At the End of the Day

TTIP: A final straw in the assessment of a President

Why would anyone still believe in Tame Duck President Obama after he made it clear, talking about TTIP, that he would “like to see it finalised” before he leaves office? Not at any point in my lifetime has a ‘Treaty’ so brazenly attempted to glorify neoliberal economics, separate the State from any concept of a social weal, bully its unfortunate recipients into acceptance of greed being rebranded as ‘reform’, and done its best on every dimension to tip the balance still further in favour of capital and against human labour.

The TTIP has been the subject of numerous leaks, scathing criticisms and liberal distaste across the globe. And while my sympathies do not lie with Greenpeace – itself a woeful example of corporate hypocrisy – it is hard to read the extracts they’ve released and not be appalled about what’s in play.

The basic areas this obscene heist covers might be summarised as  IT/media/telecoms, agricultural products, intellectual property, financial regulation, employment law and public services.

Based on previous leaks plus these latest revelations, the TTIP Weltanschauung is very easy to define. IT shall be controlled by corporations and cooperate fully with Sovereign security services. Net neutrality will be abandoned in favour of first bite at the news for élite media. All market-share regulatory rulings in relation to media ownership will be abolished. Phoneco takeovers of smaller fish will be encouraged. Agriculture will adopt GM and extensive production on market rather than species need/loss of strain access criteria. Intellectual property will be defined as corporacratic and defied for individual creators. Central and large private banks will do ‘whatever if takes’ to save the world…free from interfering dogooders. Employment law will be reformed out of existence. And the term ‘public services’ will be deemed an oxymoron in perpetuity.

Yet here is this first ever black nominee and now retiring Democrat President pushing for TTIP as if it might be his most valued legacy. What can one say beyond, it says a lot more about his values than any legacy that might be valuable to the human race.

It is, let’s face it, a naked bid for US globalist hegemony in the most flimsy gossamer disguise imaginable. And it cries out for an alternative (and better) method of trade, money transmission, development and human fulfilment.

I am far from believing that China, Russia, the emerging economies and the AIIB represent anything even close to the definition of ‘better’; but they do represent an alternative, and we should at least be thankful for that. Because any opposition to this proposed perversion of élitism would be better than nothing.

It’s a shame that, in 2016, “better than nothing’ is the only thing on offer. But then, that situation has pertained for a long time: it will take even longer to improve on it.

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11 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. What has been tested extensively in Britain – privatisations of every state asset available and the rule of the bankers in Westminster – will now be extended to what is left of European democracies…


  2. “a naked bid for US globalist hegemony in the most flimsy gossamer disguise imaginable” . Oh I see, a sort of ‘Pax America en Durex’ as we are all going to get f**ked…..

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  3. TTIP is the complete end of any democratic activity in public life. The EU Parliament (which is a totally useless talking shop with no power) will have zero input on the acceptance of TTIP. That acceptance will be signed by people who have NOT been elected by any public. The only hope UK have of avoiding it rests with us taking power back from the EU and then our parliament refusing to sign. Fat chance, im sure, but maybe our MPs will show some backbone and support the general public by refusing to sign. First we must leave the EU or it gets signed on our behalf by unelected others……

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  4. TTIP and TPP are a transfer of sovereignty from nations to corporations. These “trade agreements” provide that any corporation that will lose expected income because of any law or regulation of any country can take action in special trade tribunals and collect damages for such loss of expected income. So, for example, if a corporation’s poisonous products are banned by a country, the corporation can collect damages in the amount of expected income from that country. And these trade tribunals stand above all law and courts of all countries. And no sector of a country’s economy or public services is exempt from corporate takeover or claims that a country’s laws prevent corporations from gaining income from such sectors.

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  5. We don’t have a free Market and never had,but we soon will have a Market Free to do what it likes!


  6. The US as a military power has failed to enforce Washingtons attempt at world hegemony
    The US dollar as reserve currency is in count down mode to irrelevance, because of the opt -out of Russia and China from the petro-dollar system
    TTIP is an attempt by Washington to use its remaining vestiges of power to enshrine by legal means the hegemonic control of world trade and financial services by their Corporations.
    It is possible the refugee flooding of Europe is a form of blackmail to force this TTIP agreement onto the statute books.
    Dirty tricks are a Washington speciality, there will be more in the bag.
    Mafia style enforcement springs to mind.
    The US is not a Democracy,it is a Business, Big Business.

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  7. The Canadian experience of NAFTA, one of the first of these so-called free trade agreements is illuminating. Canada went from being a manufacturing powerhouse, to becoming a resource-based banana republic, with her finances totally at the whim of commodity prices. NAFTA was pushed through by an unrepresentative Tory government against the wishes of a majority of Canadians, (sound familiar?) and has since eviscerated Canadian sovereignty. Good, well-paid manufacturing jobs with decent pensions are all but extinct as the corporations outsourced to Mexico and Alabama. On the up-side, corporate CEOs of Canadian corporations saw their ‘compensation’ skyrocket to parity with their criminal U.S. equivalents, and unsurprisingly these treasonous scum were the main lobby group advocated for the NAFTA obscenity. Canada has effectively become the 51st state, especially after the Neocon excresence Harper pushed for greater and greater integration on behalf of his corporate cronies.

    Many of those treasonous Canadian civil servants responsible for the agreement are now multi-millionaires who run their own law firms specialising in helping their corporate clients exploit the very terms they negotiated supposedly on behalf of the Crown.

    I’ll leave you with athe example of the example of Chapter 11 of NAFTA which was invoked when the Canadian government attempted to ban the addition of the neurotoxin Methylcyclopentadienyl Manganese Tricarbonyl (MMT) from Canadian petrol. Ethyl corporation from Virginia sued under Chapter 11 and the Prime Minister of the time, Jean Chretien ordered Canadian negotiators to organize a settlement. Canada repealed the law that had passed, issued a public apology to Ethyl Corporation and paid out $13 million (US) to Ethyl Corporation. The monies were taken from the base core budget of Environment Canada.

    Barry Appleton, Canadian lawyer for Ethyl Corp, said at the time, “It wouldn’t matter if a substance was liquid plutonium destined for a child’s breakfast cereal. If the government bans a product and a U.S.-based company loses profits, the company can claim damages under NAFTA.”

    The above example should be an object lesson for anyone who does not recognise the dangers to our sovereignty and public weald of these appalling trade agreements, and any politician or public figure who supports them should be villified as a traitor to the nation.


  8. Only one slight misgiving with your salient & otherwise precise analysis, to my eyes. The mistake, to my mind at least, is to see any Nation state as the vehicle. This as I see the situation is Global Corptocracy, bereft of any obligate ties to any nation status & above any level of Democratic control, free to move at will.

    It is worth mentioning that it evolved to be this way elsewhere, & only grew to be the mature monster it became in the US. Any parasite prefers a well fed & compliant & welcoming host to grow in.

    It’s just the last line I have a problem with SL. It’s held control over both as confirmed in 2008. When we where shown & told that we were now obligate hosts.


  9. My above post was to Salford Lad’s posting, apologies for any confusion I might have caused.

    @ Canexpat. Modus operandi in a nut shell, to my mind, & pertinent to all Trade Deals. The only bit not in the contract is the implied “Or Else!”.


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