Behind your back: legalised government Bitcoin, gold shipping panic, more creeping surveillance, and corporate abuse of recycling laws.

The double-edged coin

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has been tipped off that a proto-currency (codename RSCoin) is in the later stages of development by the Bank of England. There appear to be two rationales for it.
One – which the Bank not surprisingly is very keen to stress – is that such a thing under CB control would ‘erode the exorbitant privilege of commercial banks of creating money out of thin air under a fractional reserve financial system (FRB)’.
For those unaware of funny money fraud FRB accountancy, CB-recognised Commercial Banks are allowed to do the following when they lend: take the loan amount from another column, but leave it still recorded in the original column. Thus, if the loan is paid back, they end up with twice the sum they started with plus a usurious profit; if the loan is not repaid, they make a tiny loss on staff admin costs. As George Cole once remarked in Minder, “You get the ‘ang of this one Terence, and the world’s your lobster”.
However, there is also a dark side called the second rationale: RSCoin would be a tool of state control, allowing the central bank to keep a tight grip on money supply and respond to crises very rapidly…..because everyone’s acquisition and expenditure on it will be digitally monitored. It would, writes AEP, ‘gain to mass acceptance since the ledger would remain exclusively in the hands of the central bank, with the ‘trust’ factor of state authority.’
Oh dear. What trust factor would that be? Also, see that Trojan Horse, see that clever way to bring in the abolition of cash…see that tax take rise, see yet more surveillance.

Sneaky Snooper Law

And talking of surveillance, the ‘Snoopers Charter’ will provide police with the power to hack into computers and smart phones, as well as access to other online activity more or less continuously. In an age where our UK police force is so politicised, Theresa May is either Naziette of the Decade or just plain thick. The jury is out.
However, this and other Westminster antics have spurred Note My Vote on to do exactly the kind of research I’ve been advocating for years: attitudes to the Establishment rather than political ideology/policy. The results are disturbing.

57%  of the public stated they felt their vote to be worthless, and the Government does not reflect their ideals. That’s bad enough: but two thirds of voters (67%) felt there is no longer a connection between them and their MP, and a terrifying  94% of Brits felt their voice is not listened to by MPs.

That is not in any shape or form a democratic mandate to be doing what Camerlot is doing.
If only we had a Constitution to confirm that. Now then, whatever happened to all those promises, enquiries and procedural Committees that were going to look into this small matter?

Gold in them thar planes

Meanwhile, the disconnect between gold tracker prices and the metal reality here on Earth continues to show itself in many forms. Last weekend, flights shipping physical gold from Heathrow, Frankfurt and Paris reached an all time high….and all when the bourses were closed.
Almost all of it was bound for Moscow, Beijing, Hong Kong – and Kasakhstan’s weird capital city of Arista. Hint: in a dirt poor country, Arista is where the rich folks live.

A Big McCon trick

And finally, last week Slogger Mark  went to McDonalds for a breakfast wrap having dropped a friend off at Manchester airport. The breakfast wrap meal with coffee cost £3.99 as advertised, and he confirmed he was going to take it out.
Mark had 5p added to his bill under the Welsh Government bag charge legislation, although research suggests Manchester is not in Wales. Equally, the legislation concerns plastic bags….whereas this one was 100% paper.
The bean counters of the Corporate State miss nothing – except the degree to which they are infecting everything with their toxic values.

25 thoughts on “Behind your back: legalised government Bitcoin, gold shipping panic, more creeping surveillance, and corporate abuse of recycling laws.

  1. Noted . Thanks. From now on it s ” Eat in please . No bags , no wrappers no cartons , just put it all on the uncovered dirty plastic tray and pour the milkshake on top of everything straight from the
    dispenser . Thank you ”

    Better still buy an extra large Lidl bag which lasts about a year , fill it up with commestibles and cook the lot yourself at home.

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  2. In 1844 the Govt passed the Currency Act which stated that only the Treasury could print & mint the currency of the realm. Unfortunately the banksters circumvented this law by the use of cheques and bank drafts initially, and in the modern age with credit cards and digital credit.
    The main cause of worldwide economic and political ills is the uncontrolled issue of credit by banks, when they issue a loan using the fraudalent, +1 add -1 = 0, bookkeeping method.
    Communism ,Socialism and capitalism all failed in their ability to share the wealth of a Nation equitably, because they have never addressed the root cause of this inequality..
    Until the power of creation of money as cash and credit is returned to a nations Treasury, there will be no end to poverty and hunger in this world.
    Money/credit when issued as debt is a weapon of extortion and subjugation. (see Greece).
    Banks initially were a source of investment for Industrial progress. They no longer fulfil this function, but invest mainly in the Financial. Insurance and Real Estate sectors.
    These sectors do not create wealth or meaningful employment in a nations economy.
    Today the UK Govt insists on austerity to save money to repay their debts to the banking system. This is a complete fraud. The Govt can create its own debt free money and create full employment.
    The only restriction is that this money created is invested in wealth creating industries,such as manufacturing, agriculture,fisheries ,mining etc.
    Austerity policies are economic suicide and a spiral into the abyss and will create a 3rd world nation if continued.

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  4. I can never remember to take a bag into the grocery store after years of not doing so, they charge me five cents for my lack of foresight. However if the cashless society does take hold I WILL remember my bag because I will use it to transport the bullets I will be using as barter for the food.


  5. It is only the citizens largesse, ingenuity and wealth creation that allows gov to sit in office in the first place. If they ‘push their luck’ the citizens will soon out think them and they will be in the back of the jobs queue with a limp cv.

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  6. I worked hard all of my life to buy the quality things I need. Now I want to sell them – and they are worth nothing. Unworn designer clothes, antique furniture, books, wristwatch jewellery etc. So I get peanuts for the item, and a big bill from ebay / paypal. Not only that, but paypal witholds my money until some days after I posted the item..!
    As I research my prepaid funeral plan – I know what I learned in this life – I’ve been royally screwed by state and corporation.


  7. How much state tax do these big corporations pay?
    Luxembourg? Ireland?
    Ohh. Not very much if any at all then.
    Osborne won’t want to rock the boat and actually ask for some tax, or else they will withdraw their wonderful services and driverless lorries that we so badly need.

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  8. We already have fascism, under its classical definition. An alliance between large business and government. Business oligarchs have long ago captured the US Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, and the DOD. Their lobbyists have captured Congress. American domestic policies and foreign policies are not crafted for the benefit of the majority of American citizens, but for the benefit of the united oligarchs of North America. Or haven’t you noticed?
    And, if you think you own your home, just try not paying the property tax and see what happens. Fascism

    and In the UK Osbourne’s motto:

    Vini, Vidi, Visa

    “I came, I saw, I spent”

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  9. Better still caroocio, become friendly with your local grocer and cart away wooden boxes full of still usable veg. we live extremely healthily off this in Bavaria.

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  10. We are being farmed and we always have been. I sometimes wonder who it is that drives the tractor, maybe they aren’t from around these parts….. ever thought of that?

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  11. RB
    Interesting hypothesis. Are we potential food, or an introduced parasite to rid the world of oil and gas, or unearth the gold and diamonds?
    Whatever, my sexy girlfriend always moans ‘ooohhh you taste like chicken….do it again paxo’…


  12. @ Jeremy Stocks

    Noted but unfortunately I live in a UK metropolis governed by Big Brother Supermarkets which sell everything from mangos to menstruation pads —
    with grocers ( green or otherwise) nowhere to be seen. I can get plenty of cardboard boxes — but they are always empty ……


  13. Mr Ward,

    I corrected this bit, what I was pointing out was the way something supposed to be good for the environment i.e. the carrier bag charge is so abused with in this case the like of MacDonald’s.

    It was in Flint, Flintshire, North Wales returning from Manchester to visit a customer.


  14. On the BOE and using a form of bitcoin …

    Bitcoin is deflationary and on a long enough timeline the total bitcoins in the system become stable. After that the only way to enable people to have a bit is to divide it down into SMALLER and smaller amounts for the same item to be purchased.
    Hell let them go for it… the system only worked for themselves the last 100 years because they could expand the money supply, that mechanism would be lost. It would also allow the direct comaprison of bank forced inflationary rates to support sovereign debt.

    So there are a couple of positives on the down side of the outlawing of cash etc. and more state suppression.

    On the truth we can finally publicly call out system for its deceit.


  15. Carrocio: down here they still have the “Butcher the baker and the candlestick maker”. The place I help out at is one of those old fashioned “Open All Hours” type places. When I’ve finished lugging off their cardboard to the recycling “Wertstoffhof” I come back and the lady gives me sometimes four wooden boxes of old veg still usable. The very first one was strawberries which promptly got made into jam. Sometimes it is a total mixed box and it takes a stretch top combine the ingredients together.

    The other cool thing about the recycling place is the amount of E-waste Germans throw away. I regularly dip into that. Having worked in a PC shop in Bangor, North Wales ages ago, I know my way around PC cards, drives, also having had to repair my own PCs etc in Saudi Arabia as tech support was nonexistent out there.. We have now a full DLAN network, laptops, even an Apple Ipad – all for free out of the bin. Funniest was the latter. I dug out the Apple not knowing Mr Jobs tech very well and was dismayed to discover there was no power supply. Next day purely by chance, a bloke came in in a wheel chair to throw his stuff away – what did he have but a charging cable for an IPad?!!


  16. Jeremy, I too have been in the IT business (over 40 years) and know my way round the PC business but was dismayed about the amount of PC related hardware (microwaves, dyson vacs etc.) thrown away at my local tip. I wrote to the council and the refuse contractor offering to take the equipment and place it in a charity based building for teenagers who left school early with no qualifications. I offered along with others to teach them their way around these pieces of equipment and repair them. The response was deafening in its silence!!


  17. wilfred – I started on a VAX 8300 via the JANET network where Bangor Uni could talk to Stoke Poly – living in shoebox times in a way. We got wireless LAN (which I’m reducing as I think Electrosmog is unhealthy – also out of the bin. I found a WLAN repeater box lately. Also loads of hairdryers and recently about 20 Petzl headtorches! I think they belonged to a local Alpenverein.

    The wife’s firm throw out old Pentiums – I get a free PC every two years.

    All the stuff I leave outside, bring it in with rubber gloves, wash very carefully then dry on my tile stove for at least a week.

    Needless to say in our family, we love the Bin! :)


  18. “Theresa May is either Naziette of the Decade or just plain thick. The jury is out.”

    What ‘jury’ is that, John? MSM? Harman. i.e. ‘The Court of Popular Opinion?

    I think not. The government is no longer allowed to be ‘judged’. By doing so, you open yourself up to be called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ ending in becoming a ‘terrorist’.

    Just for the record though. She, along with the entire western political elite, are Naziatte’s. As FDR is alleged to have said: – ‘If something happens in politics, you can be sure it was planned that way’.


  19. From what I could gather RS coin is in early rather than later stage development. Of course it’s main purpose is people control and spend tracking. Totally insidious


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