BREXIT: as our brown-nosing PM sees the formation of a German-led euroarmy, he doesn’t even blink.



Dave the brownnose Remaindeer

Stuck his conk up Berlin’s bum

told Brits there was nothing to fear

(so he’d make a tidy sum)

Cuddled up to Mogherini-

they both brownnosed Erdogan…


…..lubricated by Tahini,

that’s when all the fun began.

Things were turning rather bad –

 suicidal mad Jihad

and so with her nose so brown,

Mogh said she would put them down.

So she starts to build an army

Geli’s first to volunteer

Holland proves it’s just as barmy

so Dodgy Dave the Remaindeer

prays the bleary Brits won’t notice

glued to their flat screen TV –

cracks a gag and says “My advice

is that you believe in me”.


“Would I shit you?”

In 2014, the then Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg insisted in a live debate with Nigel Farage, “The idea there’s going to be a European army, a European air force, it is simply not true”. Napper Clegg dismissed the UKip leader’s claims as “dangerous fantasy”.

breitbarteuarmyDear British People

As an expat, I have everything to lose (and will gain only a pile of bureaucratic ordure) if we Brexit. So I feel able to ask you three simple questions:

  1. Do you really, really – no REALLY – think it’s a good idea to recreate a German army that Jean-Claude Juncker is already on the record as saying “will send a message not just to ISIS but also Russia”? As an EU member, to remain is to accept that we will have to comply with this undemocratic decision, and send recuits to the euroarmy…..and be subservient to German officers.
  2. We already have Dodgy Dave. Do you really want to add Mendacious Mario to the mix – another Goldman Sachs crook whose career as an Italian banker is under several clouds? Do you really want to remain part of a trading bloc that is fiscally bankrupt and economically flatlining?
  3. Do you really want a bunch of overpaid incompetent Belgians bullying us like they do Greece? Do you really want to have no say in Dodgy global Deals on trade?

I ask only that you look at the track record of the European Union. It lies, it cheats, it doesn’t listen, it breaks the law, and it ignores its citizens.

Now ask yourself: do you want that Master to be armed as well?

Please, please wake up before it’s too late.

Those 151 reasons for Brexit in full

28 thoughts on “BREXIT: as our brown-nosing PM sees the formation of a German-led euroarmy, he doesn’t even blink.

  1. I sincerely hope that 23rd June will not be the last night of the poms, else come September we will be singing this version at the Albrecht Hall:

    When Britain first, at Heath’s command
    Arose from out the post-war malaise;
    Joined the EEC charter sleight of hand,
    And Guardian writers sang this strain:
    “Rule, Brussels! Brussels waives the rules,
    “Britons ever, ever, ever will be slaves.”

    The nations, not so beset as thee,
    Must, in their turns, to tyrants fall;
    EU Commissioners flourish great and free –
    With dreadful cronies one and all.
    “Rule, Brussels! Brussels waives the rules,
    “Britons ever, ever, ever will be slaves.”

    Still more pathetic are the cries,
    More dreadful, from each foreign stroke
    The pap or news from Beeb & Sky,
    Serves but to uproot thy native oak.
    “Rule, Brussels! Brussels waives the rules,
    “Britons ever, ever, ever will be slaves.”

    These haughty tyrants ne’er shall be tamed:
    All their attempts to bend thee down,
    Will not arouse thy apathetic frame;
    They work with Blair and Cameron.
    “Rule, Brussels! Brussels waives the rules,
    “Britons ever, ever, ever will be slaves.”

    To thee bound up in EU chains;
    The ECB with NIRP will shine:
    All thine shall be subjected to bail-ins,
    And be very sure it envies thine.
    “Rule, Brussels! Brussels waives the rules,
    “Britons ever, ever, ever will be slaves.”

    The MEPs, still with freedom found,
    Shall to thy unhappy cost repair;
    To best seats with the priceless Davos crowd,
    With many police to guard their fare.
    “Rule, Brussels! Brussels waives the rules,
    “Britons ever, ever, ever will be slaves.”

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  2. EU is supposedly rule based. Unless and until there is a commitment on our part to remove the supreme powers of the European court and restore the Human Rights convention interpretation to our Supreme Court (“take note” is OK in English, it means common sense) this folly will continue until real rupture ensues. The economics is a second order variable, but painful at that. A risk worth taking.


  3. Dear British people, vote #Brexit – either leaning Right or Left – not for any other reason, just for Heaven’s sake, ie for the Love of God, Love of Sanity, Love of Life, Love of Economy, Love of Democracy and the sort.

    Whatever Dave and his fellow-liars tell us regarding economic or other ‘benefits of being in EU’ is
    just another massive frigging lie in the long line. The only beneficiaries of this unholy union called EU
    and their big brothers like TTIP and TISA, is the banks, corporations and the richest 1% like the figpucker Dave, Lagarde’s personal jester Osborne or the Royal Family itself, who could not care less when UK’s PMs gave away UK’s sovereignty to the global power-elites.

    The EU has been USE for almost 10 years now, a fact that the EU power-house ‘forgot’ to tell us. The EU is a dictatorial federal state established in secrecy for the purpose to impose the Smash and Grab Crisis-Debt-Austerity agenda onto whole Europe. Pls see blog:

    EU = USE >

    Smash and grab >

    The top of all shames is that even Corbyn subscribed to this ugly game. He should know better.
    On this topic:


  4. Addendum: indeed the Lisbon Treaty (the secretly reinstated EU Constitution) was established as the European super-power to wage the false-flag wars of NATO (the phony war on terror based on West-created ISIS) and to introduce domestic police terror in every EU-state. The migration crisis is to accelerate that process. One of the many posts on my blog offering analysis on this >


  5. Juncker is already on the record as saying “will send a message not just to ISIS but also Russia”?

    Out now.


  6. We have no money. We have been made dead in the water by our own unqualified politicians.
    Blair and Cameron are traitors.
    The young ones have been betrayed – jobs, housing, education.
    Only they have the time and the energy to ………………..


  7. @TOE: ‘Only they have the time and the energy to ………………..’
    Why do you think the booze is so cheap and the drugs so readily available?


  8. Do you really, really – no REALLY – think it’s a good idea to recreate a German army that Jean-Claude Juncker is already on the record as saying “will send a message not just to ISIS but also Russia”

    That is the Americans speaking through their ventriloquist’s dummy in Brussels.

    Remember who it was shook ISIS to the core, and it wasn’t the US.

    As to

    and be subservient to German officers

    remember that it is common knowledge that the best army in the world would have British corporals and German officers.

    I will add that what baffles most English who live in Germany is the balanced and egalitarian nature of the German bureaucrat. They really are there to help you – and please do not make the common mistake of thinking that they are like the British tax office or their banks!


  9. [Off Topic]

    Whilst everybody’s eyes were turned to the undramatic possibility of Brexit where Britain exits the EU to enter EFTA … or doesn’t exit the EU. Either way, they will be under Brussels’ (and thereby Washington’s) thumbs…. something else is brewing, according to Global Research. Even with their having demonstrated that the American Media can tell them what to print, they are small enough not to be too bothered with. Their readers are on the Gestapo’s files in Washington, DC, and can be rounded up without too much trouble.

    You see, it’s all about the new gold-backed Yuan that was unveiled on Tuesday.

    The 19 April 2016, announcement by China of its gold-backed yuan, no longer convertible into dollars, may just trigger an economic shift into the ‘eastern camp’.

    The first few paragraphs (and the last) are worth reading, the rest is just a jumbled account of fiat currencies.


  10. Me I am voting NO but preparing all arguments for the YES vote that I expect will happen. Fighting a losing cause / underdog or more importantly not giving up my principles, the latter I think.

    Now seeing as we are going to say YES (because the US, GS and a whole load of others say so) I only expect all those who were coerced, bribed, etc. to vote YES to be held accountable when this all ends in tears. The excuse “we didn’t realise is not acceptable”. Going to make a VOTED NO identity card :-)

    Gets ugly after the YES vote … although I do think the vote is kind of worthless economically the way the global economy is right now and in or out of the EU is not going to save the UK or the EU. I swear Cameron believes it though … nowhere to hide economically on the current state of play.

    As for the UK politicians starting to blame the EU after the YES vote … shut the f*ck up will you bitching when it is no longer in your remit to do anything but nod. Bonus on that is we can easily justifying closing both the houses of parliament and the lords as a not needed extravagence for nodding poodles.

    Going to mark the day also, put it on the calender every year! Well why not, make it a public holdiay too now there is a thought? The ones who keep saying we need another bank holiday well this can be it and the YES vote decides it. Again if it goes wrong but who am I to guess reckon it will be worth the hypocrisy of a population having a national holiday for the day they lost it all and the calender argument, hey legislate it must be on every calender from now on so we NEVER FORGET though you might want to in the end.

    Positives all round I think, whats the real entertainment going to be?


  11. Did anybody see that the petition for the Govt. to use 3 independant organisations to count the EU referendum vote has been declined.
    So, who thinks the vote ‘Leave’ campaign can win eh?
    This whole paranoia thing Cameron seems to display I believe, is like, all of Cameron’s rhetoric, a complete and uttter sham.
    We ain’t going nowhere, in any event.

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  12. My old man is about your age Mr Ward, he voted for the moronic Cameldung with great enthusiasm. “A proper statesman” he said “With some decent values” he ranted. Naturally I attempted to chastise the old man with all the success of his son. “Bonkers you are mate” his typical riposte. This from a chap who spends large amounts of his time in Spain and plans to vote leave.

    The referendum campaign has of course changed the old mans tune, as it has exposed the Cameldung to be what it is. Something that fell out of a strange creatures backside.

    The general point I’m trying to make is that the “General” opinion is that it’s the very young who are the prize imbeciles and of course that’s right, but the other group most vulnerable to voting in an absurd manner, are people your age Mr Ward. These people are normally well off and self centred to the point of disbelief. The old man told me a couple of friends of his are voting in on account of their god forsaken pooches ease of travel an the impact a leave vote “Might” have.

    People my age dont give a s**t its out all the way come hell or high water.


  13. ‘You see, it’s all about the new gold-backed Yuan that was unveiled on Tuesday.’
    There are times Gemma when you really can be insufferably patronising: I’ve been predicting the gold-backed Yuan for months. Latest post:

    When you KNOW SOMETHING Gemma, your info can be invaluable. But your occasional KNOW EVERYTHING threads are what drives others to pastiche you.


  14. Kfc
    I have been trying in vain to explain to the wanky Waspi Executive committee that petitions are the new privy council wheeze to, um, distance people from where the power lies….in the, er, privy council.

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  15. John Ward

    <blockquote.Where is this knowledge “common” Gemma – in Berlin?

    As I recall, it was said by British soldiers during the second world war. They were rather fed up of their own officers… and impressed by the enemy’s.


  16. As to your indignation at your seeing me as patronizing (quite how a woman can do that is something only a man could imagine – although you’re not the type to have gender issues) – it was a link to something that was not in the mainstream news; nor did you speak of it’s having happened.

    Only that you thought it should happen.

    Sometimes I think you wind yourself up without reason.


  17. Thanks for the link Gemma.

    Off topic but why has Cameltoe sent special forces to support the barbaric medieval KSA prosecute a war against the Shia rebels in Yemen. What business is it of ours? Was there a discussion in parliament?


  18. @Waldgaenger

    Craig Murray has an excellent piece about this on his site. The gist is that traditionally, the H.M. Government will comment on the activities of the armed forces, but not on MI6 operations. As supporting the odious Saudi regime with the SAS would be indefensible in the eyes of an awake public, the dirty scumbuckets have had all the SAS troopers who are busy training the Saudi war-criminals seconded to MI6 and thus feel able to refuse comment on their activities. Your tax money at work – propping up torturing despots and improving the efficiency of Wahabbi-inspired murderers.

    It’s a liberal democracy doncha-know.


    You know I always have to have the last word.
    Anyway, you’ll be spared more of my nonsense today. I’m working at the market til 6. Friday’s always an extra special day of business for me. My collection of ladies lingerie goes down a storm with the men on their way home with something for the weekend. I remember when I was young, I used to be showered with gifts from my man. Sadly, I don’t have a man anymore, but ..well you know..


  20. Oh, dear, one of John’s little high-heeled twirlers is back.

    And I bet your men’s frillies goes down well with the boys! How many do you sell to men, pretending to buy them for their wives???

    Plus, you can tell it’s a man: he thinks a woman can’t do without a bloke, can’t do without the sexy lingerie that men shower on their girls. The knickers that are always a tad baggy, that somehow match the waistline of their bloke. The bras that are two sizes too big and somehow match the imagination of their bloke.

    Odd, how some men think. But then, when they are confused, they’ll blame the woman because she can’t be bright enough to think more clearly than a man. Men are the best, aren’t they? Even when they open the door to their wife and they’ve forgotten to wipe off the lipstick.


  21. And do remember that when women are showered with “those kinds of presents” – you know what I mean – they are expected to be worn.

    You’ll probably have to make the dinner afterwards as well.

    Men want value for their money… there’s no such thing as a free knicker!


  22. Gemma
    He’s not MY little twirler, I am but a normal student of the front-bottom and all its pleasures for both parties.

    The troll has been expunged, but I’d be obliged if you’d keep your misandry under control, as it is something of a troll-magnet.


  23. Thankyou for the expungement.

    As to the misandry, just because men cannot accept intelligence in a woman does not mean that a woman cannot accept it in a man. Women are intelligent enough to do that.

    If my trolls find it impossible to control their own antipathies, and need to express it through belittling women by (as in this example) saying that women are in need of the gifts men give them… which implyies that women actually need this kind of thing. Where the truth lies elsewhere.

    When a man is able to both recognize and work with their antipathies, they are my firmest friends. Whoever or wherever they be.


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