WORLD REALITY DAY, II: Cameronian tax evasion, don’t drink the water, and the ordained future of HSBC


His Dad hid profits offshore, he does not walk on water, & he is the C in HSBC

Bloggers have been posting for years to the effect – easily supported by good quality primary sources – that Cameron’s Dad was a tax-evading old charlatan stockbroker. No Wikileaks were required to establish this. But now it’s in the MSM, it’s real. I find that horribly ironic: very little that gets published in the old media is real: it takes an online new media organisation illegally purloining data and releasing it to achieve that….by getting the old media to print it. As the American colonists have it, “Go figure”.

One thing that has become completely unreal is media-based health advice. One by one, every single fluid, foodstuff and plant on the planet has been found, at one time or another, to be the elixir of life and then spawn of the Devil. If you’re of a mind to, you can build a case against everything.

So as this is World Reality Day, I am here to educate you on the mortal dangers of dabbling in water. WC Fields once told Hedda Hopper, “Madam, I never drink water, fish f**k in it”. He was actually being excessively kind to H²O.

Did you know you can drown in water, catch typhoid from water, and become so addicted to it that, after four days without it, you’ll die? So there you have it: there’s a reason why you can lead a horse to water, but not make him drink. It’s called horse-sense.

The only antidote to madness in a world run by people with mad ideas is to alter the conscious state using every means at your disposal. Otherwise a suicidal end will be yours. None of those means include water….in fact, copious amounts of water taken by mouth or applied to the skin in a shower will reverse the process.

I rest my case.

One final reality that must be faced is the decline of the language into a seemingly unending series of initials. For example, the CBI position on QE alongside the ZIRP of the BoE has led to appalling behaviour by the DWP, although not quite as dysfunctional as the ZIRPQE being practised by the ECB on the EU, PBOC DBI on the SSE, or indeed the BOJ’s attempt to apply NIPNIRP to everything from ETFs to EFTPOS.

None of this should be allowed to disguise the fact that corruption and fraud abound in the B2B policies of  RBS, the ASPs involved in B2G business, and CDO needs of those using the CBOE, and of course the CFCTs present in the reporting procedures of CFSs signed off by CMAs throughout the western World.

There are many who suspect that the changed CPI definitions inherent in the EFSM mechanisms developed by the EG exist purely to confuse the FINMINs trying to abide by GAAS. But for myself, I am concerned that IFRS could very easily be perverted by the unhealthy relationship between HSBC, the HMRC, the BBC, and the MPC of the former CEO Baron Green.

Some sources suggest that the three entities will merge to form HSMRBBCC, the cunning ploy being that we shall not be told what the initials stand for. But we have had our finest brains on the case here at Sloggers’ Roost, and I am happy to tell you that our trusty Enigma Machines have decoded the company name as follows:






24 thoughts on “WORLD REALITY DAY, II: Cameronian tax evasion, don’t drink the water, and the ordained future of HSBC

  1. Flying to Limoges tomorrow morning then heading to Mater’s pile in Surin…can’t wait to leave this ess-hole of an effed-up country.


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  2. [Slightly off topic] For those wishing to read a translation of the Panama Papers, there is the English version of the Süddeutsche Zeitung’s Panama Papers website here:

    I’ve been up to my neck in graphics and greenhouses, and the Germans are nothing if not hospitable in their manner – so saving me a few hours of translation work.


  3. Panama papers, searchable by region and country.
    Not a single person from the US on the list, not one.
    Isn’t that a pip!


  4. Domestic Extremist, I believe the Süddeutsche Zeitung have a wheelbarrow load of papers pertaining to American citizens. If they wait long enough, their American overseers will have gotten bored and won’t be asking “can you translate that into American English for us, we don’t speak German”. That’s when the editor slips one under the wire.

    Carrocio, I was going to give the translation a go, it doesn’t take long; then I thought “hang on a minute, there might be a translation already…” – which there was.


  5. Been around a few years now and the funny thing is don’t the sons take after that fathers because that is what the fathers taught them.

    Begs a few questions of Cameron does it not?

    As for the panama list funny that all the culprits of one nation were missing … I reckon they lost the page beginning with U, those clumsy Soros hackers.


  6. ‘But now it’s in the MSM, it’s real.’
    Only because it suits the MSM’s purposes – ie to get Britain out of the EU so their rich owners can asset-strip the country. The fact that it’s taken 10 years for our corrupt media to criticise Cameron tells you all you need to know about the way this country is run.


  7. Are we about to see the last of Wanger’s dead ringers – Gotchacameldung – enacted before our very eyes? Probably not, although it would be richly deserved. Do the Panama Papers represent the rehabilitation of the ‘free’ press in terms of true Investigative journalism? Again, unlikely given their provenance, WMD (Washington Mischief Deployment) almost certainly a safer bet. Keep calm and carry on.


  8. P.S. The above posted with some difficulty from Soller Mallorca using only my oxymoronic smart phone and my bare wrists which I have resisted the temptation to slash despite indifferent weather and world events.


  9. Hieronimus B, “Do the Panama Papers represent the rehabilitation of the ‘free’ press in terms of true Investigative journalism?”

    The Süddeutsche Zeitung is one of the more forthright papers, which prints stories that are usually disallowed in the US media. Global Research was complaining that various terrorist actions had been overlooked in the US and UK media… all of them appeared in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

    But you do need to speak German, otherwise you are going to miss out and be misled.

    On another topic, the “red hot papers” that the Ambrose spoke of yesterday evening, concerning US citizens, could easily be used to keep those citizens under control. In the manner of the Westminster Expenses Scandal: the papers have been shredded, but certain bodies know certain things and can still spill the beans to the media should the need arise.

    Given Süddeutsche Zeitung’s provenance, the opening of Cameron’s files was unlikely to have followed this course. This is very much a German reprisal for the VW scandal…


  10. @Gemma

    An easy and plausible association but SZ were fed the ‘leak’ by Washington! The very fact that BBC and MSM have got the Depends on gives this old cynic cause to suspect the real intentions behind all this.

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  11. John
    It looks to me that another Ukraine/VW etc is going to blow up in their faces …………They don’t take into account the power of the internet. Also, it is a very dodgy thing to upset………………Vlad the Good
    …………………….. doing their best to ban breathing and for thinking ………folk by filling the airwaves with Bollocks.


  12. Craig Murray has a great piece on the Panama papers at his site. It would seem that the ‘stories’ published by the ‘journalists’ in the West are based on extremely specific and targeted searches, hence the dearth of references to Western elite malfeasance. If you do not bother to look for something, it is unlikely that it will be found. This is not a Wikileaks project from what I can make out, so there is no database that is searchable by the proles. This is very obviously being used as a propaganda attack on Putin and Assad, and both are being smeared by association.

    I still find it astounding that so many still trust the corporate media in the Anglosphere.

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  13. Gemma – I don’t think the Süddeutsche is that alternative. I can read and understand articles in there – did some for my advanced German class – and i think the SZ is just as neocon as the Graun. Far better out here is the “Merkur” series of newspapers. My inlaws get the SZ and I used to read the New York Times pullout till I realised it (SZ)was a shill for the USA.

    I call bullshit in the PP. Another psyop.


  14. Jeremy Stocks, no national paper in Europe can start printing until the Americans have given it the “thumbs up”. Call that a shrill if you like, but there are certain things that do get past their overseers. What interested me most was the British media focussing on Putin and forgetting almost everybody else, whilst the German media (SZ, Die Zeit – the papers I read with my Frühstuck) mentioned Putin only in passing.

    Hieronymous B, “An easy and plausible association but SZ were fed the ‘leak’ by Washington!” – where did you get this information? The Süddeutsche Zeitung received emails from an unknown source a year ago, and did meet in Washington. No doubt certain ‘hands’ will have been present, in order to restrain certain accusations and not others.

    The Süddeutsche Zeitung decided to analyze the data in cooperation with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). ICIJ had already coordinated the research for past projects that SZ was also involved in, among them Offshore Leaks, Lux Leaks, and Swiss Leaks. Panama Papers is the biggest-ever international cooperation of its kind. In the past 12 months, around 400 journalists from more than 100 media organizations in over 80 countries have taken part in researching the documents. These have included teams from the Guardian and the BBC in England, Le Monde in France, and La Nación in Argentina. In Germany, SZ journalists have cooperated with their colleagues from two public broadcasters, NDR and WDR. Journalists from the Swiss Sonntagszeitung and the Austrian weekly Falter have also worked on the project, as have their colleagues at ORF, Austria’s national public broadcaster. The international team initially met in Washington, Munich, Lillehammer and London to map out the research approach. [English]

    Canexpat thanks for the link.


  15. Gemma – it is classic Hegelian dialectic. I heard on Austrian news in English as a matter of fact of someone – name escapes me – who wants a global tax avoidance authority. Classic NWO scam. problem-reaction-solution.

    The Anglo press is full of BS about “Germany collapsing.”. I have travelled over several German-Austrian-Italian borders for skiing the last few weeks and the crossings I’ve been over – there were no floods of refugees. The Jerries have this crisis I think well under control. Not in the beginning mind you – but now the pragmatic old buggers have pretty much got it under control. Now I may eat my words when the igloo near us gets filled but they seem to be adept and finding lots of delays for the opening.

    As the Europe collapsing, there were no signs of that on the slopes of northern Italy last week. Quite the opposite, lots of affluent skiers having a blast. There is an always will be plenty of money down here.


  16. @Gemma

    BBC among others ascribes the upstream feed to SZ to an outfit calling themselves the (enticingly worthy) International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. The ICIJ in turn can be traced to another outfit with the even more suspiciously worthy title The Center For Public Integrity or some such with a Washington address. Panama, don’t forget, is very much Washington’s back yard and has for many years been used for various covers. Dogs, ponies, the whole damn menagerie of performing pets.


  17. Hieronimusb.

    Did you read the quotation on my last comment? Because if you did, and if you had read what the SZ had stated in their article that I quoted, you will have read this:

    “The Süddeutsche Zeitung decided to analyze the data in cooperation with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).”

    The emphasis here being on “decided to analyze the data in cooperation with” – which implies the ICIJ came at a later stage, and this ties in with the SZ’s own statements regarding the provenance of the material. The ICIJ is in Washington, as stated in my previous comment.

    This does not imply that the material was fed to the SZ by Washington. However I do agree that Panama, like Delaware and Wall Street, is a hotspot for US fraud, assorted banking crime and tax avoidance scams.


  18. Well now, there may be a little hat eating going on – and no, not yours, Mr Ward. Mine.

    This report from Global Research gives clear statements of what happened on the 4th of April 2013, in which it details an uncannily similar earlier attempt at the publishing of secret details, only this time fed through the Guardian rather than the SZ. Again Hiero’s ICIJ is the ringleader, and the BBC et al follow closely behind, tails wagging.


  19. The Global Research article posted above has very little supporting evidence. Just one back dated article on the Guardian website, and nothing more. What interests me in this case is the lack of evidence. At the time there was the Snowden emails affair – but this DRAMATIC leak gets one modest article in the Guardian.

    Easy to cook up in an hour or two and back date in an Orwellian change-history manoeuvre. Whereas the Süddeutsche Zeitung revelations are being employed by the mainstream everywhere… why not on this occasion too? The stuff supposedly revealed in 2013 is as explosive as the Expenses Scandal in Westminster… yet British newspapers of the time are uncannily silent on the issue.

    As of today, that is. No doubt a few hacks are backdating their articles as I write…


  20. A comment on Global Research’s Facebook Page:

    Iceland the same government that jailed the bankers has just been toppled. This should tell you who controlled the Panama leaks and getting their own back.


  21. And Revenge is what the Amis – as the Germans call them – are all about. Neither of them have forgotten the Second World War.

    The problem is, and always has been that Germany has always excelled at the economics tuned to Anglo-Saxon needs.


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