GOLD, G20 & THE NHS: Nothing adds up any more

“As regards negative rates, QE, sentiment at the G20, UKBetteroffinEU, the Shanghai index, NHS viability, ezone gdp and Italian stats, the answer’s a lie. Now, what was the question again?”

‘Counterintuitive’ is another of those contemporary euphemisms used to replace a spade word. “How can that possibly be so?” was how we used to respond to tosh in my youth. Today we nod politely, and observe that the feedback is “counterintuitive”.

What we really mean is, in the context of experience and other data, it doesn’t add up.

Gold paper tracker values haven’t added up for years. Rarely for me, I decided to put my money where my mouth is in 2011, and listen to gold traders and retailers rather than study the paper sector. I made two years’ salary in ten months. Today, I still try to stay in touch with a few goldies; once again, the stuff is flying off their shelves….despite the yo-yo act its ‘price’ is doing in the current state of vollatillerdee. Here’s a chart that confirms the tracker value of gold is yet another ‘disconnect’:


Even on this bit of Bloomberg output, you will note the egg/chicken confusion (or obfuscation) in the title there: oh right, Ok – so gold rallied and only then did investors pile in. Riyeeet. Look at the increased volumes involved: this isn’t panic, it’s sentiment. It’s lots of commonsensers saying “I don’t believe the Davos/G20 propaganda”.

My oldest life-adage applies: when everyone’s saying blue, watch to see if they do yellow or maybe even red. The latter is always what they really believe.

Exactly the same is true of Dianne Abbott: she says public schools should be abolished, but then sends all her kids there. But there’s no ‘human’ vessel on Earth so overflowing with lachrymose hypocrisy than Jeremy Hunt. You can trace the unexpurgated history of this man’s lifelong dissembling at the dedicated Slog page here, but the Sun headline really is that he’s an incorrigible liar.

Despite the heart-on-sleeve tear jerking Tweets that Hunt puts out at every stage of his increasingly obvious strategy, he quietly pushes NHS Trusts into insolvency, and then whines, “I have no choice but to turn to the private sector”.

The chart below shows the sheer size of the destruction now being wrought:


The Health Secretary has falsified NHS death levels during weekends, pushed Junior Doctors into a corner and then branded them “extreme” for resisting…but even as he does this, he’s working on plans to reduce staff levels still further – in a bid to push anyone with a calling into working abroad just to scrape a living. And then the private sector will move in, and the dedicated NHS staffer will become but a distant memory.

But then, this is no different to the way he falsified Hotcourses staff ratings in order to be rated ‘best employer in London’ by The Times a few years back….using once again his cronies in Newscorp to give him a thoroughly underserved leg up.

When I write about ‘Crash2’, I’m sure those who only occasionally dip into The Slog think the ‘Crash’ I’m talking about is one of fiat currencies and financialised capitalism. But the real crash we’re all living through – even though it has been caused by thousands of gannets who will use any means to achieve ends – is in fact merely a symptom. The ‘end’ of the disease I’m on about is The End of Western Civilisation.

Earlier at The Slog: Ghastly20 in Shanghai shamfest

32 thoughts on “GOLD, G20 & THE NHS: Nothing adds up any more

  1. Ah, commonsensers ……… going the way of the Dodo.

    The frank admission that 130,000 ‘asylum seekers’ have vanished within/from Germay. How the hell does one lose 130,000 people ?

    If they’re really seeking asylum, then they need look no further than the one being created before our very eyes !

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  2. With you all the way….gold says it all, paper and solid. .Just spent a week in Wales funded by good friends, as we are now into our second year unemployed. Won the tribunal thingy, after 11 months, so got enough £ to last us another year living on the breadline (£3k)…the scary thing was how poor the area in wales was, and how ‘banging on’ the newspapers were about how leaving the EU would hurt the welsh. The papers spent columns explaining how they had benefited from EU funding- it felt so sad. Welsh are poor, if you want any more dosh, vote EU. That was it !! No ? about where the £ comes from, or how, or from whom……
    The NHS is now openly being dismantled; part of me thinks it has to happen, as it is not ever going to be sustainable as people live longer, the other half of me says if this is the case say so…..or if you are going to deny this fact, improve what is, and get rid of the crud.

    Back to life, it’s hard, and cold at the moment! Not sure gold will keep us warm, but all the news re. FIFA is probably expected to lull us all to sleep again, yawn, zzz


  3. Dear John,
    Why are you *always* posting doo-lally-wacky stories and you always say the sky is going to fall?
    (And you *claim* you get stories from reputable sources – BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Oh, please! Lets all laugh, giggle and try to understand John the Man, together.

    The sky has never ever fallen yet even on every day when you post your hen-lenchicken-licken feeble stories. Why has it not fallen?

    Also, John/Jean – why do you keep posting about “Crashes” that never happen?

    Are you a scare monger maybe?
    John – your blog is now very feeble.
    John – It is now very unworthy of a read or even a review.
    John – Your blog is now truly a joke.
    John – Your “clients” and respondents are now extremely big jokes.
    Gentlemen please: State your size and get your tinfoil hat right here!


  4. As my attempt to post the urban dictionary definition of Tosher appears to have gone into auto moderation. If you care to look you can find it here: ttp://


  5. @Peter the Painter

    You must be a young man who has never experienced the joys of life pre EU circus, pre cctv on every corner, pre political correctness, pre womens perceived status, pre immigration from every dark corner.
    This is called – evolution – where the newly arrived come to their blink in time on earth immersed in a bucket of inter- planetary ordures and think that they are in heaven.
    Compared to the life I’ve had you’re hands are well and truly tied, AND, you’re blindfolded.

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  6. I new a Peter the Painter once, Latvian ‘e was, lived in Sidney Street I fink…

    Looks like George Frogspawn has decided to get as far away as possible before putting on his tinfoil turban.


  7. This chancellor has nearly DOUBLED the NATIONAL DEBT, is still TRYING to BALANCE THE BOOKS BY 2019 – while cameron boasts of what we can do because we have such a STRONG ECONOMY.
    The fact is that Osborne has got it WRONG – because immigrants pay little or no tax whilst claiming in work benefits , and he has not cut public sector waste anywhere near hard enough.
    Perhaps £50 million/day currently thrown away at Brussels would help???

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  8. @ Green Queen

    Thanks for the update on Wales a lovely place to visit, but it looks like the Casso family did well to leave that place over 300 years ago.


  9. This is a juncture in my career where history will reveal that I may have now been found out.
    I was given the job by my old school friend Dave. He saw me as a safe pair of hands the day I pointed out to him that the school tuck shop owner was only giving him two shillings and threepence halfpenny change every time he bought a cone of gobstoppers having been handed a crisp tenner. ( Daves father somehow had endless supplies of crisp tenners).
    I did have quite a sheltered upbringing in hindsight. I have always prepared my budgets to try to please everyone. That way, I would get the promotion I always wanted – to be the prime minister of Great Britain. I am now feeling uneasy about my prospects. The economy is not performing as I had hoped – I always thought that things would always get better. Not only that, but nasty Boris has appeared on my personal radar. I was always frit of him at school, and am not wanting to face him too close again in the house. When I return to the UK from shanghai I hope the people will not give me a hard time until after I have assured them at the coming budget that I have prepared that things will definitely get better when the nasty world economy sorts itself out.


  10. I still cannot get my head round why trolls who hate The Slog and find it too feeble to even review, come back all the time to offer, um, reviews.
    I think he must be Peter the Orange-biting necktie Tory masochist Painter. Vot a painter: one room, two coats, half a day.


  11. Today I will, for the first time in my life, be joining a march in support of a campaign to keep an A&E department, and indeed hospital, in my home town of Huddersfield. Huddersfield is a very large town and the plan is that those in need of emergency treatment will need to be taken in future to Halifax, and equally large town. Currently both towns at times struggle to cope with the numbers attending A&E yet ‘they’ think that just one A&E will now cope with those extra numbers.

    This is all down to the fact that Halifax A&E was built using PFI money and huge amounts are now being spent supporting that scheme.

    Can I urge anyone who cares about the NHS to please sign this petition as the plan is to reach 100,000 at which point a parliamentary debate will be instigated. Today it’s my A&E, tomorrow it could be yours and at that point I’ll be also happy to sign yours.


  12. i do remember cameldung saying clearly that the NHS was safe in his hands… so then it was obvious that he would trash it completely as soon as poss. they are all looters. and as for gold in this climate.. you do not own it until you have it in your hand then they will try to confiscate it.. so …


  13. @skirmish

    Hats off to you for taking a stand on the NHS, only by getting out on the streets will anything be done and even then it is going to be an uphill task.

    The NHS is being deconstructed from the inside, recent internal numbers I have seen reveal that something like 25-30% of overall NHS resources are now being used to ‘quality assure’ the delivery of the remainder.

    If you saw the emails I get asking me to delve back 4 weeks and tick a box so that a spreadsheet can be updated so that a tally can be made with a quality indicator which will be reviewed by the CCG so we can show compliance and therefore release 25p extra toward next year’s budget… meanwhile people are sitting waiting…

    In the midst of such madness one is left with two basic interpretations of the situation.

    1) This deluge of compliance and box ticking is designed to strangle the NHS
    2) The management are so utterly detached from reality that they don’t give a monkey’s if anyone gets seen or not.

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  14. @Ricoh

    A thought on the EU migrant flow into the UK.

    In this EU referendum do all EU migrants get to vote? … Well that is going to be a +5 million headstart for the YES camp because they will not want something to end that is so good for them. Not that many? Well the NI numbers we are at 300K annual increase and many hundreds of 1000’s of numbers to be issued on all the others over the last decade, 5 million may only be the tip of the migrant influx. Remember many UK born have left over the last decade too.

    So watch this logic…

    Those EU migrants because they will choose what is good for them in a referendum over many of the indigenous population believe there should be no blowback against them? Who you kidding if you really believe that, it becomes a natural human reaction to despise and hate all those who for their own gain you are made to suffer and at the lowest level you MUST fight and kill to retain your own life. That is the game being played right now and gathering in pace every day.

    When I will not be surprised when some British born nut job decides to start planting IED’s in heavy migrant areas.

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  15. Thanks for the signatures.

    To many an A&E in a Yorkshire town may seem to have nothing to do with them. However anyone who drives along the M62 in that region may some day regrettably need the rapid response of the emergency services. Currently there are two A&E’s but if the plan goes ahead then there will only be one and that will undoubtedly have a big and negative effect on resources available and ultimately lives will be lost.

    The capital cost of rebuilding Calderdale Royal Hospital in Yorkshire was £64.6m but the scheme will end up costing Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust a total of £773.2m. The result is that there is only enough money now to run one hospital.

    It’s Huddersfield today, but inevitably there will be similar proposals throughout the UK.

    Thanks again for the support and please feel free to get anyone you know to sign our petition.

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  16. John +10 as usual. What you are doing is indeed logging the End Of Western Civilization.

    I am also beginning to realize why you get frustrated with the comments section and the Trolls which come to infest it. I think however that most Sloggers can discern when they are being trolled especially by the less intelligent and twisted trolls.

    What is more disturbing is that much of the information on the internet is disinformation and our governments employ people to spread it.

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