Why today’s UK elections will show that it’s all over for Establishment Internationalism


But they won’t make a case for liquidating Corbyn

SQUARE.JW.01Calling the Decency Tendency: we have a problem, Houston. A question:

Can we really say definitively that the UK hates the Tories if the local election opinion polls show that Labour will lose 100-150 seats today? An answer:

Only if the Conservatives do not make concomitant gains.

I suspect this is what will happen:

  1. Camerlot will lose London
  2. Labour will need Nationalist support in Wales
  3. Both English majors will get a thrashing in Scotland
  4. Northern England Labour will lose a little
  5. Southern England Tories will lose a little
  6. The vast majority won’t vote.

The result above (more or less) will merely confirm what we already know:

i. The political situation in the United Kingdom is horrendously complex, and heading towards abolition of the 1702 Act of Settlement

ii. When exposed to naked Singapore-style “reform” à la Boris Jobsdone, Emporator Londinium, the majority clearly rejects it

iii. Nationalism as displayed by the SNP and UKIP is now by far the most important factor in British politics.

iv. The People as a whole are – in the overwhelming majority – either apathetically unwilling to engage with anything the major Parties have to sell, or actively choose to vote against such things.

Anyone in the Blairite Burnham Cooper (BBC) camp who sees such a result as the reason for ousting the Corbynistas is merely flailing around desperately to find an excuse so to do.

Equally, a Tory defeat in London will merely – post June 23rd – reveal the calamitous nature of a Tory split between the Camerlot Eunatics and the John Bull nationalists.

Ironically, for those with open minds and eyes, what today’s local elections will show is that – as far as The People are concerned – it is endgame time for the varietal internationalism pushed at us by both Establishment Parties. It is, in fact, a last post calling out the twilight of Whiteminster.

Even the SNP’s love-affair with all things EU does not extend to a United States demanding a Special Realtionship: for that merely spells USSR.

But The People no longer call the shots….excluded as we are from the EUUSR/NATO nexus, the neoliberal globalist élite, and the feather-bedding tendencies of the UK establishment.

People, after all, prefer small and local….whereas power-engorged dickheads want big and global.

So later tonight and during tomorrow, we will hear the People’s voice. But it will be drowned by the élite-controlled media Shouterati.

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13 thoughts on “Why today’s UK elections will show that it’s all over for Establishment Internationalism

  1. A sad situation but interesting nevertheless. Voting for someone you don’t trust is an awkward decision.


  2. The problem is that if no one at all votes but ONE person then votes (and for a party one doesn’t like) that is ‘democracy’ in action. Having said that, I couldn’t bring myself to vote in the last national election for any of the self serving dickheads (as John so eloquently describes them) and I won’t be doing so today as much as it pains me to say so.

    I will, however, be voting on the 23rd of June because that could make a difference.



  3. How do you spot a Dalek? They swerve around, repeating ad nauseam: “There is no alternative.” Dalek Cameldung, a low ranking – low and rank, and just one of many – member of this alien species was somehow elected, although the system is itself a mutant. Vast cohorts, however, have avoided democratic review altogether, the better to plot the demise of our remaining freedoms in the face of Corporate catastrophe; Brussels springs to mind as just such a hotbed of mechanised mendacity. Extermination of these self-propelled swivellers is unlikely to be achieved via the ballot box due to the cunning introduction of Voter Paralysis virus, and even the Doctor’s running out of patience.

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  4. From the perspectives of the individual electorate, not voting, seems completely reasonable to me. The more surprising part is the multitude of differing personal reasoning’s why, & the complete dissolution of the underlying conceptual premise that might entice them to make an effort of personal expression!

    Even the least complex of adult minds, must be looking at the utterly chaotic mess in front of them, evaluating it in their own particular way, & deciding? I would contend, next to nothing here has any degree of value that stands out as worthy & representative in my own real-world perspective.

    Just because you don’t have, or understand, all the information for insight into a disquieting situation, doesn’t mean you are unable to perceive them. After all, if your reading this, you are here, & alive, that’s the first box ticked. We come from a very long line that has honed this skill & well before our language ever evolved. (It often gets hidden, but it’s there, I assure you.)

    It would be easy to explain away a low vote as disinterest, but what I perceive, is an underlying disenfranchisement with the now notion of “Democracy”. This as you point out JW, might well indeed be leading towards a new fashion for kar-ki underwear, all be it for some differing reasons. If a very important word looses it’s conceptual content in the shared “Marketplace” of a shared language, then there is no alternative but to re-establish it’s new validity by examining it’s historic precepts. This would seem a good time to reacquaint ourselves to the differing appearance’s of Anger & Cold Rage, all just from my own perspective, of course.

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  5. In my neck of the woods, you would be hard-pressed to know there were local elections today. Very little canvassing ,no sign of Party posters and my local polling station is hidden in a back-street with no signpost directions. It is so easy for those with malevolent intentions to corrupt the vote in our Sceptred Isle. No identification is required when presenting oneself at the polling station, The tools of manipulation of the vote result are ;
    1.There remain deceased persons still named on the register ,who can be falsely represented.
    2 Postal .voting/proxy voting can be misrepresented,
    3. Unused vote can be mispresented.
    4. Vote papers can be dumped.
    Without exit polls,observers and spot checks there can be voting fraud. Lessons should be learned from the Scottish Referendum and the unexpected Tory General election results. People need to wake up and realise there are forces who will use any means to maintain their hold on power. and continue to gain materially from access to such power.

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  6. From the sounds of it, it’s all over for those organising electoral registers too. Miraculously, they managed to issue the wrong lists to polling stations in North London, so most who arrived early to vote before going to work could not vote as ‘they were not on the electoral register’. Apparently, the Councils concerned managed to rapidly issue the right ones, but plenty of people will be unable to vote later, apparently. But the ‘wonderful solution’ for those people who are too busy to return? Organise a proxy vote by 5pm and send them to the polling station. The fact that people too busy to return might also be too busy to have time to organise the proxy voter (not to mention the fact that they will have to instruct the voter how to vote and hence the concept of a secret vote will not occur for them) may have slipped through the minds of the brilliant organisers, but I guess it is the only way to make the best of a very bad job…….

    Being cynical, it is the sort of ploy designed by those who want democracy to die……….

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  7. Didn’t bother for a simple reason.

    Local and national politics has no worth if the EU calls the shots. you get what you are given and like it because your local politician can do sweet fa about it. A worthless mouth to feed for absolutely nothing back. Bring on the Brexit vote … out I will vote at the national level but not at the locals because the locals do not set national policy.

    This voting for local politicians is over ridden every time by national descisions that really is not worth the shoe leather to bother voting. Please no more bullshit on the if you don’t vote you have no voice you have no voice even if you vote. THAT I HAVE LEARNED THROUGH VOTING EVERY TIME FOR 4 DECADES.

    When 10,000 Syrians or others settle on your door, locals can do nothing to stem or combat the tide of national policy.

    If it is not a Brexit then not voting again because WHAT EU PERSON YOU GONNA VOTE FOR WHEN THEY DO NOT HAVE ELECTIONS? Go on you try to find a place to mark an X against Merkels name … you will not find the name or her party on the list.

    As stated the number of worthless mouths to feed actually increases if we stay in the EU.


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