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New poll reveals a Rotten Borough called Britain

SQUARE.JW.01The latest ORB poll for the Daily Telegraph shows those who want the UK to remain in the EU are becoming more motivated to vote: 65% of them (a rise by four points since the previous ORB tracker) are now likely to cast a vote.

If a referendum was held today, ORB opines, Remain would get 52% of the vote, an increase of three points since the previous ORB poll…with Leave trailing on 43%.

The somewhat disturbing ( and if real, anger-inducing) story behind this opening up of a lead by Remain is that the fieldwork was carried out after Camerlot spent a small fortune on a national direct mail campaign….using taxpayers’ money. This particular visual supports the link strongly:



It really is as simple as this: your money has bought votes, and reversed the visibility lead of the Vote Leave camp.

The Daily Telegraph – ‘We’ll print WTF you want, subject to negotiation’ – has of late been iincreasingly anti-Brexit, so no doubt some EU funds have been channeled into the Channel Islands. There was a reader’s letter in there yesterday that sounded just like a Cabinet Office release, and included this classic extract:


Does anyone talk like that any more? Anyway, Greece’s narrow interests have provided a valuable example, and some salutary lessons:

  1. If you get into trouble, the most dangerous option is to ask for help from the EU
  2. Don’t let your narrow interest in keeping Erdogan the Caliphate under control blind you to the wider concern of feeling safe under NATO, and its Continuous State Destabilisation Policy
  3. When you intervene philanthropically to clear up the human mess left by NATO, expect more baseball bats, not money.


And finally, the £36billion UK budget ‘Brexit black hole’ being predicted by Chancellor N. Gorged-Nobsore bears a spooky resemblance to just how far out his Budget calculations were: but it also makes him one of the most predictable predictors in UK history. For Georgie Pudding & Porkies is (a) always wrong and (b) was forecast here and on thousands of other sites to be a dead cert to use Brexit as the cause of the on-course off-blowing.

But Robsone had already been blown off course by 2012 on the deficit, and the debt continued to rise because he had no ideas at all for tackling it. At that time, Brexit as a term didn’t even exist.

So there you are: an Establishment media set, embezzlement of public funds, and scraemongering lies to cover up fiscal incompetence.

Level playing field, anyone?

Yesterday at The Slog: Yuan cuckoo in the Nest


  1. But JW, you of all people surely did not believe that in order to achieve their ends there was any behaviour our leaders would consider beneath them?

    How could they?


  2. You’ll be telling me next we’ll expect cocaine-snorting, tabloid-editor screwing Ministers to do the decent thing…..

    A week is a long time in politics because they can churn out 7 or more rounds of brainwashing propaganda one way or the other by then…..

    As for ‘wider concerns’ who decides where ‘wider concerns’ are located? Are they in Lithuania or Belarus? In Greece or Syria? In Portugal or Morocco? In Germany or Australia? In France or Argentina? In this solar system or this galaxy? In John Whittingdale’s private life or in George Osborne’s??

    The Spectator’s Douglas Murray has today (or late last night) announced an ‘President Erdogan Offensive Poetry’ competition courtesy of the bombastic dictator sticking a bazooka up Angela Merkel’s backside to force her to imprison a German satirist who poked fun at him. As he says, you’d better get your entries in before 23rd June as he might not be able to publish the winning entries if you don’t……I have submitted two to date, but I’m sure Mr Ward would be more than capable of penning a few himself. The only rule is that obscenity is a must, as is defamation. He will automatically disqualify any lyrical tomes using the words of sweet innocent female teenagers. The language of 1970s football terraces rules, apparently……

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  3. The Electoral Commission has a helpful paper on spending limits by the lead campaigners;;

    An extract;

    If you do not register with us, you can spend up to £10,000. You must register with us as a referendum campaigner if you
    intend to spend more than £10,000. Registered referendum campaigners If you are a registered campaigner (and are not a registered political party that contested the UK Parliamentary general election) your spending limit is £700,000.

    I wonder if HMG registered as a campaigner? It certainly isn’t a political party!


  4. The Polls are a curiosity, but never a certainty. This new lead is interesting, though I would argue that one would not want to be the favourite this early in any race.
    More fascinating for me though is the latest from the turf accountants. Best ever odds at 1/2 for REMAIN is worthy of an urgent four figure consideration in my view.


  5. More interesting are the voting odds on Paddy Power. They give you 9/4 if you want to wager the remain vote at 45-50 per cent and the same 9/4 for a remain vote of 50-55 per cent. I will probably take a punt on the latter: bet 400 make 900. That will mean I can drown my sorrows at remaining with their money.


  6. But unfortunately your piece sums up the hopelessness of the Leave campaign. They are incapable of actually addressing the issues, rather than casting dark suggestions of bias, treachery and self-interest at anyone who disagrees with them. They talk of scare stories from Remain while indulging in exactly those themselves. At the time we’re fed nightmarish visions of Juncker and Merkel, we’re also supposed to believe that the EU would fall into line with our interests if we left. We have a supposedly patriotic and anti-establishment movement led by top Tories.
    The Leave campaign simply doesn’t add up and I think most people can see it.

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  8. @rjt1211

    ‘Outpun the gun’ in the lead by Six …

    ‘Where’s your dare’ fading fast …

    ‘Draw your conclusions’ losing on time

    ‘Rhymes with “pair” ?’ — Not fair.

    Bowmeister & Sheister ? Not by an Oyster.


  9. “For Georgie Pudding & Porkies” – He and his boss should register under the EU’s “Denomination of Origin” as:

    “Meltdown Mowbray…….finest quality porkers…..”

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  10. The debate begs more questions to the REMAIN camp in my view.
    Why would we want to vote for more of the less than perfect eu management that we have received today, AND pay through the nose for it. The immigration question has been studiously avoided at every turn, and we know that cheap labour free movement is part of the grand plan to enrichen the elites and give them some extra leeway for their lack of management skills.
    Alternatively, a LEAVE vote would unfold a future without drama. Just another day at the office. Civil service would however have to start working for a living, because bog standard brussels dictate would no longer be available.
    We can argue this indefinitely, but the southern european immigrant will have to be solved quickly, or by june, millions of votes will ebb away to LEAVE.
    The people will get what they vote for. I really could not care less. The populations of today are heavily inbred and diluted with black genes. The elites are not qualified. I hope for the revolution.

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  11. @Tom

    Good points all, but ultimately I would rather confront the local cabal of U.S.-controlled lackeys to the remote unelected U.S.- controlled lackeys in Brussels. At least rioting on the streets in the U.K. might have more influence on the venal scum in Westminster who have to travel on public transport and shop amongst the plebs they have so blatantly impoverished. I am not sure the Eurocrats, funded by Goldman Sachs and State Department bribes would have the same incentive to change policy in the behemoth E.U. Someone on yesterday’s thread mentioned the French Nuit Debout movement. Ironic that the last time the French got on the streets to protest the French establishment it .was a ‘color revolution’ T.M. instigated by the State Department to remove that French Patriot and thorn in the side of U.S. hegemony in Western Europe, Charles De Gaulle, once Gladio had failed in their assassination attempts.

    I have more hope that the French people will awaken and throw off the EU yoke now that it has clearly become a total tool of Neocons and banksters than I do for Brexit.

    As to senior Tories leading the Leave campaign. What was it Lenin said about the easiest opposition being the one you lead? Perhaps I have grown too cynical.


  12. @Tom

    Greece is a scare story? TTIP is a scare story? The crumbling euro is a scare story? The ever increasing fascistic merger of corporation and state in Europe and elsewhere is a scare story? The Brussels bureaucracy production of policy by monumentally expensive unelected and unaudited ‘technocrats’ is a scare story? The Chancer’s complete inability to make a single credible economic forecast is a scare story? What doesn’t add up is the idea that those who want to see a patriotic renewal coupled with self determination and proper supervision of our borders are somehow just troglodytes with an atavistic fear of progress. Progress for who exactly? Your argument is long on rhetoric and short on reason.

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  13. JW, I think you’ve got this all wrong

    I’m just off Zerohedge reading Alan Greenspan saying that when he was chair the Fed he was not able to predict more than 10 mins in front of him

    Now our own Treasury comes out with this paper expaining with great accuracy 15 years into the future.

    And people are moaning when we should be jumping up and down with unreserved joy that our little island is so far more advanced in its economic forecasting than the supposedly great US Fed.

    I know we might have reservations about yesterdays wonderful document, but I do think that the front title page stating in bold letters Dodgy Dosier Mark 2 must surely be a typo. That’s the only mistake I can see.

    But there is no denying that it does contain economic weapons of mass destruction for those on the Brexit side.

    Also, no matter your view, what can not be denied is that Gideon and Dodgy Dave are at the very least every bit as honest as Tony Blair.

    There, I think I’ve got it right?

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  14. Am I the only one to be concerned that one of our national newspapers, the Daily Telegraph has timed its on-line upgrade diabling comments from tens of thousands of thinking and mostly dissenting members of the public at one of the most crucial points in Britain’s history? Don’t ne surprised if there are peerages all round post 23rd June….


  15. Dave understands that if you can dodge all the bullets for 15 years it doesn’t matter how many mistakes you make. ‘Greens Pan’ — needs an L not to be history.


  16. Mr Topsy and Mr Turvy, who both live in Downing St, would have us believe that our country is finished as an independent sovereign nation and must look to the great success of the European Project for protection. It’s a protection racket, hence all the noise.

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  17. Dave is magician And a genius. He has pulled an entire election out of his hat and plausibly so because of exactly your established tradition and track record as an Independent sovereign nation known as GB with the MC. No commands. No orders. Just Vote!


  18. @Anonymous –
    I’d imagine that Cameron&Co have leaned heavily on the DT. After following the DT’s general invitation to let them know what I thought of their new design format –

    “Please tell us what you think by getting in touch with us at
    Chris Evans, Editor, The Telegraph” –

    – I suddenly realised it coincided with the disappearance of all the comments. Calling their London HQ to ask the reason, their response was:- “not sure, probably to do with the new format but considering reinstatement at some point in the future” ……..

    It’s blatantly obviously connected to the Referendum and the fact that the vast majority of commenters on matters EU and immigration were, as you say, “dissenters” and often very informed dissenters, who might, Heaven forfend, have some influence on other voters. The DT frequently had reader surveys asking if Britain should leave the EU and the response was invariably nearly 80% in favour!!! I suggest bombarding the DT by phone or email letting them know we’re on to them –

    ” ……… please do not hesitate to contact us at Alternatively, you can call our free helpline on 0800 316 3500, or for outside the UK 0044 1622 33 5007. Our representatives are available to take your call, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm.


  19. It would be very interesting if polititions alike athletes should have to undergo drug, alcohol and any other substance test when undertaking their duties… just asking


  20. We are going in, the elites / neocons will have it no other way although I shall record my decision for all posterity so I when challenged how s%^t it is being in I have “proof” of my choice.

    Do you like that Cameron / Osborne? I do on the grounds you cannot run away from your choice and let it be known for all time that Cameron / Osborne chose this for the British people.

    Think of the savings though … and no way to deny it.


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