ANALYSIS: why communism & neoliberalism are two sides of the same debased coinage…

…but neither offers the social advantages of mutualism

You’d think, would you not, that a nation as intelligent as the Chinese could make a clothes peg. I’ve made the bloody things myself in the past: four serations in two bits of pine, and a bit of spring-wire. Me – myself – for fun: the very same me who, on deciding to give up woodwork after the Second Year, got this comment on my Report from the teacher involved:

“I am relieved Ward is giving up woodwork, because when in command of a chisel and some wood, he is a danger to himself and others”.

But no, so completely did the cultural revolution and then neoliberalisation of China destroy any desire for the kind of craftsmanship that produced beautifully carved soldiers…chinesesoldiers

…in 2016,  they’re reduced to making clothes pegs that fall apart the minute you clip them onto a teeshirt mounted sensibly upon a washing line.

I suppose the decline is similar to that whereby Duper Turdlock reduced the Times’ reading age to 14; except that the Chinese decline took 2,700 years, whereas the Texas-cow shagger managed it in 18 years flat. The decline in reading age I mean, not his courtship of the former Mrs Jagger.

But the scandal of the pegs (when added to the solar garden lights that don’t light anything, and the circuit boards that die 10% of the way round the circuit) are symptoms of a Chinese economic history that is unique. For the People’s Republic of China went from being the world’s biggest Communist dictatorship to being the world’s biggest Neoliberal dictatorship with no intervening period in which to reduce the level of madness involved.

The only nation that comes close is the former East Germany (DDR), from whose water hole arose its Aphrodite Mrs Merkel. You must have heard of her….she’s the one that had a mock chat show and asked Debbie McGhee what she first saw in millionaire Paul Daniels.

[special troll message: that was a joke. Don’t panic]

No of course she wasn’t hahahaha…she’s the one that was a Jugendfüherin fluent in Russian on Thursday, and then a convert to neoliberal globalist capitalism by the following Monday. And no, that isn’t a joke: it’s absolutely true.

The overall points are these:

  1. Communism and Neoliberalism when taken together are contraindicated, and conducive to the destruction both of work fulfilment and individual responsibility.
  2. Whereas real ideologists are just sad twits, those who can switch ideologies at the drop of a soviet cap in favour of a bowler hat are not to be trusted.
  3. Mixed economies (like the UK & US in the 1952-71 period) produce – when subjected to neoliberalism – more wealth….alongside falling wealth equality, rising social discontent, falling worker wages, and falling productivity.
  4. Every society that has ditched (a) private ownership (b) market forces (c) functional social welfare (d) mutualised financial services and/or (e) punished the ideas of entrepreneurs, has gone backwards in terms of both world trade and sound public finances.
  5. All Communist and purist Friedmanite neoliberal States wind up with huge sovereign debt, a massive deficit of investment in infrastructure, and a cynical blue collar workforce resentful of the self-awarded privileges of the self-appointed élite.

Ergo sum, neither is the answer to where the pack-species Homo sapiens goes next.

Is it just vaguely possible that ideological Communists, Neoliberals, Thatcherites, Reaganomicists and EU/UK monetarist nutters might now accept that we need new ideas and fresh solutions, not the reheated leftovers from the 19th and 20th centuries?

We must live and hope. But in the meantime, I leave you with this disturbing thought: the dangerous duplicity of Camerlot has led them to accept nuclear advice from (and lobby the EU to promote the exports of) a Beijing government with an appalling record on citizen rights, and the making of clothes pegs.

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30 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: why communism & neoliberalism are two sides of the same debased coinage…

  1. One problem is that most people don’t know what neoliberalism is and in fact many, including noliberals themselves, deny that neoliberalism even exists. It’s pretty hard to bring a revolt against something under those circumstances. The best we can expect, using the word ‘best’ advisably, are nationalist authoritarians like Trump. Of course Trump will never win an election nor will any European analogs. Not in any near term anyway and that is hardly something to look forward to.

    History will make neoliberalism real in the minds of most sometime in the future when either the world of the West looks something like the Hunger Games society, minus all the action melodrama, or simply something more akin to the general conditions of say the year 1700.


  2. The Chinese saying that “you can always fool a foreigner” has met it’s match with Ebay sure a shoddy merchant can spring up and sell you a poorly made clothes peg but that dealer won’t last for long OR you could buy locally. There are stainless steel clothes pegs made in France for $24 if you don’t like the Chinese ones that sell for six times less. see listings below


  3. While Turdock ownership has undoubtedly brought about a decrease in the reading age of the Times the true scandal and utter failure of the post 1960 education system is that, according to among others, the average reading age of the UK population is 9 years – that is, they have achieved the reading ability normally expected of a 9 year old. The Guardian has a reading age of 14 and the Sun has a reading age of 8. Just as it is no surprise that 25% of school leavers are functionally illiterate, innumerate or both, especially when compared to a figure of 5% circa 1950.


  4. The only problem with camerlot is this :
    You only getz a job in cabinet if you are a ‘remain’ person or you got nice legs and big tits.
    The real brains are on the benches.
    That is why every important department is a shambles run by a YES PERSON AIRHEAD with NO recognised qualifications.


  5. So camerlot has no judgement – no experience of life to put the right people in charge of OUR country .
    The one that I WANT BACK


  6. Yes Dicky we believe your surname us actually Big(w)anchor .

    @ JW …..Clothes pegs ? Yesterdays technology mate . Get yourself a washer/drier and make sure its a Bosch or a Miele and costs north of 900 euros …. otherwise all the cheap crap will just break down after the first five uses.

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  7. ‘whereby Duper Turdlock reduced the Times’ reading age to 14’
    In his defense, it’s still twice the reading age of The Sun. Apparently still the biggest selling daily rag….


  8. Gemma: the US wasn’t mentioned because the project was funded by the CIA stooge Soros and USAID. No need to place your dirty linen in public.


  9. @Gemma. . Thanks. Any chance of an English , French, Italian or Spanish translation?.
    I m one of those illiterates who never fully mastered the Teutonic tongue. Thanks in adavance for any links/steers.


  10. @OAH

    Indeed so. From what I can glean, only Cameron’s dead dad and Lord Ashcroft are the only really prominent Brits mentioned. None from the U.S. None from Israel. This stinks to High Heaven, and when the donors who helped bring about the release include a Soros-funded entity and the State Department organ USAID, I think it is a fair bet that this is part of a hatchet job on those that dare to question U.S. hegemony. I assume that the MSM is using this as an Assad and Putin bashing exercise, and I’m sure that was the intention.


  11. mutualist republics are most usually an oligarchy made up of the outstanding (influential) citizens. they have worked down the ages for short periods of time. Then they get smashed and taken over by the king next door..


  12. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is a project of The Center for Public Integrity (ffs) based in, you guessed it, Washington DC. Somebody pass me another clothes peg, this one isn’t working…


  13. It’s the CIA and Israel trying to stitch up their enemies (ie nearly every other nation in the world) again. I wonder what our poodle media get for peddling their smear stories?


  14. Panama Papers

    What OAH said made me think that this is a rinse and repeat of the VW scandal, where VW was isolated and canned by the US government (when it is quite clear that ALL motor manufacturers use this technology).

    Thus US folk will not be prosecuted.

    It gives the US economy a few more days to limp on before it keels over and dies of the tuberculosis it so desperately tries to cough onto others.

    Brief translation of the Süddeutscher Zeitung article will follow (when I’ve rested my eyes from too much graphics work).


  15. Tom “I wonder what our poodle media get for peddling their smear stories?” – they don’t get smeared, and should be thankful for it.

    Time to learn German and get something closer to the real truth?? ;-)


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