At the End of the Day

SQUARE.JW.01Right, that’s it – Friday pm rush-hour about to start, c’est le weekend….as the long forgotten Cathy McGowan* used to say, the weekend starts here . And what better place to start than the weather forcasters, those thoroughly deserved butts of many a Slogag.

47290To your left here is today’s weather forecast for my area here. As I have a tool that snips (male lions have something similar) I was able to capture for your amusement the French official meteo site declaring itself guilty of incompetence by expecting celestial incontinence when what we had was nothing but the blazing radiance of our nearest star.

To make a 100% wrong forecast is careless. To show that you did it on your own site is at best honest, and at worst brainless.

Luckily, I live in an area where real farmers with real hay to turn have real jobs, and as part of the deal the French civil service gives them access to the CIA’s weather reports. I’m serious. So last night,  chatting on the phone to my nearest neighbour, I said “We’re getting rain tomorrow”, to which he replied, “No, it’s not arriving until after midnight”.

Many years ago, the CIA decided that doing régime-change stuff might be more successful if they had accurate weather forecasts to aid invasions by Freedom Fighters: I suspect the Bay of Pigs may have influenced their decision, but anyway the result is that they do produce by far the most accurate forecasts on the planet. Cynics might argue that this isn’t that tough if you’re creating half of it yourself….but I couldn’t possibly comment.

The weather predictions they put out are restricted, but – as I’ve posted before – the vast majority of the site isn’t. It’s important to bear in mind that the CIA’s site – and here it is –  is not there to pump out US propaganda. It does do this (natch) but not in the data – because that’s there for operatives to use. Open your minds, people: if you just want to know what the raw numbers are, the Central Intelligence Agency is your servant. The really deranged agitprop is the job of Fox News, Bloomberg, the White House, and Hillary Clinton’s election website. After that your sole reliable source is Bernie Sanders. It’s your call.

≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡

Today I contributed to the downfall of repurchase-compulsive neoliberalism by mending a broken garden rake. It broke because the wood at the base had gone rotten. In cleaning out the rotten wood from its holder and then refitting the rest of the pole (which was perfectly serviceable) I broke only a screwdriver, two nails and a hammerhead. As I am long in screwdrivers, nails and hammers, I’m putting this down as a score-draw between me and the globalist Establishment.

But shopping cannot be put off forever. This morning I went to the kitchen blackboard and discovered I’d made a note to buy more Garlic fabric conditioner. I’d also jotted down the need for powerjet chlorine mouthwash and vacuum cleaner cumin. No, I don’t inhabit a surreal world: but if I don’t write down shortages at random these days, I go short.

≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡

Five members of the UK Shadow Cabinet have backed demands for Jeremy Corbyn to expel Ken Livingstone from the Labour party permanently over remarks denounced as antisemitic and “beyond disgraceful”. What we are looking at here is not an expression of principles, but yet another attempt to change the principals in charge of the Labour Party.

One owner of The Slog would like to expel from the Labour Party all those who want to permanently expel anyone from a Party.

For myself, I deplore the following: anti-Semitism, Netanyahou opportunism, and violent Islamist/Hamas extremism.

But I am old enough to realise that all mores are moveable feasts when they relate to specific causes. Single issue ‘logic’ rarely endures.

The following I see as enduring: the Universe, genuine open-minded enlightenment, Time relativity, the illusion of separation, and all the enduring things I didn’t learn about yet.

*Cathy McGowan, iconic presenter of Ready Steady Go


21 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. john, how can this miserable slowing global economy keep ticking over if you mend stuff instead of buying new, less well made stuff that breaks even more easily? that said, i too have a surplus of screwdrivers and also called it a draw when breaking one mending the car last month. luckily, the ones my father left me don’t break – well made old stuff!


  2. What of Brian Matthew and Janice from Wednesbury on Thank Your Lucky Stars ?
    Are they both still living ??

    ” Its godda good beat . You can dance to it . Oy loik it, Oy buy it and Oy give it FOIVE!!!”


  3. @shaman . See you and raise you. I m still using the Utility Furniture my parents bought when they married in 1946. Apart from the odd tightening of the nut/bolt housing on the handles still in perfect functional shape.

    Polish up nicely too. Mansion House polish still the best.


  4. I used to own a triple cassette of Frank Zappa’s Shut Up N Play your Guitar. Normally I hate any kind of cover but this young lad just blew me away with his version! There is hope out there! I feel this renaissance coming somehow out there!

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  5. I have no time for Ken Livingstone who was a terrible leader of the GLC and a terrible London Mayor. However I heard his remarks on the beeb and don’t really think he was being necessarily anti-semetic. It all depends if his remark that Hitler (who was anti-semetic) did try to export the German Jewish population to Palestine or not. I do not know the truth of this. I have read that he did but the British who had the Palestine Mandate objected so an alternative plan to ship them to Madagascar was mooted. I did not hear him actually supporting Hitler. The whole thing smacks of a conspiracy to undermine Corbyn (who with his 1970’s socialism I also have no time for) but he was democratically elected as leader.

    I forget who it was (Voltaire maybe) who said that to discover who your true rulers are discover who you are not allowed to critisize or words to that effect. I think this is very much the case here.

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  6. From that gatekeeper rag the Graun

    “During his interview, Livingstone said Hitler had supported Zionism “before he went mad and ended up killing 6 million Jews” and claimed there was a “well-orchestrated campaign by the Israel lobby to smear anybody who criticises Israel policy as antisemitic”.

    Firstly, it is breathtakingly Orwellian that to state a probable historical fact, (i.e. that Hitler supported the political ideology of Zionism – an ideology that called for all ‘Jews’ to emigrate to Palestine) – is enough to incur the blatant slander of “anti-semite”. Presumably it would have been the wet dream of the Fuhrer to see all those he blamed for Germany’s demise decamp to the Levant. The accusation that to mention this is anti-semitic is particularly ironic as at the time, prominent Zionists were making unequivocably anti-semitic statements themselves. In fact, from a purely practical point of view, those espousing the Zionist cause would have welcomed anti-semitism on the part of the German population as it would be an incentive for otherwise content German jews, most of whom were not Zionists, to emigrate to the Zionist colony in Palestine.

    As to Livingstone’s second point, I doubt that there is any honest person that could deny that the conflation of ‘Jewishness’ and Zionist’ has been a deliberate policy of the Israel-firsters. Indeed, to conflate criticism of Israel with ‘Jew’ hatred is possibly one the most pernicious lies promulgated by Likudites to stymie debate on Israel’s often criminal actions.

    I’ve posted this before, but it is an excellent discourse on the extemely different concepts of ‘Jewishness’ and Zionist.

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  7. I do believe Livingstone interpretation of history was incorrect! but wasn’t has far out as May’s on the ECHR on terrorist cats,i also believe that Churchill was very very close to meeting with Hitler in the mid thirties with one topic being to help the Jews repatriate and securing assurances over better treatment of Jews in Germany!

    I don’t watch the daily politics normally but its on right between the snooker sessions and saw Neil his co presenter taking it in turns firing quick question,moving from one point to another and using part answers to different questions and then asking Clogg and then Mann into it! it would be far fetched to say it was classic Gestapo but it bore similarities
    Livingstone didn’t know what question or who to answer! and what he did say was used to claim he was answering a different question to the one he was,i recommend seeing it on catch up or i player.. its not that they did it! it’s that you know even worse case of racism hasn’t received the interrogation or the same onslaught!
    It certainly wasn’t a proud moment for the BBC or British media in general!
    Livingstone maybe a inconsistent and incoherent idiot! but that wasn’t called for! and yet nothing has been mentioned about it!
    When a wrong is done! particularly a great wrong it becomes about humanity right and wrong,condemnation of wrong is right,whoever the perpetrator is! you can pick and choose what you condemn race,creed,religion nationality doesn’t come into it!


  8. Should be “you can’t pick and choose what & who you condemn race,creed,religion nationality doesn’t come into it!


  9. Craig Murray was also interviewed by the Turdoch toadies on Sky. He felt that he was being set up, but like the stalwart he is, he braved it anyway.

    I agree with JW and Murray in that I view this attack on Livingstone and the wider Labour anti-semitic hysteria as being part of a coordinated attack by the vile Blairites in an effort to unseat Corbyn.

    @the ghost

    What do you believe was incorrect about Livingstone’s statement? A quick search on the Haavara agreement would suggest that the 1933 Nazi government was very much in favour of the emigration of German Jews to Israel – i.e. Zionism. Even if the claim of Hitler’s personal support is false, why is such a statement anti-semitic? It is a statement as to the political opinions of the dictator, not a racist statement about ‘The Jews’ (whatever that means).

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  10. Zionism is a political creed, Judaism is a religion.
    This Ken Livingstone controversy is being used to discredit Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.
    There are local elections shortly and the Blairites hope that traditional Labourites do poorly.
    Nu-Labour are a 5th column within the Labour Movement and are still smarting at their loss of power.


  11. Canexpat,that repatriation to Palestine at that time made Hitler a Zionist or a Zionist sympathiser ,the point of mentioning Churchill who was a confirmed Zionist supporter was to try & influence Hitler into repatriation,a minor point of interpretation, i also belive the reason he never was German interest for oil in the middle East and North Africa,forcing millions of Jews into Palestine wouldn’t have help him,even if he didn’t have war in mind(although he must have done),he was most certainly needed it


  12. Perhaps you could ask the CIA to print accurate figures on how many Palestinians the Israelis have killed since the Six Day War and how many Israelis the Palestinians have killed in the same time period??

    I’m sure the CIA wouldn’t want to be called anti-semitic by saying the Israelis had killed more.

    But they would have a dilemma as to whether to put out accurate figures if they couldn’t bear being called anti-semitic.

    If the Israelis had done more bumping off than Palestinians, at any rate…..

    I am not a member of the Labour Party, so no-one can call for me to be permanently expelled.

    It is not anti-semitic to call for the publishing of accurate figures, even if it shows that the Israelis have more blood on their hands than their Arab enemies.

    After all, they would always have the chance to justify why they did have, for which there might be perfectly justifiable justifications, like Arab anger at yet more Jewish settlements being built on land it was agreed should be Palestinian when randy old Bill Clinton was knocking heads together back in the 1990s.

    I have to say, I had just as much nastiness directed my way as a kid growing up as the Jews get from the verbals of Toms, Dicks and Harries in the UK. My only possible response was not to call them anti-semitic, as I wasn’t Jewish, but a bunch of c**ts. It didn’t stop them opening their nasty gobs the next day, any more than silence did. But unlike the Israelis, I’d have been expelled from school and sent to borstal if I’d taken a baseball bat and swung it viciously into a miscreant’s nether regions.

    How about a ‘Get out of violence Free Card’ in the Monopoly pack for put-upon white, male, middle class Britons?

    Just to even up the score with Netanyahu and his gang, of course……….


  13. Google: Brit Zionism Cromwell. Several good articles, I like the voltairenet one by Thierry Meysan.
    Zionism goes back to Cromwell.
    What must be realised is that the Rothschilds own the UK, starting with the loans required to put William of Orange on the throne, the subsequent chartering of the Bank of England, & the start of the Brit national debt, 1694.
    Nathan Rothschild consolidated his UK purchase when he crashed the London Stock Exchange post Battle of Waterloo, garnering to himself the wealth of England for pence in the £.
    Book: Pawns in the Game, William Guy Carr.
    Youtube: Bill Still Money Masters.


  14. I remember ms McGowan that picture is so 60’s. Where is she now ? she was a babe. The music was pretty good as well.


  15. This seemed a rather witty & self effacing answer to the Zionist/Jewish or Jewish/Zionist conundrum. Well a none Zionist/Jewish answer anyhow. Rather reminds me of the rather simplistic “Aristotle – Beard – All men” concatenated logic stuff from many, many years ago.

    Well, I suppose History is about as reliable as us, & in that smorgasbord of a case…?


  16. @DT

    Thanks for that. This rather vindicates Livingstone on the second part of the Guardian quote – that the Israel lobby has a deliberate policy to smear critics of Israel as ‘anti-semitic’.

    They have been remarkably successful, especially in Canada. I mentioned in passing to a colleague the other day that I avoided Starbucks because of their owner’s staunch support for Israel. A look of incomprehension passed over her face and she asked me in all seriousness, “Are you one of those anti-semitic people then?” This colleague is of Serbian descent, but was born and grew up in Canada. She is in a profession that requires considerable education and is in her late twenties.

    The distinction between Zionist, Jewish, Judaic and Jew is deliberately blurred by those that would support the criminal activities of the Israel-firsters. The last thing such zealots want is open and honest discussion of the facts. If you can prevent one side of the argument from being aired by intimidating those that would present it, the indefensible passes without condemnation. To even mention the excessive power wielded by Zionist supporters in almost every Western state is to invite the charge of anti-semitism, and yet any understanding of the recent foreign policy of US/NATO is impossible without acknowledging it.


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