REVEALED: the two reasons why Murdoch is backing Hillary

  1. She’s a Republican

  2. She will ensure maximum Syrian mayhem


The mistake too many people make in judging Roop’s actions is to ask why on Earth he would cuddle up to a pc Democratic Party welfare candidate like Hillary Clinton. But Murdoch is smart: he knows that Hillary is a neo-Republican who went native colonialist when she was at State. So for him, as always, it’s an investment.

This is what backs up his decision.

Former donors to the Mitt Romney 2012 campaign have already donated more to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Taking the original 17-candidate Republican field for this year, she’s attracted more Republican wonga than any of them.

Nothing so far is new-news. But what the Power-seeking Ameristralian Missile really wants is the promotion of a mid-east policy hawk to the White House. And while Trump would indeed fill that bill, Donald has given Merdeschlock the finger at every opportunity.

Let’s delve a little into why the Rupertabloid One is a collector of the email predator
Hawkbird Clintonicus Syrianum.

Genie Energy Ltd. is an American energy company headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. Its Strategic advisory board and major investors are Dick Cheney (former vice president of the United States), Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch (media mogul and chairman of News Corp), James Woolsey (former CIA director), Larry Summers (former head of the US Treasury), and Bill Richardson, an ex-ambassador to the United Nations.

In February 2013, Israeli authorities awarded Afek Oil and Gas (the exploration arm of Genie) an exclusive 36-month petroleum exploration license to a 153-square-mile  plot in the Golan Heights, which the UN has long recognised as Syrian territory.

Technically, Genie drilling in illegally retained territory recognised as such by the UN is a breach of international law, but such minor details have never held Turdoch back. And as luck would have it, in June 2015 it became clear that the Heights represented rich pickings for the Let’s Get Fracking tendency.

Sadly for the genies hidden in the lamp, badly-designed geopolitics and a global slowdown, sorry, oil glut have combined to frustrate the fast buck. Worse still, the evil enemy of all right-thinking freedom-lovers Vladimir Rasputin has stepped into the Syrian War to Outlast All Wars….and shown that, with a little less deliberate creation of convenient chaos, Assad’s jihadist enemies can be quickly smitten.

But nobody in the West (least of all Roop) wants Assad to win…or even, dare I suggest it, a serious Peace Conference. Nope, what he and all the other vultures want is a continuation of arcane anarchy in Syria; in fact – if possible – an extension of Snafu beyond its borders.

This will achieve three things: first, an all-embracing distraction from what Genie is up to, alongside relegation of the Golan Heights as an issue; second – in the longer term – a proliferation of instability to include Saudi Arabia…with the consequent broadscale interruption of oil supply to a (theoretically) recovering global economy; and most important of all, the forced establishment of oil supply via Qatar for the sole use of the EU and its mentors, NATO and Washington.

Geopolitically, the upside is that oil prices could suddenly sky-rocket to benefit both the West in general and the Genie frackers in particular….while cutting Russia’s share of market. The downside is that – reduced market share or not – Vlad the Lad will be better able to balance his budget and shrug off sanctions.


This analysis has come a long way via a winding road: what began as an attempt to work out why Murdoch is being quiet on the Brexit issue has gone via misleading US Presidential politics to Syrian profit-taking and oil supply.

But for me anyway it’s been a useful journey. It confirms my growing belief that globalist fatcat objectives not only dictate political developments at all levels….a great many regional and local events which are, at first, inexplicable become clearer when one gets in the helicopter to gain the perspective offered by altitude.

And as always, it comes down to the oil and the munnneeee.

But all of it threatens the rights of citizens: not only is their real grasp of events hidden by a series of curtains across lbyrinthine tunnel doorways, the hidden agenda always puts us last.

Anyway, the Digger supports Hillary because she’s closet GOP and he approves of her foreign policy. But as she would rather do anything than give Great Britain its freedom, he is remaining discreet about the Vote Leave phenomenon…and offering little support beyond tweets to those loyal to his euroscepticism. Greater love hath no man than he lay down his friends for his life.

As the Buddhists say, “Everything is connected”.

Earlier at The Slog: let loose the liars of War

18 thoughts on “REVEALED: the two reasons why Murdoch is backing Hillary

  1. Interesting.
    This suggests that more and more, the Russian MO is to knowingly let the players step into a bucket and then onto a rake, etc. etc.


  2. not a lot know that the US military began tooling up a year or so before 911. don’t forget Operation Desert Fox took place on Billy’s watch. i saw the nonexistent Tornadoes flying over my Saudi apartment in 1998 Baghdad bound.

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  3. makes ya wanna cry ….. godawful picture ….. it’s like a never ending stream of neo-con merchants with no talent except for their own Chicanery …. don’t want Camerdung, don’t want Clinton … what/who else begins with a C??


  4. Can anyone enlighten me as to why Americans apparently shun Monarchy but seem to fall head over heels for Presidential Dynasties?

    PS The Photo is a close resemblance to Jim Carey’s portrayal ofThe Grinch…..


  5. Just google Clinton, on the council of foreign relation to see who runs her. Watch the video. There all brought and paid for.


  6. The Effluential Excavator sees her as munnee for old Roop, Wall St and the American deep state don’t like the idea of coming up Trumps, as it were.

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  7. Bill Richardson, aka former governor of New Mexico, presidential hopeful in 2008, was also Energy Secretary under B.Clinton, so his investment in Genie is hardly surprising.

    @ Stephen -Americans also have a class system – based entirely on muneeee. I believe they have an inferiority complex as a relatively new country with a short history, which is a] why they try to fill the vacuum with so much RaRaRa (their media celebrities and tycoons of various stripes are their equivalent of our aristocracy and b] why they’re in awe of Europe and Britain in particular.


  8. Hillary is indeed an “investment.”
    That’s why all she wants to talk about is gun control and gender equality, you know, the social issues that keep the spotlight off her quid pro quo neoliberal, neocon agenda.


  9. Arms dealers need wars. It’s that simple and Hilary guarantees more wars in the Middle East.

    Give Trump his due. He at least questions US foreign policy. That’s why his speech about banning Muslims from the US is cut before he adds ‘until we understand why they want to kill us’.” Not that that means he would do any different once President.


  10. I seem to remember something called the Yinon Plan which may have something to do with the chaos unfolding across the middle east. I never used to believe or follow the conspiracy theories but more and more it seems that you cannot make stuff up to keep up with reality. One blogger I follow has been writing an SF novel set in the near future but events keep overtaking even his most whacky plots.

    After Libya it was possible to predict the continuing operation in Ukraine, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and ultimately Russia. Trouble is Russia, Syria, Iran, China and many others have woken up to the grand plan and thanks to the internet more of the sleeping populations of the west are becoming aware of what is going on. Hence the increased surveillance of NVE’s and demonization of so called ultra right wing groups (back in the day it was ultra left wing groups).


  11. Wow. I have just discovered ‘The Slog’ via a link in the Guardian comment is free. I will need to keep an eye on this one.
    But I cannot seem to find the details of where The Slog comes from and when it started. Will try google. Wikipedia didn’t carry anything on it. Re this particular article, I enjoyed the links to the companies trying for oil in Syria. Wow. Later on I will put my 2 cents worth re global politics and what I have come to coin ‘Biology of Politics’. Thank You Slog.


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