There hasn’t been a lot to blog about today, but there has been tons to do here, so I’ve been doing it. Also, my reading of the markets being that everyone’s waiting around to see what the new panic on the block is going to be, it seemed a good day to hit the intray.

So I don’t have a lot to say right now of any profundity, but here’s an intriguing thought: I wonder how many Sloggers have spotted the amazing resemblance between…

addamsTomkeene3  Grandpa Dracula Munster (left) and Bloomberg anchor, Prince of Darkness Tom Keene* (right) as captured here in these two shots just four inches and fifty years apart?

Is there early evidence here of an evil CIA cloning campaign? I think it may be time to get down those rabbit holes and shake out some conspiracy shit, guys and gals.

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*Just to be clear, this is an affectionate bit of ribbing: I suspect the only wicked thing about Tom is his barely-hidden sense of humour.