28 thoughts on “JEREMY HUNT: disappearance riddle solved in Slog scoop

  1. I believe he was last seen in the company of the elusive Mr Werrity as they disappeared into their own Neocon Foxhole. As the final shredding of the Social Contract in the UK continues apace, psuedoSpAds and pseudotWats must hunker down to enjoy the results of their infamy.


  2. Anyone approaching the cunning Mr Stunt with a scalpel would be well advised to cut off his nose just to spite his face – this is because it wouldn’t work on his brass neck, and he keeps his vital organs in a jar under Rupert Murdoch’s bed. He’s in a lone star state of mind, and he’s not alone.


  3. Dave has a penchant for choosing his cabinet on nodding heads who never disagree with anything he ever says.
    Consequently, he has several achiles heels in waiting.
    Jeremy Hunt is making a nice mess of our Health Service, which could well use billions of extra money that are not being wasted in Brussels. This view is supported by LEAVE and by thousands of HEALTH PROFESSIONALS.


  4. The CHURCHILL DOG in my car – nodding as I drive along.
    Please someone get a full set made of Lucky Dave’s Cabinet. The petrol stations could give one away with 5 gallons of 3 star, and we could all collect the FULL SET OF NODDING MORONS.

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  5. Prized characters:
    Lucky Dave, George Nobsore, Philip Hammond, Jeremy Hunt, Theresa May, Nicki whotsit education, and plenty more nodding like sages.
    Ignorant spineless TWERPS!!

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  6. Spotted in Santiago : dishevelled tramp stumbling along, drinking surgical spirits, mumbling ‘7 day nhssss’ and accosting lab coat wearers whilst shouting ‘why aren’t you in shurgery?’


  7. The Snarking of the Hunt

    (With apols to Lewis Carroll)

    The Hard Landing

    “Just the place for the Hunt!” the Bellend cried,
    As he placed his cabinet with care;
    Supporting each man to the tip of their hides
    By a finger entwined in their hair.

    “Just the place for the Hunt! I have said it twice:
    That alone should discourage the crew.
    Just the place for the Hunt! I have said it thrice:
    What I tell you three times is true.”

    The crew was desolate: BMA resolute —
    The makers of contracts all very good
    Barristers, brought in to arrange their dispute—
    (And an IP Broker, to value their goods).

    A Market -“maker”, whose skill was immense,
    Might perhaps have won more than his share—
    But a Banker, engaged at enormous expense,
    Had the whole of their cash in his care……

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  8. Nice of you to put up a photo of the guy who is going to privatise the NHS thru TTIP.

    Put up a photo of his puppeteer Simon Stevens, Chairman of NHS England, along with his previous employment history and that would give us a picture of the one pulling the strings for US medical companies.

    If you vote Remain, the you can kisss goodbye to the NHS. That’s what our socialist brothers fail to understand. Actually those not affiliated to the Labour Party have a fair idea ie George Galloway.


  9. @the ghost

    Thank you for the link. I avoid the Grauniard like the plague these days as I am afraid I’m not sufficiently inoculated from their gate-keeping Neo-Con/Lib b*ll*cks. Monbiot does a good job of outlining the history of the pernicious philosophy of unabashed greed.


  10. The Prime Minister is about to find that things start getting TOUGH now that BORIS &CO are on the case.
    Cameron is a lightweight, with his gang of yes men cabinet ministers nodding sagely at his every word.
    BREXIT celebrations begin on 24th June.


  11. Whatever the result on June 23rd………………….kick off…


  12. O/T (apologies) I guess everyone has read the zerohedge article regarding the price manipulations of AU & AG by the banks…

    Looking like your suggestions were correct again JW


  13. Is he Revisiting the Cayman Islands?

    He was reported to have gone there, no doubt at taxpayer expense, for research purposes obviously, earlier this year.


  14. He maybe revisiting the Cayman Islands, something he did possibly a taxpayer expense earlier this year, obviously he must have gone for research purpos s only


  15. It is likely that China using up lots of steel surplus to build mega oil storage. Then spend currency on oil before yuan devalues again or oil price rises. This is the inscrutable oriental mind. Who can blame them. They have vision and ambition – which we do not.

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  16. O/T but a real gem:…..”Boris Johnson’s dispute with David Cameron over the EU deepened on Friday night after he called the Prime Minister and his allies the “Gerald Ratners of modern politics”.


  17. @stephenroi

    The difference being of course, Gerald Ratner told the truth. The PM and his allies may peddle crap, but they spout nothing but falsehoods.

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  18. I’m too cynical now. I want Brexit but I think it will be rigged to “Stay”. I want Trump but i think we’ll get Killary.


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