No news is Snafus


There hasn’t been a lot to blog about today, but there has been tons to do here, so I’ve been doing it. Also, my reading of the markets being that everyone’s waiting around to see what the new panic on the block is going to be, it seemed a good day to hit the intray.

So I don’t have a lot to say right now of any profundity, but here’s an intriguing thought: I wonder how many Sloggers have spotted the amazing resemblance between…

addamsTomkeene3  Grandpa Dracula Munster (left) and Bloomberg anchor, Prince of Darkness Tom Keene* (right) as captured here in these two shots just four inches and fifty years apart?

Is there early evidence here of an evil CIA cloning campaign? I think it may be time to get down those rabbit holes and shake out some conspiracy shit, guys and gals.

Recently at The Slog: The utterly pointless nature of oil speculation

*Just to be clear, this is an affectionate bit of ribbing: I suspect the only wicked thing about Tom is his barely-hidden sense of humour.

17 thoughts on “No news is Snafus

  1. Nothing ” of profundity ” to say Jean? Try resurrecting your recitation of the ” De Profundis” which you no doubt learned off by heart at Catholic Infants School .

    That should keep you busy till the Orange engineer arrives.


  2. No John, to be honest, your writing is fast becoming of no value and you are fast losing your appeal.
    I often struggle to find anything you write of any interest. The grand thing of your blog is the blank canvas that mostly shows what we may analyse as art of the neolithic age with no commercial value. Sharpen up chapter please.
    I’m getting a lot of exciting sex at the moment. You ought to start buying some sexy nights out with the fairer sex imho.


  3. Ask the doc for some viagra. It’s a wonderful pharma for you and me. I like to do it missionary and then she turns and we goes doggy for the wonderful climax. In the morning, she rides cowboy, closes her eyes and comes screaming smoking haystacks while I stay rock hard just looking at her gorgeous tits bouncing beauties.
    You only live once. Use it .


  4. Don’t know why you picked onTom Keene. He is the only anchor with half a brain and genuinely tries to comprehend the incomprehensible. The rest are just pretty boys in smart suits like that jerk Marco Rubio.


  5. ‘Nothing happens’ ? I think not. The collapse of the Chinese economy is going to take oil down to $20 ,and copper and iron ore to unfortunate levels, and bankrupt BHPBilliton and Glencore, this year, which is a side show. The crude oil price slump will do for Putin, the house of Saud,and our new friends in Iran. The mass migration into the EU will ensure its own destruction. There will be further ISIS created chaos in North Africa ( look out for Algeria, which I visited, recently). The China /Japan standoff will reach new heights ,drawing in the US, who have to deal with politicians who have never visited another country. Africa, a basket case, Zaire,don’t you love it, should be the richest country on the planet,but my old Belgian business school friend got it right, when he took the money and ran in 1976! I love Chile and writing options in Antofagasta!


  6. Al Lewis, once mayor of New York and most famous dracula. Okay, so this wasn’t the mayor of NY. But he was more famous than Bela


  7. @William

    All hope for ‘Zaire’ evaporated when the CIA and Belgium conspired to assassinate Lumumba in 1961. Since then the Congo has been at the mercy of multinational corporations who have pillaged all the country’s natural wealth, and left crumbs for the inhabitants. Shades of Libya, Ukraine and myriad other resource-rich failed states perhaps? (Apologies for linking to the Graun…)

    Your Belgian friend just did what virtually every other colonial thief has been doing since the 19th century, and I wouldn’t describe that as ‘getting it right’. I would have another less charitable description for his actions.


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