NEWS ANALYSIS: Why the collective noun should be “a mess of ideologies”


The Slog has another crack at explaining his unaligned philosophy

Today is Good Friday in the Christian calendar. For various reasons, it isn’t celebrated in France, the French preferring the more positive aspects of rolling away stones and then ascending. But very little trading is going on in Western Europe, and none in the UK or US. Elsewhere, things are very different, thanks to different religions. My own belief is that all deistic religion is complete tosh, and that it is odd to say the least when two ‘modern’ nations take the long weekend off to celebrate something medically impossible: the link between dying on a cross of suffocation and chocolate eggs has always defeated me, but there you go.

Left to themselves and well away from (a) government and (b) other religions, most who designate themselves Holy Men and Women do, in my experience, more good than harm. But when ‘threatened’ by atheism or an influx of antithetical belief systems, religion reverts to type….especially when the State is involved.

What I mean by ‘type’ is what religion really is – an ideology. What a Greek friend of mine describes as ‘the act of putting a steel case round your brain to stop its development’ is what happens when private belief becomes public fanaticism.

Now I know that I boff on about the harm all ideologies do in the world, but I was wondering earlier this week whether Sloggers relate to this in a way that goes beyond abstract philosophy, and/or whether they really do grasp how powerful their influences and ramifications are every single day.

The influences are nearly always censorious and fascist, the ramifications the result of turning away from evidence suggesting the ideology is wrong. But it’s important sometimes to be specific: so I’ve taken the main news items around first thing this morning, and looked at them in this ‘ideological’ context.

Global climate change is about as tooth-spitting an ideological question is ever likely to get, because there are two opposing churches: one that says it’s happening, and we’re about to fry/drown/be irradiated/ die of starvation; and another that says it’s all bunk – every last ill-analysed snippet of snapshot bollocks. I think they’re both provably, empirically wrong but then I’m not an ideologist. However, there is a small and by the sound of it idyllic little village in Wales near one of the more exposed and weathering bits of British coastline.

The local council involved has a majority (it appears) of Milibands whose stance has been to take the worst scenario possible on rising sea levels. Pointing out a while back that the hamlet will be overwhelmed by 2020 at the latest, it’s refused to protect the homes involved. Which is fine, but it’s now 2016 and there isn’t much sign of this happening…and new data now suggests that the village will be viable until 2030 at the earliest.

What we have here is two ideologies – fanatical warmism and Tory anti-investment austerity – combining to produce very poor governance that leaves several hundred law-abiding citizens in limbo. I could go on about Conservative neoliberal ideology, but I’ll park it there for the moment, as I intend to post about what’s really happening in Toryland later today.

One of the bigger news stories this morning concerns the guilty verdict served upon Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic. The UN Court found him guilty of genocide on several counts during the last major Balkan dustup in the 1990s. And let’s not beat about the bush, as Yugoslavia fell apart thanks to the peace dividend of Soviet collapse, Karadzic’s aim was clearly to wipe out Islam as a religious cultural force in the region. I knew for a while some years back a senior UN officer involved in it – a blunt and honest bloke who is I suspect Islamophobic, but felt what Radovan Karadzic did was inhuman.

Yugoslavia was yet another multicultural experiment held together for decades by the presence of Marshal Tito – a man who fought a lot harder than most to erase Nazism. When he died, yet again the multicultural ideology collapsed into a messy and brutal war.

The same daft ideology has now presented Belgium with an appalling problem. Despite being mainly Belgian nationals (allegedly) the bombers’ fanatical ideology overwhelmed any vague sense of nationality given to them by a pc government – run at the time, I might add, by the Nipponese doggeralista himself, Hermann van Rompuy – that had welcomed their arrival. This same unwillingness of the soft bureacratic liberal tendency to face facts has been applied to the Syrian refugee/migrant invasion, and the entirely predictable result has been yet more chaos and loud shouts of Allah Aqbar. It is going to destabilise a European Union which, in itself, represents the biggest multicultural experiment in history, and is now – with obvious foreseeable consequences from Day One – the proud owner of a currency and open borders policy that is hastening the collapse.

Doing his best to stir this pot and maximise the sort of chaos in which his caliphate can thrive is the Islamofascist ideology nutter Recep Erdogan. He is liked by multicultural euroarmy promoter Federica Mogherini (and by the US, for whom she really works) because he is prepared to do the bidding of a post 9/11 NATO stuck rigid in the idiotic ideology dictating that its purpose is to destroy Russia and wipe out Jihadism…in the thinly veiled and never-ending search for Oyuuurrrl.

I hope you’re keeping count of the several influence of ideological thought here. As always, its called ideological because it despises new ideas and is illogical. I hope that’s allowed you to catch up; now let’s continue and complete the vicious circle.

Why are perhaps 1.2 million displaced Syrians migrating to Germany and then back again around Schengens, fences and borders? Well, John McCain’s military might Pentagon ideology persuaded him four years ago that the blokes running ISIS were really freedom fighters out to evict the evil Assad; so he arranged for his arms industry buddies to give them weapons and training. The fluffy ignorance of the liberal New York Times was then folded into the mix with bilge about ‘the Arab Spring’ and US ‘Democratise the World’ ideology created further mayhem in Syria….to give them time to complete a pipeline carrying oyuuurrrrl.

All it required then was the British foreign office’s Special Relationship ideology to get Cameron “really puffed up” and kissing Erdo the Mad, while also bombing the crap out of what was left of Syria. But two years earlier over in Hungary, the EU and multiculturally off-message Viktor Orban was predicting exactly what the result of Syrian anarchy would be, and that by the way he wasn’t going to take the euro or any displaced Muslims. So the liberal Eunatic ideologists declared Orban to be a hateful Unperson and racist. Well, he was right and they were wrong.

Close by Hungary is the developing story of Polish rebellion in a post-Tusk arselicker world. The Poles too don’t want the euro, and they especially don’t want Merkeschäuble austerity. Monetarist austerity in ClubMed is another failed policy that has also morphed into an ideology. It is based on a hyperinflation that occurred over 90 years ago, and bears 0% resemblance to the corrupt borrowing problems of the Southern euroland States. It has turned Greece into a failed State being run by debt accountants, tossed some four million EU citizens into the unemployment mountain, and dramatically increased the electoral appeal of extremism…while destroying any scintilla of original thought being applied by the likes of Yanis Varoufakis.

All based varietally on the joined-up bad science of multicultural single currency and monetarist tricks…aka, ideologies.

priestess  priestess priestess

It’s an horrific trail of bad planning, violence, bitter war, socio-political instability, disastrous economic policy responses, destitution of entire populations, mass , dysfunctional alliances and stupidly encouraged terrorism.

That was just one news bulletin from the UK’s Radio 4 at 6 am BST today, Good Friday. It feels rather more like Black Friday, and the everyday life of Western world citizens is going to blacken beyond recognition until minds open up, natural allies reach out, and creative thinkers argue for new philosophies relevant to a post-industrial 21st century….as opposed to recreating 19th century dialectical materialism or mediaeval feudalism.

So when I describe myself as a Radical Realist, I do not mean an amorally goal-free slimeball of the normal political genre: I am a latter day Benthamite utilitarian…but having an empirically derived philosophy not an ideology, I have moved dear old Jeremy on two hundred years.

Bentham gave as his aim “the greatest happiness of the greatest number”. Happiness is such a personal value (and can denote sellfishness) that I have changed the goal to “the greatest social fulfilment of the greatest number”. I do this for two reasons: first, I see evidence everywhere of the need for more citizens to feel a responsibility towards their community; and second, fulfilment comes (modern social anthropology suggests) from having genuine control and power to influence how that community works.

In turn, I have watch the disconnect in First World society between the government élites and the real People get steadily worse. The future is not global, it is communitarian: I am committed to the principle of devolving real power to communities, where innovative small business can thrive.

Only by following this route, I suspect, can the gargantuan task of radical reform get under way…and make the Slog’s goal – Deconstruct bollocks, reconstruct decency – stand a chance of coming to life.

One hero of mine (mistakenly viewed by contemporary thinkers as a Big State Socialist) said this in reply to a sneering heckler who asked what he felt the purpose of power was.

“The purpose of power, boyo,” said Aneurin Bevan, “is to give it back”.

Have a Good Friday.

Yesterday at The Slog: Johan Cruyff, master craftsman and unique entertainer

28 thoughts on “NEWS ANALYSIS: Why the collective noun should be “a mess of ideologies”

  1. So do you give your kids Christmas presents?
    If so, that shows a degree of hypocrisy.

    Our legal system is based on the bible.
    Aren’t you glad it’s not based on the Koran?


  2. @harry
    “Our legal system is based on the Bible”? FFS it is not: it is based on land ownership and feudalism. Who “wrote” the Bible? Well, I think that you will find that our little Italian friends are responsible for that tome- swiftly followed by the Holy Roman Empire which has unleashed all manner of atrocities over more than a 1,000 years, all “in the name of [their] God.

    The Bible says love thy neighbour etc but its proponents have, almost unerringly, done the opposite.

    Are the Bible and the Koran really any different?

    Our “brand” of Christianity in the UK combines many of the “pagan” rituals which were around long before Jesus:
    Spring = fertility = eggs add a dash of crucifying a Prophet et voilá you have Easter.
    Religion? IABATO – it is simply a mechanism to subjugate the peasants: always had been, always will be.

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  3. The correct word is “Weltanschauung” (Wilhelm Dilthey, 1868). That’s the word philosophers use to capture the idea of a “worldview”, which is only partly captured by the terms “religion” and “ideology”.


  4. As it ‘appens ‘arry no, I don’t give my kids Christmas presents, but thank you for asking in such an accusatory manner. Neither of them were baptised either, and the elder one who’s married did the deed in a secular setting. I am a product of de orange and de green, sorr: I saw enough bigotry around that one to go nowhere near it.


  5. Dear Perry
    With respect I completely disagree: Weltanschauung was little Dolfi’s favourite word: Nazism was pure racist theological hogwash. So the word is not Weltanschauung, it is philosophy.


  6. The problem for any philosophy is that in time it will become a ideology,that is why when reading any philosophy or ideology i try to come from John’s position and that these ideology’s really wanted change for the better! the American one is typical it wanted freedom from feudalism,(and almost immediately imposed their philosophy on the indigenous people) individuals to be free to fulfil there potential ,a very noble philosophy as led us to were we are today!I believe until humanity has to unite to save itself & use all it assets (people and that’s why every person oppressed or killed without having that chance is nail in humanities coffin) petty childish reactions like greed,racism,religion & self interest will always corrupt even the best philosophy’s and good intentions!


  7. This concept of ideology JW, it is when those really wielding the power adopt some concept. Then you get the big sell as in global warming, or we have got the financial crisis under control so there is no problem and lets print more and so many other actions in the name of ideology. This ideology though it is interesting you quote “horrific trail of .. all the known attributes” but I think it is simpler than that.

    Those in power have unsatiable greed and with that power they promote any ideology that they feel will satisfy that need.

    Now go and waft a bunch of tenners in front of a bank, watch his eyes light up … got to have it you see.

    The global warming prophets telling us we use to much energy, funnily by recycling we get to sell the same resource over and over. Warming maybe! Don’t care because with YOY population growth for the UK as assisted by all the political players actually renders it worthless. Then in the grand scheme of things the rest of the world is not playing to the same rules so saving the world is pointless on so many degrees.So how much energy does 300K of immigrants actually use? More than the collective UK population saved in the same period … priceless idelology whenl we can’t afford the add-ons of value for a worthless concept.

    Then for another one, “the global food crisis” not enough food so we must pay to play our part. Nothing to do with a population that as fast as you make more food available and now the population grows because they did not starve to death. In the animal kingdom this is considered natural but not in the human world although we are all animals. There is a whole host of reasons why this kind of ideology is promoted, a fed person, caring person does not revolt against the top under such a psychology of control.

    We are so being played, farmed really for all our lives that the matrix is fundamentally real at the mind level.

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  8. I disagree both with your conciliation and your method of getting there. The word was not invented by Hitler, and even if it were, condemning something for mere association with Hitler is far too common a practice, as well as being obviously illogical. Hitler hated modernism. Leftist critics used this fact to silence those who objected to our galleries being filled with fraudulent “art”, and got away with it. Even today, we find association with Nazism — even tenuous and outright false associations (Trump the so-called fascist, for example) — being used as supposedly compelling arguments against this, that it the other thing. This style of argument needs to die a quick and painful death.


  9. Psychopaths often pay lip-service to ideologies, but I suspect the ideology is only there for the little people who must be pursuaded to act against their own best interests. Ideology is the tool that is used to effect inhumane acts on the part of those non-psychopathic minions that would otherwise shrink from such actions. When an idea, or paradigm becomes more important than individual human suffering and overcomes natural human compassion and empathy, it passes into the realm of ideology. The degree to which those that hold a particular set of beliefs ignore the deleterious effects on individual human beings, especially non-adherents, should be the measure of the worth of both the ideologues and the ideas they espouse.

    Naziism, Bolshevism, Neoliberalism, Neoconservatism, Nationalisms, Wahhabism, Supremecisms of various types – all take various philosophies/economics/sociologies, some of which may have merit, but then mutate them into monstrous belief systems that subjugate human decency to the needs of the psychopaths leading the ideology.

    I am attracted by the ideas of Bentham, but I do think that there should be a coda appended and I confess I do not know enough about Utilitarianism to know whether it is already there. I could wholeheartedly endorse, “The greatest happiness for the greatest number, provided this is not at the expense of the suffering of the least” The degree of pain or suffering is not influenced by the number of people subjected to it. If I am being tortured, my agony is not increased or lessened by the fact that several others are also being tortured, so an argument based on statistics without account for the individual seems flawed.

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  10. Take the NHS socialist feel that is the only way for all to get treatment,capitalist feel that unless it is privately owned that it shouldn’t exist!,i see no reason why both NHS & private & Mutual could not provide all people with the health care they want by living together,but each seems threatened by the others & politicians are swayed by those that pay the most not by what is best for the market which is people getting the choice or chance of due care! it is because they don’t provide a broad opportunity but seem to need to force upon others their will! that their is always winners and losers but it really doesn’t have to be that way!socialist see taxation has capitalist see pricing,yet both are cornerstones of the same equation,all be it from the other side of the equation marks,could we live without pricing NO! Taxation possibly but not fairly unless pricing is perfect & that’s impossible to know because the price should change every time a child is born,someone dies or the money in the system increases decreases on each side of the demand/supply side of the equation to keep it balanced so good look with that!
    So no logically i don’t think we could live peacefully or coherently without taxation,but like pricing it has to be about balance & not arbitrary but many believe taxation is abhorrent,yet believe a insurance payment should be mandatory? it is this stupidity to tolerance of others choices that is the problem with the world!
    Globalism problem is it wants to convert everyone to there ideology instead of a mutual understanding of each societies preferences ! or a free market as your ever going to get! or a social conscience society has your ever going to get!


  11. Ghost you write well but try using full stops and capital letters as reading your posts is “difficult”. I’ll forgive the “their,there,they’re ” faux pas. :-)


  12. On a different note: Did anybody see the Gerry Adams Tweet?

    ‘Terrible news from Brussels. Thoughts and prayers with families of those killed and injured.’

    And I thought it was just the US that didn’t do irony…

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  13. Well haven’t we, & don’t we all have a good go at matching the tatty a thread bare tapestry in our heads to what spills into our eyes. Apparently that’s not the whole picture, according to this bloke on the telly. Most of it is in house Brain CGI with only a few bits changed to make stuff tally. Got me wondering how much of either was real? Dodgy point to start any belief system. No wonder people have visions & see ghosts, Moth holes in the tapestry.

    Maybe those daft politicians actual believe most of what their saying because it’s all jumbled up in there, conceptual constipation? Mind you some daft buggers will believe anything.


  14. With yesterday’s blog in mind –
    Johan Cruyff was non-religious, having famously quipped: “In Spain all 22 players make the sign of the cross before a game; if it worked, every game would be a tie”

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  15. Good to see you as one of the first to draw a parallel with the Balkans.
    There are huge lessons to learned from Yugoslavian break- up, and most folk won’t like what they will probably be. Tito tried to mix up his tribes to stop them fighting each other and learn to get along. Just like the well-meaning but hopelessly romantic Merkel and her minestrone society.
    But unless life is good and everyone can succeed, envy, mistrust and greed foment trouble and isolation.

    Some kind of warped human nature, I guess.

    In the privileged West, we think we are above all that, but I think we are in for an ugly surprise. There are a lot more racists (in the truest sense of the word) among us, than we would ever be comfortable realising.
    We might fool ourselves into thinking Serbs, Croatians, Bosnians, Kosovans, Albanians, Montenegrians, Macedonians and Slovenians are from somewhere far away. But they are basically us from a few decades ago. A lot of pretty educated people got involved in that disaster -with of course some American stupidity thrown in for good measure.


  16. Re. spelling and punctuation- I’ve just tried typing a response on a phone rather than laptop. If you don’t watch out, it invents it’s own … everything. I got apostrophes, entirely new spelling and even non – words showing up. Worst of all it doesn’t even offer me my spelling as an option on deceive text (I just typed predictive; it offered me ordective; and when I hit space bar, it printed deceive) …. as an option on predictive text.

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  17. foucalt tudoux wimay am afraid i can’t blame my tools,in fact without them it would be totally incoherent !(My teachers sent my work back coloured red,yet seemed shocked at my comprehension verbally,but that was before Dyslexia was heard off,certainly in my part of the world) am afraid it is me! technology as made it possible for me to converse in the written form,but am afraid inadequately to portray what am saying and at the disadvantage that many seem it fit no to read at all!


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