Cameron & Osborne offer fear of economic collapse and war as the main reasons to stay in an American-controlled European Union. That EU is collapsing fiscally, flatlining economically, & building an army to go to war. Think about that logic.


The real nature of Brexit…and why you just have to laugh at the Remaindeers. The Slog satirises the two flags we should stop saluting, and deconstructs the brainless globalism of ‘better off in’.


trumpchristieIn a bid to give his administration a heavyweight feel, Donald Trump has appointed Elephant Man Chris Christie to ensure a smooth transition from campaign victory to White House. Don’s first capex as President will be an industrial winch to lift CC Rider into his office of a morning. Obviously, the candidate is delighted.


In her first intervention into the Brexit referendum, EU military Overlady Signorina Federica Mogherini has given firm backing to Dave ‘Dambuster’ Cameron’s claim that voting Brexit will lead to war. “Eeza right,” she affirmed, “you betcha. Once we a gotta dis army up anna runnin’, you better start runnin’ lerra me tell ayou. I gotta da big Capos onna my side so watcha your mouth Enngleesh”.

mogkerry And there can be no doubt that the gangster’s Moll is indeed connected high-up in the Nostra America Tempo Ordini (NATO) mob headed up by  widely-sought arms smuggler Don Kerrioni di Dipartimento Stato, seen here giving Signorini Mussolini a fraternal grope.

Greekpeace Fraternity is everywhere obvious in the European Union this morning, as these scenes from Athens show. The Greco-German Freundlichkeit Bund last night celebrated its annual Festival of the Scorched Earth to commemmorate the 1942-44 and 2011-16 bouts of economic stimulation so generously donated to Greece by Berlin.

EUUSR And so to the bottom line. David Cameron, George Osborne, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Fallon, Stephen Crabb, Jeremy Corbyn, Andy Burnham, Nick Clegg, Grant Shapps and Dianne Abbott are all for staying in the EU. None of them want to leave NATO. So if you firmly believe that coterie of clots know WTF they’re at, Vote Remain.

But if you worry about EU armies, TTIP secret talks, zero democracy in Brussels, the EC fannying around in the Ukraine, Italian Banks going scoppio, Spanish political deadlock, Portuguese bankruptcy, the Troika’s Greek takeover, France about to go bankrupt, Dr Strangelove in charge of the EU Fiskalunion, Athens debt talks deadlocked again, and widespread refusal in central and eastern Europe to take Islamic refugees and migrants…then go with your instincts.

The Remaindeers are a bunch of clueless, self-interested internationalists who don’t care a fig about citizen liberty or local democracy. They will drop principles, do U-turns, lie, cheat and use idiotic scare-tactics to stop you from striking out on your own.

But hey – nihil desperandum: when your grandchildren ask, “What did you do in the Brexit years Grandad?”, you can say “Nothing darling. I was too frightened”.

All 167 reasons for Brexit. Can the Remaindeers rustle up even 16 to persuade you to stay?


  1. When JW says “TTIP secret talks, zero democracy in Brussels”

    … can’t Britain show them how to do it a little better? After all, where’s the democracy in Westminster? Oh, if you’re rich enough, you can go to the right website and you can buy it.

    It’s what TTIP is all about.

    In or out, Britain is what the American corporations want to see happening in Europe.

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  2. It must be noticed that the Chilcot enquiry results are to be made public on July 7th.
    Again THEY take us for idiots.
    The nasty revelations are released a month after the Brexit vote, so as not to cause citizens disquiet before the most important vote in Britain for centuries.
    Also the Black art of Propaganda is in play,
    July 6th is of course the anniversary of D-DAY. A large scale MSM demonstration of jingoism is to be expected to deflect ,distract, divert and dilute attention to the Chilcot findings.
    Play the fife,beat the drum,wave the flag and the sleeple step into line to their destruction and impoverishment
    It was ever thus, and makes one weep at the docile temperament of the population.

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  3. @ Salford Lad – Just for once – and only this once, mind – I will defend TPTB on this one … D-Day was on 6th June 1944 ! Mind you, 6th July is the day before the anniversary of the London bombings in 2005 so I dare say that much will be made of that.

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  4. @SL Excellent comment.

    Most of the population, (and until recently I could have included myself), has been stupified by the pablum fed them by the television set for the last thirty years, and the unrelenting and until recently, subtle propaganda of Bernays and his ilk. With the intelligence services embedded in any news organisation of consequence, the ‘news’ fed to the masses has been gelded of any truth that threatens the narrative of those in power. MI6 and the CIA have been experts in the use of black propaganda to demonise those that would reduce corporate profits, or use revenues for the good of a population as a whole and their string of successful ‘color’ revolutions across the globe have meant resistance to Western corporations is rarely successful for long. The recent events in Brazil and Venezuela are testament to this.

    The obvious implication is that exactly the same techniques used abroad will, (and I’m sure they already have been – particularly against Wilson and probably Corbyn), be used to rubbish and smear those opposed to corporate hegemony. The only glimmer of hope lies in the increasingly unsubtle nature of the propaganda. More people than ever are waking up to their agenda. BBC treatment of Corbyn has been a revelation to many, and for the Scots, the MSM campaign against independence was an object lesson in the gatekeeping role of the BBC.

    I remain unsure as to whether an independent Britain could resist the onslaught of corporate dictatorship, but I have no doubt that remaining in the EU will mean a total emasculation of any concept of sovereignty for the people of Britain. Monsanto’s campaign to force the use of Roundup on an willing European population is enough to make me want my native country out of the suborned and hijacked EU.

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  5. I feel completely demoralised by this eu nonsense, and the future that they, the unelected are trying to drag us towards.
    Not only that, my own family tree is ruined. My son is marrying an Iranian and my daughter is sleeping with an ethiopian.My wife is distraught. We will be voting Brexit.
    I cannot lecture them. It would be frowned upon today. How things have changed, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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  6. Canexpat

    Most of the population, (and until recently I could have included myself), has been stupified by the pablum fed them by the television set for the last thirty years, and the unrelenting and until recently, subtle propaganda of Bernays and his ilk

    Why did Britain fight a war, if they were only going to steal Goebbel’s notebooks from the enemy they defeated?

    I remain unsure as to whether an independent Britain could resist the onslaught of corporate dictatorship

    Britain has a parliament that is already under the full control of the corporations – with the exceptions of a few notable figures like Jeremy Corbyn. He hasn’t toed the line, so must be publicly villified in the press, and he is fair game for slander in the Houses of Parliament.

    The EU was NEVER suborned and it certainly wasn’t hijacked: it was set up with this single purpose in mind and no other. The Americans don’t fool about when it comes to democracy. Make no mistake about it: if Jeremy Corbyn wants to get up to any stunts in the way the 1966 Wilson government did, they will be dealt with severely.

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  7. Gemma is of course entirely correct when she says; The Americans don’t fool about when it comes to democracy. We are screwed to put it bluntly, in or out it makes no difference, the PTB have enough control now with the ever increasing availability of more and more advanced technology for it not to bother them whoever ‘appears’ to be in charge. If we were lucky enough to get out, they would screw us into the ground for daring to do so, if we stay, they will screw us into the ground for having the temerity to think we could leave, either way f*cked. Not worth worrying about, hunker down make the best of it, it’s all you have left.

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  8. Good points wellmade JW. Gemma I agree ,what we have is “democracy lite” and its rotten a lot of the time but still better than the unelected,undemocratic bunch in Brussels.

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  9. @Caratacus, Thanks for the correction caused by early morning mind fog. The propaganda for D-Day June 6th will be used to further the remainder cause.

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  10. Just read “Germany has stopped its migrant crisis.” How clever and with 6 weeks to spare.Wont see those awful scenes again till after June.

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  11. Pretty lighthearted JW, but again on the ball. 
        Most bloggers seem a bit down on the future after Brexit, “the worst of two evils”
    My immediate concern is the thought of a final “False Flag” event that “Remain” will pull off. These people will do anything – what form could this event take? Will it be violent (blamed on the right wing) or something else?

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  12. Lampitt Do you really imagine you have “democracy lite”? To tell the truth, I haven’t really seen any democracy in Britain for a good few years.

    Nhoj They don’t need to pull a stunt. Remember when the Netherlands voted ‘no’? What happened? They were asked to vote again. Remain have the reigns, and always have had. It’s how the EU works, and Cameron knows this all too well.

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  13. I’m drifting towards Gamma’s world view. it seems like a fundamental failing in an extreme capitalist approach. I get that it is the natural expression of the innate patriarchal mind set. But the me & us structure completely misses the flow toward an extreme position at either end of the continuum. Effectively each escalating skirmish of the battle drags you further from a balanced perspective of what the hell is going on. Combine that with the added complexity of the other factors, actions deteriorate into reactions all the contributing complexity disappears beyond judgement.

    No matter where you stand to look at the current global situation it is typified by a move toward extremes. Brexit is merely a negotiating tool, the underlying thinking is a knife edge fence sitting exercise by the Capitalist interests, voiced through the Politics of the Conservative Party & materially based in Briton, & that is the material lump of rock, & what sits on it, not any conceptual notion.

    It is driven purely from a comparative wealth, perspective, you can ignore figures on the “Market”, this situation is now material reality based. It’s all going touchy feely in the most unedifying way. I’m afraid the fixed “Aircraft Carrier” belief holds little security post Hiroshima. War is Global & if it comes there is no were to hide.

    This all sits inside a greater artefact of competition, it creates a hierarchy & a mind set of “No 1” &, by intrinsic association, an Ideologue that both supports & explains it’s success. Call it a culture, biology has pinched the word because the underlying concept fits, & that reconnects to material reality, at least in my mind.

    What is happening is all a result of the erosion of this one concept. The peak of the highest mountain in a mind based on fixed permanence is in truth merely a ripple in the earth’s crust in the tectonics of geological time. As is the peak of a wave on a much shorter time span.

    The problem is how you perceive this fundamentally & totally natural process. A fixed mind only sees it from the observers point of view… That’s going up & I’m going down. That’s a big insecurity inducer for the “No1” mind set.

    I’m deliberately fusing two conceptual belief sub structures, they are two perceptional constructs of the same information, they are both able to reside in the same mind without requiring exclusivity & therefore able to provide two imaginations of the same material happenings.

    If you wish a fundamentally simple analogy. it’s like looking out with two eyes, & in my mind you then see the depth. There is no perspective through one eye, try it. I know you have been exploring this John.

    This is a direct & MATERIAL assessment of the effects of an extreme & fixed structure of belief & thought:-

    The effects of ideology in time, to my mind at least.

    This, when viewed from my personal middle ground is the offer of support, & from a point close to the middle perspective, & nothing else:-

    Vlad is bright, to my mind, he can see the embers that are smoking.

    It’s often overlooked that things change, old structures subside & views shift, It’s amazing what the crystallising of a common cause based on material physical harm can do to a group with a singular fixed world view of mind. History is crammed with this situation pre conflict. The internal inconsistency disappear as external mutual blame is focused from a shared & crowd perspective.

    This will make no sense to some conflicting half sense to others, but it is how my mind (Liquid) crystallises the information.

    Quite a bit is off topic in places, but so is my mind, It is a snap shot in resent history of my own perceptions… & yes I am probably “Barking”, only one way to find out though. Hitting “Post”!


  14. I really can’t believe I used to be in the AGW camp, a loyal Guardian/BBC reader, not understanding what lay behind it. This guy quotes the UN people and their quotes are terrifying.

    The lie is even more monstrous than I realised.


  15. @KFC1404

    Agree screwed either way and TBH Cameron calling on war etc. as the reason to join. No thanks, had enough not supporting those EU unelected who support war and genocide if we don’t join – what a stupid play!

    TBH I was only saying we need a proper set of books and an elected system from now on for those running the show to make it palatable, but the aiding and abetting of those with war and genocidal tendencies a step too far.


    No mention of the lack of Democracy in the unelected EU, corruption rife hence no set of books, to lose the BOE and pound is to lose the abilty to do anything when it economically f%^ks up again, mass immigration even Cameron is supporting that well for 5 years he aint sorted it has he? …

    Can’t actually see one positive yet as if the stayers NEW SCARE is any worse than what I have already stated …. Please don’t make me laugh.

    Now watch my internet go down for the rest of the day.


  16. As Santa Cameldung grazes his Remaindeer in a pasture wafted by the not so gentle breeze of disinformation, his little helpers (BBC) purport to offer us ‘The UK’s EU vote: All you need to know’ (sic), ‘Leave and Remain: The issues made simple’ etc. etc. A more credulous, not to say disingenuous, misrepresentation of reality would be difficult to construct, even with the lashings of Bernays’ sauce so assiduously cooked up in the kitchens of la-la land and spread thickly over every story in sight. No wonder so many of the population feel shorn of their wits and immured in paradox; TPTB know only too well that the best way to provoke an irrational response is to present an irrational argument.

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  17. reply to Jonathan B; Christie is known in the US as the mob state governor. Trump has cushy relations with anyone in New Jersey due to his casino. Christie offers muscle as governor. They are both “beholden” due to favors asked and granted of men behind the scenes that are the subject of fantastic crime dramas.


  18. “Don’t Cry For GB Angela”

    It won’t be easy, you’ll think it strange
    When I try to explain how we feel
    That we don’t need the EU after all that you’ve done

    You won’t believe the signs
    All you will see is the UK you once knew
    Although debt distressed up to the nines
    At sixes and sevens with EU

    Brexit has to happen, we have to change
    Can’t live our lives under the EU heel
    Looking out of the window, staying out of the sun

    So we choose freedom
    Running around, trying everything new
    Not that that impresses you at all
    We never expected it to


    Don’t cry for GB Angela
    The truth is we never liked t’EU
    Even through the Blair days
    And Brown existence
    (keeping the Sterling promise)
    We kept our distance

    And as for fortune, and as for fame
    We shall invite them in
    (Though the Remainers think they will be denied)

    The EU’s an illusion
    Its not the solution they promised it to be
    The answer was here all the time
    We leave EU and it frees GB

    Don’t cry for GB Angela


    Have I said too much?
    There’s nothing more I can think of to say to EU.
    But all you have to do is look at me to know
    That every word is true

    (With apols to A L Webber)

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  19. ‘if voting made any difference.. they would not let you do it..’ i think it was Mark Twain who said it… maybe.


  20. I am firmly Brexit, purely and simply on the grounds of national sovereignty. I state this knowing full well the powerful influence of the billion dollar funding of the lobbyists but …. nothing like an election to steady up the those who live in the metropolitan bubble. I wonder though, are they over-analysing and over-managing this decision of The British. Strip away the layers of crap and I’ll wager that the average Brit will know when some one is blowing sugar up their jacksie, I’ll wager that the average Brit has a healthy distrust of ‘authority’ and I’ll wager that the average Brit loves nothing better than to give smug, purring gits a dam good pasting.


  21. Latest fatuous question from the BBC, asked by Naomi Grimley, whoever she is: Can Cameron deliver on anti-corruption pledge?

    Are they just trying to wind us up, or what?

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  22. And another thing..

    If Cameldung and the rest of the Remains have lost confidence in this country to the extent that they say they have, why don’t they feck off and let someone else do the job.

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  23. I posted earlier on this thread about my family tree.
    Pity that no one either ‘liked’ or commented on our plight.
    Just further evidence that we’re not all in this together, and while everyone professes to care about immigration, no one cares about the most important thing in the big picture: that this nation is turning fast into a multi cultural society with people carrying genes from alien cultures – leading to alien society in years to come. My thoughts are that with inbuilt savage genes, people of the future will resort to crime and violence in a far bigger way to get what they want out of their life, whilst putting the bare minimum in, which is the steep trend of today.


  24. To continue in the same vein….
    I am just now developing my new website –
    When it comes online next week, I will be grateful if I receive some donations. I know that The Slog has several million readers. If everyone just gave £1, I will get very rich very quick be very grateful. Doubtful because I know you are all a lot of tight fisted moth eaten wallet carriers.
    I thanngggyouuuu very much


  25. Mac, when you say,

    “that this nation is turning fast into a multi cultural society with people carrying genes from alien cultures”

    perhaps you could get the British and American governments to stop bombing Middle-Eastern countries? Or interfering in the Horn of Africa, too. There would be a lot less immigration were those countries left alone.

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  26. Gemma

    I’m Helen. Mac’s wife.
    You are very WRONG on this point. These people have no right to pass our borders without our permission.
    They should be sent home. Unfortunately, the government of GERMANY has broadcast that all people are welcome from Syria- where PUTIN is occupying the land because OBAMA is asleep at the wheel. So they come here because they get a free ride and lust after my children.


  27. Mac,why would i give you £1, better that it goes to better genes than your own,i mean African genes have survived much longer than white genes have,and with such bigotry and moronic disposition of you and your wife,humanity is being lead once more to the brink. i would ask you to think,but am afraid that would be asking too much! it’s called humanity were all humans and the term aliens i hope is mean’t in the American use of non nationals and not white supremises use of all other races,creeds ,because am a human Christian secondly,British thirdly and am never white!


  28. ghost
    The tone of your withering criticism is without investigation and foundation.
    Do you have children? We think not by the thoughtless insensitivity of your reactions.
    Any money donated by others than yourself would go to an African country yet to be decided, where the Christian Church would manage self help for local people. To help them CREATE A COUNTRY with useful utilities, education, agriculture, health and more. This subject is very much on the political agenda and will need NGO’s to assist. There is much work and permissions to done, and donations will not be accepted before permissions are granted. We do not get up one morning and impose ourselves on other nations without full paperwork approval. The natives of these countries should have no need to abandon their land and families, and try to enter sovereign borders ( created for THAT VERY REASON ) uninvited.
    Too many people need to stop peddling the same old arguments about UK/USA/etc, and start DOING GOOD IN THE WORLD in order to occupy the burgeoning populations springing up that need HELP IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY, but they have to be EDUCATED.


  29. @mac

    “We do not get up one morning and impose ourselves on other nations without full paperwork approval.”

    Comedy gold!

    ‘Color’ revolutions must be signed off in triplicate Nuland!


  30. Mac no one feels more than me that if we paid a fair price for goods, commodities and work,that there would be less immigration because they would rather build up there own nations for themselves!but am afraid your language and spirit of writing shows that at best you want these things not from seeing yourself as a equal,but out of fear for you and your family,ps i do have children and i fear them being raped by white politicians as much as i do by any other group!and i have one of each!

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  31. Have you noticed how the BBC has upped the anti recently against the establishment by getting in their shots first re: the ‘white paper’? Starting with the Clebs ranting at BAFTA, constant coverage of Camerons gaff at Buck House (was it BBC cameraman?) and now HRH the Queen.

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  32. Serious question: (for once) Under the Flag Acts; I am restricted in flying(displaying) the Union Flag. Do similar restrictions apply to the EU ‘rag’ and if not, why not? If I burn a EU ‘rag’ (other than in smokeless zone) do I commit an offense?

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  33. Gemma on May 10, 2016 at 1:01 pm
    You’re right about the second referendum. Ireland voted No to the EU at first. They reheld the referendum. The second brought the Yes TPTB craved.. and I’m sure they would have kept going until they got it.


  34. RouterAl on May 11, 2016 at 10:19 am
    It certainly is. Thanks for that.
    We need to Brexit this EU hell hole asap.


  35. @Rowland
    I would hazard a guess that you’d be able to fly an EU flag anywhere in the UK but if you’re seen burning one, you’ll probably be arrested. .


  36. Mac

    “The natives of these countries should have no need to abandon their land and families”

    Then please stop the USA and UK from bombing them!!!!

    There was a bomb that destroyed a building near to the airport at Kabul. That bomb cost the US military something in the region of $100,000 – had the money not been spent on something of hate – a bomb – but something that showed the generosity of the nicer American, imagine how many people would now have productive jobs that made for a better Afghanistan?

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  37. gemma
    You simplify a complexity.
    I was not referring to countries who engage in worldwide terrorism training, grow opium for black market, and pretend to be civilians while carrying out their fantasies of killing and destruction.
    It is fashionable to blame the UK ,Russia, USA and France for standing up to them. Somebody will always be the worlds policeman eventually, as the UK was when Germany rose again after their first of two hidings.I understand that. Unfortunately Afghanistan and the middle east have suffered immensely.We all want to see peace of course, with thriving economies and happy citizens. There are hotheads and martyrs out there indoctrinated in their religion, quite wrongly, who only want to kill westerners and Christians. West Africa is seeing this as well.
    So Germany now offers open invitations to the eu . So we must now expect our own way of life to be bombed and murdered at home and so on. Is that the solution? No.
    I have read a few of your posts recently. You seem to have a very wide ranging knowledge in some respects, but all from a very shallow and personally inexperienced perspective if I may say so.


  38. Mac

    “So Germany now offers open invitations to the eu” – at whose behest? Is this the Americans forcing their democracy on others again?

    “So we must now expect our own way of life to be bombed and murdered at home and so on.” I mean, if the Americans did that to Europeans, they would fight back, too… Although this may be my inexperienced perspective that so annoys you. After all, people who lack your depth have to be shallow.

    Please do not make the mistake of seeing someone who can reduce complex issues to the essential – and simple – fundamentals for someone who lacks depth. All it shows is that I have dug far deeper than you can imagine, or dare.

    “Unfortunately Afghanistan and the middle east have suffered immensely.We all want to see peace of course, with thriving economies and happy citizens.” – all of which started in the 1870s with Britain attempting to seize power. This enraged the Russian Tzar who saw it, quite rightly, as a threat to their borders. Generations later and the latest batch of Anglo-Saxons are unable to learn the same lesson their great grandfathers couldn’t. The result is annoyed Afghans and an ecomony in tatters. Thanks, guys!

    Now as to your thought that the USA is actually standing up to these terrorists, there was a recent battle between IS (ISIS) and the New Syrian Army. The former are armed by the CIA, the latter by the US government. Pity nobody told ’em – but that level of communication might mean they were being simplistic. Worlds policeman they are not. Leave that to the locals who on account of understanding the local dialect and culture, can keep the peace far more easily than trigger happy Yanks.

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  39. Gemma

    First para. Answer : Jackboot Merkel. – Forcing this on the whole EU. There will be consequences.
    How can you get THAT SO WRONG..???

    The rest of your response is a lot of piffle.
    Regards, Helen


  40. Thanks for your put down, Helen.

    Only never make the mistake of thinking that the democracy that exists in Britain is that which exists in Germany. The Brits made the mistake of thinking the Germans thought the same as the Brits, and it led to the First World War – something that the Brits finished paying for in 2014. That means you’re right: there will be consequences. But they won’t be the ones you’re worried about.


  41. Gemma

    Ooohh you are a very bitter woman.
    I have a loving husband and wonderful children that enrich my life. I thank God for that.
    Helen xx


  42. Is that how I appear to you?

    But then, the truth these days is always bitter – so please don’t shoot the messenger.

    I wish you well with your happy family, where your son is marrying an Iranian and your daughter is sleeping with an ethiopian.

    That kind of language makes me think you may be seeing your own reflection.


  43. Gemma

    You appear to be a wicked, cruel, raving mad old toothless wrinkled evil witch with a black hat and a broom.

    Helen xx


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