At the End of the Day

Brexit: the first step towards entrepreneurial mutualism

On May 9th 2015 – after the stunning scale of the Conservative ‘victory’ became clear – I wrote this post pointing out how only a ludicrously unfair electoral system could’ve handed victory to one minority Party. In it, as a historian fascinated by rhyming history, I reiterated an ancient mantra of mine:

‘….it is an uncanny irony of history that, just when people, organisations and regimes seem to be at the height of their power, a dramatic fall from grace ensues….As one of the disenfranchised, I take some comfort from the result. Not much – but some. I do have a hunch that one of the top Cabinet members will have a Poll Tax moment: there is no Government more prone to banana skins than an overconfident Conservative one.’

IDS wouldn’t have been the first name I’d have pulled out of the hat as being likely to have a Poll Tax moment, but then this sudden talk of ‘enough is enough’ on welfare cuts is nothing like the public outcry that hastened the Mad Handbag’s demise.

Back then, there were still enough politically aware people saying “enough is enough” to put on a good old-fashioned riot; it is the only thing our legislators understand, and always has been, because they just don’t bloody listen. When riots happen, it is a failure of the political class, not the citizenry. Not only have there been no riots during the six years of this mandate-free minority Government: there seemed no likelihood there would be. Now that is a failure of the citizenry….and of course, the triumph of robotic education.

The decency axis and the British Left have been gifted the most incredibly lucky bounce by Duncan-Smith’s meltdown in the short term, and the insufferable arrogance of the EU fonctionnaire club over many years. However, at the core, IDS took his revenge not on the basis of policy – his claim to that Crown was risible – but because the jumped-up snob son of a Fulham Road draper was both rude about his IQ level…..and allowed his Sir Humphreys carte blanche to dismiss IDS’s every objection in the most patronising manner imaginable.

Despite their good fortune, neither the SNP nor the Labour Party was in a position to maul the Prime Minister and his disgracefully absent Chancellor in the House this afternoon. The reason is simple: the last thing Sturgeon and Corbyn want is for Cameron to lose the referendum, for then they will no longer be in their beloved jackbooting European Union. So Cameron got the kid gloves treatment.

I’m beginning to wonder, in fact, if the Labour Party simply isn’t cut out for Opposition. As the Government after 1945, they achieved an incredible amount with very little money. But in the aftermath of the General Strike in 1926 (and throughout the 1930s) they failed, they split, and were very slow to wake up to the Hitler threat. During the Thatcher years, they ummed and aaghed and lurched to the Bloomsbury Left. Only Wilson in the 1960-64 period showed the Parliamentary skills and PR genius to make the ailing Conservative Government look corrupt and worn out. And now today, with cocky Conservatism at their mercy, they are still unable – when handed a rasor-sharp knife – to plunge it into King Duncan’s chest.

The problem is, as always, their reflexive imprisonment by ideology….and desperation to hide it with spin whenever the Right Wing media take a swing at them.

Not only do they need to hide the ideology that makes their attitudes so inflexible, they retreat from reality into it. For the Left, the belief system becomes a Hideology.

By contrast, the Tories are an equal danger to liberty: not even having a philosophy beyond power and munnneeee, they have no respect for law, separation of powers, constitutional procedures and electoral proprieties.

Meanwhile – but very few people noticed in all the excitement – the main question of the hour remains stuck at Dead Heat: 40 out, 41 in, 19 undecided. Whatever happens, there will be no winners….merely sore losers.

On balance, the decision to leave is the best one. It’s now clear that not only will we be free of conrolling madness and fiscal disaster in Brussels and Frankfurt; its legislative supporters here will be left with but one aim: to get back in again. But – able at last to focus on them alone,

14 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. The entrepeneurial concept … good really if it is not shackled.

    The EU / EZ … if you think and look carefully is so old now it is defunct. The world is global so why tie yourself to the EU when you really need to grasp the mettle of the global trading block. So you say yes to staying in? To be imprisoned by EU ideals when we really need to expand ourselves past the limits of the EU, only made possible by all the new found methods like communications and transport being used to their best advantage

    The EU will fail, it is not fit for purpose thats why! One reason too … it is not chasing that entrepeneurial spirit, more a closed shop where you are not allowed to pass set limits. It needs to change, Cameron said he tried, a double edged sword.

    Being part of something that “will not change” actually condems itself like a greedy elite keeps taking all the money until there is no economy left. You should not have been so greedy, but they only find out at the end. That is what Cameron in Europre has actually really revealed this *lack of change*… If he wanted to do the EU a favour he should have not called for change to get himself elected making us believe he could pull it off … when in fact he is now going to sell us in deeper without the change.

    Sheeple are so dumb? The EU will not change until it fails, becomes self fulfilling because it fails without the necessary changes.

    The entrepeneurial spirit is scary, fraught with challenges and the self determination we have not had taken is the only strength we have left.

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  2. But greedy elites narrative states that they represent entrepreneurial spirit. Are you saying that entrepreneur sociopaths like Mr Thiel are free to push their Ayn Rand/Murray Rothbard type stuff as a viable alternative to e.g. “social democracy”?


  3. The open borders mantra will be the undoing of the EU as far as the uninformed are concerned. The failed neoliberal economics ideology are too far above their heads to be understood.
    The other tripwire is the recent agreement to pay Erdogan of Turkey 3billion Euro /year to slow down the refugee flow to Europe. Along with this, a concession has been made to reduce visa restrictions for Turks into Europe.
    This 3 billion has no accountability attached and no doubt will be used to finance the Jihadist war in Syria. Erdogan is a confirmed Islamist and has assumed dictatorial powers in Turkey. he has Brussels by the short and curlies
    What a mess and what a cover-up by the MSM. This will not end well ,for Europe or Erdogan.
    The root cause of course is the pursuit of regime change by Washington and its European pooodles (sic) in Syria.
    Chalk up another disaster and chaos in Turkey,to the Empire of Chaos in Washington.
    Events are beginning to spin out of control, economically and politically for the European Project.
    Add in the coming economic collapse in Ukraine and another flood of refugees heading for the safe havens of Europe.
    Too many good reasons to be OUT of the EU.

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  4. Given that Stephen Crabb ‘believes’ gay people can be ‘cured’ ( see link on previous post), his association with a christian organisation CARE highlights as much, nothing in the general media about it, of course, then the DWP will be running as usual. The lousy government will be running as usual, riven with its many rifts, yet Cameron will still be an advocate of remaining in a house that is crumbling in the vain hope he can repair it. Tis all folly. He needs more than a towel folder now but maybe the building industry will come to his aid again …he can then rebuild europe in his own likeness. What an arse.


  5. The independent report from Moody’s today, that there will be minimal economic effect upon us leaving the EU, certainly bears reading.


  6. Given that the media are joyous about the introduction as a minister of GayCure Stephen Crabb, who in an instant has sorted all the problems with those pesky disabled people, it couldn’t possibly be true that he’s also helped out the tory party by diverting attention to Brussels and a couple of bombings … could it? Anyone seen Ossie The Folder?


  7. Staff working at the EU commission have also been told to stay indoors.
    No nipping out for a quick 3 course lunch on expenses today.


  8. Ron
    I must say that a Tory Party which had 100+ gays in the PCP may provide a long waiting list for Crabb’s cure…will they be banned from being an MP if they refuse treatment?!


  9. What you say about Labour needs to be balanced against the fact that Labour are ahead of the Tories in the opinion polls – and that is before the IDS meltdown has been factored in! I think Corbyn could be another Attlee, in that he is quietly and undemonstrably guiding the Labour Party in his direction. If Labour achieve electoral success in May, this could prove to be an interesting precursor to the Brexit referendum. Corbyn – and Labour – do not need to do very much as the Tories are more than capable of ripping themselves apart, particularly as a result of the intense inner rivalries between all the ex-Bullingdon Boys and others with their competing ego-manias.


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