THE GLOBAL MEDIA & BREXIT: 24/7 fear propaganda, and no sign of a level playing field


If you want to surrender to corporate State media lies and the globalist neoliberals, vote to remain in the EU

But if you want independent media and an accountable political class, vote Leave: because clearly, that’s what the greedy gargoyles around the world don’t want you to do.

The rate at which BoombustTV invents new euphemisms for ‘correction’ renders me in awe of its speed out of the blocks. The peeps over there are faster than Barney Quinn’s newsflash-speak. The markets have been selling off again (because the data are at best equivocal) so this morning Bloomberg calls it “subdued vallativverdie”. We ain’t at vallativverdie yet. When we get there, it’ll be called something like “subprime panic” or maybe “mild anxiety”, and just before we enter Valhalla, it’ll finally be called vallativverdie. But no way is anyone going to say ‘recession’ until the handcart reaches Hell.

So determined are the US business media to keep the show on the road, the how and why of where we are now – QE, Zirp, Nirp and Direct Intervention – never gets a mention. But the minute a potential fall guy heaves into view, boy are they on it: for we got trouble right here in Boombust City, with a Capital T that rhymes with B and it stands for Brexit.

The balloon floated out there by the Treasury leakers yesterday has been eagerly grabbed by most of the US channels not showing I Love Lucy of a weekday morning. “Would you say that Brexit is the number-one danger out there?” Bb asked FruFru Lagarde yesterday. “Well, nerr, ah werdent,” she replied disappointingly. During the entire  run-in to June 23rd, I have so far spotted one – just the one – studio visitor who said “I really don’t think it matters” before being ignored in favour of every other talking head keen to make it sound as if the British electorate has lost its mind for wanting a referendum in the first place.

However, last UK Budget day, the CNBC coverage of the event was, um…zero. Boombust mentioned it once during the day, and in an evening bulletin said that Osborne “felt confident enough to cut taxes”. CNN gave it two minutes, 30 seconds of which showed Little Squeaky pointing his box at the cameramen. So clearly, the British economy and multivariate political splits are of massive interest to business TV viewers.

There was a smashing bit around 6pm CET on Bloomberg when some arrogant visiting twerp said that the eurozone situation was so bad, “Yerp’s just for vacations nowadays, not for stock investments”, followed three minutes later by another ‘expert’ laying out categorically that to leave the EU “would result in catastrophe for Britain”. The obvious illogic of holding both those views at the same time went unpunished. Truth is, there are even more reasons to get TFO of the ‘Special Relationship’ than there are to leave the EU.

The really sad news is that the awful UK deficit figures are obviously being laid at Brexit’s door by some of Britain’s more cryogenic voters, if the EU Observer site is to be believed. It’s referring to the latest ORB survey, which found that 51% of voters now support Remain – while Leave’s support has decreased five points to 44%, with 5% undecided.

However, taking only those absolutely certain to vote, the Remain lead is only 1% – 49 to 48, with 3% undecided. Each side therefore has two tasks:

  1. To look into what would change the minds of the undecided certain voters, and
  2. To see what (if anything) would drag the Remain voters to the polling booth, or avoid anything that would make Remaindeers turn up…depending which side you’re on.

But other surveys disagree with this finding, reversing the lead.

The overall insight really is that, whatever the result, the country is split down the middle: and so the issue will rumble on forever and a day.

So far, while Iceland’s PM resigning has made headlines around the world, no US or French paper I’ve seen has pointed out that EU lackey David Cameron’s flagrant hypocrisy on the subject of offshore evasion of tax is infinitely greater than that attaching to Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson.

In short, the propaganda that is desperate for Britain not to Brexit is deafening, daft and diabolical. Whole the business media are doing everything in their power to avoid making the pro-EU mob look corrupt.

23 thoughts on “THE GLOBAL MEDIA & BREXIT: 24/7 fear propaganda, and no sign of a level playing field

  1. This ‘Panama Papers’ revelation is three years old.
    On the 4th April 2013 it was the Guardian’s front page headline.
    I wonder why it has suddenly resurfaced?
    The instigators, the Washington-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, are funded by:
    Ford Foundation
    Carnegie Endowment
    Rockefeller Family Fund
    W K Kellogg Foundation
    Open Society Foundation (Soros)

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  2. British opinion polls and electoral outcomes do not always match. Heath (1970), Wilson (1974 at the second attempt), Major (1992), CMD (2015).The ‘outers’ may ,at least, show up at the polls.


  3. An awful lot of true brits who only care about where their next freebee is coming from will not bother to vote, the immigrant population, who will vote, as the head honcho of family does for them all en masse will vote in To the remainder I say this
    Lend me a pound, I will give you 65pence in return, not only that I will tell you how that 65 pence should be spent, if your happy with that vote to stay in, if not you know what to do.

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  4. Tax havens are destroying the world’s economies!

    Money is created by banks to go to work to creating something!(although we know they often create it it to do nothing,ie buy shares), that something works to convert money into work and therefore something,it transfers money creation from whatever side of the equation it is created on to the otherside tax is one of the tools,wages,cost & price are others!

    So i create money to invest in building a car part, i have to buy or use raw materials,machines workers energy to convert money creation into a part that then can be sold to cover all cost and my own living standards and possibly some savings and paying back the money created and any taxes!

    So all the money created is active in the economy in some way,whether they’re good or bad taxes is a separate argument.

    What is important is all these factors are at work and tax havens and evasion/avoidance diminishes and reduces this action,it inflates bubbles distorting values splits economies in two! Because this money isn’t at work doesn’t mean it isn’t at work!

    I have already pointed to bubbles but again that’s not the point am referring to here!

    To pay the interest on money created it has to be at work if it is actually at work within the system doing what it is suppose to do,everything may not be in a good healthy position because of price/tax etc but it is far better than it not being at work as it should be!

    Because the interest has to be paid but the money isn’t destroyed because it can’t generate income to do this, it then works in the opposite direction,it begins to add extra pressure on money that is actually at work to pay not just its own creation but the monies created not at work!

    This distorts the equation even more and collapse is inevitable unless it is stopped! Because those whose money is put to work is not going to be as profitable as it should be if all parts of the equation are being met! (See the world we live in)This is why investments dry up! Money becomes scarce on one side of the equation and so plentiful on the other side because one side is sucking the other dry,because only one side can create money and only one side can pay it off and that discord is unsustainable,why tax is the achilles heels of NMT it has to be a method of rebalance when pricing means it can be placed under bed which damages the economy
    like the steel spring experiment i did at school a small load does have a effect but on it is almost impossible to measure,but has the load grows the spring can be stretched to destruction,but if altered early enough can return to its natural state!

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  5. So, even if the vote ‘leave’ wins the day, they will just re-run the vote as they did in Ireland on the Lisbon Treaty until they get the ‘right’ result, and even if the ‘right’ result isn’t forthcoming, Cumalot will just ignore it.


  6. Yes KJH

    This is something almost everyone has missed…very noticeable that AN ICELANDIC leader got the most heat & by far the most column inches…whereas Scameron didn’t even feature.

    Definitely an element of mass distraction, but also to target the one government that has bucked the doom trend re banks and survived.

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  7. By the way @KJH, you should add USAID to the list of organisations that funded this scam. Information courtesy of WikiLeaks.
    ZeroHedge ran a piece today where Rothschilds was now moving its Trust activities from the off-shore locations that the US has cracked down on, to Nevada in the good ole USA. It appears that Nevada is exempt from the new tough US anti-tax avoidance laws. Looks like Obama’s speech the other day stating that the US Treasury`s new anti-tax evasion laws were going to crack down on these nefarious activities, was his usual bogus hypocritical American exceptionalism.
    I did read an interesting article that Putin has said that he will authorise the declassification of information held by the Russians and covering the period 1930-1989. It promises to have some interesting stuff about some American folks. Just can`t wait for Round 2.


  8. My question is this: if, following generations of business controlled government in the UK, how will Brexit affect the freedom of speech in the newspapers?

    My own thoughts on this are that the UK is the example the US wants to impose on the rest of Europe, because it is so easy to manipulate.

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  9. @Gemma: The US already has control of the German press, and I believe retains control until about 2075, is that correct? No you will know the exact date, or someone will.


  10. No, officially the US control ceased on the signing of the unification treaty between Western and Central Germany (the former DDR).

    That they’ve not bothered to respect this should not surprise anybody – least of all Brits who have a government who takes the same line.


  11. Do send a link of this to the historical and intellectual Titan, Daniel Finkelstein.

    In today’s time he posits that because the USA spent so much money in WWII, it should be a player in deciding on Brexit.

    I’m sure fact-based historians will agree with me when I say that America was the UK’s BANKER via Lend Lease and the UK, having paid off the LOAN with interest, owes the USA nothing as a result.

    Perhaps the discussion should focus on whether the USA can tolerate an independent Britain and whether it should face WTO censure and sanctions if not.

    Finkelstein is free to emigrate to either the USA or Israel if he wishes, but he has no place in Britain demanding our obedience to the USA due to WWII.

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  12. Lend lease was indeed paid off in 2006; Britain’s loans for the First World War were paid off in 2014 (if I remember correctly).

    Nevertheless, with the careless attitude of American Generals in the war in Europe – a western reflection of the Soviet ideas of warfare: throw lots of armour and men at them and you can’t lose. Thinking in this way, the Americans did waste a shocking amount of money and a horrendous number of lives.

    Perhaps, like the Soviets, they want to be congratulated for their stupidity losses, irresepective of how they were caused. Was it Clauswitz who said “there are killing officers and there are murdering officers” – the Soviet/American generals belonged to the latter.


  13. Julia told Winston that she vaguely remembered that we might not have always been at war with eastasia, but she said “what did it matter”? Both were correct. We are scolded and punished for thinking now.
    Iceland has become a pariah to the emperors. No mainstream media protection for their little king, Blackout if you have membership card in junta.


  14. Practice safe tax, use a Nom-Dom….Did you also know that, it is easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle than a rich man to get prosecuted for anything…..

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  15. JW can sense the bitter irony in your words …

    Is it not now only best to vote opposing whatever the MSM promote because it is only to the benefit of the 3%?

    It is becoming in itself an ideology, oh not got time to look at that, what does the MSM want? There you go I voted the other way.

    Then that action in itself highlights the real issue of being able to make any reasonable decision in a democracy if the MSM all talk bo%%ocks and deceit.


  16. Am I the only one here who has started to become a Daily Mail fan? I used to be very greenie-global-warming-peak-oil, but since I figured out how Cultural Marxism PC rubbish destroyed the Guardian, BBC, practically the whole UK and Germany (daren’t open our mouths here about incomers eh?) the lack of PC kow towing at the DM is refreshing. Dacre is a nasty bugger of course, but at least he hates the Beeb and is ripping into the new Chris Evans Top Gear with relish.

    I treat the DM like a comic anyway, real news off Zero Hedge, but at least you get to check out in a split second down the sidebar of shame without having to read in depth what the Kardashans are up to. More entertaining than being indoctrinated into Guardian nonsense. How low that paper sank.

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  17. I’ve gone the other way. I used to trust the newspapers and believe their scare stories about Muslims and white Britons. Now I see them for what they are – an elaborate PR effort for the Israelis and big money. If they were really un-PC the Mail would print stories critical of Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. But they don’t. They pick on certain people and groups of people who don’t support their horrible agenda.


  18. Well, Tom, here is an article by someone who really bites into the topic of the Panama Papers and reveals a few truths that any and all of us should have realized – had we thought the situation through properly. He is also extremely critical of the Anglo-Zionist axis.

    He also mentions the quite obvious reason why so few Americans aren’t mentioned. America has Delaware (and now Nevada) who are internal fraud states.

    How to create a “Shell Company” in the USA. The details may vary, but if they ask you a question, you can invent the answer on the spot. All they need is the information, the facts to write down. Then it’s official…

    1) Find the telephone number of the Chamber of Commerce in Delaware.

    2) Fill in the details of your company and its address – in this case, Gemma’s Champagne Corks, 13b Wall Street, Manhattan. (With apols to my knicker wearing Trolls who think I run a lingerie firm!)

    3) Give the name of the director: Mickey Mouse.

    4) Give the name of the accountants: Donald Duck and Associates, Las Vegas, Nevada.

    And so on… you can do it now, Dan. You can set up a Shell Company before you’ve even poured your morning coffee.

    Fraud is America’s biggest weakness, and like all weaknesses, it’s what they want most: something for nothing. Like all weaknesses, they imagine it’s something the world wants…

    … and they couldn’t be more wrong.

    With this level of corruption at the heart of the USA, how on earth do you imagine the US is going to succeed????

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  19. @Jemma

    Thanks for the link to the Saker article. The point that neither Xi nor Putin need offshore banking is well made.


  20. Tom – good point. I’ve lived in Saudi, and I couldn’t care less about the “Islamic threat” as it is nonsense. If you understand the faith. even rank and file Muslims hate the Saudis and what they’ve done to Mecca is an abomination. The hatred for the al Saud is intense but I am not as sure as i used to be that the kingdom would survive. The last 2 kings were conservatives – Fahd and Abdullah. But the new one is senile and his son is 29 and an idiot.

    The wahabbis have destroyed the faith from within. Even the word jihad has been misused – it means gently bring over nonbelievers to the Way but without force.

    None of the War on Terror would have happened if King Fahd had listened to Osama Bin Laden in 1991 and taken up his offer to liberate Kuwait from a local minor tribal oil dispute. Saddam was stealing oil from Kuwait by diagonal drilling. They are all thieves all of them. Just that we back some dens of thieves more than others and look at the mess we are in.

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