OBAMA’S GRAND TOUR: How to make threats and influence cowards

SQUARE.JW.01For the first time, I am at last beginning to understand what Charles de Gaulle was on about. Unfortunately, far too many Europeans don’t know who the hell he was

Having politely informed Britain about just how far towards the back of the queue (for anything) it’ll be if it steps out of line, the Black Dude moved on to Germany today and told continental Europeans how they too had to stick together for the sake of America the Global Policeman…or else.

President Obama seems to be getting more delusional as his Grand Tour continues. I offer these words from his speech today as support for that contention:

“If a unified, peaceful, liberal, pluralistic, free-market Europe begins to doubt itself, begins to question the progress that’s been made over the last several decades, then we can’t expect the progress that is just now taking hold in many places around the world will continue.”

unified: bollocks…Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Poland and of course the UK are at odds with Brussels-am-Berlin on every dimension of where it’s going: austerity, the euro, federalism and global trade deals.

peaceful: bollocks…civil strife in Greece, the Ukraine and the Balkans all took place on the EU’s watch. The direct result of EC cultural control has been the rise of extreme politics in almost every Member State. EU inaction had produced the greatest and most violent migrant crisis in European history.

liberal: bollocks…censorious legislation in Spain, France and Greece is at an alltime high. The UK is busy following suit. Unelected corporacratic leaders hold sway at the Bank of England, the UK Treasury, and the European Central Bank. The Troika of “lenders” has taken control in Greece.

pluralistic: bollocks…the European Union is a one-Party State, and that Party is The Federalists. No other policy in power is on offer….and any attempt at gaining power in a member State is mercilessly crushed by the illegally formed Eurogroupe.

free-market: bollocks….the European Union is endemically monopolist, and an enthusiastic player in the drive to ensure that only globalist Big Business may trade. If TTIP is not about this, then whatTF is it about? Meanwhile, informal protectionism is rife in France, Spain, Germany and Holland.

Those of us who want creative, communitarian capitalism driven by ethical entrepreneurs would like to get just three things: out of the no longer special relationship, out of NATO, and out of the EU. These elements are in our way President Obama, because they are all about what the economic colonialism of the USA wants, rather than what we need.

I am not a Communist, I am not for violence, I am not even socialist. In fact, I am not remotely anti-American. But I am implacably opposed to the policies of the US State Department/corporate globalist/Pentagon/Wall Street axis of fascism. And the stats since 1960 show that – at any given time – anything from 47-52% of American voters agree with me: so please Mr President, don’t try to position me as a marginalist.

It’s not me selling some kind of weirdo agenda. Rather, Uncle Tombama, it’s you that has sold out.

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15 thoughts on “OBAMA’S GRAND TOUR: How to make threats and influence cowards

  1. I noted that Global Reseach on its website reported that Obama is apparently is seeking German support for a war with Russia.
    Ah peace in our time eh?
    The US needs putting firmly back in its box if we are all to survive the next decade.

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  2. TTIP means death for the UK’s NHS.
    I admire Farage for standing up front and centre and telling them what they’re all about in straightforward terms.
    It’s a crying shame he does not get more airtime, framed in a manner that explains the perils at hand, rather than a stiff, formal, braying session.
    If he and Johnson are sincere, I’d expect them to sound off together in the beginning of June, having saved up all the crimes the Yanks have piled up ready for us.
    Shouldn’t be too difficult.
    It would take just one slip up.
    OUT NOW!

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  3. Under “Peaceful”, JW, you forgot the faked up war on neutral Yugoslav to re-balkanize the Balkans [divide & rule], the 78 days of nonstop bombing of Serbia…..and why not throw in GLADIO (Italy, Spain, Belgium etc.)….and illegal NATO wars (NATO, once a European defense ‘security’ org.) on Afghanistan, Iraq (twice), Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria….and let’s not forget the 7 year CIA military dictatorship in Greece (or doesn’t that count? since Greece wasn’t in the Common Market then)…


  4. Kfc – Obama isn’t seeking German support to join the US in a war on Russia, he’s giving marching orders. And of all the EU states, Germany is the most militarily occupied country in the EU [NATO, US European Command HQ, Ramstein drone centre etc.]. Can they refuse? Just try!


  5. http://www.youtube.com

    & put in search box: Wikileaks – The US strategy to create a new global legal & economic system: TPP, TTIP, TISA

    An 8.22 min video, inc John Pilger & Julian Assange on US strategy to isolate China in its bid for global hegemony.

    John Doran.


  6. According to Edwina Currie and a turd going by the name of Jeremy J Hardy on R4 News Quiz, the man Putin wants BREXIT.
    That’s me convinced.
    OUT NOW!


  7. Obama, even more that Bill Clinton, is a true believer in neoliberalism and neoconservatism. The thing is they usually sound ‘liberal’ because on social issues they are liberal. As if such social/cultural things are anywhere near the heart of 20th Century American liberalism. Because they embrace those neos as a matter of course but never naming them, liberals just go along. After all Obama’s hearts is in the right place and seems like the type of person they would like personally so how could they possibly adopt policies which are against most of the things good liberals stand for. Given the choice of believing the voice in their head that says this guy is on my team, or their own lying eyes as in wealth inequality through the stratosphere, war and rumors of war everywhere, they believe the little voice in their head.

    Helping too is that the great financial players and Grand Strategic Thinkers think they hate the Clinton’s and Obama too, Again the tribal thing trumps all common sense. The War Party and the financial high priests should be bowing down and washing the feat of those two, Hillary next, who are delivering to them everything of their dreams. In other words they suffer from the same mistake liberals make, Rooting against they guy on the other team.

    Now the great boggie man, billionaire Koch whose father was a founding member of the John Birch Society, has now said he may support Hillary over Trump or Cruz. Maybe he is finally on the cusp of figuring it all out. It is the ‘liberal’ democrats who are working to project the New American Century, markets and all.


  8. The Russians have a saying,’ The USA will fight Russia to the last European’.
    The US uses proxies in its hidden war against the rising powers of Russia and China
    Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Chechnia, ISIS in Syria, Jihadists in the overthrow of Ghadaffi in Libya. Ukrainian neo Nazis against Russia.
    Washington will not relinquish its world hegemony without a fight. It will lay waste to Europe, via economic neo-liberalism and refugee swamping. This to prevent the transcontinental trade with China.and associated nations on the Balkan and Asian landmass routes using the new High speed Silk road rail system.
    Plan B for Washington is re-trenchment to the American continent and to re-assert control over its Southern American neigbours, via hybrid war against its left wing leaders.
    Venezuela,Argentina, Brazil are in the crosshairs.
    The obvious decline of the US Empire is apparent in its flailing about in desperation to maintain control. They have lost the Middle east and are now in retreat back to the Americas, bequeathing a booby trapped scorched earth behind, for Europe to deal with.. Old military and political tactics
    Russian intervention in Syria has been a turning point in world history.
    A new multi-polar world order is in its infancy.There will be many growing pains,military,financial/economic and social.

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  9. Meanwhile, informal protectionism is rife in France, Spain, Germany and Holland

    How else can one work against the European Union? After all, it was Britain that vetoed tarriffs on Chinese steel which means the European countries mentioned have to do these things for themselves. That is to say, to protect the jobs of European workers where in the same situation, the British government gave in to the Chinese.

    This is how Britain will work with TTIP – irrespective of Brexit – and how European Governments will work against it, even when it is imposed on them with the lack of choice given them by the biggest dictatorship democracy on the planet.

    Message for Hiero [off topic] I tried your cod liver oil, and it worked like magic. But I had been crushing up eggshells to a fine powder to improve my bones and joints – given you’ve been using cod liver oil, you may find that the calcium from the eggshells will augment what you’re already doing. A huge thankyou for the tip.


  10. @KFC

    Not so much back in the box, but that there is a box and to cross the boundaries of that box they have become the aggressor of all the anger and strife. No omnipotent civilisation in history every learned this and replace a Roman centurions sword with a drone missile and you have the same concept.


  11. JOHNFor a while there I thought you were going to empty them: ………..But I fear the supply is endless.
    How on earth do you walk ………….In Africa I came across a fellow who, had to use a make wheel barrow………….. so as to move about! Going on the behaviour o0f our betetrs ………..It is proof they have them removed ……..Obummer can probably confirm this after he has done Eorope visit.


  12. obama is a windbag who has failed in both domestic and foreign policy – leaving things decidedly worse than when he arrived.still, in a cancer-diagnosis kind of way – he might be looked on favorably – as in, wasn’t he a cute village idiot – compared to the two candidates coming down the pike toward the oval office next. buy gold and silver, ring proof your pension, and start planting a few veggies cause “its a hard rain that’s going to fall.”.


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