BREXIT: If you’re worried about leaving, think Greece….and what it got for staying.


I think I may have been among the first internet commentators on EU gangsterism to run a piece about Tim Geithner saying to an intimate, after his return from the EU Wroclaw Summit of September 2011, “Those bastards in the EC, they are going to beat Greece to a pulp with a f**king baseball bat”. I was told of the exchange by an old contact – a New York based institutional lawyer – and went with it because the person had never been wrong about anything like that….and the record still stands.

In late 2014, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reported a confirmation of the story after reading Geithner’s memoirs. Tim was quoted as follows:

…..the Europeans came into that meeting basically saying: ‘We’re going to teach the Greeks a lesson. They are really terrible. They lied to us. They suck and they were profligate and took advantage of the whole basic thing and we’re going to crush them.”

AEP’s comment in the Telegraph piece went like this:

‘So now we know: Europe’s leaders did indeed attempt to smash Greece back into the Stone Age out of vindictive rage; conspired to withhold debt support for Italy unless the elected leader was forced out; and mismanaged the EMU crisis for three years with a level of stupidity that makes you want to weep.’

Ambrose is unpredictable at times, but not a person you could accuse of being deep down some mentally constructed rabbit hole leading to Middle Earth. He remains a brilliant and grounded master of the data.

Thus, all those still undecided on the Brexit issue need to think on these two things: after all the “trouble” we’ve caused the poor dears,

  1. If we do decide to stay, do you really think there’ll be no revenge?
  2. Do you think The Mob in Brussels-am-Berlin will eschew the opportunity to pile as much blame onto the Brexit Saga in order to excuse what AEP calls ‘a level of stupidity that makes you want to weep’?

Last Friday I received an email from a long-standing Belgian contact containing the following extract:


The ‘here’ referred to is Brussels, just in case you were wondering.

During January, there were a series of scare stories in the UK press about the UK being punished for leaving, not staying. I (and many other bloggers) pointed out the ridiculous illogic of this: they need us far more than we need them, so what could the eurogroupe nasties do to us without shooting themselves in the head?

The far more logical time to punish an escapee is when he’s back in prison and can’t get out. The obvious sentence would be simply to renege on everything they’d agreed…as it seems to be Cameron’s favourite modus operandum, he’d get that in one. But remember the words of Ambrose Evans-Pritchard:

‘….did indeed attempt to smash Greece back into the Stone Age out of vindictive rage…with a level of stupidity that makes you want to weep.’

No: I doubt very much if simply breaking every promise they made – which wouldn’t run to a hill of beans anyway – would be anywhere near enough for these dingbat gargoyles. TTIP will be signed, as I posted earlier this week, with zero reference to any member State or even the elected EU Parliament. These nasty little balls of bile will ensure that we are stitched out of them to the maximum degree.

And you think maybe the Special Relationship will help us? Oh, per-leeeze.

Brexit is the braver move….but it is in reality by far the least dangerous.

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35 thoughts on “BREXIT: If you’re worried about leaving, think Greece….and what it got for staying.

  1. The trouble is you are preaching to the converted here. How can you get this important and scary message a wider audience?


  2. Subscribe to the blog and forward the articles to people who might be open minded enough, ask your colleagues/family/drinking mates leading questions and guide them to these conclusions so they think they have come up with them alone.

    It’s what I do anyway. I think it is working but it is slow, and as I work on a multi billion pound metals manufacturing site there are only about 20 people I can talk (fring benefit of lean manufacturing?) to so it is p***ing in the wind anyway.


  3. I’m not sure why the EU would want revenge for Britain wanting to stay in. Surely they would be glad of the huge boost of the most eurosceptic country in the EU deciding against leaving and would want to shore up the support even further, rather than risk alienating anyone?


  4. Agree with most of what you say, John, but Ambrose Evans-Pritchard really gets things wrong on so many different levels if you read some of his other pieces in the Telegraph.


  5. Hi JW and all fellow-Sloggers – great piece, John, I reckon that this is right on the button. Very very worthwhile extra reading for us all on the Open Democracy website, series of articles by Anthony Barrett with very good in-depth background on this whole thing…

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  6. well done John, the message so far has concentrated on what may happen if we were to leave. I have not seen any valid discussion on what would happen if we stay and i believe your article is right on the money. First, staying in the EU would lead to the loss of the pound and adoption of the Euro, can there really be any other result? You want to stay in then you have to be all the way in, bye bye pound with a translation amounting to a minimum 20% loss (look to the real cost rise across Europe on adopting the euro). After realising that coup the work of command and control will be so much easier and the remaing target in the UK is the public sector (the private sector was shelled out long ago but there are still some juicy targets left). Look to the dictacts handed out to Greece etc, public sector pensions, public sector employment and so on. Methods employed by the IMF and adopted by the EU, you are a failed state, you spend more than you earn, you expect so many things but do not have the resources to meet the cost and you expect us to finance that? NO you must cut costs and raise taxes, you naughty, naughty people you.
    So what is our position? You have covered our national debt it is obvious that we have no way of paying that down, just kicking the can again and again and hoping that somehow we will muddle through. But there is another way of looking at this that never seems to be published in the msm and that is as a simple breakdown of the activities of the population. So to give it a go out of a population of @64 million, @ 34 million dont work, too old too young unemployed and disabled. Of the remaining 30 million, less than 4 million are employed in manufacture (how much of this is involved in export i have no idea). About 10 million are employed in retail and another 1 million in finance. The remaining 15 million or so are employed in the public sector. Our food security provides for about 1/3 of the nation, we seem to have an almost unlimited supply of water that we cant control and our energy sector is a mess. Not a pretty picture, we are easy prey. I think its ironic that those who will vote to remain are the ones whos asses will be kicked the hardest.

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  7. Almost forgot – this very illuminating series is called “Blimey – It Could be Brexit” WELL WORTH READING!


  8. Replying to Jackie’s question, “How can you get this important and scary message a wider audience?”. I regularly repost The Slog’s articles on my own Facebook social network. I am happy to have discovered John Ward’s writings and views and they definitely deserve a wide audience so I recommend The Slog to my friends. Can’t do much more but thanks, John, for your hugely entertaining and newsworthy blog and your reporting of the salient facts, well done indeed.

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  9. Exactly why I am going to video record myself voting “out”. Then when the doodoo hits the fan later, you can go and ask those who voted to stay in because my conscience is clear and I have the evidence to prove it. I have seen it to many times when “vindictive spoilt elites” all high and mighty feel they can do whatever they want to you because you did not want what they demanded.

    Feel it is a lost debate on honesty and truth, because Cameron has denied the fundamental democratic principle of fair and honest debate on making this choice. Thats why after all this is done and HE KEPT US IN, well he did outlaw the NO campaign, one step up from Blair in my estimation on war crimes should be tried and hanged accordingly.

    You might want to find another country Cameron, like Blair you will not be wanted here for the future you would endow upon us. God I am so glad I am not one of these despised puppets. Hope the pay was worth it.

    The EU vote should have been a unification of the British people, based upon truth and honesty instead we get a circus of lies and deceit because the event is being staged on corrupt and deceitful manipulation with fraudulent behaviour. It now has quite the opposite effect, it became a divisional action just when we ACTUALLY NEEDED A UNIFICATION to handle the disasterous global economy.

    All Courtesy of elites and the puppet UK government.

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  10. Attempting to bring logic to the masses is incredibly difficult. The current ‘political elite’ depend for their very existence on an uninformed, ignorant and malleable electorate. Posts questioning the public narrative, whether that of Labour or that of the government, on web sites like those of The Guardian or the BBC, have a lifespan of seconds, if you are really lucky a few minutes, before they are taken down by the thought police. Maintaining anything even close to an informed debate is completely impossible. Democracy in Europe and the UK is in a really bad way. Remaining inside the neo-fascist EU construct will engender no improvement.

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  11. Such retaliation would not make sense. The other member states & eurocrats know the brexit vote in June is not necessarily a “once in a generation” event. If we stayed and there were nasty repercussions then no doubt popular pressure would grow for another exit vote within a matter of a few years. Look at Scotland where (without the aforementioned repercussions of staying in the union) there is already a head of steam building for another independence referendum.


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  13. I’m still puzzled as to why everybody thinks Brexit will make any difference.

    JW has made it quite clear that the EU is as autocratic as the USA that set it up – and autocrats do not allow people to do as they wish. Just look at what happened to the democratic OXI vote! Smashed down with all the democratic zeal of a GI’s boot.

    In or out, Britain will remain part of the European economic trading area.

    The only thing Britain won’t be able to do is undermine worker’s jobs in the way undermined the British and European Steel industries, challenged by subsidized Chinese steel. With this level of activity for Britain’s people, in or out, Britain’s government seems as democratic as the European Union it so hates!!


  14. With regard to Ambrose, I think there is a Dr Evans, and a Mr Pritchard. He has two forms of writing style and two forms of opinion. You never know what you are going to get from him.

    I think there is no doubt that UK will be punished by their fellow members, if the vote is to remain -which I do not see at all. I think the people have found a way across the Rubicon, and are now not listening to Government, Media, religious leaders (who he?). This is a vote from the ground up.
    The rest of Europe does not want ‘us’ playing a full and vibrant part in their experiment. They want us on the fringes, and just want our subscription fees and our financial sector.
    So punished we would most surely be.

    Little do they realise, we’ve already left the building.

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  15. British Steel?
    Tata are deep in talks with ThyssenKrupp. That was always the move.
    You could quite easily have a viable UK steel industry, providing you had a UK manufacturing industry.

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  16. The key fact to keep in mind is that Britain is the 3rd largest financial contributor to the EU after France and Germany. So maybe we should be working out comparative EU budgets with Britain IN and Britain OUT. When analysts claim the EU would disintegrate on Brexit this is why.

    On another note, if the Panama Papers are indeed a Psy Ops, as many claim, and Cameron is Pro-EU, why was he targeted? And if the issue blows up and Cameron is forced to step down who does TPTB want as a replacement? Remember Margaret Thatcher’s sudden overnight ouster by EU federalists in her cabinet, as described by Bernard Conolly in his ‘Rotten Heart of Europe’.

    Meanwhile Frankfurt is pro-Brexit as it fantasizes that it will replace the City of London – dream on!


  17. Never mind all that. Guess who the sleb is in the big story Stateside? As Jim Bowen used to say, “Keep out of the black and in the red you get nothing in this game for three in a bed”.

    Takes my mind off the serious nonsense a while.

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  18. ‘No revenge’? Were the ‘out’ vote to exceed 45 percent on June 23, but fall short of 50 percent, the ‘revenge’ will be a second referendum…


  19. The argument to remain seeks to make positive reasons for doing so out of nothing more than negatively creating fear for the consequences of not doing so. Nowhere does it seek to enthuse because, in truth, it cannot. Against a backdrop of crumbling economies, a crumbling currency, and rule by commissariat, lasting benefits look thin on the ground – brotherly love, once a positive objective, has died a slow and horrible death in Greece and elsewhere around the Mediterranean. Presenting negative fear based arguments to remain not only underlines just how abusive the relationship has become but makes rational informed debate impossible: this is no way to run a referendum and was obviously never intended to be.

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  20. Well said John, the trouble with centralising power is that those in the center become increasingly self referential, and are never responsible for the inevitable breakdowns caused by others [outsiders] persuing their own best interests.


  21. Dear God,can there really be people who question the wisdom of leaving? John Ward has done the whole country a favour with his first class insight,we owe him a large drink.
    Repost his work far and wide,the country needs a man who can tell it like it is.
    If only that clown in charge of Labour could string something similar together! He reminds me of someone’s sleepy granddad whos just woken up.

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  22. JW, as far as I am aware, the referendum question put to the Greek voters was whether to accept or reject the EU program. The referendum never put the question whether to leave or stay in the Euro or EU.
    My conclusion on this matter is that Tsipras is a fraud and part of the status quo. He knew that the referendum question was an empty one as the consequence of a `Yes` vote would require an exit from the Euro and the EU. As far as I can deduce, the Greek people wanted to maintain their standard of living without paying for it. They wanted to stay in the Euro and the EU. If you therefore willingly signal to the oppressor that you are willing to continue to be abused for a few more crumbs, what can you expect as a result? I can assure you, you do not need `Game Theory` to predict the outcome.
    The British issue is different in that Britain is not in the Euro and has significant economic heft in its own right. The risks being thrown about by Cameron and his cohort are patently absurd. However, when you have an ignorant electorate, lying to them and frightening them is a very effective tactic. That is why it is such an uphill struggle to effect change by resorting only to reasoned debate. Fear is a much more powerful motivator.

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  23. However the UK votes, the referendum will not be an isolated event but merely one step in a process.

    Should the UK vote against BREXIT, the logical response of the EU would be to take advantage of the removal of the threat to its own existence by accelerating the movement towards federalism. Were Juncker et al to focus on punishing the UK, it would only distract them from this endeavour.

    A UK vote for BREXIT would raise the prospect of other countries leaving. In particular it would raise the EU and France’s position with the EU to the top of the agenda for French elections in 2017. What the EU could not afford would be to have a thriving UK outside of the EU. The EU would have to choose between two responses: trying to punish the UK for leaving or trying to persuade the UK to stay. Given the trade imbalance between the UK and the EU, the first approach would do more economic damage to the EU than to the UK and would risk an economic and banking collapse in both. The second would involve giving the UK much of what it wants, even though this would put an effective break on the move towards federalism, and hoping the UK votes to stay in the EU in a second referendum.


  24. DC’s taxpayer-funded propaganda has landed on the mat this morning – more than anything, this has helped crystallise the ‘screw the people, the only thing that matters is winning’ approach of the IN campaign nicely.

    All Cameron’s ‘tax affairs’ is a red-herring, drummed up as usual by the Establishment Media to take the British Public’s minds away from the serious EU debate.

    The USA claims to have created the EU and the TTIP is designed for US multinationals to make hay at the expense of the people of Europe, so don’t think for one second that they are interested in helping the UK leave. If you want to understand the nature of US behaviour, look no further than how it is taking over football, a sport it ignored for generations as it only plays sports it can win: solely interested in money making, it has to claim that stats are all because Billy Bean did well in baseball with them. It ignores the greater knowledge in Germany, Spain, Italy and beyond because it is solely interested in creating a closed-shop franchise system with the majority of franchisees being American. Every single American investor would use LBO-based debt to screw the average football fan if Hicks, Gillette and the Glazers hadn’t made such a pigs’ breakfast of it. They are simply incapable of understanding the intrinsic evil of expecting debt-free clubs to be loaded with debt to avoid tax, making the customers pay for the owners’ purchase. I’d put them in an abattoir tomorrow morning, which is perhaps why I am not going to be the UK PM…….


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