I must confess to having felt a sense of hopelessness on seeing this from two entirely well-meaning people on Twitter today:


Just to deconstruct this brick by brick,

  1. Show me one sign that the ‘package’ brought back from bristling Brussels-am-Berlin by Dave ‘Oily’ Camshaft showed an iota of willingness on the part of the EU to reform
  2. I don’t know of a single citizen with the Vote in this referendum who is “sniping from the outside” at the EU, given every one of them is in the EU. That’s the problem
  3. Can a reasoned critique of the vicious, mad and utterly unsuccessful ClubMed austerity campaign (with overt carpet-bagging by corrupt MEPs in Greece) really be called “sniping”?
  4. Does the EU track-record of response to democratic objections suggest a mildly confused but  fair organisation, or a ruthlessly fascist élite devoted to ignoring anything its citizens say?
  5. How can the Left vote to remain in a SuperState openly admitting that the signing of the TTIP global trade agreement with the US will involve no consultation whatsoever with MEPs or Member-State governments?

I’ve asked the same sort of questions of the Waspi leadership regarding its equally bizarre belief that the Dark Knights of Camerlot will be persuaded to cave in on pension justice as a result of politeness and choral anthems.

I’m at a loss here. Help, somebody. Anybody.