EU LEAVERS v REMAINDERS: if you’re undecided, vote for the team that uses foresight, not blinkers

There are still some 12% Undecideds out there when it comes to the EU Referendum. I am for Brexit, as I believe is every Briton who can see what’s coming down the road: more Imperialist incompetence and less liberty.

The post that follows is from 2014. There is no need to change a word of it.


When the Unhinged Empire headed east, it forgot that life is a two-way street

In what seems to most people of my generation a terrifyingly rapid process, the EEC has gone from being an economic community to a political free-trade bloc and then a hopelessly botched attempt at currency and fiscal federalism. After 1990(ish) however, the EU lost its mind…and borrowed others belonging to idiots – based in Brussels, but increasingly genuflecting towards Berlin. The Belgian Rome has since morphed into  an expansionist EU…aka Empire of the Unhinged.

The degree of marble-loss became really clear when the van Rompuys and Barrosos began gaily talking of recruiting from the Arab Spring, via the introduction of Turkey into the EU. But long before that, the collapse of the USSR gave the Eunatics (prodded from behind by Washington) the chance to annexe twelve former Soviet satellites: these were Finland (1995), the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia (2004), Bulgaria, Romania (2007), and latterly Croatia (2013). They effectively whipped 11 satellites from under the Russian bear’s twitching nose in nine years.

This was about geopolitics, not sound fiscal economics and gradual organic growth. In one year – 2004 – the Euronauts added eight new East European members. One might more exactly say that this was egopolitics. And although myriad other factors were at play (of equal malignancy on both sides of the conflict) it inevitably set up and exacerbated the Ukrainian crisis.

As the egopolitics of Brussels-am-Berlin were lubricated by Washington’s energy obsessions in these early years of the new millennium, I doubt whether anyone thought much about the third dimension being added to the cage these clowns had built for themselves. Not only had they corruptly allowed far too many countries into the eurozone – and thus created the makings of a brittle, inflexible currency – they now admitted former Communist countries to EU membership: countries where the nature of living standards and marketing expertise were in almost every case several divisions below those of Western Europe. Further, they inherited a surprising number of former soviet functionaries whose only motivation was the continuation of life in a feather bed. Overnight, the Zil drivers became, variously, trade emissaries, eurofanatics and lickers merely of a Brusslin arse – as opposed to the rather more ample one in Moscow. (The ease with which these leaches made the transition says a great deal about the true nature of the EU).

But the killer effect has been the speed, vigour and commercial acumen with which the poorer central and Eastern novices grabbed the opportunity offered by free movement of labour…and the increasingly obvious advantage of not being in the euro.

As early as 2008, the world economic trade institute was writing about ‘rapidly growing [Polish] exports to western Europe’ and adding – significantly – “income disparities and rapid adoption of high-technology in Poland offer enormous opportunities for growth”. In fact, six years on, the growth centres in Warsaw, Poznan and Wroclaw – spreading to Cracow – are making huge continental share gains against Western countries in several key basic industrial sectors – multiple retailing, metal, wood, stone, plastics, decor, automotive software…and the poorer areas to the east received €2.3 billion from the EU’s structural and cohesion fund Between 2007 and 2013. For along with growth, Poland’s parallel problem has been chronic agrarian unemployment.

Brussels has handed three things to the Poles on a plate: market access minus import duty, freedom of labour movement plus welfare, and investment in the economic infrastructure. As a result, In Q1 2014, the Polish economy grew by 3.4% – and is expected to grow by 3.4% in 2014, 3.7% in 2015 and 3.9% in 2016. Since 2011, Polish exports have doubled. It is now the 6th largest economy in the Union.

In Germany, competing with those advantages is meat and drink: in France, Italy and Portugal, it isn’t. Poland’s young workforce and growing entrepreneurial class are today supplying anyone in the West who wants it with better made, cheaper, and far more reliably delivered materials….and labour that costs half the French equivalent with almost twice the productivity.

Far from blaming the former centro-eastern Soviet satellites for grabbing this opportunity, I salute them. But for those supposedly in charge of ‘running’ an EU already in need of reform, creating higher costs alongside tough margin competition before that reform had been undertaken was a crass, uncommercial and disastrous decision taken on the basis of dick size rather than left brain.

For most Western EU members, the Eastern imperial ambitions of Brussels have thus been the equivalent of taking poison with one hand and giving money away with the other.

While it is smaller and has further to climb as yet, the economic situation in Hungary is if anything even more dynamic. It has a debt/gdp ratio of 80% – which is too short term in some structural elements, but well below most Western competitors. In turn, it has the florint rising against the euro, and thus offering potential to cut that sovereign debt. And its controversial but hugely popular leader Viktor Orbán has kept the euro-sellers, IMF leaches and Banker-prodded globalists at bay.

Everything is a trade-off between competiveness and debt these days, but the Hungarian leader both knows his mind and is good at reducing his strategies to easy-to-grasp populism. Speaking last Saturday in Székesfehérvár, 60 kilometres west of Budapest, Orbán  said that the coming development period will be an era of giving Hungarian businesses with the will to expand “colossal new opportunities”. Expressing as usual his preference for local nationalism over global colonialism, he added that he expects “Hungarian businesses to grow stronger, expand, innovate and help make the create the five million jobs Hungary needs”.

Orbán thinks that Hungary’s economy will be safe from “the coming global cataclysm” if Hungary’s companies have sufficient local business power to keep the economy running. Either way, there have been some notable successes: in 2013,, economic trends developed even better than expected: budget deficits levelled off at under 3% of GDP, public debt was reduced, and in the third quarter of 2013, Hungary’s economy grew 1.8%, rising to  around 2.5% by the year end.

It has the same three advantages that Poland enjoys: an expansion of manufacturing (by 10% YOY), employees prepared to work better, harder and cheaper than the West, and a currency not tainted by the euro.

It will come as no surprise to most better-informed observers that Brussels is working very hard to destabilise the Orbán regime because it doesn’t kiss ass – and succeeds where they have failed. It has a successful mining sector, and rapidly growing exports in metallurgy, construction materials, processed foods, textiles, chemicals (especially pharmaceuticals), and cars. Again, all these are of higher quality and at lower prices than those on offer in the Western EU.

French difficulties in particular have been increased massively by imperial EU expansion. What an irony it would be if Marine LePen rides to victory in the Presidential elections by blaming the country’s ills on foreign workers and EU membership. It suits her book perfectly, and the case is easy to make. Once more, the EU’s greed will have spawned a lurch to the intolerant Right. Plus ca change, and all that.

Yesterday at The Slog: the deranged economics of a depraved Chancellor

20 thoughts on “EU LEAVERS v REMAINDERS: if you’re undecided, vote for the team that uses foresight, not blinkers

  1. The creation of jobs in the EU means that some nation somewhere loses jobs. As the EU grew so it was going to be self contained in the EU more likely that EU nations would lose jobs. Now I do not mind competing with a higher productivity of somebody else, here is the thing the UK government has hamstrung its population through the cost of living.


    Interesting, finalising a set of accounts for 2015-2016 and realised OMG what was 10% in 1972, the dread VAT in 2016 it is now 2016. Do not be misled that is a %, so we in fact doubled up the TOTAL AMOUNT BEING TAKEN IN RELATIVE TERMS BY THE UK GOVERNMENT from the population!

    Another reason when VAT an EU concept is doubled here in that time span. Going forward it is only going to go higher because the economy will demand the take from somewhere.


  2. A required,well reasoned exposition, from a fresh perspective, of the lunatic eunatices. I feel we are all being railroaded headlong according to an agenda known to only a few. I once thought, in my naivity, that the more extreme explanations of agenda 21 were the bizarre ramblings of conspiracy theorists. Now I am not so sure.
    1)Is it pure accident that the rich are getting richer and wealth distribution defies all laws of physics and flows uphill to the 3%?
    2)Is it an accident that all this terrorism has arisen with the concurrent need to develop the big brother society?
    3) Is surveiilance to prevent terrorism or to keep tabs on the serfs to prevent revolt?
    4)Are the designation of Natura 200 and special areas of conservation really what they purport to be or the tip of an iceberg of eroding individual property rights?
    5) Is the encouragement of Eastern European workers migrating west to benefit western industry, or to further destroy workers rights and entitlements in the west?
    6) Is the EU a democratic organisation or is it bullied by Merkel?
    This could go on but I am sure the drift can be grasped. Is this really where we want to be?

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  3. It is a race to the bottom. Here in Canada, we are catching up to the States as far as every hand out demands it’s share. Trust factor is gone.


  4. @annette

    Canada as a just and civil society was doomed as soon as the Bank of Canada agreed to pay interest to private banks on its public debt by joining the B.I.S. in 1974.

    The coup de grace was administered by NAFTA. We are just watching the death throes of a once vibrant nation. After ten years of the Harper disaster, we are now presided over by another ‘hopey changey’ rope-a-dope specialist, who promptly signed the TPP, reaffirmed the governments commitment to odious and unnecessary blanket surveillance of its population by the Five Eyes, and sent Canadian troops to train jihadis in Syria.

    I weep for the Canada of the 50s and 60s. It has been systematically dismantled by its own moneyed elite. The population have sleep-walked to the present disaster.

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  5. @Canexpat: ‘The population have sleep-walked to the present disaster.’

    As other populations are doing now. Divide and conquer, distract and legislate. Although now, they don’t seem to bother to distract quite as much, they have no need, for no one is watching them, let alone challenging them. They have a free hand.


  6. KFC, Canexpat.

    There are still nations who are alert; the recent upsets in Germany by the AfD show that… but then, we are talking about plural democracies here. The UK is a place that long lost its democratic way.

    But the European Union – US backed and quite as democratic – is there to smash any remaining democracies in Europe, including Germany. So please don’t believe the media hype and think that the EU is there for the sake of Germany; sure Germany makes good use of it, but it is there to see Germany’s democracy turned into a British-style corporatocracy. A place where money speaks first in the parliament, rather than legal rights.

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  7. @kfc1404

    Agree entirely. One of the most noticeable things about middle-class, educated Canadians when I first arrived here, was their unquestioning devotion to identity politics. The divide and conquer meme of speech-curtailment via P.C. on the ridiculous grounds of ‘causing offence’ to self-identifying minority groups was a a wonder to behold at the time, and has only intensified since. The so-called ‘Conservative’, (but in reality crony-capitalist Neocon). government of Harper even paid ‘compensation’ to descendants of the Chinese immigrants who were charged a ‘Head Tax’ to enter Canada in the early 1900s.


  8. ““Hungarian businesses to grow stronger, expand, innovate and help make the create (sic) the five million jobs Hungary needs”

    Question – If the Hungarian economy is doing so well and their entire population is approx. 10 million, why would they need to create a further 5 million jobs? Something here doesn’t add up ……



    First Merkel, now Cameron seem to forget that they need the approval of their parliaments before making decisions that will affect the whole of the eu . These people are dangerous , and will be removed from office sooner rather than later.
    When the vote comes in june Brexit is more likely to happen than not. The average voter in the eu is not going to vote based on facts but on his ability to lift the middle finger (in the case of UK the two middle fingers) to the elite.
    I shall be first in the booth to vote to leave the eu in June.

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  10. Life is a two way street:

    Not any more, sunshine. I mean, think about it, two way streets are DANGEROUS due to the ever present risk of a HEAD ON COLLISION!!!!!! Think of the CHILDREN who might be INJURED or DEPRIVED OF A LOVED ONE. No, no, nooooo, ONE WAY streets are much SAFER and do away with the boring necessity of using your common sense and the tedious need for give and take, which we all know are a complete waste of time and MONEY. TAKE AND TAKE is SAFER and more EFFICIENT. Please try to understand that our new ONE WAY streets are a real improvement for you and all of your family and friends, we just know you’ll LOVE them when you experience the BENEFITS. In the meantime, ignore those sorry losers coming the other way who try to tell you that there are bad things up ahead, THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT and they are VERY BAD PEOPLE. Some of them are even non VIOLENT EXTREMISTS.

    For more information on safety issues please visit your caring sharing government website, we’re HERE TO HELP.


    And remember: DON’T MAKE A FUSS!

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    and so many become politicians ….
    ”The best way to become a better problem solver is to start a small enterprise yourself, because the entrepreneur–even the smallest scale entrepreneur selling on Etsy or perfominng some service in the community–must solve a wide range of problems on a daily basis.”
    and that’s why our current elected leaders are not qualified for the job.

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  12. Speaking of Unhinged my friends in the UK seem to be a bit unhinged about “The Donald” judging from their emails. As much as I dislike this vulgar man I can’t help but notice how the globalist seek to make everyone fear this threat to the New World Order by saying he would cause chaos. I think having immigration laws enforced and a public say in trade agreements is a reasonable proposition……. but it just drives the Corporate Kleptocracy Krazy!

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  13. @R2D4

    It seems utterly incredible that, in a previous century of course, civilians – including entertainers, for God’s sake – were permitted to wear such dangerous clothing openly and with no consideration at all for the safety of others. Once our caring sharing governments realised that an entire AK47 plus several hundred rounds of ammunition could be easily concealed up each trouser leg, naturally enough this sort of terrorist-wear was banned to prevent any flare-up of violence, and quite rightly so. Stylistically, I am happy to say, such moments of fashion madness are now behind us, buried along with many other dangerous practices such as democracy, prudent foreign policy, integrity in public life, financial probity, rational economics, etc., the list is almost endless…

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  14. @HB

    ‘It seems utterly incredible that, in a previous century of course, civilians – including entertainers, for God’s sake – were permitted to wear such dangerous clothing openly and with no consideration at all for the safety of others.’

    Damn straight. Grieves me to think their moniker “The Moments” was making the same point.

    Meanwhile a M. L. C.Napping at Rooters tries to explain why Brexisnt is ill advised. Long story short: don’t be perceived as contributing a nasty karate chop when indolence, while maintaining a jaunty bouncing step, might do for now.


  15. Brexit will fail. LePen will never win. Brazil will soon go all Pinochet. Ukraine and Turkey will be that apples of the US eye and Greeks will continue to be buggered. The arrow of history is pointing towards neoliberalism and only mother nature or nukes will send that arrow off its course.


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