September 2014

    In the public sector that accountancy system has Surplus and Deficit
    In the private setor the accountancy system is Profit and Loss

    So why am I watching Tracy Herbert on max Keiser holding up a graph showing that 7 out of 8 regions of NHS England are now officially operating at a Loss

    They are going to privatise the NHS unless TTIP is stopped

    Somebody needs to get real

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  10. This video is more informative on the TTIP and confirms that if implemented will probably coincide with the privatization of the NHS –


  11. Considering what Thatcher did to the British economy and manufacturing in the 80’s, I don’t think quoting her economics advisor Patrick Minford strengthens the Brexit argument!

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  12. Could radicals from our irish neighbours cause a red flag event enough to cause suspension of referendum?


  13. You forgot to add that icon of privacy and catalytic support, erstwhile First Lord of the Treasury, the Rt Hon Gordon Brown, who has today called it ‘unBritish’ to leave the EU.

    I’m not sure that Mr Brown’s character and behavioural characteristics would form the Oxford Dictionary’s definition of ‘Britishness’ but there we are.

    I”m afraid the ‘elasticity curve of response’ to yet more members of the Establishment telling me to vote In or else long ago went in a negative direction. I put up with their nonsense in Government for a decade, with all their full-spectrum-dominance surveillance and theft. If that’s what ‘being British’ is about, then they can whistle for me to stand up for it.

    The only Britain I want to be part of is one where respect for other humans is a requirement to be allowed to work, to be allowed to found a company, to own shares in a company or to enter any profession. Gordon Brown would have a very great difficulty convincing a committee with me as a member that he satisfied any of that.

    He should have learned several years ago that nothing he can say or do will stop a baby shitting in its nappy. There are lots of things in the world that are like that too: beyond his control.

    Influencing the British people went beyond his control in about 2009……….and I doubt very much it will ever come back again.

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  14. It is obvious that if the UK leaves the EU, the sky will fall in and the waters above the earth will descend and wash all the nations of the earth into the abyssal depths. Yawn – yea right.

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